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12:00 AM
@muru Depends. What's the question?
@muru why don't you ask your next question instead, the one you want answer to, then we shall see
The question is exactly the same: apps.ubuntu.com hasn't been updated. When and how is it updated?
There are no apps for 14.04 in it.
huh. For example?
Or you can open any listed app and look at the sidebar. 14.04 won't be there..
@muru I think that's a bug
it should be exactly the same as 13.10 without whatever they removed and adding whatever they added
there you go
make sure you mark yourself as affected.
I will, but not much point. If Alan Pope can't get it any affection, how can I? :/
It will make the bug hotter, which will raise it on the list.
Even Alan Pope can make a bug that isn't a bug 'ya know ;)
wow... there are several bugs there
12:08 AM
:D It's good that the apt:// URLs are release-independent. We can still post links to the Saucy pages.
12:40 AM
@Braiam Saw your not about the anonymous poster - I'll refrain from using that, although I'm unsure why someone would want anonymity here.
@CharlesGreen Stack Exchange is part wiki, you can improve post anonymously in a wiki, being anonymous don't matter as long as they improve the post
@Braiam But having a clue about the poster's history lend authenticity to their suggestions often: I would be much more likely to take the advice of yourself, or a few others on Stack Exchange, bsed upon your past answers
12:57 AM
@CharlesGreen actually no, you shouldn't evaluate post in the context of who post/edit/etc., each post/edit should be evaluated in its own merits
in fact, some of my answers have been seriously upvoted but nobody noticed small mistakes in them that would render them useless
I'm not saying they shouldn't be read and evaluated for accuracy (and I'm very new to linux, have EE degree from back in the 80's) but that the tenor and tone of the answer tend to be better from a subgroup of users. Sorry for the slow replys. I'm both making dinner and babysitting the turkey.
@Braiam I suppose the moderators have a way of clamping down on the anonymous posters should they need to. This site has been very clean, in my experience, with the single exception of a post a few days back which I believe was quickly deleted.
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2:17 AM
2:45 AM
Q: How can I create a virtual ethernet interface on a machine without a physical adapter?

STWI have a Dell XPS 13 ultrabook which has a wifi nic, but no physical ethernet nic (wlan0, but no eth0). I need to create a virtual adapter for using Vagrant with NFS, but am finding that the typical ifup eth0:1... fails with ignoring unknown interface eth0:1=eth0:1. I also tried creating a virt...

3:02 AM
I have same issue with pepperflash
3:41 AM
@NoTime Is that an answer? Doesn't look like one. More of a "this happens too".
I didnt post anything
just was looking at the comments and the proposed solution of installing pepperflash
I know you didn't post anything, but do you consider that post an answer?
(since you have the problem)
No I wouldn't post it as an answer. I was just in chat seeing if anyone had any more info on this really
Oh wait..
I see what you mean
the review right?
@Seth I didn't review that either. I skipped it, because I have no clue whether the cache would do anything as far as flash is concerned
yay 1000 rep
I was just wondering if you considered that post in review to be an answer or more of a "me too" thing.
No sorry I am not very good at forum type things any more, so I don't always post the right link. The link I should have posted would be to the question (not the answer in the review cue)
3:57 AM
oh ok.
but this wasn't about you. I don't think that's an answer, and I wanted another opinion.
@Seth That answer seemed to be a possible solution (clear .cache folder), but it wasn't a good one, as the person answer the question was using their .cache in a RAM disk, which caused their system to crash when flash was used...

The disk would fill up and also fill up their RAM whenever they ran anything with flash involved..

(At least that is how I am reading it)

Interesting, but not sure if it is an answer, as OP did not say anything about a RAM disk at all
that's what I wanted, thanks :)
Interesting idea.
yeah, but I don't know a great reason for it.. seems like you would want to do something opposite if at all
like why eat up RAM? unless you are swimming in it.. in which case, can I have some?
hehe, yeah.
not to ask too personal of question do you have a degree/in pursuit?
4:04 AM
No I do not.
Was going to ask about difficulty as you go up :) I'm still in beginning stages towards some sort of IT degree.
Did you know about this site?
I'll have 2 AAS then transferring to 4 year getting BS then going on hopefully
I joined (might as well)
Are you just an online junkie?
:) not judging just curious
online junkie as in?
Well.. in my case when I was one... I was always on forums or games or researching random things. For other people it is like music, or videos movies.. etc.
I still am attached to an online life, but I am not like I used to be
Love this site though. Keeps me interested, learning, helping people, and is sociable in some ways too.
4:11 AM
@NoTime Ah. I'd rather not go into that too deeply, but I do have a life outside of the internet :)
@NoTime Indeed it is!
Feel free to answer/not answer whatever. I am just wasting time right now.
Didn't mean you had no life :)
Being a mod must take up some time though. I remember I had to schedule time online and off, almost became like a job. But I could see this actually help with job prospects, so it's not as much of a waste as what I was doing (at all).
It does take time, but so does everything worthwhile in life, no? :-)
I'm not sure it will ever help my resume though ;p
You can include almost anything on a resume :) just don't sell it short
if you are going towards IT field, the sites you visit/participate in are asked about in interviews
I realize that, but does it actually help? I guess it depends on the job you're looking for.
Anyway, getting late here. I had better go hit the pillow. Nice talking to you @NoTime!
nice talking to you too @Seth later sleep well
4:25 AM
Alright, guys. I've got a question
I know, to zoom into the terminal, one presses Ctrl + Shift + +
I want to somehow bind this to a terminal command.
I want to do this for no functional reason
How do I do it?
I am not ignoring you but I do not know how to I am sorry
It's ok
5 hours later…
9:13 AM
Q: elementary os on ubuntu

user3625569I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop I tried to install Pantheon desktop enviroment because I tried it on the elementary os before and I liked it but the last version of elementary os is depended on a Ubuntu 12.04 and I wanted to use Ubuntu 14.04. I searched how to install it and I installe...

@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L - thats not a question - that's just a load of bugs. close it!
9:29 AM
eek - me was number 5 closer
9:59 AM
5? :D
slowpoke :=)
10:13 AM
Hi I am new here
@MarcinGorski welcome!
@fossfreedom thanks
10:25 AM
hello @MarcinGorski
10:39 AM
@Rinzwind :)
Q: User wallpaper the same as login wallpaper

Marcin GorskiIf you know any other solution for changing background to be the same as your login wallpaper, this where you choose user and log in. I am the only user on my laptop, and I like the fact that my desktop have the same wallpapers in these two places. I understand that when I am changing user desk...

@MarcinGorski you need to add the version of ubuntu you are using. Mention in your question exactly what you've tried and any questions you have referenced in your investigations. For example, this - askubuntu.com/questions/455849/…
Well this is the only method I tried.
I guess there is no other option to change log in backround
11:10 AM
Q: Failed to load session Ubuntu and to fetch .archive.ubuntu.com

seifwas downloading some updates like almost every day and a message about some files to remove or replace I think (I'm not sure) that I've accepted to replace without knowing I confess what is it about, I had to restart PC to Windows 7 for something and forgetting that downloads and installations on...

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12:31 PM
Ubuntu MATE Developer Provides Official MATE PPA for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Users launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mate-dev/+archive/ubuntu/trusty-mate
@Rinzwind ta for the hint - our how to install mate Q has been updated
that was the idea :=D I knew we had one
but did not find it
its from 2011 :D
thjere have an upvote
lovely jubbly
can i get a downvoter to get hammered down? :(
if only I could see... :(
12:46 PM
read my answer and improve it (why nobody thinks that)
@Braiam I do! 1st thing I do is comment. 2nd is edit. I hardly ever downvote
@Rinzwind I mean when you are in the sharp end of the stick
I vote first, ask question later, if I comment after downvoting people just start nagging about the downvote instead of improving
I hate sticks. And a sharp end is the final drop ...
@Braiam yeah noticed that too. Heck, I get blamed for a downvote I never did when I post a comment :X
@Rinzwind pro tip: never comment a downvoted post
Naah. I start with "I see people downvoting this and believe you should add in ... and ..."
12:55 PM
@Rinzwind user "then why don't you upvote to reverse the downvote >:("
I went down that path once, never again
@fossfreedom proposal: we get a "@ downvote" option where the person posting the q or the a that got downvoted for more info on why" _O-
@Rinzwind not gonna fly
and the system sends the PM to all the downvoters >:D
has been proposed crap tons of times, each time has been rejected
@Rinzwind we've got a Meta for that
12:57 PM
Q: @Downvoter sends a notification to all downvoters for your post

JasonSimilar to the new @user feature, I am interested in a feature wherein if I preface a comment to one of my own posts with "@Downvoters", a notification would be sent to all users that downvoted that post. This is similar to this previous request.

@fossfreedom DUPE!
:) Shog eloquent as ever
@fossfreedom if you tell that to his face, Shog blushes :P
Stupid anonymous down-voting cowards!
Q: Please separate answer from Ouya question

d3vidI tried out and used the existing answer to Pairing Ouya Controller with Ubuntu - it worked and I did my best to improve it a bit. Since then I've realized that the original poster actually did answer their own question, it's just difficult to read. And that answer is easier. Please move this b...

1:13 PM
Q: cpulimit does not detect nodeJs process

AntonyI was able to limit python process to use only 50% CPU with the following cpulimit -l 50 -e python but when I tried to do the same for Node, and it is not able to detect the process at all. Does anyone know? In the ps aux, I can see node, so I am not sure what is missing cpulimit -l 50 -e node...

2:15 PM
This guy deserves some up votes:
Q: No wireless networks found in Ubuntu 12.04

JeyekomonI'm a newbie linux user. I have a laptop ThinkPad Edge E430, with Xubuntu 12.04.4 LTS installed on it. I'm using wicd to manage my networks. My wired network works just fine, but I can't detect any wireless network ("no wireless networks found") although I've checked that there were several wirel...

2:50 PM
Do you guys store .deb files for large applications, and programs in linux like we typically do in windows?
@reversiblean: what's the point? repos are there for a reason
its not like windows where you need to go to half a dozen places to collect installers
@reversiblean a copy is saved away when installing stuff but you do have the ability to clean all of the various deb versions held.
I know. But if you clear the apt cache and want to install something again, we usually have to download it from scratch.
yep - not really fully understanding where you are coming from with your question.
3:24 PM
in Root Access, 3 mins ago, by Bob
O_O HP power cord recall http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c04404446&cc=au&dlc=en&lc=en‌​&product=5321499
@Braiam yep - noticed the HP website stopped responding this morning when that was announced. Working now.
16 hours ago, by Seth
Anyone ever hear about chocolatey?
@fossfreedom yeah, the wording has me a bit preoccupated: "HP is requesting that you immediately discontinue use of the subject AC power cords by removing it from the wall outlet"
haha, not gonna happen ;p
probably worried that without that warning people will then start reaching for their lawyer when their house burns down
4:07 PM
1kB HDD in Minecraft using redstone...people have lots of time on their hands
Combine that with the 16 bit PCs people have made in Minecraft, figure out a way to display something and add a way to input data, You've got yourself a flipping Atari 5120ST!
5:10 PM
@Seth I use it on my Windows boxes, love it
For any VI user out there, I am having a bit of a discussion in the need of use of vi when doing basic editing, so here is a question I arrived on the discussion: askubuntu.com/questions/516815/…
these days I would say unix boxes
but generally speaking you can always count on vi being on any unix box, it's the lowest common denominator
5:29 PM
Thanks for the feedback
@JorgeCastro @Mateo @hbdgaf What do you think of this message asking about use of the Ubuntu trademark for local clothing printing for myself?
I've always wanted to have Ubuntu merchandise, and the prices for the products themselves are very much affordable. However, the issue is Shipping. I'm from the United States and since the shipping is coming air-mail from the UK to the US, the shipping has always (for me at least) at least doubled the cost of the purchase.

For example, a Sub-Total of £10.25 (an Ubuntu t-shirt) is $17.00 US Dollar USD; affordable and reasonable for a t-shirt. However, that £10.25 has a £20.50 shipping fee, or $35.00 USD. That over triples the cost, which, for me, isn't affordable (the total being $52 USD.)
5:55 PM
@RPiAwesomeness that will be a violation... thing is... it will be such a small scale nobody will going to bother you. Unless you go widely public and commercial you'll be breaking the law but nobody cares ;)
@Luis I were you I wouldn't use AU to know about that, is just an open ended discussion
:) Yeah, I know that, but Mateo said he did one a while ago for Ubuntu edge and they let him, so long as it was for personal use only...
there will be no definitive answer
darn, I'm lagging
@Rpi I say just send it and see what they say
@JorgeCastro That's what I was going to do, I just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions
6:05 PM
Can somebody tell me the version number of Ubuntu's default Linux kernel?
In TrustyTahr
6:34 PM
Q: Launchpad Bug Tracker integration?

MewWould it be possible to add a little "Bug Tracker" module to questions? For example, posting something like <bug>ubuntu:linux:123456</bug> would show BRIEF information about Launchpad Bug 123456 from the Ubuntu Project, Linux package. Alternatively, the URL to the bugreport can be used. This ta...

7:05 PM
@Rinzwind TOO SLOW!
@Alvar more accurate :=)
@Rinzwind noo
@Rinzwind why do you have both upgrade and dist-upgrade in your post install script?!
oh that one? just adding options :=)
@Rinzwind lol did you actually remove yours?
@JorgeCastro I just found out about it yesterday. It's awesome!
7:15 PM
"cup all" dude
@RPiAwesomeness Looks fine/polite to me.
@Seth check out "cup install ConsoleZ" for the win.
@RPiAwesomeness I would make it a lot shorter, they might just see the "too much shipping" and auto deny, so the last paragraph is pretty good,
so concentrate on what you want to do, and I would include your design file, because I think they also want to see that the logo isn't being misused
^^ that too
7:32 PM
@JorgeCastro ConsoleZ looks interesting, I'll give it a try later. Where did "cup" come from though? Is that part of chocolatey or something else?
so, that and stress using the t-shirt for ubuntu advocacy, since this is in the policy "We share access rights owned by Canonical with the Ubuntu community for the purposes of discussion, development and advocacy." can't say you will have success, but good luck @RPiAwesomeness
yes! I really wanted an Ubuntu t-shirt (and hat!) too, but there is no way I'm paying >$50 for them.
@Seth did you get an Ask Ubuntu shirt for running for mod?
or is that only a consolation prize ;P
@Mateo Yes I did.
mine was one of SE
7:38 PM
maybe they ran out of AU specific ones then? You could ask Tim.
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, yesterday, by Tim Post
FYI - The last of the swag backlog we've been hammering at goes out today, so if you're owed something, it's out of the warehouse this week. Apologies, technical difficulties and such, I think we've got it back to normal.
OOooo, they didn't forget!
@Mateo advantages of being in several chatrooms
was wondering if the stuff for the never forget thing got lost in the mail :)
@Braiam Oh I thought you said you asked for a AU one and got an SE one.
2 hours later…
10:00 PM
@Mateo I should have thought of that. I had to go, so I just submitted it.
@RPiAwesomeness Well you can always clarify, hope it works out

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