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12:44 AM
Q: Desert War Film Question

Glen GreenI am trying to see again a desert war film where soldiers as using jeeps and come across a steep hill to go down. I remember the soldiers emptying one of the jeeps and then winching it down using the other jeeps. I have watched 'Sea of sand' thinking that must be the film but this scene does not...

1:23 AM
Q: Why does the Footpath Killer stutters?

SergeIn the S01E02 Gideon relates how he confronted a killer who stutters saying he knew the cause but he refuses to tell the cause to the rest of the team because they should find it out by themselves. I didn't watched the whole episode and could not find the answer on internet.

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3:22 AM
Q: What horror movie title?

JimI only remember one scene and it had two guys strapped to individual metal tables that look like something from a morgue. The room was made up like an operating room but was dank and dark. The disfigured bad guy had one of the tables rigged to heat up and one of the guys is literally burned to ...

10 hours later…
1:19 PM
Why this downtime......can't see any change.
@AnkitSharma stackstatus.net
@ChristianRau Every day is a good day to hate ID. The crap questions just keep piling up. Fortunately for me I have hidden them now. Which of course does not help when people don't even bother to use the tag. And the android app does not respect my filter either. :(
1:36 PM
Oh hello there my foreign friends
That's racist. ;P
Or Objective Fact
Hello to you too, good Sir.
now that is racist
Objective complete.
1:38 PM
Oh cool. What did I win?
Yay! Has anyone seen my rope and chair?
Speaking of suicide, has anyone asked the SE people about graduation lately?
Have they ever expressed what exactly they are waiting for?
Is the icon designer taking a year off or something?
Its....a process to say the least
I've been using SE on/off for 3 years now. If there's something I've learned, is that everything takes forever
Yeah that much I know. But has said process started or are they still waiting for something to happen with the site?
1:45 PM
Meta.SE was talked about around early 2012 as being complete but implemente what? Early this year?
e.g. 1.000.000 visitors per day
I couldn't tell you unfortunately =/ While mods are a link to those who run the site, we don't get that insight.
Yeah okay I get that, but splitting meta really was/is a larger process with new challenges. Graduating a site really is nothing they never did before.
Just would be nice to know if they just did not get around to do it yet or if they still expect us/the site to reach some obscure goal.
Considering that the whole SE network is based on community participation, the graduation process is awfully opaque.
Ok enough rant from me for now, back to work. ;)
I really wish I had an answer, but I don't. I merely have the same speculations and vague-ness coming from that side
2:46 PM
Come on people, only 265 unanswered questions! We can do this!
Btw, what is the best way to handle questions that already have a perfect answer on scifi.se? Rephrasing just to rephrase seems rather pointless. A link-only answer is bad as well. Maybe copy the answer as Community Wiki?
I am no big fan of duplicating content, but that seems better than just a link.
Example (unanswered) question with answer on scifi: movies.stackexchange.com/questions/15467/…
Just letting it sit there unanswered seems bad too, because it is basically answered by the link in the comment.
@atticae Hmm, good question. I don't like Community Wiki very much. I for myself would just copy the essential parts (with proper link and in quote block, of course) and maybe resummarize it (or the more elaborate and left-out parts) a bit. Seems the best one can do if the existing answer is indeed already exhaustive. Leaving it unanswered just for the sake of originality is indeed not an option.
That would mean getting rep for simply copy-pasting another persons work, which I don't feel comfortable with.
That's why I thought of CW.
Why don't you like CW?
Any ID question I answer I make CW. If I'm going to be answering something I don't agree with, doesn't seem right that I should get rep from it. CW is a great way to answer things you just don't feel right about answering with what you have. Or even to provide Cannonical answers/questions.
@atticae Well, at least you took the effort of putting it into a proper answer. To be honest much of the stuff around here is just an assembly of other sources to some degree. But it't you decision if you want to make it CW or not, at least I for myself would be the last one to demand it.
@atticae Well, it has its uses, e.g. actual community answers, designed for multiple people to add their own findings individually (thus, a wiki). But usually, if I write an answer, its my answer and I want my damn rep for it. ;-)
3:03 PM
@ChristianRau Yes, but usually there is still some work involved in finding, compiling and summarizing those sources. If I am not even the one who found the duplicate, I really don't want the rep for it.
What I especially hated was the auto CW after I revised my answer too often, but fortunately that has finally been disabled recently.
Yeah that was garbage.
Glad they changed it.
@atticae Well, as I said, if you want to make it CW, feel free to do so. But I at least don't see a general requirement for it. I have sometimes reposted an already valid comment answer from someone else for the sake of completeness (after the commenter refused to write an answer himself). If the original answerer didn't write an answer, then it's my achievement that I took the courage to do so.
and only 200 questions unanswered? That's actually quite impressive and I'm willing to bet a nice chunk of those are ID questions.
3:10 PM
264 left :)
Yeah, I am not sure if IDs are counted as I ignored them. Should be though.
@atticae Well, +1 anyway, even if nobody wants it.
Does it show a different number for you? movies.stackexchange.com/unanswered
@atticae I have 325, so maybe it's indeed 61 IDs (and in fact the first part of that page is completely greyed-out, as expected)?
i see 325 as well
3:14 PM
Still that would be a not so bad ratio for the unanswered ones (maybe due to TylerShads' (ir?)regular cleanups, or is that even automated already?).
119 unanswered id-this-movie, 16 id-this-tv (stats are on the side) for 135 unanswered ID questions
Literally half unanswered are ID questions
Is DForck ever coming back? He still has a answer comment here that wants to be transformed.
Looks to @AnkitSharma
We have no hints of him at all. I apparently did alert that my presence would be sporatic at best (I dont even remember doing that), nothing at all from him though =/
@TylerShads Well, then I guess @atticae's filter is incomplete (don't forget the shitty -actor and -music-video stuff).
identify-this-music-video really? There is no god.
3:18 PM
Oh I got it, the reason is that 264 are the ones without any answers, 325 are the ones with no upvoted answers (which seems to be in line with usual ID-asker activity, I guess).
please let me burn...i have nukes ready
I only blocked -movie, -show and -actor so far.
@atticae Ah, the better ones, there's even -commercial and -episode (though, the latter isn't too bad, I think, might even be the best one, though also the rarest).
well its spree time...
and methinks its time for an ID purge...MUWHAHAHAHA
3:29 PM
go nuts
Would be cool to reach 95% answered, I will try to dig up some answers on the weekend.
How many do we need to answer for that, hmm...
look at total questions vs unanswered
The 22 from me would be a start. ;-)
now we have 317 unanswered
so we have to answer 92 questions
I'm working on it I'm working on it
haha just deleting stuff seems a bit like cheating ;)
but as long as its ID I can't complain
3:38 PM
mmmmm...went from 28 with no answers, no votes, down to 5, from May 5 on, which is perfectly valid by the rules
@ChristianRau Unfortunately, I haven't seen many of the movies you are referring to (yet).
And not a big Tatort watcher either. ;)
@atticae Yeah, it seems few have unfortunately.
@atticae Me neither, but that one was great.
A LOT of people ask their ID question, and then Never return to the site
so much to puirge
Q: Can I use small parts of movies for my website?

UldisI was wondering is it legal to use small parts of movies, few minutes max and post them in my website? I'm not talking about trailers but parts from movie itself. I've seen that there are quite a lot of videos/compilations on youtube with parts from movies, for example, video "160 Greatest Arnol...

@MovieReel at first I wanted to blow this away but it may actually make a decent legal question
but you're right, we're not lawyers
3:48 PM
I think its a good question, but I dont think it fits here.
Is there such a thing as law.stackexchange.com?
not that I'm aware of
Hm strange. The front page shows 4,791 questions. To reach 94% answered that would mean we can only have 287 unanswered. But we only have 264 according to the unanswered site. So we should have 94% already, but it shows 93%.
Maybe caching delay?
Definitely caching
that and I'm about halfway through my purging
Any user that is actually active is being spared/only getting their ID closed
instead of delete without prejudice
makes sense
@TylerShads Do you include a comment on those, saying what's up?
4:05 PM
I think they are closed with this close reason, which should give the necessary hint: "Movie identification questions must contain sufficient detail to be answerable. For help writing a good identification question, see: Identify-This-X Questions. Identification questions without an accepted answer will be deleted after 14 days."
@atticae Hmm, indeed, seems reasonable.
@ChristianRau .....close reason xD
lunch time, purged at least 70 questions, will finish when im back xD
good job, this really should be automated
Yeah, its automated by my rage
@TylerShads Just don't get cocky and stay within the rules.
4:10 PM
of course
I still think the simplest solution would be a new proposal on Area51 for ID questions.
i feel bad for those mods
Maybe that could even go beyond movies & tv and also cover stories (as seen on scifi) and music etc.
Then all the people who like to play this kind of guessing game could have their own site with their own rules and we would stop mixing those worlds.
I guess they would have no trouble getting questions, would just be a load of work to moderate. But now we have that problem here, which really is not better in any way.
But obviously such a site would have to be proposed by someone who actually is interested in these questions.
@atticae There are enough people interested in these questions (yet those people are usually overlapping with the ones that are content with them being asked here).
@atticae Yet, we on the other hand would have trouble getting questions (even if the trouble getting good questions wouldn't change much).
Yeah the old problem. However we delete about 90% of those questions anyway (see above), so it's kinda cheaty to use this to justify our questions/day ratio.
I don't think we would have trouble getting new questions, we just would have less (the amount we have now minus the ones we don't want anyway).
With that reasoning we could just allow any question even remotely related to movies here and would have fantastic question/day ratios.
4:54 PM
94% \o/
Impressive how many sites reached 100% answer ratios. stackexchange.com/sites?expand=true#percentanswered
5:39 PM
purge complete
Check the stats again in 30min
went down to only 50 unanswered ID questions
a LOT of these questions were all from 2013, unanswered, with 0 score and the asker has not been back to the site since the date they asked the question
does not really speak for ID questions bringing us a lot of avid users
THat's kinda my point
5:55 PM
Of course, that were only the unanswered ones, right? Maybe its different for the ones were the users got answers.
Would be nice to know how many of the users who got here by ID participated actively in the non-ID area later.
but the fact that those unanswered ones never came back to the site, i think getting an answer is rather illrelevant
Ok, time for me to participate in some good old ball-kicking.
Football, not what you are thinking.
Take care!
ahaha see ya :D
6:42 PM
Too much ID discussion going on here.....
Because we want to get rid of it
Ahhh...finally someone made DForck42♦'s comment in answer. I want to do it myself but not aware with the show.
because its worthless
Ahhhh....looks like i am the only ID lover left....anyways my mind looks shifting sides.
The numbers dont lie
6:45 PM
I think ID are now like necessary evil. If we remove it then our question per day will pull us back.
Anyways this days this poor ID question bothers me too. Where are the good ID question?
then do we really deserve it if we can't get enough good content without ID?
1 hour later…
8:05 PM
Q: Beethoven: Was George Newton's Occupation Economically Plausible?

Jim G.In the movie 'Beethoven', George Newton was an air freshener entrepreneur. In fact, in 'Beethoven's 2nd', he and his wife obtained a collateral loan to further their business with their house acting as collateral. My Question: The first two Beethoven movies were released in 1992 and 1993 respe...

8:30 PM
Q: Where can I watch this film free online?[The Ruby Ring 1997]

ZecyI have been looking for the film named The Ruby Ring[1997] since ten years ago.Who can give me a link to it?I can't join the YouTube,so please give me another.

1 hour later…
9:43 PM
Q: Which SYFY film was this?

Glen GreenI remember watching a SYFY film which had a scene where two aliens or androids (a man and a woman) with super strength were in some kind of large laboratory. The woman alien was attacking a man after doing cart wheels / flips then punching or kicking him. Any information would grateful.

Q: "Highliander" music used as Columbia TriStar theme song

BrettFromLAThere's a beautiful violin theme in the movie Highlander, when Connor MacLeod has been driven out of his village and is with his new wife. It's a 6-note riff that is played very high, then an octave lower, then another lower, then finally by cello or bass another octave lower. It's nearly ident...


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