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1:55 AM
Q: What should I do with an old PC?

Austin HargisI have an old PC that suffered some issues with Windows running on it to the point it couldn't be fixed. It has decent specs (Intel i3, 6 gigs of ram, 500 gig hard drive). But since I couldn't run windows on it anymore, I don't know what to do with it. Linux runs very very slow on it. (To the poi...

Moderators, look at my recent flags
I've identified a persistent spammer known as Tenorshare
Another fresh batch of spam flags.
If you see anything that says Tenorshare, links to a Tenorshare page, or windowspasswordsrecovery.com, flag as spam immediately.
Do be vigilant: Some of the posts use TinyURL or CNET Download.com links (or simply ask the user to Google it) to hide the spam.
To avoid confusing moderators and other users, I now post comments to spam answers explaining why the post is spam.
2:24 AM
Password Unlocker has also been identified as spam and associated posts have been flagged as well.
A: Bitlocker enabled HDD windows xp dualboot

Muhammad UmairFirstly, I will strongly suggest you to brain storm what was the administrator password? If you failed to find, then follow this method. This is just for case study. Use Windows Password Unlocker to Recover Windows 7 Password Time: 5 minutes more or less Requirement: a blank/erasable CD/DVD or...

Possibly compromised account?
Good lord, that was an assload of spam flags.
@DragonLord I think that was a case of the user legitimately recommending a product that's been spammed a lot
@nhinkle rotfl
@nhinkle Yes, I noticed
Keep in mind, just because something is spam, doesn't necessarily mean it doesn't work.
Some company kept spamming their window manager software, and I went through and deleted almost 200 spam posts from them and their sock accounts. There were a handful of legitimate posts though because the product did work, they were just spamming it. That happens sometimes.
@nhinkle: Did you miss the mod attention flag here?
@DragonLord did you mean to flag the whole question?
It looks like you flagged an answer, which got deleted
2:37 AM
No, the flag was for the answer
Hm well I destroyed the user. Not sure why the flag didn't get acknowledged.
I was just going through the spam flags; I saw so many that I just filtered the mod queue down to only spam flags.
@nhinkle I did an all-out search-and-destroy against Tenorshare, that's why
@DragonLord see that post is from 2012... I don't think their account was compromised, I think it is a genuine recommendation. I deleted it though because I like to punish companies that spam a lot.
Protip: Use the url: search operator to find links to a particular site. This can be an incredibly powerful tool for identifying posts with known spam links.
3:02 AM
@DragonLord I know :)
But why search for spam when you can root it out for us?
@nhinkle I found that a bit flattering ^_^
16 hours later…
6:56 PM
Possible spam: superuser.com/a/861778/364367. New user, link-only answer. Appears on-target but answers that don't require an add-in were already provided.
7:06 PM
@fixer1234 It's a duplicate answer.
Probably a "me too!" response
7:29 PM
Do I understand correctly that duplicate answers are just a quality issue (not a "flagable offense"?
7:44 PM
@fixer1234 I'd consider them flaggable as "very low quality" as it shows that the poster couldn't even be bothered to see if their answer had already been posted. Either that or they were actively parroting "I like this tool too so it must be mentioned again" which isn't an answer
When you flag though, do consider leaving a comment saying why it is a duplicate answer
Though to be clear, long close duplicates that have some separate value are okay. Two answers that basically say "use tool X" are not, the second one should probably have been an upvote to the first. Especially if the first was posted more than a few days before.
8:05 PM
@Mokubai - OK. Thanks.

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