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12:51 AM
Q: Inactive members

Noach mi FrankfurtI've noticed that many of our questions have either inactive queriers or respondents. If so, is there any way to clean up inactive members who haven't been seen in a determined length of time? accept answers where the OP's account is no longer in use (so as to avoid needless Community ressurec...

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2:47 AM
A lot of questions get comments like "ask the rabbi;" this one might get some along the lines of "ask the rebbetzin" :-P — Shokhet 16 secs ago
4 hours later…
6:57 AM
Q: Come support the Yiddish.SE proposal!

SAHThe Yiddish forum proposal is having what could properly be called a "rally" (by the standards of the Yiddish-speaking, Internet-accessing world...). It would be great to have such a forum open. Please support it by asking some sample questions and/or voting on the ones that are there. Contrib...

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1:33 PM
@alicefine, the question at hand is about Rochel. For Q&A about suicide as a matter of academic discussion, see suicide. — Isaac Moses 52 secs ago
^^^ request for suggestions of how to say this better, considering the context
1 hour later…
2:48 PM
For that matter, request for comment from SE staff about dealing with question posts like this one.
3:01 PM
Q: Do we have any responsibility to take any action if someone says they're thinking about suicide in their post?

jmort253There's a post that was closed as off-topic, which it is. It's a rant, one that definitely doesn't fit within the scope of our site. The author of the post mentions he's contemplating suicide. Is there anything that we should do in these situations? Amy makes a great point that it would be a sha...

Q: What should be done about posts that threaten suicide on our forums?

justcool393What should be done about posts that threaten suicide on our forums (assuming these are real threats and not an attempt to troll)? Does anything need to be reported or done and would saying anything to the member who is posting or community as a whole make the situation worse?

(the second was a HNQ a while ago, and I found the first from a comment there)
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4:21 PM
@Shokhet thanks. I'm going to "contact us" per Shog9 in the first one.
... Done
2 hours later…
6:17 PM
Rochel bas Esther, tears are literally flowing from my eyes right now at the thought that you are in such pain, and that you need help so badly that you are turning to a forum as ill-equipped as this one is to help you. Please get in touch with someone who can really help. You've listed Los Angeles as you location. A local program that could probably offer a great deal of help is the Aleinu Family Resource Center of the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles. There's another program that has a 24-hour hotline. — Isaac Moses 12 hours ago
@IsaacMoses this comment was outstanding. Thank you. ^^^
Thanks also for contacting SE. As it happens we also got a community manager involved last night, but the rest of you had no way of knowing that and for something like this it's far better that they get too many reports than too few.
@MonicaCellio Thanks. I am glad and not terribly surprised that y'all had already gotten SE staff involved. I appreciate your reinforcement of my decision to err on the side of communicating up the line
@IsaacMoses especially on a Saturday night, though, the odds are non-trivial that something could sit for awhile before being noticed. So better safe than sorry.
@MonicaCellio Regarding my now-mod-deleted comment, linked above, should I have flagged the comment I was responding to instead of responding?
6:32 PM
@IsaacMoses you never know how long it'll take for a flag to be seen, so I think responding that way was appropriate. (Your comment was deleted when it became obsolete, not for a negative reason.)
Two things I would have done differently: flagged and contacted SE immediately last night, and flagged the comment that I responded to
... Instead of just mentioning it in here
It's times like this that I really appreciate that SE has such a thing as Community Managers and is not just a hands-off technology platform.
Yes, I'm very glad we have people we can bring in for help with situations like this.
(I'm also glad that they're distributed across the globe and one of them was actually reachable on a Saturday after midnight in my timezone.)
... And that we have designated volunteer Moderators and are not just an anarchy.
@MonicaCellio yeah, that's very good.
That too. It means the CMs don't have to deal with everything so they're more able to deal with the things that the lower-level mods can't.
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
how is this not the epitome of opinion based? judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/301/…
@YeZ it is. I just added my vote to close. Our standards were still in formation way back then.
@CharlesKoppelman goldPseudo has worked really hard to try to make Islam.SE succeed even though they get really poor quality questions and answers
He's pretty much the only reason the beta hasn't been closed already
but he is very thorough
18 hours ago, by Gemini Man
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9:26 PM
@IsaacMoses I just dropped by for a moment.....I really thought I left a link here earlier. Since I didn't, here it is:
Q: What's the official SE response to serious mentions of suicide in posts?

ShokhetLast night on Mi Yodeya, someone posted a question that was basically a suicide note, along with the question of what Judaism thought about suicide. The question was put on hold very quickly, and several supportive comments were posted ("You've listed Los Angeles as your location. A local program...

10:09 PM
@YeZ Now that you pointed it out, i did too. (closevotes :D)
10:24 PM
@Scimonster I just came here to post that!! :P
@Shokhet so who's going to be the one who votes and messes that up? :-)
@MonicaCellio Not me ;-)
(actually could be, if I DV an answer, but who's counting?)
@Shokhet yeah, I've noticed that there are certain numbers from which I'm more reluctant to downvote now and have to save it for later. :-)
Last night I briefly had 18k exactly -- 1000 chai!
@MonicaCellio Cool! Still have that?
You actually have a significant amount more now :)
@Shokhet it's not exact any more. (This is not a call for a bunch of downvotes. :-) )
10:37 PM
I'm running out of votes for the day, partially because of resurfaced questions that got retagged recently.
@MonicaCellio :)
@Shokhet as somebody (you maybe? don't remember) suggested a few days ago, I went through my questions and some of my answers looking for things that should be tagged how-to.
@MonicaCellio Could have been me, don't think it was though
I wasn't trying to rep-farm or anything, and stopped when I'd bumped what I thought was enough at one time.
@MonicaCellio I did that already, but I don't have nearly the same amount of content :)
@MonicaCellio Fair enough
@Shokhet no matter. Whoever it was pointed out that I tend to participate on that type of question.
10:39 PM
I went looking at one point, and decided that three a day was a fair amount (as I've seen suggested in way-earlier Bam discussion)
@MonicaCellio Haven't been around long enough to notice
Just got a MSE upvote :) :( ;)
@Shokhet ok, somebody else then. I do not have the vast body of halachic knowledge that others here have, but "how do I do this thing practically?" is sometimes a question I can answer. And sometimes ask. :-)
I hear.
I just got Mortarboard on MSE :-)
@Shokhet oh well -- you grabbed your screen shot, so now it's time to move on.
@Shokhet congrats!
@MonicaCellio Thanks :)
I gotta go -- TZT all!
11:34 PM

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