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4:28 AM
I hope I'm not the only one nervous about the election results coming out in 15 hours.
I wasn't nervous about the last one I ran in because I knew I didn't stand a chance.
In fact, I only got one vote, but it wasn't mine, so that made me feel good.
I think I do have a decent chance this time. Just gotta beat that green machine.
Yeah, I'm talking to you @DavidStratton . lol
@fredsbend I'm nervous. Even though I know it'd be better if someone else won because I'm influential enough being high rep and vocal and all, I do want the diamond. I honestly think you're going to edge me out. Which would be a good thing for the site, but well... purely selfish reasons, I'd like the diamond myself.
That said... If you do win, I'll be quite happy
You really think so. I see we're the same votes on the questionnaire posts.
If I had my choice for moderator other than me, it'd have been you or svidgen. And he isn't even in the running.
@fredsbend Yeah, I check that like once an hour to see if one of us pulls ahead.
I haven't seen him since I've been back. He still visit?
I think there'll be only 9 voters in the entire election.
4:33 AM
@DavidStratton lol. me too.
@DavidStratton haha. must be right?
Apparently he lurks. last seen 13 hours ago, but no visible activity from him.
Yeah. Oh, well. He was pretty heavy active too. Probably just needed a break, like me.
I always think about Alypius at times like this. He hasn't been around since May 4th of last year. He would have made a pretty good mod, I think.
He understood the site well, and, damn, could he make a shining post!
Well, I'm going to head back to the real world, but honestly, good luck to you. I think if you win it, you'll do a fine job. You've got the right perspective and the right head for it. He would have been as well. So would Flimzy and Dan. This is a tough one.
Indeed. See you tomorrow.
4 hours later…
8:33 AM
@DavidStratton @fredsbend The voting on questionnaire responses is not going to be indicative of election outcome. You can quote me on that in 11 hours (or laugh at me if I'm wrong), but I'm calling it now. At most there is a 4 point spread on questionnaires but we've had 120 votes in the election so far. The meta voting is only a meter of a discerning or opinionated few, not of public perception.
Mind you meta is important: after all site guidelines are determined by that same discerning or opinionated few and not by broad public opinion, but it's not what gets people elected ;-)
2 hours later…
10:32 AM
Get your votes in people! 56 of you visited the election page but didn't vote. 115 of you visited the site but didn't hit up the election page. 573 of you out there are eligible to vote but haven't even visited the site during elections :-(
1 hour later…
11:55 AM
12:15 PM
1:04 PM
@fredsbend that is the one nice thing about being an existing diamond, while an election is still exciting, it's not nearly as exciting as if you don't have a diamond somewhere already (also, I don't really expect to win and as David mentioned, I think David, Fredsbend, Flimzy and Dan would all do well as well, so I'm confident that it will be a good mod that gets elected whoever it is.)
1 hour later…
2:06 PM
Rewind. 6.
Should be counting down to 20:00 GMT
The stupid timer on the election page is off-by-one. They are rounding the opposite direction you would for a count-down-timer.
(which if my calculations are correct is 4pm EDT which also happens to be the time where the US-Belgium game kicks off)
@waxeagle The what?
that silly sportsball thing everyone is talking about
2:10 PM
@waxeagle I just realized that whet I did the math to figure out where I was going to be tonight and came up with something different that what I was counting down to.
@waxeagle Oh, that. I watched the Google I/O keynote today and they kept referencing Brazil. Must be related.
@Caleb yep
(these kinds of events are pretty solid tests for things like social media and mobile capacity :))
2:22 PM
@waxeagle Don't forget protests, revolutions etc.
definitely, though the news RE protests has been quiet now that the football is actually being played
3:00 PM
(for realz this time)
2 hours later…
5:02 PM
@Caleb Should be a trivial fix. MSE post?
@JonEricson Ya, I have a tab open for that somewhere....
@Caleb There are really only three errors in programming: 1) Uncaught Exceptions and 2) Off-by-one errors.
@fredsbend Good one.
@Caleb So maybe I shouldn't ask, or you won't tell me, but I can't shake the feeling that this election and the upcoming one promised in a few months are to replace some of the current mods, wanting to resign from their post. Am I right?
5:15 PM
I think I managed to do both at once today. I programmed a new mode into an app: a distraction free reading mode. I setup the toggle switch to activate it, then started ripping things out of the UI. It my test system I turned the mode on and kept recompiling to see how it was looking. I got all done, committed, merged and pushed. It was only later I discovered one of the things I'd hidden from the reading mode was the view-mode toggle switch.
@fredsbend not that I'm aware of. We promised to ask for mods at about a year
@fredsbend Not to my knowledge.
@waxeagle you aren't quitting on me are you?
@Caleb not planning on it.
Not as active as I should be, but I'm not planning on going anywhere
Well, the two I was thinking of were not you two ...
@fredsbend neither has said anything about leaving
5:23 PM
Q: StackExchange Elections can't count(down). Can we teach it math?

CalebHaving participated in several elections recently, I've been puzzled why I never seem to know when they are ending. Last week I even planned my evening around being home in time for the results to come out only to discover I was a day early. Today I started a countdown in an election chat room. A...

@fredsbend When we discussed elections, El expressed the idea that he intends to be around. Mason we don't hear much from, but he is around and hasn't said anything about wandering off.
@waxeagle @Caleb Well, if you guys don't know, I doubt they would be leaving without you already knowing about it. It's not something that really should be a secret anyway.
Chat was down for a few minutes there. You guys too?
Yes. I freaked out. ;-)
@fredsbend Yup
@JonEricson Me too! I was like "OMG, the election results are in like a hour!"
I'll be back in about 30 or 40 minutes.
@fredsbend An hour? SE's got you doing bad math too!
5:37 PM
@fredsbend I was worried I'd have to interact with people in real life! (I actually too the opportunity to feed my twins. ;-)
6:00 PM
1 hour later…
7:02 PM
And we've had a couple more last minute voters.
I wonder how many sock puppets I can get to 150 in the next hour
errr... was that out loud?
@AJHenderson haha - I'll be sure to update anything VLQ in the next hour
@AJHenderson You've had a couple weeks to work on that. If you waited till the last minute to try to leverage them up, you deserve the hassle that will be ;-)
@Caleb well I figured I have to get them in quick before they can be detected and destroyed
@AJHenderson Well you'de better use TOR or I'll be onto you quick enough.
7:15 PM
@Caleb dang foiled again
I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for you pesky... oh wait...
I mod-annotated my sock, hidden in plain sight ;) (but he doesn't have an account on C.SE - no worries, and he doesn't vote)
@AJHenderson Moderators? Uh huh your name is in blue here too Mr.
@Caleb almost as bad of an ending as scrapy being the bad guy
@Caleb I never noticed until now that mod names in chat are blue.
@Daи I merged my sock (before they took that toy away) and haven't created another yet.
7:17 PM
@Daи I actually haven't gotten around to making one yet. I've thought about it a few times for testing low privs, but have been too lazy.
and on chat, I can just switch my parent user
@Caleb @AJHenderson I use it mostly to post stuff on BH.SE that isn't up to my own personal standards for an answer, but is still very helpful for most users
i.e. when I know I should do more research, or when I'm just summarizing someone else's position, or...
but also to just feel like a normal user again, i.e. not attract instant DVs when I post an answer simply because it's from me :P
yeah, I've thought about farming one up to VTC level for voting to close when I don't want a binding vote, but I think that partly goes against the spirit of why they don't give us that option too
@Daи I tend to get the reverse I think
especially on meta
@AJHenderson it depends on my answer, if some folks deem it's 'secular', it gets DV'd
@Daи What's going to be sad is when your puppet laps my main account rep.
(even tho BH isn't a Christian site)
7:22 PM
@fredsbend yeah, there is lots of subtle little things in chat I didn't notice until I started really probing around
@Caleb he's still relatively unnoticed
my standards are still too high to just go for rep
Using a sock just to gain rep is like some kind of pathological problem. What's the point?
in fact, he's almost got as much SO rep as BH rep, because one day I got bored and answered the low-hanging fruit questions haha
@fredsbend exactly
It's like cheating at tic-tac-toe. You can do it, but it's stupid.
@fredsbend haha yup
7:24 PM
@fredsbend well, mortal privs would be a reason
@Daи I hadn't noticed that.
until you get the privs you want to have mortal access to
I poke my head in there every once in a while, but it's such a different beast. I still get +2 rep from suggested edits, which is pretty much shooting fish in a barrel with as much junk as goes by.
@AJHenderson That's stupid too. Why would you want privs on a site that you don't know enough about to earn the legitimate way? So you could do what exactly?
@fredsbend oh, you mean general socks
I was talking specifically about mod socks
7:27 PM
@AJHenderson I have no mod privs anywhere ... yet.
@fredsbend well I guess we'll see if we can fix that for you in 30 minutes or so
but yeah, one of the most frustrating things about being a moderator is that your votes become binding on the sites you have a diamond on
so you can't easily vote your mind on something that is borderline
butterflies... about a minute or two left right?
it says 27. I can't keep track of anything.
@AJHenderson exactly, it restricts your participation a lot
I found that frustrating
@Daи you and most other people
@fredsbend Yup Just five more minutes. Deep breaths.
7:48 PM
@Caleb no need to rush, we all know David won by a landslide :P
for me it says 11 minutes ...
@Daи You only say that because that's been my prediction for a while. But I have yet to be vindicated in that forecast.
@warren I was trying to comfort the impatient @fredsbend with a [non-true] platitude.
here i was thinking it was a bad refresh for me =D
But amusingly the countdown timer has a bug that gives an un-intuaative number during the day / hours remaining phases.
asked in the upper room, but does anyone in here have OpenSTV up and running?
7:52 PM
Actually it does the some thing with minutes.
@waxeagle No.
I thought about it, but was at church all day and only just walked in.
my copy isn't on this computer and it'd be too slow to download and load (plus it would break my feed of the game)
@JonEricson It never ends. Apparently, the program I was running thought it was funny to reboot the computer after it finished processing.
Hmm. No package either. Do you have a link to the old open-source version thats' out there somewhere?
@Caleb openstv.org is the windows/mac version, but I don't remember what the *nix version is
I bet, anyway
7:58 PM
@waxeagle The *nix version from before when they took back the open license is floating around somewhere...
@waxeagle I used to
not sure if it is still working
Moment of truth.
grats @DavidStratton
@AJHenderson You know for sure?
I ran the data
8:02 PM
@AJHenderson Well copy and paste already you dork!
by a landslide
Well, there it is folks.
candidates running for 1 seat.

R|David Stratton |warren |Daи |Flimzy |fredsbend |AJ Henderson
| | | | | |
|The Duke Of Mar|Elberich Schnei|Malachi |Exhausted |Surplus |Threshold
|shall |der | | | |
wow, not even a second run
seems a shame so few people visited and voted :)
8:03 PM
@warren yeah, turnout wasn't great.
was worse last year, @waxeagle
@waxeagle double last time.
it basically broke down like I expected
@fredsbend yeah, was just looking for that. That's a pretty good increase then
doubling is good ... still wish it was highr :)
8:04 PM
It would have been a much more interesting (and engaging) race with two slots up for graps.
not that much more, Dan would have won the second seat
more rounds for that though
two seats would have been this
R|David Stratton |warren |Daи |Flimzy |fredsbend |AJ Henderson
| | | | | |
|The Duke Of Mar|Elberich Schnei|Malachi |Exhausted |Surplus |Threshold
|shall |der | | | |
@AJHenderson I think there would have been more community engagement in the whole process. The whole slate would have been different.
I suppose that could be
that query is hard to read :)
But I'm glad to have David joining the team. Maybe next time...
8:06 PM
@warren Word wrap. Screws it up.
yeah, it formats mildly better on OpenSTV
though it still isn't super pretty
and warren, while you only had 5 primary votes, you actually made it further in a 2 candidate election than my 7 did (so you had a decent number of second choices probably)
err sorry, I read that wrong
I had 4
it'd be nice to have a full shart after the election showing 1st 2d and 3d finishes, @AJHenderson
fred had 7
for three winners, Flimzy came in third
8:10 PM
I knew I wouldn't win - but still think more candidates is better than fewer :) {not that I wouldn't have liked to win :)}
@warren yeah, that's why I left my name in after additional candidates joined the race
I thought about withdrawing but figured what the heck, might as well stick it out
same here
I'm very happy with the results though
eventhough I knew there were more well-known candiates :)
as am i
(I actually voted David as my first choice :) )
8:11 PM
David's good people
he was the best candidate
(in my opinion) :P
out of curiosity, I'm wondering how many of the candidates actually voted for David as their first choice
Speaking of David --- where is he?
@davidstratton get your butt in here, you won
@AJHenderson Two have admitted to such (however unverified that will remain).
8:14 PM
So, 7 first votes for me. That's seven fold increase. I wonder if there is any significance?
@AJHenderson I did not, actually, because he made it sound like he was going to vote for others.
i don't recall who i voted for in which order
I voted me, dan, flimzy
and it doesn't show on the election page anymore
kind of a shame
ah well
i think i voted myself first - figured it'd be the only vote i got :)
@warren It does if you go to the election tab.
@warren four others liked you, appearently
8:16 PM
@warren You have more cred than that sir!
@Caleb - all i see is that the election is over with stats ... doesn't show my choices anymore that i recognize, at least :)
found it
and there is the man of the hour
i see which tab you mean now, @Caleb
congrats, @DavidStratton
@fredsbend - you were my second, and David was my third (nothing personal, @DavidStratton :) )
@warren Thanks for the vote..
8:20 PM
@DavidStratton - ah good, and your chat parent is already C.SE
so when they do get around to processing the result and handing out the diamond officially, you'll be able to get in to the mod rooms
Well, there's no more damage I can do here. See you all later.
I worry about who voted to the clearly unqualified users ...
likewise I am off to a webex ... have a great day, all :)
@fredsbend Clearly unqualified voters. It's to be expected.
@fredsbend well there was one who got 0 votes
Trolls vote for trolls. It's a law of some kind.
8:24 PM
probably someone trolling
@Caleb yeah, that
I guess.
@Caleb Troll honor.
Never troll another troll. It's like eating your own kind. Just wrong.
COOL!!!!! I'm at work and can't really chat, but cool! And thanks. I promise to try not to mess up too bad.
@DavidStratton He's here! I'm glad you got it. I had a scary dream that a certain unqualified candidate got and it freaked me out a bit.
@DavidStratton Work! That's for weekends. Get to moderating!
Q: 2014 Community Moderator Election Results

Shog9Christianity's 2nd moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied, and the new moderator is: He'll be joining the existing crew shortly — please thank him for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice as he learns the ropes! For details on how the voting played ...

got tied up in a conversation with someone and spaced on the election ending
that's okay shog, I ran the results right after. Still had it installed from Photography way back
8:30 PM
Good reason for making the ballots public :)
@warren Yeah. The vote counts are really low. (For what it's worth, I didn't vote.)
I should have run myself. ;)
in The Upper Room, Jul 9 '13 at 19:42, by TRiG
@Caleb I know. Pick me! (I promise to delete absolutely everything on sight, thereby immediately solving all known problems.)
@TRiG Why not vote?
@TRiG This certainly does solve all problems.
@fredsbend Oh, no. It solves all known problems. It might, just possibly, have the side-effect of creating a few new ones.
@fredsbend Because I would have felt a bit uncomfortable doing so.
@TRiG okay .... is there more you will share?
Wow STV is so counter-intuative sometimes. I just got it working over here and re-ran the results for the election I lost last week over on U&L with 3 seats instead of 2. Not only would I have been 3rd (which was obvious) but I would have been 3rd with more votes after transfers than the 2nd place ended with. Strangeness.
8:41 PM
@fredsbend I don't really feel I want to be picking mods for this site.
@TRiG Some sort of conflict with your personal beliefs? Your atheism?
I think your a good judge of character. I think you know how the site works pretty well.
@fredsbend Trying to work out whether I'm invested enough to care, really.
@TRiG It's an honorable decision, then. I recently voted on SO and didn't even know any of them. I felt like I probably shouldn't have done it.
@Shog9 Sorry!
heh, I'm the one who was rambling on
8:52 PM
@fredsbend So far, EL&U 2014 is the only SE mod election in which I've voted.
@AJHenderson Who's that DaD fellow? Oh. ;-)
9:05 PM
@JonEricson poor poor unicode :(
@JonEricson :P
I probably should come up with another username, just can never determine what I'd want. So far 'ByzantineDan' is my favorite (which is my Rap Genius username)
@Daи Condolences on being #2 in a one-slot election.
but in other ways I think it's be too confusing for some if I changed my username, because then every conversation would be like explaining Prince (I'm the user formerly known as...)
@JonEricson the best candidate won, had I not had to cut a lot of content from my 'campaign' spiel, one of my 'cons' was that I think @DavidStratton is a better candidate than me here on C.SE
@Daи Keep the avatar and just change it to Dan. I already call you Dan in my head.
@fredsbend I don't want it to just be Dan. I changed it because of all the chat pings I was getting
9:12 PM
You use it to avoid pings? That's weird.
@fredsbend I don't like getting pinged for other users who aren't trying to talk to me
(not sure who would)
@fredsbend i.e. if you ping @Dan, you will inadvertently ping @Dan, @DanSmith, @DanBlah, @DanWhatever, etc.
@Daи I think that it actually ping's the most recent Dan first. Still might be a problem on occasion, but much less than if it pings all users that start with Dan.
@fredsbend ahh ic
Add a single letter on the end. Dann
@fredsbend nahh
9:23 PM
thats a good one too ;)
when and if I change it, it will be to something else
Yeah, just go for it. People will catch up eventually.
@fredsbend I haven't decided on what to change it to :P
I like ByzantineDan. Has a good ring to it
@fredsbend I like that one, too, but also some others
9:27 PM
I go by one name on Meta Stack Exchange and Area 51 and another name everywhere else.
I go by the same name EVERYWHERE!
@TRiG I've considered that also (not the same division of sites, but similar concept)
Habemus Moderator!
Hey @Daи - you know I hear "Dai" in my head. That's the Cyrillic.
9:43 PM
@AffableGeek Nice.
I would go with Habemus Judica because Moderator really doesn't have a Latin equivalent, but I think Judge is the closest synonym.
Though, maybe Habemus Iudica is closer to classic Latin.
@AffableGeek I burned the ballots and got white smoke the very first time. I don't know why electing a Pope is so complicated.
idk. been a while since I worked on declensions and conjugations.
@JonEricson I was thinking that this must have been one of the dullest elections ever. One round and it's over.
@AffableGeek yep, da-ee
I'm not even sure if Iudica is a noun or verb.
9:52 PM
@fredsbend umm, moderator IS a Latin word (really)
10:13 PM
@Daи I think it's been 15 years since I've even tried to read anything in Latin, never mind translate it. Does the meaning carry over well?
@fredsbend A moderator is someone who moderates (rules, judges, etc.). Probably the best term to use
I know what it is in english. You are saying it is nearly exact same meaning in latin?
"from moderatus" of course. duh.
@fredsbend yes, it carries the idea of being moderate between extreme positions and judging/ruling, keeping folks within bounds, observing moderation, restrained, etc.
it's the same word
@fredsbend no prob :)
10:38 PM
David Stratton won.
I knew it.
There are so many candidates and only one position. David Stratton is in the election, and out of all of them, he is the most active in reviewing and answering questions, both of which are the more difficult tasks of the C.SE. So, obviously, David Stratton has to win the election.
11:06 PM
@Daи TheUserFormerlyKnownAsDan too long?
@El'endiaStarman my name is.... my name
11:46 PM
@AJHenderson I feel like that's a quote. And that that's just the sort of thing the villain in The Fifth Element would say.

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