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5:27 AM
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9:32 AM
@hazzey I really think this is a good question. I don't think the 'forgiveness' was intended as passive aggression but merely a clumsy attempt to indicate the questioner is trying to get on our wavelength. I think Olin's and HDE's answers are awesome, so upvotes for the Q and both A's. (I don't know why you (HDE) apologise for the vector signs, when your answer is full of calculus, which I suspect is far more intimidating.)
(IMHO the light-hearted title is great link bait for the 'hot questions' list )
@HDE226868 If the community user bumps this, it is a bug, as the user no longer has a profile at Engineering.SE, so they will never see the bump, and it will never get an accepted answer. That is a shame, as I think Sam Weston posted a good quality answer.
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2:55 PM
Okay, so I erred too far on the side of a clickbait-worthy title with the question on units. I'm considering two alternative titles:
"What hit me? Understanding the units behind an impact"
"What was that? Understanding the units behind an impact"

I'm leaning towards the second one. Thoughts?
3:13 PM
@GlenH7 Your question isn't about units : it is about quantities. Also - no harm to mention 'judo' or 'martial arts' in the title - it is always better to get traffic that is pre-qualified as interested in your question.
That's a fair point
4:05 PM
How about something along the lines of "How hard did I get hit?"
5:05 PM
I always favor clear, explicit titles that Google might be able to translate into other languages
"Bloggy" titles might be interesting to browse through, but we're looking to attract people via search, not current users browsing the front page
The only big advantage is if they get on the hot network questions list
5:59 PM
Q: What's the difference between "licensing" and "licensure?"

AirOn the new Engineering SE, we field questions about professional engineering registration. The tag categorizing these questions is "licensure" and I usually find myself referring to the topic by that word but there are times when I feel like I should use "licensing" instead. I feel like the two w...

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9:21 PM
Q: What should our logo and site design look like?

AirShamelessly stolen from The 7 Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta: 6. What should our logo and site design look like? This one is pretty straightforward. Solicit contributions, throw out ideas, post preliminary (or finished) designs, and be supportive and respectful of other peopl...

@Air It's not too early to ask about site design? From what I've seen, most betas don't think about that for a long time. We're only about 5 weeks in.
@HDE226868 "Take it upon yourself to ask these questions early in the beta period. The answers will have a lasting effect on how your site operates for a very long time." (from 7 Essential Meta Questions)
Code Review's has been open for over 3 years
This also provides a home for brainstorming about the icon that's more accessible than chat, yet won't clutter the existing icon question for the purposes of voting
@Air Okay, you have a point.
I have a basketball.
9:44 PM
Do we need to start a meta question about how to advertise our site for next year's Engineers Week?
@hazzey I bet Air prompted you to ask that. :-)
10:08 PM
I need to think of an question that someone will actually answer. Or any question that someone will answer, come to think of it.
@GlenH7 Apologies for not accepting your answer to the Stratolaunch question; I'm still hoping for something more definite. It could end up being a scenario where nobody will ever know the answer.
@HDE226868 I tried as best I could with the airplane parts question
@HDE226868 No worries; leave it as it is
Wait a few months, provide a substantial edit and bump the question to get more attention
Even though I'm within 100 again of jhabbott, I'm not really worried about chasing after repz
< precious, precious, precious repz..... />
10:11 PM
Well, you've unlocked all the privileges, already. . . :-)
It'll be interesting to see who makes it to 4k first.
I know! Including the bonus rounds of unlimited close and delete votes
Completely unrelated:
I suggested doing topic challenges on WB a couple weeks ago:
Q: Should we have weekly topic challenges?

HDE 226868A long time ago (four months) on a site far, far away (roughly two clicks), a great suggestion was made. Jon Ericson came up with the idea of weekly topic challenges. For those not willing to make the one click that is now needed to get to that post, here's the gist: Users suggest various topic...

We decided to run them every two weeks.
It took me two hours to tally up the first one. And that's just adding the flairs of the users who participated!
Fortunately, WB is excessively active when it comes to things like this.
And no, I will not be suggesting this for Engineering.
Check in the TL for easier ways of tallying that information
lots of sites do that on a semi-regular basis and there's supposed to be easier ways to track all that
@GlenH7 Info gathering was easy. Editing in the flairs was the hard part.
10:17 PM
ah! okay. Never mind me
That seems like something a script could put together for you....
(Says the programmer....)
Of course.
I'm not familiar enough with what SEDE coughs up, but it shouldn't be too bad
10:21 PM
Nah, it's not bad.
Then again, SEDE may not update fast enough for those purposes
10:35 PM
Folks, how are valves and sensors designated on Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) ? Is there a convention similar to the one used in electrical circuits?
10:55 PM
@NickAlexeev - good question.
Might be a bit before someone drops in to answer. Our chat be spotty for activity levels.
11:13 PM
@GlenH7 I take it as a hint that I should post this to the main board.
11:58 PM
@GlenH7 Lies and slander
@hazzey A year in advance seems ambitious. Maybe we can set our sights on an event that we can celebrate in the nearer future.

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