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12:22 AM
Q: Quicksort median pivot with presorted first, middle and last elements

CeleritasI'm working on a quicksort implementation written in Java. I'm doing benchmarking with System.nanoTime() to see the effects of various tweaks. While writing a method to calculate the median pivot from 3 values, I came across this idea or pre-sorting the 3 elements. From java2s.com public stat...

1:11 AM
Still fixing some bad titles, but I'll finish up tomorrow.
Q: list files and download

user2535792The following code list every files of a folder and allow the user to download one of them. It is working but I think it is done in a wrong way. Is there a way to reduce the number of forms to only one and to improve the way I retrieve the name of the file to download ? My second concern is abo...

1:33 AM
Q: Can someone suggest improvements to my linux based wifi AP daemon written in Python

Prahlad YeriI've written this small linux based daemon to create wifi AP that should work across various distros like ubuntu, fedora, etc. Now I'm not a great expert only python, nor do I know that the various methods I've used (such as distutils for making setup scripts) are ideal or not. I just want some ...

1:51 AM
Wow. String of bad questions tonight @Jamal? Looks like 9 out of the last 10 we're put on hold.
@ckuhn203 Yeah, that happens from time to time. :-/ If any of them were trashier enough, I'd just delete them to make room for other questions.
And I'm a bit surprised that the latest came from someone who has asked mostly on-topic questions.
It happens. You get used to posting on a certain site and never stop to think if you're asking in the right place.
That may be the case. I am glad it's not just a matter of asking a few "lucky" questions.
By the way, congrats on 2K! :D
Another off-topic question...
Oh. Thanks! Yeah. I guess that's what happens when you start spouting things like "Hungarian notation should be killed with fire."
I think you were ready for moderator tools (mostly viewing deleted posts and looking at lists).
1:59 AM
Yeah. I was looking at them a little bit.
Freaked me out first time I saw a deleted answer while I was just browsing.
There used to be a flag queue, but it was taken down. I never really liked the invalid flag system.
@ckuhn203 It's a fine answer. :)
Idk @Edward. I still feel like I shouldn't have answered it at all. It was an off topic question.
Ah, but there's the entertainment value....
2:05 AM
Off-topic questions are annoying -- at least that answer made it worth reading. :)
Q: How to generate valid number of combinations with the following rules?

WebbyI have a list of datacenters which are dc1, dc2 and dc3. And each datacenter has six id's as of now (can be 11 in each datacenter as well or uneven number for each datacenter) dc1 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc2 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc3 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Now I am trying to generate com...

Q: Difference between Synchronization Context and Dispatcher

TRSI am using dispatcher to switch to UI thread from external like this Application.Current.Dispatcher.Invoke(myAction); But I saw on some forums people have advised to sue Synchronization context instead of Dispatcher. SynchronizationContext.Current.Post(myAction,null); What is the difference...

Yeah, thanks, CO...
I was thinking the same thing.
I remember revising a proposed coding standard maybe 10 years ago. It recommended Hungarian notation. I modified it ever so slightly to state that using Hungarian notation was, in fact, an offense to all humanity and that any use would be prosecuted by international tribunal.
I'm a reasonable guy.
Joel Spolsky's article almost has me convinced that it's ok. If you do it right.
Unless you advocate "killing it with fire" it may be misinterpreted as tacit approval.
That's a big frakkin' if though.
IMHO, it can't be done right even if you're Hungarian.
It's just ugly and misleading and wrong.
2:13 AM
Not that I have a strong opinion...
They lie too often.
Yes, and that's the problem.
I'm lazy by nature. I'm not going back to change all those instances. My IDE doesn't let me just swap 'me all at once.
The only more astonishingly ugly coding convention I've ever seen was from an unrepentant Pascal programmer who had
`#define { begin`
`#define } end`
and other horrors...
He didn't drink heavily, but he certainly should have.
Maybe he would have written prettier code.
2:19 AM
Or no code at all, which would also have been an improvement.
Last week someone I work with came to me all proud. "I think I set a personal record. 2100 lines of code in 2 days."
I had to stifle the moan.
Private Sub DO_SOMETHING()
@ckuhn203 Why? You should reply with: Well, that must be all the code I deleted from this other code because it was crap!
#if 0
2100 lines of crap
I don't even bother reviewing his code anymore.
Yup. Looks fine. Go on.
....I'll fix it later.
Alternatively, "where are your test cases?"
2:23 AM
Lol. Test case? Right...
Hand him a mop.
I'll just send him to work with @Mat'sMug's former co-workers.
^^^ you can't do that.... now that Mat's left, the place will likely go out of business.
Stock Overflow, or something.
and the karmic balance of the universe is thus restored...
Someone star that^ I'm on my phone.
Lol. Thank you.
2:30 AM
@rolfl Is that the online marketing thing that lets you sell excess questions?
.... I'm trying to think of a witty response, give me a moment .....
maybe you can purchase one on "Snark Overflow"
@Edward Snark Overflow, the game where everything's made up, the worst questions win, and the points don't matter.
Just stay away from Snatch Overflow.
^^^ flag or star, flag or star .... ?
2:34 AM
@rolfl That sounds strangely familiar...
Me, I'm trading in my "points" for a new Porsche.
I'm busy watching WLIIA .....
go away
@ckuhn203 Yeah, if you're at work. :P
If you think you need #REGION, I think you need to refactor. — Jay Bazuzi Sep 9 '10 at 19:56
Good thread.
@rolfl I'm finally getting around to watching the F1 Great Britain Grand Prix.
Who's line is it anyway is more of a classic.... ;-)
2:49 AM
Oh, I dunno. The 1963 British GP is something of a classic, too.
see ya
3:11 AM
Hey guys
Hey @AlexL
3:37 AM
I just took down a major C# zombie!
A: Fluent LinkedIn REST API client interface design

Mat's MugAs @Jeff pointed out, this code is ...beautiful. Well done! I like the fluent interface a lot, but the code itself is at first glance... wow. Naming All identifiers follow conventional casing (camelCase for locals and parameters, PascalCase for types and their members). I like that you'r...

that one had been nagging me for ..like ...forever!
@Mat'sMug Good question to begin with...
it's been zombifying for 2 years!
I wonder how many other forgotten gems are waiting to be found in the catacombs of CR...
thanks @Santa! :)
Great example of how to handle code that already looks great.
I kept looking at that one too.
@ckuhn203 I started out thinking "dammit, 2 years, I'll just write something - list everything well done, anything". and I happened to find actual things I'd have done differently. Very little though. And his naming style is spookily identical to mine :)
@Phrancis it's an SSRS report. when the Datasets in it are called it runs other reports (in the fun third party application, so it's not necessarily SQL that I am working with. I will surely bring it up tomorrow.
Monking Night
3:46 AM
TTGTB - 'night guys!
@ckuhn203 and thanks! ;)
Q: How can rewrite this in a simpler way using jQuery (this is coffeescript)

r23712How can a rewrite this in a simpler way. $imageContainer = $($(this).parent().children()[0]).children() currentIdx = 0 for e, idx in $imageContainer if e.className.indexOf('active') currentIdx = idx break

4:04 AM
A: Should "your code seems fine" answers be acceptable?

ckuhn203No. It's not ok to just say "Your code looks fine." A good code review gives credit where credit is due. Take this Q & A for example. For nearly two years this sucker zombified. Until someone said, You know what? I'm just going to write something. I'll just list everything that was done well.". ...

@Phrancis Hey there
Ha yeah
@CaptainObvious Anyone know of a better title (using the OP's added comment)?
4:16 AM
@Mat'sMug sounds like you got something funny/odd going on with SSRS (or rather, the reports who were written in it). Has anyone brought up perhaps turning those into CREATE PROCEDURE sp_Foo(Bar) AS BEGIN START TRANSATION /* work */ COMMIT /*conditions */ ROLLBACK /* conditions */; ??
@Mat'sMug with Bar being the reports that are called (hell if it were mine I'd make them all into procedures/transactions with their own conditions)
@Jamal sounds like it needs an extra word between "this" and "in"
How can [I] rewrite this [FooBar] in a simpler way using jQuery (this is coffeescript)
@Phrancis I gave it a try (copy/paste with a little tweak).
@Jamal how about: How can [I] rewrite this [imageContainer] in a simpler way using jQuery[?] (this is coffeescript)
@Phrancis Maybe, but without the CoffeeScript part.
Maybe yours is better though. Coffeescript to me looks almost like and $this->sucks;
konijn did say that JavaScript != CoffeeScript
4:24 AM
Is it JavaScript >= CoffeeScript or other way around?
Coffeescript transpiles to Javascript
Never heard of coffeescript TBH
there's a 1-1 mapping
it's basically a cleaned up version of javascript
What does "transpile" mean? (sorry I'm a db guy)
the coffeescript "compiler" generates javascript
4:26 AM
Ah. So it's sort-of like an interpreter... kinda... maybe?
hrm, not really. More like it takes coffeescript as input and generates javascript as output
Ah. OK.
So it's basically Javascript without the annoying quirks and things like that?
/* that's also probably incorrect */
something like that
can see an example js2coffee.org
No need for quotes. It's a compiler. It just doesn't compile to machine code.
Hmm, looks like a nice shorthand
4:33 AM
it's still known as a transpiler, not a compiler
A source-to-source compiler, transcompiler, or transpiler is a type of compiler that takes the source code of a programming language as its input and outputs the source code into another programming language. A source-to-source compiler translates between programming languages that operate at approximately the same level of abstraction, while a traditional compiler translates from a higher level programming language to a lower level programming language. For example, a source-to-source compiler may perform a translation of a program from Pascal to C. An automatic parallelizing compiler w...
My wife still uses pen-and-paper calendar to track income and expenses. I'm thinking of creating a db schema to track all this down. Good idea?
Also could act as a daily planner and all that in just a single table... (though I'm fine with multiple)
Probably more like 5-7 tables now that I think about it
The more I think about it the closer to 12 it gets lol.
I might have to write some too so she can actually use the sucker. Maybe this will take a bit longer than expected lol
4:53 AM
@Phrancis it's just a less straightforward way to write JS. This comment sums it up nicely.
he's really trying to make a case for relying on ASI but does a nice job of bashing coffeescript in the process :p
A transpiler is a kind of compiler.
Maybe we will stick with pen and paper for a bit.
I'd rather write coffeescript than vanilla JS
not that I know either of them that well, anyway
that being said, given the option, I'd rather write neither
@Yuushi what's are your specialties?
(or preferences)
mainly C++, but I've also written a fair amount of Go and Python
5:03 AM
@Yuushi yeah, coffeescript seems to be for people who are not familiar/comfortable with writing JavaScript, and/or people who like things like Ruby
UPDATE 'The 2nd Monitor' SET LastPost = '@Yuushi what' + ' ' + are your specialties?';
mainly the first for me, I had to learn some Javascript, and it really is a horrible language
@Yuushi given the option... or ?
@Phrancis Death.
What about JAVA? :)
5:05 AM
@Yuushi why do you think it's horrible? I've heard that opinion a lot but never any really solid reasons
I mean with php I can you a number of reasons why it sucks, none of them really apply to JS though
except maybe lack of block scoping if you pretend ES6 is not a thing
@DaggNabbit Variable scoping (forgot a var? You just introduced a global), prototypes (blah), stupid == behaviour, horrible numeric support
i like prototypes :)
'use strict' or ES6 fixes the first issue
Global variables don't sound like they would be a good thing, unless intentional...
@Phrancis Probably like a lot of people, I learnt Java as a first language. It's verbose and boring as far as languages go...I don't hate it, but I certainly wouldn't choose to write it for anything personal
as for the stupid == behavior thing, you can either join the === camp or come to tems with the fact that == does exactly what it needs to do in 99% of real-world cases
5:09 AM
What is == anyways?
== mostly has stupid behavior in made-up cases where people make it do stupid things
@Phrancis it's just an equality operator
@DaggNabbit I really only learnt enough to make the few things i had to do with it work
that does type conversion if you try to compare two different types of things
I think I'm biased against dynamically typed scripting languages to start with
that may be it, a lot of those things are pretty common to various dynamically-typed languages
idk, i find it way easier to get stuff done in loosely-typed languages
5:12 AM
@DaggNabbit DECLARE @foo INT = 1, @bar VARCHAR(1) = '1'; ... WHERE @foo == @bar -- that sort of thing?
yes, that's the sort of thing people complain about
the answer to that of course is don't do it
I can see why (x2)
I probably just prefer coffeescript because it makes javascript more like python
i've never been able to decide if i really like python or really hate it
I probably just prefer MySQL to SQL Server because it makes SQL look less like
5:15 AM
things like list comprehensions can make for some pretty nice condensed code but at the same time maybe it's too condensed, idk...
and the significant whitespace thing is almost a dealbreaker for me, reminds me of COBOL
SQL Server's datetime functions are crap.
hi 200 :)
Does the transpiling add much/any overhead CPU or IO?
Hey @200_success
you transpile it before you run it
5:16 AM
@Phrancis just adds an unnecessary build-time step
generally transpile -> minify
and makes stack traces worthless
and produces really strange looking code
@DaggNabbit I've seen a few other things do that (hrm... MS Access query builder UI...)
Transpiling overhead depends on the degree of similarity between the source and target languages.
SELECT [Users].[Id], [Users].[Posts] FROM [Users] (JOIN [Posts] ON ...(JOIN [Foo] ON ))))))) -- many more brackets follow
5:19 AM
Brainfuck-to-C probably adds zero overhead.
@200_success it probably only adds intohead
C-to-LISP — probably nasty overhead.
Does anyone know anything about symmetric keys or encryption?
@AlexL Depends how much you want to know
@200_success I'd like to find a transpiler that converts PHP mySqli into MySQL I feel this would save me a lot of time...
5:23 AM
Well... I'm doubting myself: Should an application have one single key? Is there some method to having unique keys??
How do the big guys do it?
@AlexL Badly, if you think about Sony and Adobe
what's the application?
@AlexL You'll need to tell us more about your goal.
Ha sorry, I guess I'm confused myself!
Say we have an application that is encrypting/decrypting a user's data. Would the entire application have one private key (AES), or would each user have their own key?
What do you mean, mysqli to mysql? The latter is deprecated.
Encrypting for what purpose?
@200_success I'm just being sarcastic.
(i.e. guys suck at )
5:28 AM
I think my favorite transpiled language is haxe, pretty neat how it can target so many languages. Much nicer than writing actionscript or php imo
@200_success Hard to say, I'm writing a review. Not sure what exactly is being encrypted.
Q: MCRYPT - are there any flaws or areas for improvement in this class?

ilovecodeI am working on a class for encryption to use on my site. I have read through many examples of these functions and would just like to clarify a few points I have read and check if this code is worthy. It is for storing sensitive information in a database. I am aware that making this method secure...

it's frustrating reviewing stuff when they only give you a little piece of the picture
The OP asks "Should the site key be random every time (or static as it is now)?"
What is this salt thing? Seen a few times last few days...
@Phrancis It's a way to protect against rainbow tables
5:31 AM
if it's random how the heck is he going to decrypt it later
Q: wait for messages in imap gmail mailbox

JohnMerlinoI used the idle command to wait for incoming messages in my gmail mailbox. The protocol I am using is IMAP. My concern is as follows: while the below code works, gmail has a tendency to try to interrupt the connection. Therefore, I found some solutions online including sending a periodic NOOP com...

@DaggNabbit That sir is exactly what I'm thinking!!
@Yuushi $this->what?
i mean you could store it somewhere but what's the point
@Phrancis basically, one way of cracking encryption is to generate a massive set of tables mapping unencrypted values to encrypted values
5:31 AM
If the key was somehow stored (encrypted?) then it would just be redundant?
seems like it to me
Alright, I'll go with my gut and tell him it will be static.
Salting something with a extra key makes this process significantly harder
In cryptography, a salt is random data that is used as an additional input to a one-way function that hashes a password or passphrase. The primary function of salts is to defend against dictionary attacks versus a list of password hashes and against pre-computed rainbow table attacks. A new salt is randomly generated for each password. In a typical setting, the salt and the password are concatenated and processed with a cryptographic hash function, and the resulting output (but not the original password) is stored with the salt in a database. Hashing allows for later authentication while ...
Salts are for hashing mainly, not encryption....?
Encrypting for the purpose of storing something in a database. Hmm.
5:33 AM
why is he encrypting the salt? am i reading that right?
@Yuushi I've read that page too many times tonight making sure I have my stuff right when answering this
@DaggNabbit Yes you are, I'm telling him it's useless
and wouldn't it make more sense to have the db stored on an encrypted filesystem
Encrypting the salt is very weird. Why is there any salt for symmetric crypto? Isn't the IV supposed to serve a similar purpose?
@200_success As far as I know, yes
@200_success Exactly!
5:37 AM
@DaggNabbit Maybe, maybe not. You might want to encrypt only certain columns.
hmm, true
and yeah i think the IV should cover it
I think "ilovecode" loves code the same way Bobby Brown loved Whitney Houston
maybe he will drown PHP in a bathtub
^^ it deserves it (PHP)
Q: Will it be act like a ThreadPool?

ali786unsigned int n = std::thread::hardware_concurrency(); std::thread myThreads[n]; while(true) { for (int i=0; i<n; i++){ myThreads[i] = std::thread(&ControlQueue::processSomeStuff,this,msg_struct); } } //for joining for (int i=0; i<n; i++){ my...

How can I get syntax highlighting in an answer if the code is already indented due to a bullet point?
@AlexL indent the code 8 spaces
5:49 AM
@DaggNabbit Oh... wow
yeah ik
Q: How to generate valid number of combinations basis on the rules?

WebbyI have a list of datacenters which are dc1, dc2 and dc3. And each datacenter has six id's as of now (can be 11 in each datacenter as well or uneven number for each datacenter) dc1 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc2 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc3 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Now I am trying to generate com...

If I got something wrong, I'd be glad to hear it
@CaptainObvious holy crap... wouldn't it be easier to iterate over the ids and assign them to the datacenters in the order they appear
Q: Graphical Timer not working as intended

EricThis is a control I wrote for a graphical timer, however the timer does not work correctly. The pie fills out unevenly, and is completely full too soon before the timer finished counting down, I can't figure out why. Any ideas? Also this is my first time writing a control like this, I followed a ...

6:06 AM
Thx @Santa, 150 more till 2k rep!
@AlexL that sounds like a great answer
Q: Controller saving post request parameters

MarronsuisseI am working on a Rails api backend. The save_form method belongs to a controller and must validate and save five parameters sent with an ajax post. I feel my implementation is awkward and ugly, I'm pretty sure it can be improved a lot but I don't know how.. Here is the code: def save_form r...

@Phrancis Appreciate it! Learned a couple thing smyself while writing it!
Off topic?
Q: Graphical Timer not working as intended

EricThis is a control I wrote for a graphical timer, however the timer does not work correctly. The pie fills out unevenly, and is completely full too soon before the timer finished counting down, I can't figure out why. Any ideas? Also this is my first time writing a control like this, I followed a ...

Key word "does not work correctly"
how many is too many?
6:11 AM
select count(*) from Tabs;
(20) rows returned --this many is too many
hey guys
Hi @Webby
hey Webby
came here to talk about one of my question I posted few minutes back
6:13 AM
Q: How to generate valid number of combinations basis on the rules?

WebbyI have a list of datacenters which are dc1, dc2 and dc3. And each datacenter has six id's as of now (can be 11 in each datacenter as well or uneven number for each datacenter) dc1 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc2 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc3 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Now I am trying to generate com...

it is simple algorithm which I have
I didn't pasted question I thought
its not good to do that
@Webby You can click the Edit link at the bottom to add to/modify your post
ohhkk sure if there is anything I would like to edit, I will do that.
Or do you want me to edit something?
Alright guys, I'm off for tonight! later everyone
gn @AlexL
6:17 AM
Bye @AlexL
@Webby "I didn't pasted question I thought" -- can you rephrase that?
not sure what you mean
@Webby your post begins with this: "however the timer does not work correctly". This is why it was flagged.
Meaning, Somebody told me long time back that in chat, do not paste your question ever
so that's what I meant
The close reason says: "Questions containing broken code or asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic"
@Phrancis different question?
6:18 AM
Oh, my bad.
yeah which question?
@Webby you tell us?
I was talking about this one
Q: How to generate valid number of combinations basis on the rules?

WebbyI have a list of datacenters which are dc1, dc2 and dc3. And each datacenter has six id's as of now (can be 11 in each datacenter as well or uneven number for each datacenter) dc1 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc2 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 dc3 - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Now I am trying to generate com...

But I'm talking about "Graphical Timer not working as intended [on hold]" so just disregard what I said
6:19 AM
@Webby that question looks fine to me
Q: Concept for saving context information

user30345My Problem I have a library containing business logic which is being used from 3 different projects: Website Local WPF Application WCF Service The library uses Entity Framework and a connection string which is read out of config on first use and saved in a static variable. (The config file f...

but your code looks really complicated for what it does, can't you just iterate over the IDs and assign them to the datacenters in the order they appear?
But will that work fine for uneven set of inputs, like at the bottom I have?
6:23 AM
not sure, maybe I'm not understanding it right
question is pretty simple
it has to generate combinations depending on whatever input you are pass whether it is evenly distributed across datacenter or unevenly distributed
but it should adhere to the rules I have
@Webby I made a few edits to grammar, but did not change any text or code. FYI.
sure thanks for edit
morning @all
Hey there @chillworld
6:32 AM
hey @Phrancis
@all I'm very occupied @work but you can alway's call's for me if you need me. I'll check regulary
@Webby I'd love to see the output in a more "concise" format. Get some newlines in there to prevent scrolling.
@Webby I have no idea how this would translate to but if you are familiar with the concept of LEFT JOIN ... WHERE [DataCenters.DcId] IS NOT NULL
That's probably how I would prefer to execute it
@Phrancis isn't the question more like a permutation-generation?
@Vogel612 You lost me after like a :)
But if all you have is a hammer database, everything looks like a nail table.
6:37 AM
el1 el2 el3
ab1 ab2 ab3

--> el1{ab1,ab2,ab3}, el2{ab1,ab2,ab3}, el3{ab1,ab2,ab3}
@Vogel612 i dont think so but i can't quite get my head around that last example yet
I updated my question with scrolling outputs, see if that makes sense
and I added Java main code how I print out the mappings as well
All my code is compilable and works on the computer
@Vogel612 it's more just moving the data around
@Webby these listnamings are not helping ;)
6:40 AM
@DaggNabbit no it's unique permutations of full dc/host-combinations i believe.
which one?
hosts1, hosts2, hosts3
yeah that's right.
actually, h1, h2 ... these are host id's
so that's why I named it as that way
@Webby may be better to use relevant name like hostNewYork, hostChicago, hostDetroit
@Vogel612 then why are there the same number of outputs as inputs =/
6:42 AM
@Phrancis I will keep a note of that. Once my code is done, I will update those things.
@Dagg think my output up there as a python zipped array.
@Webby also don't forget hostTweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein
Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein is a farm in the North West province of South Africa, located about 200 km west of Pretoria and 20 km east of Lichtenburg whose 44-character name has entered South African folklore. The name was used as the title for an Afrikaans lyric written by and performed by Anton Goosen. The name, which follows a common format for place names in South Africa, is Afrikaans for "The spring where two buffaloes were cleanly killed with a single shot". The literal translation is "Twee buffels" = "Two buffaloes", "met een skoot" = "with one shot";...
6:46 AM
{ el1 {ab1, ab2, ab3}, el2 { ab1, ab2, ab3 }, el3 {ab1, ab2, ab3 } }
  { {el1, ab1} {el2, ab2} {el3, ab3} },
  { {el1, ab2} {el2, ab3} {el3, ab1} },
  { {el1, ab3} {el2, ab1} {el3, ab2} }
@rolfl suggested that I account for that possibility so I figured I would pass on the wisdom ;)
@Vogel612 Is it not possible to return the output in the way I have? Since all my code is setup like that which is relying on the output from that method in the same format :(
i still think @Vogel612 thinks you are doing something you're not
but this whole experience is starting to seem pretty surreal with Tweebuffels thrown in the mix
@Webby this is just my personal way of visualizing the data... whether you do it different is a horse of different color
yeah sure
6:54 AM
So many ways of doing the same things...I guess in the end it all depends on the infrastructure you're working with and how much your predecessors' code is
Yes I agree with you. Was trying to make sure other interface doesn't gets changed because of this output formatting.
@Webby please don't tell me that gets passed around as strings and parsed again somewhere...
@Vogel612 didn't understand?
If you talk about "other interface doesn't get changed because of this output formatting", I assume you pass that output to some interface to handle?
no no.. by interface I meant to say, some other methods are using this as an input List<Map<String, String>> which comes as output from the method I have in the question
And then they iterate this list and do the necessary stuff.

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