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1:29 AM
@JohnMcDonald I still have to download the other 3 projects, I will ask you for some guidance once I have everything ready
Ahh, you getting the latest copy from SVN?
You need... 5 projects total now
yes from SF isn't it?
ah XD
I got just 1, the main one
4 from SF, and 1 from Google Code
(plus asteroid outpost)
They will need to be placed in directories called "QuadTree", "Primitives2D", "XNAHUD", and "XNASpriteLib" respectively.
:/ yikes, what a download process eh?
ok yea XD it takes some time until properly organizing these things
Yeah, I think all I really need to do is add the snv-externals properties to AO
and if you downloaded AO yesterday, you'll want to do an other update
1:42 AM
"The project file 'D:\DevSE\AsteroidOutpost\trunk\Asteroid Outpost.csproj' cannot be opened.

The project type is not supported by this installation." what could this be?
so it doesn't come with the directx sdk?
Umm, no
They manage to keep the two separate
I thought it did because I opened a sample project from the dx that used some XNA libs I think
cool great
So XNA uses DirectX (correct me if I'm wrong), and the DirectX SDK isn't required for XNA.
1:48 AM
yes it uses DX and probably doesn't need the SDK because it's a higher level of abstraction
it should have compiled already everything dx related
1 hour later…
3:17 AM
:D Milestone reached!
All new graphics: Image1 and Image2
8 hours later…
11:04 AM
hey any idea how to play counter strike 1.6 on mac though wine
@Tornado I think you might have more luck in chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/35 - though given that CS is 11 years old by now, I can't imagine it being too hard.
This here is the "Game Development" channel, the other one is the "Gaming" one. :)
11:55 AM
@MartinSojka k ..hey it just strike in my mind thats y i asked here .....hoping game developers also love to play games ....
12:05 PM
@Tornado Generally, yes, we do. :D
2 hours later…
1:41 PM
I can not find, a single quiet place in which to code in
One million square foot office....
That sounds pretty bad
I'm operating on pretty low sleep, so it's kind of grating at me today. Currently camped out in an abandoned office, but there is a conference call going on in the room next to mine. I can't deal with my cube right now.
Cube next to the front entrance of the office?
No, but instead of sitting near the reasonably quiet architects I got placed near the QA group. They have to talk to each other for their jobs.
Yeah, that would be trouble.
Previous job had me originally sitting right next to the front desk. You can imagine the wonders that did to my productivity.
They then moved us to an isolated office on the 3rd floor (which no one was on), except they were going to change that by doing construction work. My last days coincided with when the construction work finished.
1:51 PM
@Noctrine Do you have roof access?
I have never found peace and quiet in a commercial or industrial zone roof.
(and a long extension cable, if necessary)
@TreDubZedd Wifi all around the building, I can go pretty much anywhere around it and still be able to work. But there aren't that many honestly quiet places in it. Things were awesome not to long ago, entire unused floors that I could camp out in
Hm...perhaps I'm confusing obnoxious noise with obnoxious people.
Nobody ever thinks to look for you on the roof.
(though cellular technology has kinda made that a moot point)
Can't really call the people obnoxious because most of the noise is work related. It's just really irritating when I'm trying to figure things out.

I don't have the clearance levels to get on the roof, it's not that kind of roof :p
1:57 PM
"After the recent series of complaints from Google, the clearance to go to the roof has been revoked for all employees. Also, please refrain from spelling obscene things in the parking lot from now on. This includes Russian and Chinese as well. Thanks, the Management."
Isn't that what QR codes are for?
QR codes? Weren't those for sending unsuspecting mobile browser users to Goatse and leaking secrets with? :D
Also: parking-lot pranks.
Gotta make sure you get the perspective right though.
In fact, the two are not mutually exclusive.
2:07 PM
Bonus points if you can make it large enough to be spotted from Google Earth too :p
When the rebuild the Google campus, it'll be a QR code for Google.com
At that point, their branding will be completely ubiquitous.
2:55 PM
@Noctrine lol
My cube is dead quiet
Morning :-)
That sucks, @Noctrine I usually put on headphones, music, and then I can code away without much problem.
3:13 PM
My office is pretty quiet for the number of people in it.
@JohnMcDonald I've got my game engine working!
Congrats, Raven!
Next step: Programming in something to do.
Right now it's a wildly engaging game of "watch the moving platform oscillate on the screen".
You should add a player character
Hey, that's 90% of pong right there
3:26 PM
@GraceNote There is, actually. His name is "White Circle", and he controls horribly.
Something to do sounds like giving White Circle a grappling hook mechanic that can swing from a moving platform.
That's ALL of pong right there :P
He can jump.
"Jump" doesn't sound like "grappling hook"
And because of the way I implemented it, Pressing "jump" while in mid-air will make you hover.
3:29 PM
So you have rocket boots. That is good. But grappling hooks ARE better.
Sounds like my first (and only) attempt at making a platformer game
@RavenDreamer So if you hold down the button, does he jump up to the peak and start hovering there, or does he just stop shortly after leaving the ground?
@thedaian My first attempt at a platformer game involved Space Stalin flipkicking space cows and goats in a quest to liberate the moon from capitalist pigdogs.
Also, I have to disagree, rocket boots are a LOT cooler than grappling hooks. They're rockets, on BOOTS!
@GraceNote You can't activate the jump button after jumping until you hit the ground. If you wander off the side of a platform (and thus, just start falling without jumping) and hit the jump button, the upward momentum and downward pull of gravity exactly cancel out. So you hover.
It sounds a lot cooler than it played, not the least of which being how you could walk through walls and, if your gravity is just right, fall through platforms immediately after landing on them.
@RavenDreamer Ah, interesting.
3:31 PM
Hm. Anywhere I can host an applet?
The adventurers of "White Circle" are too impressively mundane to allow to languish!
I think you could use dropbox public folder...
@GraceNote I never quite got to the point of making a game, just a silly little html5 engine thing that didn't even work
@thedaian I see, I see
@GraceNote In my penultimate-to-the-current build, I had an interesting bug because I forgot to clear what moving platform you were on when you jumped. So if you jumped from a moving platform, you continued to move left and right with the platform until you touched another platform.
@Raven, cool
@RavenDreamer You could call that a feature and call it "inertia"
In fact there are some games which strongly capitalize on that kind of a mechanic.
3:34 PM
@GraceNote Inertia doesn't cause you to suddenly and inexplicably start going the opposite way, just because the platform you used to be on started going the opposite way.
If the platform didn't change direction, though, that'd be right.
(Or you have Maid Samba, where you don't move with a moving platform that you're standing on...)
That's what I was trying to un-implement.
@RavenDreamer Yeah, but if you don't let people reverse a jump they'll kill you with Red Arremers
It's like a base mechanic of the plan. Yeah.
@GraceNote Well, it was happening in addition to whatever input the user was giving, not instead of.
I could call it "wind", I suppose.
Sounds like something to temper with!
3:36 PM
Make it a plot device.... advanced technology that gave you... uhh, physical memory of the last ground you touched, where you'd act as if you're still touching that ground
Or tamper with.
Nah, tempering is where it's at! Improvement, not... opposite... deprovement... verb!
My apologies. I didn't realize you were being literal and not... typo-ing-ed.?
Hey all! :)
@RavenDreamer E's quite a distance from A
3:40 PM
I know! All of two characters!
hi Ari
@RavenDreamer You should know by now that Grace is always literal, except when she isn't
I see some familiar and new (to me) faces in here
Hey @Ari
3:48 PM
Hey @GraceNote. How are you?
Not too shabby. Tryin' t' find AttackingHobo
@AttackingHobo hasn't been hanging out in chat that much lately, though he'll drop by if you do @ mentioning of him (eventually)
I could pull him over if I wanted but I figure I can be patient for today.
Hello, @Ari. I followed Grace over from Gaming.
Well, here's a lovely (and possibly a bit scary) article about how not to get screwed over as an Indie developer: gameattorney.com/blog/?p=96
3:54 PM
Hey @RavenDreamer! Nice to meet you
I honestly haven't spent as much time over on gaming as I could
...but the same thing could be said about gamedev as well :/
so many sites, so little time
yeah... I'm pretty new around here, so this is the first SE chat room I've participated in
pretty fun so far
This is the main SE chat I've participated in, I stop by Gaming when I get bored, but it's too active for me while at work...
Yeah... I enjoy gaming, but I tend to enjoy dabbling more completing
Gaming chat is more social, though, with no danger of being yelled at for being "off topic"
4:00 PM
@GraceNote I don't tend to complete single-player games (playing, not making)
@thedaian lol
@JohnMcDonald Ah
@JohnMcDonald That's ok, hardly anyone completes single player games :P
heh, Maybe I just have a biased sample of friends then
<---- has logged 400-ish hours of Oblivion
<---- has not finished the main quest of Oblivion
4:02 PM
hah, Nice
I like multi-player games, but even then, the most hours I've spent in games is around 500 hours for BF2, and 350 for BF:BC2 (then a steep drop)
(don't yell at me)
it's not modern warfare 2, so i won't yell at you
@thedaian heh, I was referring to your earlier comment about being yelled at for talking off-topic. But thanks
i've probably racked up about 200 hours in Left 4 Dead, and I don't want to know how many hours in minecraft...
heh, this reminds me: Just because you make a game, it doesn't mean you're good at it. lol. I've been beaten at my own game a number of times
oh, right, that kind of yelling. meh
4:09 PM
@thedaian Ohh, Minecraft doesn't even count
I am nowhere near as crazy as some, but I do like my complex train systems
What's that a picture of in your gravatar, @JohnMcDonald
complex train systems are the best kind
@RavenDreamer It's a "cell" because my alias is usually "Cell" or "cell18189"
4:11 PM
A cell of what though; do you know?
No clue, sorry
Clearly it's a green.
@thedaian Yeah, I've made a couple of really cool train stations and intersections
@RavenDreamer :p yeah, surely it's an artist's rendition
Okay. I have a dropbox account and have uploaded the applet of my game. Who wanted to view my mediocrity? @GraceNote?
I think he was the one who said she wanted to view your game, but I'm sure a few of us here could also give it a shot
4:17 PM
Okay. Tear it apart.
LEFT, RIGHT, and UP are the only controls
hmm, is it supposed to be an in browser applet?
cause if so, a direct link to the jar file won't really work :(
Uh, I expected folks to download and then run the JAR
ah, ok. will have to wait til I'm home then, cause I'm not sure how to run a jar file on this computer... (i'm not 100% sure how to do it while home, either, but I'm more willing to mess around with it)
@RavenDreamer Doesn't that require you some method of running a JAR file?
Given that it's written in Java...
Wouldn't it require some method of running a JAR file no matter what?
4:24 PM
it can be tricky for the average person to run a JAR file :(
Well... There's truth to that. But if JAVA is installed, double clicking should work, right?
At any rate, I have lunches to seek. So I shall return sometime later.
In many cases, the OS associates .jar files with archiving software.
@RavenDreamer All Java games I wrote were web applets so they ran just in the browser
It's been a long time since I've run anything Java outside of Dr. Java
4:26 PM
@RavenDreamer I think that's correct. It worked for me!
I'll give it a gander after lunch.
Neat, albeit rough
good start though. Now you just need some gravity
heh, me and this guy (Joe) are going back and forth about failing fast in a game development environment
4:42 PM
For those wondering, this is the question where that is taking place:
Q: How forcefully should a single-player engine reject invalid data?

PaulIn a single-player game, when trying to build an entity out of components specified in external scripts, what do you think is more desirable to happen when one of the components is ill-formed: Should the engine skip over that component and let the entity live in the game world with only the com...

yeah, I probably should have posted that, thanks
I don't know a lot about shaders, what would the actual impact be in Joe's scenario?
The scenario he lays out is: "perhaps your technical artist has screwed up the shader for the targeting outline - broke the fallback, let's say, so it's only loading on SM4 systems, and he didn't notice because he's got a top of the line system"
And... would the broken shader be something you could or would fail fast on?
5:38 PM
@JohnMcDonald There is gravity. It just behaves oddly with the jumping code.
yeah, you move down, but there's no acceleration, it's just a fixed velocity
/me is gone for lunch
Well, there is acceleration. It's just nearly instant. :P
6:27 PM
hey guys
I know it may sound weird, but I really want to build a cylinder with code only
problem is, I'm stuck
what are you trying to build it in?
Do you know the geometry of a cylinder?
OpenGL. I mean, I got to a point where I got the cylinder on the screen, but there are a few weird lines that I can't fix
it's probably because I still can't understand how to build the index buffer properly
but I think I got the vertices right... should I post some code?
this includes the indices: pastebin.com/bRmAsbJy
ok, basically this is not 100% mine, so that's why I still have to fully understand it
I got the vertices part, but I'm not 100% I understand the code below it, for indices
I tried to imagine something like a grid, it connects the dots to create a triangle strip, right?
those three lines at the end of the first loop, I don't understand them
    Indices[n++] = v * num_sides;
    Indices[n++] = ((v+1)%num_slices) * num_sides;
    Indices[n++] = ((v+1)%num_slices) * num_sides;
why the same index twice?
something to do with degenerate triangles? I'm guessing
    for(int u=0; u<num_sides; u++) {
        Indices[n++] = v * num_sides + u;                       // u,v
        Indices[n++] = ((v+1)%num_slices) * num_sides + u;        // u,v+1
this I'm pretty sure generates a strip to build a slice
6:46 PM
@RavenDreamer The acceleration (m/s/s) should be adding to the velocity (m/s) that should be adding to the vertical position (m). So it should look like your ball/character is falling faster and faster as time passes.
When you jump, you can add a fixed amount to the velocity (for a fixed-height jump), then the negative acceleration generated by gravity will naturally cause the velocity to slowly decrease to 0, then start to move the ball downward faster and faster.
So the acceleration would be a constant (unless you add stuff like variable gravity or wind), and both velocity and position would change over time
1 hour later…
8:15 PM
I'm going crazy
:( I wish I could help, but I've done next to no 3D stuff at all
@pt2ph8 Oh, except I can say that it's not the same index twice
doing n++, even in the middle of a statement like that will increment n
It's a post-incrementor, which means it will increment n after it has been used
yeah, I was referring to these two lines:
    Indices[n++] = ((v+1)%num_slices) * num_sides;
    Indices[n++] = ((v+1)%num_slices) * num_sides;
n is incremented yeah, but the two values assigned are the same
doing ++n is a pre-incrementor and will increment n before using it
true, so Indicies[n] and Indicies[n+1] both get assigned the same value
Something to do with a triangle then?
8:21 PM
yeah, but I still haven't figured out how the index generation part works
thanks for trying to help anyway ;)
heh, yeah..
8:37 PM
@pt2ph8 It looks like a typo to me--that second line should probably use (v+2) instead of (v+1).
Though, to be fair, I haven't studied the entire snippet, so I don't know for sure what it's doing.
@TreDubZedd Are you sure it's not trying to make a triangle? Have two neighbouring verticies connect to the same point?
that code is actually from a torus generator, which works
I'm not sure but I think it has to do with degenerate triangles
it's supposed to create a triangle strip so it's repeating the last vertex at the end of the loop for each slice
Ah, ok--that makes sense
@GraceNote hello?
8:49 PM
Your timing is miserable and I will have to arrange better methods of meeting with you!
Hah, not your fault, in seriosity.
@AttackingHobo Really, I just need to hit you up about the contest at some point.
When's a good time for you that isn't today?
@GraceNote do I have your email? I will include you on any talks I have with the CHAOS team
@AttackingHobo You probably do not but I can amend that tonight.
@GraceNote send me an email theseanlavery@gmail.com
I shall do, but on that note, unless you want that email broadcasted to the net at large you might want to delete that message.
spam filtering these days is pretty awesome
I suppose it doesn't stop the crazies though
@GraceNote its public and I use it on google plus
Okiedokie, just checking.
Some people don't realize the chatroom logs are persistent and indexed through Google so it always helps to be sure.
9:20 PM
Does anyone here still do TI-BASIC game making?
Maybe anybody who is still in high school or some place where they need to use those silly things.
Nobody I know offhand, though.
Okay, just checking. I was going to try making a BASIC emulator where one can type in the codes like this:
:code line 1 (and line 2-100000 if they need)
Then compile it.
Into an .exe for them to launch.
I'm pretty sure these's TI-XX emulators out there, though they probably don't compile anything into .exe's

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