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2:15 AM
Q: Is a convert allowed to say Yizkor for their non-Jewish parents?

GiliIs a convert allowed to say Yizkor for their deceased parents if they are non-Jewish?

Q: Does a ger (convert) say Yizkor?

yoelA convert's biological parents are not their parents in a halachic sense. In some senses the converting beis din is "responsible" for the convert in the way of parents. In name, at least, the ger's parents are Avrohom Avinu and Sarah Imenu. When, if ever, does a convert say yizkor?

^^^ These aren't exact duplicates, but it seems to be splitting the hair pretty finely. Could we get some votes, or comments about why they aren't dupes? (The second one is the older question and also has more answers, so it should be the destination if we close as dupe.)
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5:12 AM
@msh210 tried to clarify some more. i admit it's a bit of a paradox. — ray 1 min ago
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6:13 AM
@MonicaCellio Dupes IMO. I agree with you re direction of closure; moreover, if anything, the older question is slightly more general and thus a good candidate for remaining open.
8 hours later…
2:20 PM
@msh210 I've closed as a duplicate (and left a pointer to this chat). One of its two answers is an exact copy of an answer on the other question, and the other of its answers is of questionable utility, so I don't see cause for a merge.
1 hour later…
3:44 PM
@MonicaCellio Thanks.
@preferred Why did you type @msh210 in this comment and in this other one? Why are those comments addressed to me?
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6:38 PM
I'm not saying this is a good question, but why are people voting it off topic? — YEZ 12 secs ago
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7:39 PM
Q: What's the Closest Thing to a Systematic Theology in Judaism?

Yochanan MichaelMany religions have authors who pen "systematic theologies," books that present the religions in a systematic manner from point A to Z. There are ups and downs with this approach, especially since it usually leads to a very biased presentation. I previously heard somewhere that Judaism does not g...

^^^ This is turning into a list question, which isn't a good fit for SE, but the subject is on-topic and appropriate other than that. Can anybody think of a way to adjust things to make it less of a poll?
@MonicaCellio Could you convert the answers into one wiki answer and make it a list? (Those seem to abound - are they not encouraged?)
@MonicaCellio and @DoubleAA felt it is Primarily Opinion Based
@YEZ that's the usual close reason for list questions.
@YEZ that might be the way to go. If I'd noticed it earlier, before it had answers, I could have created that from the start. Now that there are answers I'm not sure what's appropriate (polite, ethical).
@MonicaCellio Just leave my answer, and put the rest into a wiki!
@YEZ and do you think the other three answerers would agree? :-)
@MonicaCellio Is the problem because it asks for a best? Could the question be reworded to ask for "some examples" instead of a rating?
@MonicaCellio no but if they don't want to be in a wiki, they could just edit their answers into mine.
7:45 PM
@YEZ well, "some examples" still leads to a list. But it's also not our first book-recommendation question. So hmm...
While your here, did I make the right move here - judaism.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/9414 - I assumed that tag doesn't apply to asking for a source recommendation.
@YEZ (That tag could use a wiki.) I believe that tag is actually ok here; it's been used for a variety of "where can I get...?" questions (books, music, etc). It looks like that's what the question is asking for, though I may be misreading. Anyway, now that you've brought it up, with luck others will chime in.
And maybe somebody will write a wiki. :-)
@MonicaCellio maybe there should be a book-recommendation tag.
@YEZ maybe someone should do a review of what's on the product-recommendation tag currently. book-recommendation might be a reasonable synonym.
But if we had it as a primary tag we'd still need a different one for people looking for recordings, or where to buy ritual items fitting certain parameters, or whatever. I think we've gotten some questions like that but I haven't checked.
@MonicaCellio ritual items aren't products?
8:00 PM
@YEZ they are -- but they're not books. So if we had book-recommendation we'd still end up with product-recommendation. So, given that, is there a case for book-recommendation being separate, or should it just be a synonym?
I (possibly incorrectly) interpreted the to mean asking for something that fulfills a certain purpose. As opposed to asking for a good sefer.
@MonicaCellio I see - I don't fully know how synonyms work - having two tags would be undesirable?
@YEZ well, multiple tags tend to divide the question-space into smaller mostly-distinct piles. There's a philosophical question here about fewer broader tags versus many specific tags. One question I tend to ask myself is: if a user is interested in a question and he clicks on one of its tags, what will he see and what will he miss that he's also interested in?
8:21 PM
did the site just get turned to read only mode?
because that's what I see on my screen
@MonicaCellio I suppose so - on the other hand, how much will the person have to sift through to find what they are interested in with the broader tag. I assume that is what makes it a question.
Sometimes sites go into read-only mode for a few minutes (like if the servers have to fail over to the backup servers). I just saw this on another site, so it's not just us. Give it a few minutes.
@YEZ yes, that's the tradeoff.
9:05 PM
I think I just gained the ability to see total up/down votes individually (as opposed to just net)
9:32 PM
@YEZ ? If you mean being able to see the +N/-M division on a post, you should have gotten that at 3k rep. If that's not what you mean, what do you mean?
@MonicaCellio I never noticed it until just now. I guess I've had it for that long?
@YEZ actually it's worse; I misremembered the privilege level where you get that. :-) judaism.stackexchange.com/help/privileges
@MonicaCellio oh it was only 5000 reputation ago.
9:48 PM
@YEZ time flies when you're having fun. :-)

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