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3:01 PM
@Mat'sMug we should check the Condom Sales for that time frame.....
mine could have been better, I am working on my photoshop skills during my freetime
mine was like "plugging a UPS into itself is kinda shameful... just pretend it's unicorns that ate a wire"
I was inspired by 200's "just pretend a hamster died"
that is my freelance business facebook page
some of the stuff I have been working on is listed there
Ben left us?
@Malachi It would look a bit nicer if someone would also react/comment on your posts...
@skiwi those last 3 posts are the first in like 4-5 months.
I am working on getting more people to post and I am also working on my blog again
But you do get things to do, right?
3:07 PM
I am on 3 freelance websites and haven't won a project yet.
I am working on it though.
Hey @Mat'sMug !
hey @Marc-Andre!
@Marc-Andre would your company happen to be looking for a .net dev? (just like that)
Well I could check but it would be in an other departement/company that I'm working!
I'm going to start looking in about 6-8 weeks ;)
I wonder if it is still going to be the full prize pack that they mentioned in the original post?
3:12 PM
@Malachi should be. Or there could be riots.
@Mat'sMug I like the idea of Pens and stuff, but if I don't get a Coffee Mug, I am going to be upset.
@Mat'sMug What abut a company that codes in VB5?
@skiwi I'll pretend I haven't seen this comment :/
@Malachi saw that :)
:) I am happy now
@Mat'sMug Right now, we don't seems to be, but the interface to looks for job isn't quite good. But you can check on linkedin/facebook for jobs at our company ;)
3:15 PM
bah, no rush
Now comes the fun again of making like 20 unit tests for this thing
I even have a nice coaster for my desk to hold the Coffee Mug, it's a Windows 98 Upgrade CD in a case
Windows 98 Upgrade?
lol IKR
later @Morwenn
3:17 PM
See you another day. Or later today :)
I am within a Rep Limit of @Syb0rg and @WilliamMorris now
What's even worse: I spent an hour on these unit tests, they all passed and then I notice I forgot to add the @Test annotations.
I just want to write code
@Malachi What is stopping you?
"The range I want to explore is 1-100000 but divided into groups of 100. So, I'm wondering if there is a better way than writing 1000 separate if statements."
Might be very offtopic...
Q: Check if value of X is between groups of numbers

user1007617I was wondering what the best way in C is to check if a value X is between multiple groups of numbers. Example: X=some random number If 0 < x < 100 then X = 1 If 100 < x < 200 then X = 2 Etc The range I want to explore is 1-100000 but divided into groups of 100. So, I'm wondering if there is ...

3:20 PM
@skiwi nothing right now, I am looking for a good CR review, and working on something that is not Programming, building an interview
Q: Check if value of X is between groups of numbers

user1007617I was wondering what the best way in C is to check if a value X is between multiple groups of numbers. Example: X=some random number If 0 < x < 100 then X = 1 If 100 < x < 200 then X = 2 Etc The range I want to explore is 1-100000 but divided into groups of 100. So, I'm wondering if there is ...

@CaptainObvious Already closed... but already answered.
anyone familiar with ASP.NET's page life cycle?
control event handlers should be registered during Page_Load, right?
3:35 PM
@Mat'sMug page cycle really? one word : beurk! :P
A: Beautify/compact this combo box code

Mat's MugRemove the Thread.Sleep calls. All of them. You don't need them. If two comboboxes have that value it's a whole second you're sleeping for no reason. ASP.NET event handlers run on the server side, which means the user is going to be waiting longer than he needs to, to get a response back from you...

@Marc-Andre yeah, stinks. Haven't done ASP.NET since I fiddled with MVC. ASP.NET feels... somewhat prehistoric (not mentioning Classic ASP). But I guess it works.
@Mat'sMug depends on what the Control event handlers are doing
all I remember is that if you register them too early on, the shit breaks because the controls don't even exist yet
Yeah it's a pain to work with. If you're doing web application page cycle and thread.sleep are two things that you need to forget !
"drop that crap and do ASP.NET MVC" wouldn't be a nice review though ;)
3:42 PM
I know but it still true.
Q: Any reason not to always used cached SMTP client?

DLehI'm working on a email utility class, and we need to create a cached SmtpClient to send emails sometimes because they could be sending in batches of thousands. But other times we are only sending 1-30. Is there any reason to create a new SmtpClient for the smaller cases, but use the cached one fo...

^^ weird question
Hi everyone, just got my reputation high enough to chat on here. I'm currently moderate level SQL/MySQL, working in a call center (not programming unfortunately) so I study SQL when I have nothing more important to do. Hoping to work as data analyst or dev some day.
Welcome to The 2nd Monitor!
3:57 PM
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury Welcome, hope you will feel at home here.
As a welcome gift, receive your first star(s?) (trust me, you will likely get more later on)
@skiwi You have no idea how much I lol'ed after having read that
Let a = "you post "lol" in chat", let b = a gets starred, then P(b = 1) = 1.
@SimonAndréForsberg Laughing at that is just... unfair
@skiwi Sorry, couldn't help myself :)
In other news, I have no failing tests, two ignored, and 89,1% Code Coverage for my Hearthstone tests.
Atleast my game will be better tested as yours.
Thanks! Also hoping to become one of the regulars. Feel free to let me know if you find any SQL related zombies.
4:02 PM
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury We currently have 9.
Holy mother of long method names?
@Test(expected = IllegalStateException.class)
public void testPerformActionEmptyDeckAndGraveyardThrowsIllegalStateException() {
    Player player = new Player(new Game(), "Test", new Hand(5), new Field(5), new Deck(), new Graveyard());
`INSERT INTO zombie(question) VALUES ('Beautiful clean code');
@skiwi Maybe at the moment, but just you wait... I'm working on adding a whole bunch of testing. Not as micro-detailed as yours probably, but still... Aiming for more test coverage.
9 zombies = 9 possible Revival and Necromancer badges
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury You know our memes and you know our humor. You'll fit in perfectly here.
4:04 PM
@Jamal: I'll give those a spin today. Hopefully not too many have PHP because I don't know PHP (oh, and I hate web programming).
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury Indiana? You have a very Quebecois name, you speak any French?
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury Cool! Anything helps.
Yes I moved in from Québec about 9 years ago. Now live in Greater Louisville area.
@SimonAndréForsberg I'll be interested once your AI starts exploiting unknown bugs.
@skiwi Heh, that would certainly be something... I don't think that's going to happen though. In fact, I haven't even started working on an AI for this game yet.
4:10 PM
time to grab lunch, later!
@SimonAndréForsberg I could make an AI that would automatically end it's turn whenever it starts.
@skiwi lol, yeah... that I could make too, very easily. And I think making one that plays randomly isn't very hard either.
Randomly requires some form of domain knowledge already, the game layout, etc. Wouldn't b ehard, just consume some time
Go, my glorious tests, pass all at once!
They obeyed.
any PHP gurus? wanna check my answer or post your own, there is 100 Rep on the line here
A: First attempt - Wordpress PHP Settings API wrapper

Malachiyour first function should use a switch statement instead of a complex if then statement. foreach ( $this->pages as $page ) { if ($page['type']=='menu') { add_menu_page( __( $page['title'] ), __( $page['title'] ), ...

4:41 PM
@Malachi Meh, the switch is not that much better than if-else, in my opinion.
GimmeTehCodez ▼▼▼
Q: How can I module this node.js express server code?

diegoaguilarI got below express node.js server code using Passport. It receives a user to authenticate it and send him to some data registration form. So far is relevant: My whole routes definition depends upon a MongoDB connection using mongo-db , but model used by Passport is done through another connec...

@200_success it's not much I know. it was all that I saw on a quick run through of the code, it doesn't make less code, but I think it would be easier to maintain I think.
I think it also looks cleaner
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury Bienvenue ! Bonnes réponses de votre part jusqu'ici.
Any thoughts on this?
A: Tuning a query for performance

Francis Veilleux-GabouryI'll echo what 200_success said about the schema. But working with what you have, I would think breaking it down into two steps (via temp table if this is a one-time aggregation, or via a view if repeat query) may improve performance. Then just perform your SUM() operations on the temp table/view...

@Malachi Why did you edit the whitespace?
4:55 PM
Habit from SO. and it isn't one of "those" languages that need the whitespace, I stopped part of the way through though, originally I was only going to add a tag and then I saw extra whitespace.....
I need to work instead of screwing around on here huh?
@Malachi Are you being told to work? If no, you don't.
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury That schema hurts my head. I'll look at it later today.
Q: How do we handle code in another spoken language?

MalachiIt can be a chore to figure out what is going on in code when all the variables/methods/function/etc. are in another language, like in this question. How should we approach this? I don't see an easy way for the OP to translate their entire code to English so that we can read/review the code. I...

@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury you probably should alias the column names in your Select statement, some Engines don't like Selecting "SUM(ColumnName)" as an unnamed column
@200_success - Yeah no kidding, I can't make any sense of that schema, sounds like bad DB dev.
@Malachi: Not a bad thought, do you know which do/don't? I know it would look a lot prettier as a result set that way, but since OP didn't bother I'm guessing it must not be that important to them lol.
5:13 PM
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury I wouldn't waste the time if the OP didn't, I don't know Oracle Syntax either. I think you can execute a query like that in SQL Server but you can't use it like that in a SPROC or UDF
I think the main difference in that example was the way his first select was concatenated, Oracle appears to use double-pipes instead of a plus to string stuff together.
Why... Why no relations in that table
I still know one of my first database designs, like 8 years ago way before university, I had an n-ary relation (not sure why anymore) that would grow over time, first I had 10 rel_1, rel_2, etc. fields for that, then 20 and in the end it went over 100... I believe it was usernames, then question came: Can you update the username.
(Yes, I was too stupid to use user IDs back then)
@skiwi oh but I assume it is expected of me to work.... ugh
I just want to write code, I don't want to put fill-able fields into a PDF form....
@sim congrats, you no longer have the longest, most painful-to-phone-chat-ping username! @francis outranks you by a bunch!
Bah, yay 3-letter pings!
Hahaha. It picked it up automatically from Gmail, honestly I would prefer to shorten it or use a nickname.
5:26 PM
@Mat'sMug Yay! Thanks, @FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury
yay, pinging is as easy as @F
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury You can change your nickname somehow, ask @Mat'sMug for details. He's done it. Twice.
Funnily, I could easily write the query to change my own name in CR DB with SQL Server but don't know how on the UI lol.
@FrancisVeilleux-Gaboury I somehow doubt you have write access though ;)
Did this work?
Well, lunch time. BBS.
5:31 PM
What are you doing!?
Adding an "s" to my mug.. getting another mug, so, @Mat'sMugs would be more like...
hey @kleinfreund!
Hey. ;)
Everything alright?
5:40 PM
I am 106 rep from overtaking Syb0rg
and I'm still 500 rep behind Simon
7k users beware I am coming for you
in 80 days I'll be 300 consecutive days on CR.
and I'm 4 answers and 209 votes (hmm that doesn't add up) from a C# gold badge.
I should start offering bounties.
I should quit smoking.
5:48 PM
I believe in you @Mat'sMug
I should edit more.
I should be working
@BenVlodgi thanks!
@Mat You really should quit smoking. :x
@Mat'sMug I'm losing weight still.... you can quit smoking!
@Jamal Flag as redundant?
Flag as not-possible?
I'm still 1 rep behind getting any rep today
5:53 PM
lol @Brasofilo
@Mat'sMug I quit smoking almost 7 months ago
@Malachi nice! keep it up!
ugh. power keeps failing over here.. good thing the UPS isn't plugged into itself!
This is Francis Veilleux-Gabour, looks like this worked. Thanks @Mat'sMug
now you can't change it for 30 days :)
5:59 PM
@rolfl Or flagged as LIEZ (over 5000 edits so far).
@Jamal keep some for the poor little badgeless proles!
(edit-badges, of course)
@Mat'sMug Then get to editing. :-) I've only edited less than half of the site's questions.
like, the other half was already half-decent?
I've been told by a (somewhat pretentious) DB manager that Oracle is "SQL Server for rich people" any thoughts anyone? Another friend thinks Oracle is better at archiving & warehousing but not as fast for run-of-the-mill queries.
I'm told that a SQL Server instance is "too expensive for us to afford a dev/test environment", so we dev on our prod server. Can someone tell my boss to start fighting the right battles?
(haven't worked with Oracle)
6:06 PM
Wow, that's a stupid excuse. Can they afford an accidental DELETE statement without a WHERE clause on production?
I think I am going to run out of stars today....
@Mat'sMug That's what I call playing with fire!
or an update without a where clause, who does that anyway
we have a "test" database, so that's "good enough"
just run the update on the "test" database first
and oops, missed that [use ProductionDb] at the top...
is it true that the majority of companies out there all run off a single SQL instance?
I'm told I'm a "purist" or "perfectionist"...
freaks me out
@Phrancis simple: just restore the yesterday's backup. Stop everyone for 3 hours while the 500GB database is restored!
6:10 PM
we run 5 for the main application that houses all the case Records
how expensive is a SQL server anyway?
I don't know, I think they are all virtual on a larger server somewhere.
@Mat'sMug: We have multiple instances running MS SQL 2005 (yech) including a Dev, QA and Reporting in addition to a Backup server is Prod craps out. But then again our DB schemas are so poorly designed because of bad Dev decisions made a long time ago.
a lot I assume
Q: Upd: BaseRepository for EF6

RomanThanks to all. (prev. question BaseRepository for EF6) I've update my code now. Is it correct now? public interface IRepository<T> : IDisposable { T Get(Expression<Func<T, bool>> predicate); IQueryable<T> GetWhere(Expression<Func<T, bool>> predicate = null); void Add(T entity); v...

6:11 PM
@Mat'sMug For almost (by almost I mean every recent developpement) we have 6 environment (devl, fonc, intc, acpt, pre-prod, prod). Not every environnement has his own database but each has his schema (if it make sense, I'm not the SQL/DB guy at all)
I guess we have 5 environments, plus 2 Production SQL Servers (1 for reporting and sync, 1 for Data)
we have a web server, SSRS, day-to-day production, dev and test, all running on the same instance. You make work on fixing a slow report, expect phone calls and emails from people saying "the system is slow".
All our numerical IDs are stored as VARCHAR instead of INT for instance. Many of our IDs are generated from a seed table which causes problems every few months. So much for overcomplicating something that SQL already does easily on its own.
Imports are largely parsed for errors and such by SSIS instead of SQL Server.
All other sorts of bad ideas like that.
Holy, 63 messages
oh. picture this: in the same table, we can have a date stored as a varchar(10) and as a nchar(10).
(power went out and back again)
6:21 PM
Dates as VARCHAR wtf? I'm sure date calc functions work really well that way. So you essentially have to CONVER() every time you want to do a date calc??
CONVERT() even...
@Mat'sMug You mean your old job... right? Or got a new one already :o
@skiwi no, right here, same job with the crap VB6 code.
@Phrancis yup. and then it gets even worse in the code.
Q: UDP Network server/client for gaming using boost.asio

DarkWandererI've designed those classes for use in a multiplayer game with possibly very high number of clients for one server. Is this implementation good, or is there something obvious I overlooked or something to improve? I expect this part to have very high performance, so that I can just focus on other ...

Oh, I forgot to mention, we have SQL hard-coded into VB apps, as opposed to calling procs, so now if you make a DDL change to the schemas (such as converting VARCHAR IDs to INT) you have to go back and fix and redeploy all the applications. -_-
lol. I'm presently trying to wrap my head around a method whose job is to "generate" a "subquery"
6:25 PM
@Mat'sMug No news yet, or bad news?
@Mat'sMug I'm surprised you have some kind of versioning system for the code though
@Phrancis So you write procedures for everythign that can happen on a table/on the database? I'm not that experienced in SQL and surely no production experience
@Phrancis that doesn't sound good
I'm wondering why everyone is pinging some weird name and all reply messages are broken... Perhaps I should reload chat ;)
Now things make a lot more sense.
@skiwi: From my understanding, in an ideal world (which is rarely the case), if you have all your apps calling a SQL stored proc, function or view then if you need to change it/improve it etc. you just go and alter it in SQL, no need to redeploy or production downtime. If it's hard-coded into the app then every user is at the mercy of the potentially less SQL-experienced VB dev who wrote the query into the application.
@SimonAndréForsberg How many tests do you run? I'm on 267 currently.
@Phrancis Ah so then you're talking about a job that has a database manager/developer as special position already, then it's reasonable yes
6:35 PM
I am back :)
I am so back.
@skiwi: Precisely. Also much less potential for SQL injection from app end-users with malicious intentions. If the app is just calling a proc then only users with write access to the schema/DB can make changes directly into the data tables.
Q: How to better structure Java code to avoid dereferencing null

CeleritasI have the situation where as long as the user gives valid input the StringBuilder object will not be null. StringBuilder sb = null; switch(userInput) { case 1: sb = method1(); break; case 2: sb = method2(); break; case 3: sb = method3(); break; case 4: sb = method4...

@skiwi 79 + 2 ignored. And I have 354 cards. Something really doesn't add up. I do have 88.9% code coverage though.
I have one failing test currently though...
@SimonAndréForsberg I'm not on full code coverage yet as I'm still working on creating tests
I should grab a code metric tool somewhere to see my loc's
Q: Refactor Oxford Comma function (and other functions)

DarinDouglassI wrote a program that managed projects and created a set of SQL files for each project. In the logic, I have a few functions that, each time I look at them, I wonder if they could be written in a better way. They are pretty straight forward and compact, however I feel like there are better, more...

6:44 PM
@skiwi Have you tried to use SONAR on your codebase?
@rolfl no news. stopped expecting. I didn't have the flashiest record in that company, I was surprised they contacted me in the first place. Looks like they've been wasting my time all along. Their loss. I'm not really ready to make a move anyway, will start looking in 6-8 weeks :)
hey @GraceNote!
@Morwenn I'll look into that
Hey @GraceNote, you surely must have something interesting to share :)
6:48 PM
I do. Though I don't know if "interesting" is quite the word for it.
@skiwi We used it to spot errors in our school projects, but I fear that it is not free :/
@skiwi How much code coverage do you have in your tests then?
@GraceNote Hi :)
@SimonAndréForsberg I'll check in a bit, am busy with some very mindintense things atm
@GraceNote The blog, I assume?
6:49 PM
or graduation?
@GraceNote Hello and Welcome, always a pleasure to have you here!
I withheld announcing this last week because I was informed of a contest that was ongoing and I wanted to see what kind of activity would come out of it to see if it'd change things.
We're suspending the creation of new blogs on the SE network until further notice.
could you increase the number of stars to make up for it?
I just ran out again
@Malachi (facepalm)
@Malachi I was about to star that, but now I already ran out
6:51 PM
I was joking
the contest wasn't as successful as I thought it'd be
The short of it is, it's kinda on us to make something that works, and we don't really do that. There isn't any real proper integration between the systems and the authors suffer as a result of it. Ultimately leading to fairly ill fates to most all of the blogs.
@GraceNote After the refactoring, will blog updates appear in the Community Bulletin?
We're looking to fix all this but it's going to take some time, and we feel that it'd be better that we have people wait (or perhaps even prepare) for a more complete blog experience that we'll offer down the road.
@Morwenn Ideally a lot more than just that. Maybe have articles written by individuals accessible from the user profile, for example, as a much easier access point.
That's great news. I totally agree that we should wait before launching the blog if something like that is on the roadmap :)
Not that we have a choice anyway, but that's cool :p
6:58 PM
in the meantime should we [ab]use our meta-site with some blog-like posts? Some of our meta-posts already have that "not-quite-a-Q&A-post" feel...
@SimonAndréForsberg The result will be there in a bit, fighting with my webhosting right now...
Huh, I have a system quota of 250MB on that webserver and when it shows a calculation of my disk usage (appereantly 400MB) it shows the system quota in the equation while it's just a quota and no real folder...
Yay! Busted 12.9K!
That's cool.
Q: Converting A Map[String, Seq[String]] To A Seq[(String, String)] in Scala

FullTimeCoderPartTimeSysAdminMy current code: val headers : Map[String, Seq[String]] = ... //NOTE: ("key" -> Seq()) is valid entry headers.get.toList flatMap {x => x._2 map { y => (x._1 -> y) }} This feels clumsy...is there a better way to do this?

ok back to work
7:13 PM
Friendly ragemail sent to webhosting
@SimonAndréForsberg The coverage is there
@Mat'sMug I think we could start preparing some more blog-things probably, yes. If the SE devs and CMs see that we have a gazillion blog posts just waiting to be published, they will probably hurry up a bit with their "six to eight weeks"-schedule.
lol. I can't paste example crap query here, because "message is too long"
@Mat'sMug That's funny, considering the huge code @skiwi can post. Perhaps if you use fixed font button?
        subQuery = "select Row_Number() OVER(PARTITION BY i.id ORDER BY expire DESC) as R,t.value,i.id,t.name,t.mode,t.cost " & _
                   "from tbl_doorPricingLinks i inner join  tbl_doorPricingLinksTables l on i.Id = l.idLink " & _
                   "inner join tbl_doorPricingTablesIndValue t on t.name = l.IdTable " & _
                   "where i.tariff = '" & tariff & "' AND l.tariff = '" & tariff & "' AND t.tariff = '" & tariff & "' AND i.mode = 0 and l.mode = " & step & " AND l.categorie = " & ItemType & " AND i.poption = '" & poName & "' and i.value = '" & poValue & "' and
I never figured out what came through the guy's mind when he came up with that schema
7:28 PM
Q: How to write this code more efficient and simplify creation of dependency objects?

Kid DiamondHow can I write my code more efficient (not repeating same code)? And is there a solution that simplifies the way of having to create a lot of dependency objects over and over again whenever I instantiate a new class (as seen in the load method)? Any suggestions are welcome. class Router { ...

@Mat'sMug What.
yes sir
I just put in the line breaks to make it fit
@SimonAndréForsberg I've got 3508 lines of code so far, of which 1300 belong to the source and 2208 to the tests.
it's actually one, 586-characters line
and there's one with 995 but it's commented-out
Now I'm analyzing all my Java projects made in Netbeans... (That's pretty much all except very first university ones)
@Mat'sMug Wow...
7:31 PM
to this date I still don't know why this has to run.
New bounty up:
Q: Variadic function with restricted types

ascheplerI am designing a class which (among other things) acts as a vertex in an undirected graph. #include <iterator> #include <string> class Node { public: explicit Node(const std::string& name); Node(const Node&); Node(Node&&); class iterator : public std::iterator<std::rand...

Maybe I'll have better luck with this one.
I seem to have produced 106K lines of Java code so far in my life.
@rolfl you're the only mod without an active bounty. no pressure.
@Mat'sMug I'm sure you can just turn it off... No problem
lol what I mean is, I know what it does and why it's needed, but not why it's done that way.
7:33 PM
Ah, that makes more sense... Though at your job nothing makes sense.
I'm turning that crap into parameterized crap. still crap, but well-cached crap.
@skiwi I have 6578 LOC in my entire project, but "only" 2596 of those are in the Hearthstone implementation. And 846 "shared" lines among all my CardGames.
@skiwi You need to celebrate when you reach line number one million
@SimonAndréForsberg Those 2596 include testing?
it seems I have deleted close to 20K VB6 lines of code throughout the last year and a half.
@Jamal I once tried to review this one.
7:36 PM
Do those inline SQL statements string-wannabees also count as VB6 code?
Can I get a second set of eyes on this MySQL? I'm perplexed by what they are trying to do with their CASE clauses...

<code>WHERE c.`ID_COMPANY` = ? AND c.`DISABLED` = false
CASE WHEN</code>

@skiwi Nope :) Only 865 testing for HStone
@skiwi F**K YES!!
@skiwi got enough tabs open?
To me it looks they are trying to find the most recent start date and orders with no geolocations, I thought this would be implied in a LEFT JOIN
7:38 PM
@Morwenn Got nothing, huh?
(else NULL)
@Jamal Nothing really relevant. It seems to be well-coded, but with nothing excellent either. The only thing I could do is saying that std::decay would probably be better and giving small adive on how to port code to C++14 even if it's explicitly tagged C++11.
Just seems really odd to use a CASE clause within a WHERE clause, and all the sub-sub-queries would bog down SQL methinks.
@Morwenn Maybe you could consider that if no one else reviews it after the 7 days. Of course, you can make sure that that's relevant advice.
@Malachi I still need to close like 500 tabs
7:43 PM
@Jamal Ok. I will consider to do that if that's not answerd.
I wonder what subtle change I can introduce in my code that could make loads of tests fail
7:55 PM
incoming great title!
Interesting, outdated and old read: oracle.com/technetwork/java/simple-142616.html
> Java has no enum types. You can obtain something similar to enum by declaring a class whose only raison d'etre is to hold constants.
"Using classes to contain constants in this way provides a major advantage over C's enum types" (cough)
"Java has no functions. Object-oriented programming supersedes functional and procedural styles. " (cough again)

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