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2:38 AM
@MartinBüttner why ?
2 hours later…
4:38 AM
Can anyone please help me find a meta SE or blog post that I remember reading: it talked about how the worst user in a group could drag the whole group down, and that one of the most common complaints about management was unwillingness to address a few problem workers
3 hours later…
7:55 AM
Bronze code-golf tag badge! :D
1 hour later…
9:12 AM
@xnor doesn't ring any bells, sorry
@Optimizer it's surprisingly annoying to golf. But I have a new idea now, which I'll try later today.
@MartinBüttner dude, I have not posted it yet :P
stop trying
9:24 AM
weirdddd I asked that question on 12-19 and on the page, it still shows asked today
pretty sure its 12-20 almost everywhere in the world
All but about 3 time zones I'm guessing
yeah. I guess I will have to wait to post the next question.
@Optimizer the "today" is a24 hour day, but I'm pretty sure the badge considers UTC days
30 separate days one ?
Also, don't forget to specify if trailing empty segments should be included in the output.
9:31 AM
"trailing" ?
I think if middle empty ones are included, then trailing should be too
Yeah sure but it can't hurt to mention that explicitly.
will do.
how much long is your current cjam solution ?
I don't currently have one but I think my new approach will be around 20 bytes.
More like 25, probably.
9:51 AM
Q: What are string literals?

user23013Some questions like Significant Whitespace disallowed string literals. But what are string literals exactly? If I interpret this literally, almost everything in Bash or Tcl are string literals. For example, this program in Bash: echo -n "Hello World!" is the same as: "echo" "-n" "Hello World!...

@IlmariKaronen, you should consider posting the answer in codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/25737/194 to codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/42529/194
@MartinBüttner I found the bad-apples post (blog.codinghorror.com/dealing-with-bad-apples). It's from Jeff Atwood's blog, which he linked to from the SE blog.
10:31 AM
I am getting tonnes of answers, but no upvotes at all :(
more answers than votes is normal for trivial questions
I don't get it. if people dont like the question that much, why bother answering it that much
they aren't smart enough to answer another question? :P
still, at least I upvote every question i answer
and even more, when I dont answer because the question is beyond me P
Trivial questions are pretty fun though :P
You get to pull out the weird languages
10:35 AM
10:52 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

xnorHow many towers can you see? code-golf This question is based on Towers, a number-placement puzzle by Simon Tatham, which you can play online. Your goal is to take a solution to the puzzle and determine the clues -- the numbers of towers visible along each row and column. This is code golf, so ...

@xnor Bit of a nitpick, but I'm not sure the puzzle's actually by Simon considering what's written in the manual
Cool question though
11:08 AM
ok, i'll clarify that
i did try googling for the original maker, but wasn't able to find anything
Ahaha k :P I just have a personal thing against my friend who keeps calling Slitherlink "Loopy"
@Optimizer my 25-byte idea doesn't work either :/
I have a 34 byte solution
@xnor can you post your previous sandbox questions first ? :)
and nice info graphic in the towers puzzle!
11:23 AM
@Optimizer fixed mine
(and I fixed it in a very naive way, so I think it's still golfable)
post it then :P
well, if you post the challenge... :P
see the problem here ? :P
what are you waiting for?
(also, why are you even complaining? you want the pizza hat! :P)
I don't think this question will get me one though
okay, imma post it in half an hour. have to go out for a while.
11:27 AM
I can't guarantee I'll be able to answer immediately then
11:57 AM
@Optimizer do you know a shorter way of counting elements in a CJam array than {1$=},,?
7 bytes is pretty horrible for such a simple task
\a/,( ?
you need an a in there too..
saves only one byte in my case though, unfortunately
and ofc. if you are just getting the number for comparison, no need of trailing (
what ? its 4 bytes only, no ?
12:02 PM
it's 5, but I still need a copy of the counted thing, so I need 1$... I was able to save another byte by omitting the ( though
and another byte, because my code had an annoying side effect for arrays as elements
I have a question idea but I'm not sure if it's too trivial :/
I am writing the question now
@Sp3000 what is it?
Say you tap on a table with you left hand tapping every m beats and your right hand tapping ever n beats, e.g. for m = 2 and n = 3
Left:  o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- ... etc.
Right: o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o--o- ... etc.
Then using B for both, L for left, R for right and - for no tap, we can summarise this pattern as
So basically input is n, m, and number of beats -> output string
it's fairly trivial in CJam
12:14 PM
Hmm too easy to be interesting?
I'm giving it a try right now
it's probably quite nice actually
Hmm if I post I'll probably wait a day or two, due to there being quite a few trivial-ish questions lately :P
@Sp3000 naive solution, 33 bytes: l~]_:*_@\2@:(f#2fbf*z2fb"-RLB"f=<
probably still golfable
Hmm that's not too bad, I think if CJam can get a 20-ish solution then the question's probably not too easy
(probably a bad rule of thumb :P)
32: l~]_:*_@{(2\#2b}%f*z2fb"-RLB"f=<
12:21 PM
Is input just space-separated integers?
it prints m*n beats
Ah, I see
ready for it ?
Should I prepare a solution too or do I have to race 30 min? :P
@Optimizer I'm ready :P
12:27 PM
prepare it, i posted it anyways
Q: Shorter than a Split Second!

OptimizerChallenge You task for this question is to split an input array of integers on the second occurrence of every integer in that array. Not clear enough ? Here is an example to help Input array: [2 1 1 2 3 2 2 4 5 6 7 3 7 0 5] Output: [[2 1] [] [3 2 2 4 5 6 7] [] [0] []] Explanation: Here ...

how long should I wait? :P
do eet
5 minutes :P
no, no chances
@PeterTaylor Why do you think the challenge is biased in favour of CJam?
12:33 PM
maybe because of "" ?
i know other questions which allow that too
yeah I always allow any reasonable format... just because you mentioned a few explicitly (which included CJam) doesn't seem like biased towards CJam to me.
haters gonna hate :(
@MartinBüttner in other news, I reached pentagon in Hexagon
:( this is pretty nontrivial in Python
@Optimizer heh, nice
lol I already got Solstice
@Sp3000 thus , I said, this will not get me pizza
me too
12:43 PM
@Sp3000 whoa :D
:/ there's got to be a better way
(to find the second occurence)
there is
imma try it now
@Optimizer I think I get Peter's and Jan's point.
It sounds like only [] and "" are fine.
That is language specific.
e.g. in Mathematica, an array is written with curly braces.
And I'm sure there are languages with completely different syntax.
But it sounds like those have to choose [] or "", while CJam can get away with using it's (weird) native representation.
oh, I don't know how to put that in wording. can you edit the post ?
any array representation is fine with me .
but the output cannot be simply integers separated by space
@Optimizer edited, feel free to adjust it
12:53 PM
cool. thanks!
If I had written that question, I would consider that the language-neutral way to do output would be space-separated integers with newlines for the splits.
empty array are blank line ?
@PeterTaylor it's not really uncommon (or language-favouring) to allow the native representation to be used
Empty arrays are blank lines, yes.
its not like that , this output approach would have given CJam any less or more advantage. It would be proportionally difficult for all languages
12:59 PM
@MartinBüttner, it's true that it's not uncommon. It rather favours golfing languages in general. But certainly your rewording is less biased than it was.
at least I got to eat pizza in real life :/
@Optimizer, the original wording would have required GolfScript to do manual formatting for the correct whitespace, while including a special case which was obviously aimed at CJam. That's why it looked extremely biased.
correct whitespace ?
The closest permitted format was [[2 1] [1 4 5 6]], but GolfScript's stringify would produce [[2 1][1 4 5 6]]
oh. that was not at all the intention
@MartinBüttner what is the shortest way of halfing an array ? (any half)
1:21 PM
ooohhhh, martin is going to be so mad. I have a 25 byte solution.
1:33 PM
And that's why I didn't start with strings :P
1:57 PM
@Optimizer 2%
no, like half it and take first half
but anyways, i found another approach
It's too bad how regexes in Python are literally more incovenient than regexes in Java
interestingly I can't think of a shorter way of halving than _,2//0=
2:03 PM
ah yeah
that's still 5 bytes though. so any solution with such code is bound to be long
@feersum import re there goes 9 bytes :P
even if you import re, it's still awful
can't access hardly any info about matches
I mean, even for normal coding
Ahaha .groups() +9 bytes again
the worst regexes
2:04 PM
Or is that not what you meant
for example if you want to match all locations
you can take space separated integer input too, you know ?
Match all locations? You mean like re.findall?
[ [ 3 ] [ 5 7 ] [ 3 4 ] ] if I could have the output arrays look like this...
and the input arrays something totally different of course
where are the empty arrays ?
2:07 PM
they would look like [ ] probably
that's fine
re.findall is fairly useless - doesn't tell indices, can't find overlapping matches
Ah... yeah...
@MartinBüttner I know why my tapping problem seemed so familiar... it's effectively FizzBuzz with arbitrary numbers :/
hmm I have been awake almost 22 hours, no wonder the codegolf is so impaired
2:12 PM
@Optimizer hmmm, trying a different approach right now... 29...
that is the right approach
the 29 one, I also got 29 first :P
hm, I had 30 first and already reduced it to 29 :D
I've got q~_,,\f{_2$=@@<1$a/,2=S@?}Sa/
it still seems really cumbersome
not giving any hints :P
I want to complete the 5 answers on saturday hat. so I will post it by EOD
oh, today is saturday
I wonder if you have to post all 5 on the same saturday
also, I wonder if you need at least 1 upvote on all of them
2:15 PM
@Optimizer how do you even know, today is the first saturday since hats started
well, i just assumed. lets ask
it says "on a Saturday"
so that clears, its all 5 in 1
I'm not sure it does
I am asking now.
@Optimizer's hat is very active...sometimes it is on the top of is head, sometimes on the side, and sometimes invisible
pretty sure its a bug
have seen that happen to everyone here
2:20 PM
Hats go funny places sometimes when I resize the window
Q: Bill Lumbergh - all 5 questions in a single Saturday?

OptimizerFrom description of Bill Lumbergh hat - answer 5 questions on a Saturday (in UTC time) Two questions: Do all 5 answers have to be on the same Saturday ? (or can they spread across various Saturdays) Do we need at least 1 upvote per answer for all 5 answers ? If yes, then do we need the u...

2:36 PM
@Optimizer feel free to post your answer
@MartinBüttner no luck ?
so far, no, but I don't think I can be bothered to keep searching
alright then
A: Shorter than a Split Second!

OptimizerCJam, 25 bytes q~{_L+:L1$a/,3={;][}*}%]p Takes input from STDIN like [ 2 1 2 1 0 2 2 1 1 3 4 3] and outputs like [[2 1] "" [0 2 2 1 1 3 4] ""] I am basically iterating over all elements of the array, one by one putting them into another array. Then I get the count of the current element ...

wow MSE people upvote a lot
@Optimizer hm, that is indeed basically my solution
your solution ? the 29 byte one ?
2:49 PM
I think you can save another byte by replacing with S instead of {;][}* and splitting by S at the end
that's what i did
1/5 ✓
if upvotes are required on the same day, then its going to be hard.
2/5 ... but if they are required on the same saturday, I probably won't make it today... I'll do that next week
wait, when did u answer 2 questions ?
3:07 PM
haha, not bad
@Optimizer I've got two answers on split second
Its 5 questions
not 5 answers
oh okay
well I'm not gonna get 5 today anyway
3:19 PM
okay, so its confirmed. all 5 questions on single day, with upvotes coming later on.
3:43 PM
@Optimizer I think we misunderstood the challenge
he doesn't want triplets, but he wants all numbers, where all of the instances are connected
How the hell can you type AO and then correct it to that ping :/
@MartinBüttner I don't understand ..
@Optimizer I typed "ÄO"
yeah, that only. I don't have an easy way of typing that A
the German keyboard layout has the umlauts where some of the symbols are on UK/US QWERTY
@Optimizer all the 1s are connected, all the 2s are connected, all the 5s are connected. but the 0s aren't.
well, your magical spell checker will yet again have to wait :D
4:00 PM
man, its not straight forward
4:22 PM
92 bytes :(
1 hour later…
5:23 PM
Anyone here?
Q: Fastest time to complete matching pairs

TimDirect Line insurers have a Christmas Memory Puzzle. The best I could do by hand is 42.9 seconds, and the best using a computer program was 16.14 seconds (bash script). Any language, any method. All the clicks (including the word "Play") must be done using the computer. Don't submit your speed,...

I was told this is off topic because it's about playing a game.
@Tim writing a bot to play a game isn't necessarily off topic
but I can't find anywhere that is says I can't ask that. I'm not saying it is off topic, but (as a new user who read the [help] and a few meta posts) I had no idea, and I don't like having to try something out to find out it's wrong
@Martin okay, is my question?
but I have to say that your challenge is very unclear
for starters, I don't even know where and how to play said game
you dont even ask to write a bot
I don't understand "Don't submit your speed, as it technically breaks the rules, but it's fine to play it." either. If we don't submit our speed how are you going to score by it?
5:25 PM
you are just asking to play the game, post the score here
@Optimizer I'm pretty sure that's the implication of "any language, any method"
well, so unclear, much off topic
Sory, edited.
i thought i'd put the link in
i've clarified I'm asking for a bot.
also, ultimately I think it's not very interesting, because I'm pretty sure it's limited by the time the animations take
and over how many runs should we average the score (seeing there's a strong random element)
I didn't have a random element included...
5:28 PM
the cards aren't distributed randomly?
It's partly slow due to the animations, but also the image recognition.
so I can just work out the positions once and have a bot click them in order?
nono, they are random
so there's a random element
but that doesn't affect the speed of the script
at least not mine
5:29 PM
why wouldn't it?
if you happen to hit all the pairs on the first try, you need a lot less clicks/animations to complete the game.
because to wait for the animations it sleeps. so even if they are right, it still sleeps
but you need a lot more animations if you don't find the pairs on the first try
well the chances of getting every pair on the first try is incredibly small
What I do is click them all, 2 at a time. So that's 10 lots of waiting
i screenshot after each click
then I analyse the screenshot and work out which is which, then I click them in the right order
okay, so that's 40 clicks in every case
5:32 PM
a clever solution could save some time though by not clicking again if pairs were already found, or by redoing pairs right away, and maybe working out the last tile without clicking it earlier
in that case the actual amount of clicks does depend on the placement of the tiles
I'm trying to implement that last one
I don't think not averaging is fair in that case
your basic goal is to run the fastest bot and submit yourself to enter for the prize, no ?
no, that's not allowed. You're not allowed to use a script
and the prize is not the fastest.
it's random
I did the script for the challenge
how will they know ?
5:34 PM
well i've got 16.14 and it isn't possible without a lot of luck to do it in less than 30...
i guess I could claim to be very lucky :)
But it's still breaking the T&C, which I don't like to do
again, How will they know that you used a script ?
they won't
But it's still breaking the T&C, which I don't like to do
6:24 PM
@MartinBüttner here ?
I'm just about to leave
I'll reply later
ok, just a quick question though
if two spells chare common gestures in different indexes, do both spells count ?
ABCD and XBCY are the hands . And two spells that exist are AbCD and XBcY (out of many others)
yes that's cool as long as they don't share in the current turn
6:57 PM
almost done..
7:47 PM
finally, conquered this beast
2 hours later…
9:29 PM
I must be missing something here: esolangs.org/wiki/Two
Anyone have the slightest clue why this would be Turing-overcomplete?
9:44 PM
"we say that the effect of a program is its I/O behaviour and whether it terminates"
@ɐɔıʇǝɥʇuʎs They're talking out of a body part which isn't designed for speech.
2 hours later…
11:51 PM
Does any kind of activity on a negative score question not appear on the front page ?
I just answered this
A: Produce the word 'codegolf' without using any of its characters in code

OptimizerCJam, 18 bytes "1n¯]"245bHb{'B+}% This answer prints the result instantaneously without consuming infinite system memory :) It is just base conversion of the string CODEGOLF to both save bytes and to avoid using any of the restricted characters. Just try it out here

but its not showing up, I even tried editing the question
still doesn't show.
The front page doesn't always update instantly.
Posts scored -6 or below don't show up on the front page.
Also, it does update instantly assuming your browser supports WebSockets.
yeah, it does update instantly. didn't knwo about -6 limit

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