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1:16 AM
when a question is re-opened, is it customary to also remove all the pre-close discussion from the comments?
1:50 AM
@MetaFight not necessarily
particularly with borderline stuff
12 hours later…
1:42 PM
Does anyone here have an inside view on the process of an Area 51 proposal going into private beta? e.g. how long does it take, what needs to be done internally, etc.
@durron597 No, but at one time it was a manual process.
I'm not sure if they have automated it more recently. But hitting the targets for going into private beta just trigger a process to get a new site created, and there is some level of human involvement in getting that site going.
@ThomasOwens Thanks. I'm committed and Vi/Vim; it was already over 200 when I saw it and committed, I was wondering how to ballpark how long it would take to launch (as I had a question just now ;) )
I also noticed that Turkish, Spanish and Russian SO each have over 500 committers; I imagine they must have been pending for quite some time now
1 hour later…
2:53 PM
Are "Is foo a code smell" questions off topic?
Q: Is code ownership a code smell?

Bobby TablesThis is something I've been thinking about ever since I read this answer in the controversial programming opinions thread: Your job is to put yourself out of work. When you're writing software for your employer, any software that you create is to be written in such a way that it can be p...

Q: Do large test methods indicate a code smell?

RayI have a particular method called TranslateValues() (Cyclomatic-Complexity of 5) which I would like to test. The test requires a substantial number of mock objects which take up most of the method; The method being tested is fairly straightforward with this exceptional requirement. I am suspici...

One more :)
Q: Are #regions an antipattern or code smell?

CraigIn C# code it allows the #region/#endregion keywords to made areas of code collapsible in the editor. Whenever I am doing this though I find it is to hide large chunks of code that could probably be refactored into other classes or methods. For example I have seen methods that contain 500 lines o...

Seems clear ;)
3:33 PM
So I finally had it out with my boss, basically saying that I was going to work on what I wanted to work on instead of running everything by him
I was tired of being a cog in the machine
My client app had an issue that it took a couple of minutes to populate data from the server when you first started it up
It always bugged the crap out of me but I never fixed it because it was never "important"
Today I finally had enough and looked into it
Guess how long it took me to fix it.
4 days?
10 years?
@MetaFight s/days/minutes/
This bug has existed for 6 months.
Bah. 4 minute fixes can't be important.... :-)
"how often does the client start up anyway? we just turn it on once a day and it runs all day"
"not when i'm testing a development build, dips**t"
@durron597 Yeah, but we don't care about you. You're a cost center. Those customers are profit centers.
3:45 PM
See! Doesn't that make you feel better already?!
@GlenH7 but having to spend 4 minutes testing a new version each time I make a change over 1 is a loss
@GlenH7 Except we don't have customers, this is an automated trading app. My qualify of life when doing testing doesn't matter because it doesn't directly translate to P&L
it's two steps away from P&L, not one
"Blah, blah, blah cost center; get back to work already." :-D
@GlenH7 lol
<--- I coulda been a great PHB
3:48 PM
In my boss's defense, I had no idea it would be such a simple fix
But in my new paradigm of "I'm going to work on whatever I feel like", I just couldn't stand it anymore
Everyone needs a degree of autonomy within their work
The problem is less a control freak boss and more "I didn't want to take the time to convince him why it would be a good use of my time"
because conversations where you have to convince your boss what to work on ALSO take time.
Time is infinite...
>"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."
"Very deep," said Arthur, "you should send that in to the Reader's Digest. They've got a page for people like you."
3:55 PM
@maple_shaft So what's holding you back?
its sold out
@maple_shaft Does it have a camera on it?
not yet ;)
My wife will yell at me about starting another hobby
thats the other thing holding me back
wives suck
@maple_shaft look herre
well, no... they don't suck actually... thats a different problem
3:57 PM
Gawd, that was an ugly one-box there...
anyway... I would like to take the remote and wire it to a breadboard... hopefully create some kind of automated drone program for it from my Raspberry Pi
@GlenH7 Heh... if I am considering that over a toy then it is bound to happen anyway
One thing I've disliked with toy quad and helicopters is that they have a hard time hovering
professional meeting attender
And they pay you for that?! Bueno! :-)
You can always revoke your room ownership and return to being happily oblivious... :-) Which is another way of saying, yes, yes they are.
4:24 PM
What is your all's take on "supplement answers"
@durron597 What do you mean?
In other words, you think there's already an answer that is 90% adequate, but there's 10% - which is too long to explain in a comment - but you don't want to rehash the first 90% because someone else already did a good job
Example: my answer is a supplement to Robert's answer
Q: Is a 1 < 10 comparison less expensive than 1 < 1000000?

MediaWebDevI just used ~1 billion as the count for a z-index in css, and was thinking about the comparisons that must go on. Is there a difference in performance on the ALU level in comparisons between very large numbers vs very small ones? For example, would one these two snippets be more expensive than ...

@durron597 tolerable
not necessarily up vote worthy, but not delete material either
@GlenH7 s/delete/downvote/
4:34 PM
if you insist. :-)
I created a case with my 3rd party vendor in September 2013 - choose installation directory in install script
(I have never actually used their install script because they don't let me choose the directory. I just copy the files by hand and modify their internal links using vim)
They just pushed it out ANOTHER month... to feb 2015 now
Can it really be that hard? 18 months?
"How often do people install? They can just do something else while it loads."
@GlenH7 Indeed
I think I've found today's recurring theme.... :-)
I think they only have, maybe, three customers that have purchased this product, they spent all this effort releasing version 1.5...
and I haven't installed it yet to give them any feedback. can you guess why?
4:43 PM
They'd probably write you off as being too picky about install locations anyway. :-) I mean, c'mon, who doesn't always install to the `C:\` root directory for the machine?
@GlenH7 It's actually a linux installer
Oh! Just stick it in ~ then.... :-)
I want their app to be in /opt/<vendor name>/<appname> is that so unreasonable
I also spent a good chunk of effort hacking their scripts so it doesn't have to run as root
because, it doesn't.
which is the other reason i don't want to upgrade, i don't feel like doing that again
I hate when I can't find the video clip I'm looking for
@GlenH7 FIFY
4:47 PM
@durron597 sure it does! everything's easier when you're root, right?
@GlenH7 sure is!
They also want to have all their logs and things inside their own directory
is it wrong to want logs in /var/log
is it wrong to want .pid files in /var/run
is it wrong to want configuration files in /etc
Cut to 47 seconds in this clip:
I wanted a clip of him saying just "chaw". Couldn't find it.
And it's hilarious someone flagged TRiG's chat comment
4:50 PM
you could just put #t=47 at the end of the url fyi
Whee... The 4 day week of the cycle
@durron597 I did not know that, thanks!
@MichaelT - if you need some delete vote therapy, I've been putting a lot of the stuff in there
5:34 PM
So the price of gold is something like 1270.5 right now
and the price of soybeans is something like 977.25
when i submit a gold order, the exchange wants me to send 12705
but when i submit a soybeans order, they want me to send 977.25
WTF exchange
5:57 PM
@durron597 Don't they want 127050?
protip: marry someone who cares about finances and will compete with you for being more frugal
@enderland There's a lot to be said regarding being on the same page with money.
@GlenH7 no. but for palladium they want 78050 for 780.5
@enderland I just hope you guys aren't washing and reusing plastic straws
@durron597 Is gold always priced on the whole or half dollar then? ie. how do they know 12705 vs. 127051
@durron597 ha. frugality is figuring out what actually matters and optimizing it, not being cheap :P
6:00 PM
gold is always to the nearest 10 cents
palladium to the nearest 5 cents
okay, so you can put rules in place to determine the appropriate decimal place
yeah but soybeans wants a decimal point to be sent in a new order submission, so does corn and wheat
but gold and palladium never get a decimal point
it's just stupid and pointless.
@durron597 A friend of mine from a long time ago found being able to rapidly add by 1/8ths a valuable skill in at least two venues.
@durron597 every picosecond matters. :-)
But I'm willing to bet each exchange has different rules too
6:05 PM
@GlenH7 how can it be hard to add by 1/8ths? There's only 8 of them and that's a nice common number to work with anyway, adding by 1/42nds frequently would be quite painful to get used to, but not 1/8ths I don't suspect
@JimmyHoffa I think most get thrown off a bit when you're adding mixed fractions
So a quarter plus 3/8th's plus whatever....
@GlenH7 unlikely, inconsistency creates inequality which can make one market vastly more popular because fractions of a cent of a better deal means enormous gains.
@JimmyHoffa Don't underestimate the idea of exchange lock-in
@GlenH7 Don't underestimate the amount of money people interacting with exchanges have available to just blow to switch exchanges, or the fact that most of them are accessing multiple exchanges already (to continue their gains throughout more than just one exchanges business hours)
6:10 PM
@JimmyHoffa Try adding and subtracting by 1/32nds
in most ways I'll bet all the markets have settled upon consistency when it comes to anything even remotely related to valuation, selling, buying, or trading costs. From rates to costs to distance acceptable SLAs to the SLA for precision of all said things, all variables are controlled in places where billions upon billions of dollars are moving at any given time, because there's enough money to ensure they're controlled.
that's more practical and yet still pretty tough
@durron597 like I said, 1/8ths is gotta be pretty easy, higher numbers would be considerably trickier
the way I see it, I would think about it just the exact same way I think about doing arithmetic with percentages, except 32 is the top of your percent instead of 100.
I guess that's how I do math with fractions altogether in my head though... I suppose that's a fair explanation of it.
6:14 PM
The context of the first and then subsequent venues is what made the comment hilarious at the time.
Lollipop guys.
@ThomasOwens this is by far the best way to do fractions in your head
@enderland ???
you think of fractions like the concentric cirlces on a lollipop
6:16 PM
No videos at work. :(
and if you color them differently they make it very visually easy to add fractinos
But Android 5.0 is here, it seems.
like 1/32 + 1/8
you convert those to color rings, and then add hem together
6:17 PM
The lil wayne version of that song is not quite SFW
Please tell me it's cooking by the book with the rapper.
eventually you get so used to doing it you can not even need a lollipop (especially for common ones like 1/32 or 1/8 but if you have something like 1/7 + 1/35 or something
I just make them have the same bottom and add the tops.
I can't tell if you two are joking or not
@enderland 1/7 + 2/35 is pretty simple
6:20 PM
I don't even know what the hell is happening here anymore.
@ThomasOwens Is that a Whiteboard reference or a work reference?
@ThomasOwens Just watch this video you'll figure it out: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/19853133#19853133
@durron597 Can't watch it at work.
6:21 PM
The one I linked was the Chordettes signing Lollipop.
Yeah. That song was in my head when I got the notification about the update.
@ThomasOwens - did you just get lollipop today? It's been on my 7 for quite a while now...
@JimmyHoffa: Isn't a singleton a big bag of global state? Never heard the term used with static classes and static methods; advocating holding global, mutable state in a static class would get you lynched in some circles.
@GlenH7 Yep. Downloading and installing on my S5 now.
6:30 PM
They tweaked the app scroller, and I think I preferred the old way better. But no biggie
@RobertHarvey not recognizing there's no difference between a singleton and a static class is what should get you lynched but most circles prefer not to think rationally about things with so much historical stigma associated with them.
the only difference is a singleton requires you to write a bunch of code that you could get wrong and even if you get it right now you just have more code to maintain. We had this conversation before: I suggest no one ever use a singleton, ever, in a language that allows a static class.
A: Difference between static class and singleton pattern?

Jon SkeetWhat makes you say that either a singleton or a static method isn't thread-safe? Usually both should be implemented to be thread-safe. The big difference between a singleton and a bunch of static methods is that singletons can implement interfaces (or derive from useful base classes, although th...

@RobertHarvey if you're passing the instance around you're transitioning a global class to a local which is dangerous and bad form, furthermore if it's something to be passed around it really oughtn't be static/singleton/global etc.
Jon knows all the softball answers that get the repz.
6:39 PM
@RobertHarvey Jon is actually Chuck Norris in disguise
Anytime you have something that's either global or threadglobal, passing it as an instance is now removing it's access from the safety of its accessor which ensures access occurs to most-likely-current version of the instance. So if someone changes the instance in the global you will then be accessing that different instance. Handing around the global as an instance allows it to become a local reused by various methods though possibly an out of date version.
(this is especially true of thread locals because now you make it available to other threads by handing out instance handles rather than requiring all access to go through the controlled accessor)
FWIW, Engineering is now in public beta.
@GlenH7 you get teh modz?
7:01 PM
@enderland There aren't any yet, but @GlenH7 has the #2 rep and the #2 most votes in the "who should mods be" thread. And the #1 in both of those categories isn't the same person.
7:27 PM
@JimmyHoffa I think Jon sees it as a testing issue. Having a Singleton conform to an interface means you can substitute a mock implementation, and I don't view things like Context objects as being all that different.
Medical / Healthcare Devices

Proposed Q&A site for engineers, Professional or Healthcare startups in Healthcare/Medical device/instruments domain. Relevance to Diagnostics, Assistance tools, Mobile based interventions, etc.

Currently in definition.

8:15 PM
folks, can we please take care of tag? Of 69 questions, only 4 are not closed. Lots of closed questions in this tag look worthy of deletion
@gnat That's like a tag that defines off topic questions
Oy! They took away being able to see vote counts when Engineering went public. Grrrr... :-)
@GlenH7 Need 750. Better get cracking
Yep. :-(
@durron597 yeas. Lots of historic content in there make me think it deserves a career tag tip like four other troublesome historical tags. Can't understand how I could miss this tag when making tag tip request... but I really did. I checked lots of other tags but this one somehow slipped...
...for the sake of completeness, initially I considered more tags to list: employment, hiring, jobs, new-job, job-hunting, job-searching, job-advancement, job-title... But upon further thinking decided to limit pilot list to those that seem to be most troublesome, assuming that we will be able to add more to the list later if needed — gnat Oct 21 '14 at 12:14
^^^ "most troublesome" - career transition fits
8:32 PM
@gnat Why is the blogging one not closed?
Honestly all of them except the Java -> Ruby one should be closed, and that one should be edited
@durron597 well, most of the remaining open questions in this tag have my close vote expired long ago
@gnat I suggested edit burninated the tag in the Java -> Ruby one
@durron597 Engineering is teaching me to appreciate the chase for repz again
I'm finding that coming up with good questions is hard
8:49 PM
@GlenH7 Coming up with good non-duplicate questions in Programmers is hard
Just bribe gnat to look the other way with them. :-)
I'd have to bribe @GlenH7 too ;)
Engineering is where I need the repz... :-)
@GlenH7 For some reason I can't imagine why you'd have trouble with non-duplicates in Engineering.
Speaking of getting repz, I'm stunned I got no upvotes here:
Q: Java logging dependency for a low-level library

dhalsim2I inherited a lower-level open source Java network library. The library is intended to be used by higher-level application protocol libraries which are in turn used by application code. My library, as left by the previous maintainer, has no dependencies and is built via Ant. The build artifact...

I just realized I should part out a "sewer bot" that I want to build in order to clear out roots from the drain line at my house. I should break that up into lots of individual questions.
8:54 PM
@durron597 Low views - only 49.
9:07 PM
@RobertHarvey this is an agreeable difference, statics screw up your testability a touch.
but that's rarely a worthwhile argument and it's one that can be worked around a touch
Q: Auto-flag duplicates of deleted questions for reopening / deletion

Ilmari KaronenUpdate: This has been implemented according to the slightly more aggressive manner proposed in this answer below. OK, so this is the second time I've come across a perfectly valid bug report here on meta.SO that was closed as a duplicate, and the question it was closed as a duplicate of then d...

Delete 'em all!!!
@GlenH7 in a Brave New World starting today, this sounds like a viable approach :)
Is there a bug in an older version of java 7 that prevents locks from working correctly
I swear to god half the time it's like my code doesn't have any locks at all
9:23 PM
FWIW career-transition does have a tag tip, kudos to Shog
I anticipated this, @gnat - did you happen to try adding career-transition (or career-anyotherword) to a question? — Shog9 ♦ 5 mins ago
@durron597 Only that concurrency via locks is hard, AFAIK.
@gnat Yeah I know
THIS multithreading bug actually is my code
@durron597 ...Java 6-7 are pretty reliable in this regard. There is some craziness in lock-free utils introduced in Java 7 (Phaser) but that's again not because of them being buggy but because using 'em is hard. "For a developer used to traditional queries-and-locks, coding for a new approach might feel like riding the wild horse..."
9:44 PM
Nah this one is definitely my bug. The other one I still haven't figured out, but the one that just happened is entirely my fault
10:38 PM
A: Write a program that makes 2 + 2 = 5

MichaelTJava Reflection is indeed the right way to go with abusing Java... but you need to go deeper than just tweaking some values. import java.lang.reflect.Field; public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { Class cache = Integer.class.getDeclaredClasses...

Is there an easy way to know how much rep a person got for a particular post that has so many votes you know they must have repcapped at least a few times, e.g.:
Q: Why is processing a sorted array faster than an unsorted array?

GManNickGHere is a piece of C++ code that seems very peculiar. For some strange reason, sorting the data miraculously makes the code almost six times faster. #include <algorithm> #include <ctime> #include <iostream> int main() { // Generate data const unsigned arraySize = 32768; int data[arr...

One question - don't think so. Overall, there are queries on data.se

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