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12:20 AM
Then kill the zombie!
1:16 AM
Quit breaking the repo @Mat'sMug! lol
> Source file 'Reflection\VBA\LogicalCodeLine.cs' could not be found C:\Users\Christopher\Source\Repos\RetailCoderVBE\RetailCoder.VBE\CSC Rubbe‌​rduck
@RubberDuck pushing
Thank you Mug. =)
sorry again, I don't know why that file wasn't added when I committed yesterday...
It's okay buddy. I am about to give up though. I can't get the add-in to load right for the life of me.
And I know I just built a clean version.
1:22 AM
You're not having any trouble with the add-in starting and creating the menus?
nope. I did have issues after the rename though, but I went through all the registry keys...
...and all is ok
What did you do to all the reg keys?
Remove them, change something?
@RubberDuck I just edited the values
Ctrl+F "RetailCoderVBE"
Son of a...... I think I found it.
@RubberDuck son of a duck?
1:30 AM
There's a GUID still pointing to retail coder. I don't even know what node this stuff has been hiding in....
"register for COM interop" adds registry keys automagically
Yeah. I'm turning that crap off.
that'll break unit testing (the AssertClass needs it)
Can't we register it manually?
oh, I missed that one
haha pure gold
> Dim navi As Gator
23 messages moved from The 2nd Monitor
in case you're wondering what this is about @hosch250:
1:37 AM
I don't even know what VBA is, so I'll leave you alone.
That is, until I learn it :)
you have MS Office?
then you have VBA :)
Yup, Pro version, 2010 and 2013.
Got 2010 with my computer in the time range to update to 2013.
Alt+F11 brings up the IDE
1:38 AM
In what, the browser?
and this open source project brings the IDE to the next level
Or Word, or what?
yeah, word, excel, powerpoint... you can automate things with code
(and do so much more)
Oh, so that is where they make Macros.
1:39 AM
I want (need) to learn that sometime.
Well, now I know where to come. Thanks!
My DOS teacher would be throwing a fit if he could see me right now.
Grin, I never would, unless I was needing an excuse to reinstall my computer.
It's kinda weird. I never thought I'd be that guy who's actually comfortable mucking around in the registry.
1:43 AM
Oh, I'm comfortable doing it. I don't want anybody else doing it on my computer though...
@RubberDuck me too! but hey when it's your own keys...
I need to know - I'm studying IT Management...
Good point Mug.
I can see why it's impossible to ever really uninstall something though.
If you're not dang careful, you're creating keys all over the dang place.
My computer came with a bunch of OEM-cware.
I don't have just a Windows disk, so every time I reinstall Windows, I need to clean my Reg out.
You can't clean Java or Google Chrome out though - I've tried.
Ugh. That's ugly.
1:53 AM
oh yeah. downloading: Productivity Power Tools 2013
downloading: ReSharper
I should be doing that while I scrub the reg......
not downloading: PHP Tools for Visual Studio
Merry Christmas by the way. =)
No ?
I'd rather do
I wouldn't - I hate Java.
Give me C++/C# and .NET any day.
2:01 AM
^^ that :)
Oh, I get it.
He was being vulgar.
And obscene.
I self-censored :)
php + object oriented programming = bad time
R# 8.2!! I feel like an 8 year old in a toy store!
How much does ReSharper run anyway?
2:03 AM
$199 personal license IIRC
Not terrible.
there's a 30-day trial to get you hooked
Oh no. Not till after xmas. Don't wanna know what I'm missing til then.
it's good inspiration for Rubberduck, too :)
Okay. Cross your fingers.......
2:12 AM
2:22 AM
@RubberDuck can I uncross them now?
Still broken.......
it just doesn't load?
And then it doesn't load.
App is catching an exception of some sort and showing this message I think.
ah! hook up the process while that msgbox is showing, before it returns
then break in the catch clause and inspect the stack trace :)
2:38 AM
It works in Word.......
Something in Excel broke.
now I'm really curious about that stack trace
And now I'm having the issue where I can't break again......
you need to attach the process after the module has loaded - your only chance at it is to attach while the msgbox is shown, since it's the initialization that's throwing
back in 5-10 minutes
2:55 AM
It's a null reference somewhere. Not sure where it's coming from yet.
Gotta run. bbiab
@RubberDuck change the msgbox to display exception.ToString() instead of just exception.Message ;)
Good call!
1 hour later…
4:17 AM
A: VBA ClickBot featuring AJAX waiting and Element searching

Mat's MugI have to say that this is pretty damn impressive. Really. I'm not going to go through this line by line; my general impression is that it looks pretty readable, procedures are of decent length, it's clear what's going on. I wonder why the late binding here: Private criteria As Object Private S...

@RubberDuck there's your zombie. ^^
actually, I didn't even look at the Gator class
8 hours later…
12:32 PM
@Mat'sMug DocableHostWindow.SubclassingWindow.WndProc is the issue somehow. I just don't understand how/why yet.
A: How to securely store Connection String details in VBA

vba4allThis is what I would do safely store connection string credentials Download and install Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows (FREE) Open it as Administrator and create a New Project. Select Visual C# then Class Library and rename it to HiddenConnectionString In the Solution Explorer, renam...

@RubberDuck Is your repo up to date? Look for the _addin assignation in app.cs
I pulled last night. I'll check later.
WndProc is application specific, so that explains why Word works, but Excel doesn't.
Kind of.
Mornin' @vba4all
@RubberDuck morning:)
Also @Mat'sMug WndProc behaves a little differently in 64 bit, so that could be why you're not having the issue. Maybe. You think it's worthwhile to put a try catch down there to see if I can't get a better message. Debugger is broken again...
12:48 PM
Hi @vba4all/mehow!
@Mat'sMug hi Mat's Mug
retail coder?
1:38 PM
1:55 PM
there folks
Q: Creating an object oriented model in VBA using COM and ADODB from 2 depended SQL tables

vba4allThe story... A bit of background info and how is the database designed... Please notice you don't really have to rebuild the tables in SQL but I shared an SQL Fiddle just in case and screenshots1 of what the database looks like. I thought it was going to be easier to explain the story and desig...

that literally took me like 2 days to prepare and write
Q: Creating an object oriented model in VBA using COM and ADODB from 2 depended SQL tables

vba4allThe story... A bit of background info and how is the database designed... Please notice you don't really have to rebuild the tables in SQL but I shared an SQL Fiddle just in case and screenshots1 of what the database looks like. I thought it was going to be easier to explain the story of what I...

Oh wow. I can see why.
ill give it a bounty as soon as i can
1 hour later…
3:36 PM
@vba4all worrying about writing long answers? check out the answers on this question and pay careful attention to the author of each
Q: Combinatorics in excel: Find every possible sum of every possible combination

LuisOk, I´ve found similar questions but none of them solve this problem so here I go: I´ve a list of individuals (col. "A"), and each of them has a value assigned for a determined parameter (col. "B"). I´ve some target parameter values and I want to know which combinations of individuals sum up "x"...

i've already downvoted this somehow
just opened it up and there was a downvote on it from me :P
the only one hahah
i am terrible haha
> Sorry I cannot format this as code so it is readable because it takes the answer over the 30,000 character limit.
...4 long answers, all the same guy. some people really try hard.
3:51 PM
just wow...
@enderland + @Mat'sMug there's a better one - a question posted in their About Me
this chatroom has been Malachi'd
hey @Malachi :)
3:57 PM
I wanted to ask, are you getting notifications for everything we do in the Rubberduck GitHub repo?
milestones, commits? wow
you must be getting bombarded lately!
not sure I haven't had much chance to look at them
Wow. Now this is dedication... — enderland 11 secs ago
3:59 PM
On Error GoTo Jail
Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.
and the CleanExit: label is PassGoAndCollect200:
err.raise 911
Oh wait, just clicked that link... lol
any of you use the BotDetect Libraries in .NET?
4:06 PM
Dim Everything as Object

If Everything Is Nothing Then
    MsgBox "This is a paradox of the Object-Oriented universe."
End If
> Walk Backwards
walk isn't a keyword is it?
No but could be a Sub
Yeah, that's what I assume it is - just wasn't sure :)
	Application.Run "Away"
4:12 PM
Hey Mug. Can you set up VS Community to automatically launch Excel when you start debugging? Rather than attaching to the process every time.
I haven't had a chance to download it yet.
Oh damn, probably yes.. haven't even thought if it but yeah, there should be more options under the app properties /debug tab
There's also a performance profiler :D
Okay. Done waiting. Downloading it now.
Seen the R# code inspections screenshot I put up yesterday?
4:18 PM
@Mat'sMug Yeah. I saw that. Any indication what those potential null references in app are? I think it could have something to do with my issue.
I'm ready to post a question on SO. I'm baffled.
I might be able to figure it out if breakpoints would work...
Get VS Community first
Debugging will be easier
I hope so. I'm just hoping that I'll actually be able to step into the code.... can't debug if it won't break.
Did the stack trace point to a particular line of code? I might be able to help looking at the code in github
No. It was pointing to excel code as far as I could tell.
do you guys understand the GoSub thing?
4:21 PM
It's from the QBasic days :)
GoSub Jail
Use a function/sub instead
yeah but you can pass an expression
Ugh..... why haven't they purged that nonsense.
On <expressions> gosub Sub1, Sub2
OnSub sounds like the easiest way to make your code impossible to understand
No, it's just a GoTo thing
4:23 PM
so if your expression evaluates to an error number youre expecting you can in one line send the code execution to the correct handler
Wait you can do on error gosub???
if you replace the error with an expression that would evaluate to a number
so if you say On <expression> goSub Sub1, Sub2, Sub3 you can depending on the value of the expression send the code to the correct handler
On 91 GoSub HelloWorld
    Err.Raise 91
   'this won't execute
    debug.print "Goodbye"
    debug.print "HelloWorld"
I mean at least that's how I am understanding it
It that the gist of it? ^^
4:28 PM
I don't think it works like that
I have never touched GoSub so I am asking you guys :)
I'd do on error goto, and perhaps do the branching in the err handler, `Select Case Err.Number / Case 6: GoSub HandleOverflow /....
oHHH I think I get it now.
I think you could do it with errors
Instead of this.
4:30 PM
gosh... i am losing my patience -> stackoverflow.com/q/26911803/2140173 !!! F*** ive deleted 5 answers and can't delete any more today
it's basically a case statement for which sub gets called
GoSub is just GoTo with a Return
Select Case expression
    Case 1: SubRoutine1
    Case 2: SubRoutine2
  End Select
@RubberDuck Yup
On expression GoSub SubRoutine1, SubRoutine2
4:31 PM
So you could do that in an error handler, I guess, if you wanted to do something like
Or you could extract actual procs instead of making the execution jumping and returning all over the place within the same proc
What I don't know is what the advantage of that EVER woudl be over a select/case statement which is more clear
It's not. It's a relic.
@vba4all Just ignore OP. Don't respond.
yeah, tomorrow morning ill delete the answer and clear any evidence i ever was there
Rubberduck addin needs a code inspection to recommend refactoring GoSubs into procedures
4:38 PM
God help the poor soul that ever sees that recommendation.
hmm.. tweeted?
what's that? first time i see it
does CodeReview pick that up automatically or manually
I don't know, but I've seen that banner a few times.
@StackCodeReview, The Stack Exchange network
A Q&A site for peer programmer code reviews
8.6k tweets, 499 followers, following 0 users
<home time in 17 minutes>
5:22 PM
What's a good way to do "null" dates in VBA?
I'm doing something like:
    newMyDate= Nz(Me.Controls("update_myDate"), 0)
but then i have to do checks on the if newMyDate <> 0 then ....
Public Sub foo()
    Dim bar As Date
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
    bar = Now
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
    bar = vbEmpty
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
End Sub
IsEmpty returns False...but = vbEmpty returns True...
it gets interesting when bar is a Variant
Public Sub foo()
    Dim bar
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
    bar = Now
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
    bar = vbEmpty
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
End Sub
Empty         True          True
Date          False         False
Long          False         True
3 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
So using 0 is the same as vbEmpty I think?
Public Sub foo()
    Dim bar
    Dim nullDate

    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
    bar = Now
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
    bar = nullDate
    Debug.Print TypeName(bar), IsEmpty(bar), bar = vbEmpty
End Sub
Empty         True          True
Date          False         False
Empty         True          True
I hate IsEmpty seriously
^^ you can assign to an uninitialized variant
me too
5:29 PM
VBA makes "does this object exist?" so convoluted
object? Is Nothing
it's value types that are a PITA
Hrmm, I think I just generally do "is not object is nothing" to get the "positive" of that. Which is backwards, I guess?
But I generally prefer "if object exists then" syntax
@enderland I do the double negative a lot too. I tend towards it because often that's the "happy" path.
Of course, there is that whole "fail fast" thing... so maybe it's not best after all.
5:33 PM
I guess I like thinking of
> if (positive) then
else 'negative condition
end if
make a IsNotObject IsValueType function?
Quick preview of my latest review.
> You're a good programmer, so I won't question that you need to use On Error Resume Next here, but you definitely should add a comment here explaining why you're doing it. As it is, I don't have to domain knowledge to understand why you're doing this (and neither will the person maintaining the code someday).
where's that?
In my browser window.
Almost done. Will share when I save.
@ptwales's question?
5:43 PM
Yeah. Man.... that code is pretty darn clean. I had to take the "mention everything done right" method of reviewing.
A: VBA ClickBot featuring AJAX waiting and Element searching

RubberDuckIt seems the other answer didn't touch the Gator class, so I'll focus on that. ' Required .dlls ' `Microsoft Internet Controls` Well done right there. All too often there is no documentation about what references a piece of code needs to work. Someone will thank you for that someday withou...

Okay. Smoke, then back to work.
Set-only property is weird
5:59 PM
@RubberDuck you missed a potential bug with that On Error Resume Next
IdExists should say On Error GoTo 0 immediately after the line that expects the error, to restore error handling. Otherwise it may be hiding problems, because On Error Resume Next turns off error handling altogether, even beyond the procedure's scope (until another On Error statement is encountered). — Mat's Mug 33 secs ago
I thought it was only until the end of the procedure scope?
Public Sub foo()
    On Error Resume Next
    Debug.Print "nope"
End Sub

Public Sub bar()
    Err.Raise 999
End Sub
That's why On Error Resume Next is poison
> An On Error Resume Next statement becomes inactive when another procedure is called, so you should execute an On Error Resume Next statement in each called routine if you want inline error handling within that routine.
I thought... dammit vba
Yeah. It's practically disabled on End Sub. I think......
6:11 PM
where did I read that it bleeds out...
anyway you're right, it doesn't. this never prints "nope":
Public Sub foo()
    On Error GoTo Jail

    On Error Resume Next

    Exit Sub
    Debug.Print "handled"
    Resume Next
End Sub

Public Sub bar()
    Err.Raise 999
    Debug.Print "nope"
End Sub
6:24 PM
@RubberDuck I added some issues under the code inspections milestone
Feel free to add more if you think of anything!
Will do.
I've been kind of focused on getting it working again. I apologize for that.
Hey no problem, blame me!
Stupid rename anyway....... =;)-
7:36 PM
all right, there's like 20 code inspections down the pipeline. back to work!
2 hours later…
9:20 PM
this SO ticker is a good source of inspiration for Rubberduck code inspections!]
9:34 PM
On Error Resume Next is shoving all errors under the carpet - bascically this code cannot possibly be crashing. — retailcoder 27 mins ago
@RubberDuck technically you can still get hard crashes in some cases even with on error resume next, I've had ActiveX objects throw non-debuggable errors (and not otherwise catchable, for that matter) with that set in futile attempts to actually find the line of code the error happens on...
On the second Cells.Find I get the runtime error 91 — Tony 12 mins ago
@enderland True, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case here.
@RubberDuck aww man I was hoping it wasn't an "on error resume next is causing me to not undesrtand why my probgrmam is falign!"
9:43 PM
@RubberDuck what am i looking at?
@ptwales Query plan where somehow multiple tasks both take up 100% of the processing.
I think SQL Server is a bit confused. It's also estimating about 5000 rows when in reality the query returns close to 300,000
I'd wager your stats are off.
is this an estimated execution plan, or the actual one?
I refreshed them myself today.
I'm... flabbergasted
To be fair, it's about 50 lines of SQL, and one of the "tables" is a view with just as many underneath it.
I've found views tend to mess with query plans.
9:47 PM
yeah well, there's "to mess" and then there's "to mess up"
Computer's only as smart as the guy telling it what to do.
I mean, I could inline the view logic and triple the LoC. It would probably straighten the query plan out.
But no one else would ever be able to touch the query. Ever.
I haven't used views very much, but might you be better off trying to put that data into a temp table?
Hey @Phrancis!
@RubberDuck never underestimate what a consultant can touch (and mess up further).
@Mat'sMug You mean what a consultant can fail to understand .... that ^
9:50 PM
Hey @ducky - Mug posted your execution plan next door I figured I'd stop by
I wish I could get a snapshot of the overview. It's a dousy.
Now I thought steps in execution plans were sequential, rather than simultaneous?
whistles changing production code..... whistles
I thought so too.
So it would make sense if it used 100%, then 100% again later
Well.... yeah. Maybe I guess.
I honestly don't know much about how it goes about generating plans.
I just know a little bit about optimizing them.
9:54 PM
I know there are ways to force SQL Server to use a certain execution method, useful for circumventing shit like nested loops
I was a little surprised that this was more efficient than this though.
             FROM A
            SELECT FROM B
Does a view store its own execution plan like a stored proc/func would? Does it index itself?
       FROM A
       FROM B
@Phrancis Yes and no.
A view can be indexed, but you have to explicitly do so.
This one is not. Mostly because it's then a PITA to refresh the tables from the external source.
It does keep it's own query plan though. Which is why it's less efficient than it could be.
But I'm not into maintaining that logic all over the place. Let it be inefficient.
@RubberDuck indexed views must be schema-bound, it's a PITA period; views normally leverage indexes from underlying table
@Mat'sMug Right. And schema-binding is all well and good if you're running a transactional db. Forget it with an ETL db though.
10:01 PM
@RubberDuck I think the former NOT EXISTS is better because it only has to scan your data set once (for more conditions) rather than twice (with fewer conditions)
Yeah. You would think so, right?
Took twice as long to run.
TTGH (and play with VS Community)
Then continue to curse at my broken a$$ code......
@RubberDuck added 2 new labels to identify code inspection types, and upated all issues under Code Inspections - there's "Code Quality Issues" and "Maintainability/Readability Issues" for now.
@RubberDuck I guess it would also be affected by the way it is joined in your subquery, it may be throwing one of those nasty nested loops.
Well, BTW.Work
10:27 PM
> Hello. We're preparing for first use.
1 hour later…
11:48 PM
So, did you make it launch Excel on F5/debug?

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