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7:33 PM
Welcome all! This room is intended as a place to converse with candidates, discuss moderator traits, etc. For general discussion related to Mathematics, go here:
If you have questions about the election process itself, please ask your question on the Mathematics Meta Site. Remember, folks stepping up to lead this community are committing a significant amount of their time, please keep all discourse civil and constructive.
8:13 PM
I see that there are 3 moderator positions available. Does this mean that three moderators are retiring, or does it mean that we will end up with two more moderators than we have now?
I wonder the same
how do I suggest a name for moderator?
@AaronMaroja You can't. You can nominate yourself only.
I see
that's a bit confusing, the text seems to imply that one can nominate others...
8:21 PM
@AaronMaroja But we could set up an unofficial thread to nominate others (and possibly pursuade them to put their hats in the ring). MathOverflow did this during their election.
That'd be a good idea, how do we do that?
@copper.hat Yes, but no. You can contact that person in the general discussion chat and talk with him/her. Or do as Arthur suggest
@AaronMaroja Click here. ;-)
Done, now what?
@anorton There will be one new moderating position. I know that my arithmetic sucks, but I swear that there's a good reason why the numbers don't seem to match up, but it's not really my place to say anything more.
8:27 PM
Well one of the current moderators hasn't used the website for a month, and meta since May... It might just be speculation on my part though.
In other topics, I think has grow enough to rise a bit our standards. I'd be happy if the community achieves standards like those of There, bad questions are kicked out soon. And of course, we have to deal with the PSQs problematic. We have to stop being the place where people get their homework done. I hope candidates to let us know their opinions in those topics.
@ArthurFischer what should I do, just go on and ask people to nominate?
Q: 2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's how it'll work: During the nominati...

@leo I suspect that will be a big issue this election.
@AaronMaroja Look at MathOverflow's nomination thread I linked to above, and use that as a template. Then, yeah, people can answer saying "I'd like user31415926535 to run because...."
8:33 PM
@ArthurFischer I'd be watching. Thank you :-)
@leo While I somewhat agree, moderators aren't supposed to set the policies for the website. See this.
@ArthurFischer Will you be remaining a moderator (if you're willing to say)?
@MikeMiller That's the plan right now. (And now I've probably angered half of the people here.)
Hehe, I saw the quote in your profile. Anyway, I'm glad to hear it.
@MikeMiller I admit it, I made that chat. Sorry for that @ArthurFischer. I hope you don't get offended because of it
8:41 PM
@Venus By that?! Heck no! I've been called much worse in the last seven days.
Oh, yeah. Anyone thinking of becoming a moderator should be prepared to be called much worse that "strict" on a fairly regular basis.
@ArthurFischer Can I post the thread?
@ArthurFischer I hope not on this site :D I love to have you around. You're doing a great job both as a contributor and as a moderator.
@AaronMaroja You don't need my permission for that.
You're the moderator right?
@ArthurFischer I'm glad to know. I assure you, I didn't downvote your answers nor also upvote them ^^
8:43 PM
@AaronMaroja a moderator.
@AlexR Thanks for the vote of confidence. Though I must admit that very little of my time is spent contributing to the main site these days. Most of my SE-time is spent on moderating duties (which doesn't need to be the case, so don't be scared away by my tales of woe).
@ArthurFischer I second the opinion of alex. The moderators here seem to take pride in what they do and do it well..I guess I am bias since I haven't been on the wrong end of the "law" ;)
I nominate Dr. Sonnhard Graubner :P
@Venus would you mind to post it here?
@Venus I hope that was a joke^^
@ArthurFischer Well, November 22 isn't that long ago ;)
@AaronMaroja It's a joke (I hope)
8:48 PM
@AlexR I am deadly serious ^^
@NajibIdrissi Well, nomination is no warranty for election, so it would just be a really, really bad joke.
No, I was suggested so.
@Venus </irony>
@AlexR Why so?
@Venus I can tell you the names of a dozen people better suited for the job. Sometimes Dr. S sounds like he's deliberately trolling people.
8:52 PM
@AaronMaroja No I wouldn't. I don't want him to think anything about me.
@AlexR I like a funny guy though ^^
I mean, for the purpose of the election, it could be anyone else.
@Venus Yeah, funny, but don't give the man too much power of going havok^^
How about the Goddess Cleo?
Not too difficult to figure out whos spot will become open as #3
@AlexR Honestly, from my deepest heart. I want Andre to be nominated as a mod candidate
8:56 PM
@Venus I second that.
Only if you never want any question to be closed again...
@NajibIdrissi Why's that?
André Nicolas is vehemently against closing and deleting questions
Did and amWhy sound like good candidates as well, I think.
@NajibIdrissi I see now^^
High reputation and ability/desire to be moderator are not necessarily correlated...
8:59 PM
@NajibIdrissi I also reflect on personal interaction with them. I hadn't noticed his voting behaviour, though.
Hagen von Eitzen is another one who comes to mind.
I stick to Andre
I tried to put this sign ♦ in my user name. It doesn't work :D
@Venus Who wouldv'e thought that ^^ Preventing mod impersonation as foolproof as possible is essential.
@Venus and @AlexR , suggest on the thread
@AlexR Haha
@AaronMaroja Suggest what? My English is totally terrible ^^
a candidate for moderator 2014
9:07 PM
Don't vote for moderators just because they have bucketloads of rep
You need to think about usefulness to the community. Participation on the meta.
@AaronMaroja Can I answer like this: I am sincerely nominating Dr. Sonnhard Graubner for no reason.
I wonder how many downvotes my answer will get :D
@Venus hahaha
I'm sure there is one reason or two
@AaronMaroja To fill the list of candidates and... ?
@Alizter Martin Sleziak / Asaf Karagila?
Well, I believe @ArthurFischer would have more information on that
@Alizter Rep is no measure for usefullness as a mod, but certainly correlated to usefullness of participation, especially on meta.
9:11 PM
Because as far as I understand the candidates must nominate themselves
@AlexR There is no rep on the meta?
@Alizter But a vote count
@Aaron I left a comment suggesting you separate Andre and Asaf into different answers.
would I be able to qualify as a moderator even though I have very little rep?
@AaronMaroja Sorry. What should I have more information on?
9:14 PM
@VarunIyer Technically, everyone with >200 Rep is able to nominate himself. If you get elected is another question.
@VarunIyer Especially since you have no participation in meta.math.SE, wich is very important.
@AlexR so meta math.stackexchange is a huge component as well? Okay, thanks. Just wondering
About convincing the other to candidate themselves, no?
@AlexR The election page says "more than 300 reputation" but probably means >= 300 rep.
@MikeMiller It was a good idea, and I've already done as you suggested.
@ArthurFischer True, sorry I wrote it from my mind without looking it up. Not a huge hurdle, though. This can easily be accomplished within 2 days on Math.SE :D
9:18 PM
A: 2014 Nominations for moderator on Math.SE

Aaron MarojaMy suggestions André Nicolas Because they are always present, are patient, and have been really helpful during the few months I was a member.

@VarunIyer Yes, meta is the place where the running of the site is discussed. Since that is what moderators help to do, it has a bit of importance.
@robjohn I thought we ruled by whim and fiat.
@robjohn Not to mention potential improvements or complaints about unjust close votes and the likes.
@AlexR yes. That is part of maintaining the site.
@robjohn I thought your comment focused on meta-type questions like "Is this behaviour to be tolerated?" or guidelines for participation on the main site.
@robjohn Love the mean square with the several unusual deviations ;)
9:33 PM
@ArthurFischer (shhh!)
9:44 PM
Someone just downvoted both of the current suggested nominees on @Aaron's Meta post
That's fine... it just means they disagree with the choice of both of those as moderator. That's the point of making the suggestions.
It's easier to count the upvotes
I can't see vote counts yet :/
people downvoted
I don't know why
I don't think that's a good argument against downvotes here.
9:51 PM
Downvoting is a good idea for that topic, I'm just a little worried that it could turn into mass downvoting particular answers just because they already have a low score
Why do you think that would happen?
I don't think it will happen, I'm just pointing out the possibility
10:47 PM
since i haven't been around for a mod election before: how many nominations are "typical"? (i see two official ones so far, but of course it's quite early)
@Semiclassical See the history: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010
@Behaviour that works, thanks!
11:00 PM
Who are nominated?
@FreeMind See the current election page
All (official) nominations are self-nominations, although there is an inofficial meta thread in which users can express their opinions on who should run.

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