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room topic changed to DragonLord's new post style: Tell me what you think about (no tags)
room topic changed to Feedback for DragonLord's new post style: I'm seeking feedback about my new post style—let me know what you think. (no tags)
In an effort to improve the quality and clarity of my posts, I've created this chat room to ask for feedback about my new post style. Let me know what you think.
I started this initiative as part of a commitment to better serve the Super User community, but I've noticed that some of my answers, especially my longer, more thorough ones, read like walls of text.
I've seen other users use boldface in posts to emphasize key points
The watershed moment was when I saw the outstanding quality and excellent organization of this user's answers:
Just read a few of Thaddeus's recent answers to see what I mean.
That's why I'm working to improve the readability and quality of my answers and I need your feedback and suggestions.
To get started, have a look at these answers:
A: Dell Inspiron 14R 5420 intermittently fails to boot

DragonLordThis is probably a motherboard issue Your symptoms strongly suggest an electronic problem in the motherboard, since you've noted that it always happens before Windows starts booting up. It's quite unlikely that a laptop AC adapter would do this as the battery should be able to keep the system ru...

A: Computer locks up at random with no BSOD - now with more info

DragonLordYour processor might be faulty You reported that Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Service crashed—a problem which could be caused by the processor graphics. edit: the error code is 0x80004005 which means "Access is denied"—not sure why this is happening Your processor was operating well within t...

A: Accidently stopped some services in svchost

DragonLordJust reboot the system Unless you actually disable the service, the service will run again the next time the system is booted up. As you only mentioned that you stopped the service, there should be no lasting damage. svchost is the Windows service host. Several different services may use the sa...

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Just let me know what you think and what I can change to make my posts better.
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@Thaddeus has been invited.
I don't mind if I get harsh or biting criticism—I need feedback.
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Read through some of your posts and found the information held within to be viable but not easily analysed. Go for smaller chunks of text, isolate the main points, use section headers to break out big ideas, or specific vendors. Use infographics to support your work. Good graphics (flowcharts are great for processes) can make a big difference.
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@Thaddeus Great advice, thanks.
You're here.
I wanted to say thank you for the kind words.
You're welcome :)
Is there something in particular I can help you with?
I've looked at some of your posts on Science Fiction & Fantasy and will rewrite some of my longer, more verbose answers when I have the chance.
I think your posts are quite informative. It is good that you want to refine your work to maximize the potential benefits to readers.
If I can be of any specific help, please do not hesitate to call upon me.
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Thanks a million :)
My pleasure.
I'll be busy over the next several hours, so I won't be around, but let's talk again sometime ;-)
Very good. I am going to get back to helping my student with her resume. Formatting is my jutsu.

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