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4:16 PM
Q: How did the different groups within Judaism develop?

Liam WilliamHow have the various groups and movements (like chassidism, Modern Orthodox, Conservative, etc) within Judaism evolved? For example I'm looking for the following except starting with Judaism and with the other forms of Judaism. I'm looking for a sort of "family tree", ideally with dates.

There's a discussion in the comments here ^^^ about when Jewish-history questions are on-topic. One of our most-experienced users found our guidance unclear, which tells me it's worth another look. It's of course possible that he's right and I've misunderstood. So, other input?
@sethj ^^^
4:44 PM
@DoubleAA Thanks for the bounty on this answer. But I think there might be a technical glitch: The bounty was for 100 points, but I seem to have been awarded 200 (not on the question itself, but in my general reputation). I checked and you're only missing 100 points.
4:56 PM
@MonicaCellio @SethJ, how is "Questions unrelated to Judaism ... are generally off-topic" at all ambiguous? If it has to do with Judaism, it's on-topic; if not, it doesn't. I suspect that the perception of unclarity adheres more to experienced community members who have put a great deal of thought into site boundaries than it does to people reading our guidelines with fresh eyes. Of course, we'd need some fresh eyes to confirm or deny my suspicion.
... Maybe it'd be productive to show the existing guideline and some sample on- and off-topic questions to someone who understands the SE model but is otherwise new to MY (e.g. a new SE staffer or a mod from another site) and see how they classify the sample questions.
@IsaacMoses oh, hmm -- those who've been here longest were also here through some back-and-forth about it (which can make it harder to remember the outcome)? Hadn't thought about that.
Previous instance of perceived unclarity:
Q: FAQ says History is off-topic and on-topic

Bruce JamesThe FAQ seems to be contradictory. It says that "If you have a question about...history of Jewish law or of Jewish life...then you've come to the right place." But it also says, "On the other hand, questions unrelated to Jewish life and learning, even if they are about...Jews, Jewish history, a...

Resulted in this change:
Q: Change "Jewish life and learning" to "Judaism" in the list of on-topic reasons

msh210The Help Center now says:If you have a question about...Jewish law or practice (what to do or why)Jewish philosophya Jewish text (explaining a passage)history of Jewish law or of Jewish lifelanguage used in Jewish life and learninggeneral knowledge (science, etc.) as it relates directly to Jewish...

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6:08 PM
@Fred Looks like a bug. You should report it on Mi Yodeya Meta
@IsaacMoses I don't know if my 3 months here disqualify me as new-ish, and I have been trying to get a feel for these parameters, but I think using the term "Jewish History" as not relating to Judaism is in itself vague, if not oxymoronic. If it's Jewish History, isn't it by definition relating to Judaism? I assume whatever it is meant to refer to is subsumed in "even if it's about Jews."
@DoubleAA Maybe to be safe we should conduct a test - give me a bounty and we'll see if the same thing happens :)
@YEZ I think the examples, on the other hand, create a clear picture of what the parameters are meant to be.
@DoubleAA Oops @IsaacMoses beat me too it
6:40 PM
I have more yearly reputation than total reputation.
@YEZ How would you recommend rephrasing?
@YEZ replace "Jews, Jewish history, and Israel" with "Jewish individuals, Jewish populations, and Israel"?
@IsaacMoses I would take it out. All the examples are included in Jews and Israel.
@IsaacMoses That could work.
It is essentially taking it out and splitting Jews into individuals and populations.
@YEZ What is your impression of the "Questions unrelated to Judaism, even if about <list> are generally off-topic" construction? Do you find it confusing? Should we rewrite it some other way, e.g. "Questions on possibly-related topics, e.g. <list>, are only on-topic if they are also about Judaism?"
... Should we provide a Venn diagram?
6:56 PM
@IsaacMoses I think it's coherent the way it is, but I'd never say no to a good Venn diagram. A population density map and flowchart would also be good.
On-topic               On-topic              Off-topic
|                          |                            |
|Judaism       /        Judaism AND       \ Hebrew |
| \ Hebrew / |
... out of editing time, so I can't fix the rest of the spaces, but hopefully, you get the idea.
On-topic            On-topic                     Off-topic
|                       |                                 |
|    Judaism   /      Judaism AND        \     Hebrew     |
|                   \           Hebrew            /                     |
@IsaacMoses Not bad. I guess you can't shade different colors in chat.
Or perhaps a truth table:
About Judaism | About Israel | On-topic
F                      | F                   | F
T                      | F                   | T
T                      | T                   | T
F                      | T                   | F
@YEZ Is that a challenge?
@IsaacMoses Lets see you include about Jewish individuals and about Jewish Populations in your truth chart. (Please don't actually)
On-topic               On-topic                   Off-topic
|                               |                                |
||||Judaism||/++++Judaism AND+++\---Hebrew----|
7:12 PM
@IsaacMoses Bravo. That deserves to be starred.
@IsaacMoses I saw a "can I ask my question?" flowchart on one site.
@MonicaCellio We're totally going to one up them with our Venn diagram.
@YEZ Venn diagrams are good too!
Or perhaps a magazine-style quiz:
1) Is your question about Judaism? (Score 1 point for yes and 0 points for no.)
2) Is your question about Jewish individuals? (Score 0 points for yes and 0 points for no.)
3) Is your question about Jewish populations? (Score 0 points for yes and 0 points for no.)

Add up your score. If it's 1 or more, congratulations; your question is on-topic! If it's 0 or less, sorry; it's not.
@MonicaCellio See above.
7:16 PM
@MonicaCellio I feel a mptij post bubbling up
how do you make new lines within a comment?
@YEZ try shift-return. (That works in chat; don't know if it also works in comments.)
Or did you mean chat?
4) Is your question about comparison with another religion, where the relevant facts about the other religion are not included clearly in the question, etc., etc.? (Score -1 points for yes and 0 points for no.)
@MonicaCellio I'm leaving the flowchart version of this in ASCII as an exercise for the assembled.
@IsaacMoses I was wondering when the -1s were going to start showing up.
@MonicaCellio ya I meant chat
7:21 PM
@IsaacMoses works for me.
@IsaacMoses maybe @Shmuel could make it.
... We could implement the quiz version of it on BuzzFeed or whatever, so that people can come out with a nice little "on-topic" badge they can affix to their question.
@IsaacMoses Google does April Fools shtick. Maybe this could be our Rosh Chodesh Adar shtick.
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9:23 PM
@DoubleAA Posted.
Q: Possible reputation bug from bounty award

FredI was awarded a 100 point bounty for this answer. The user who offered/awarded the bounty got 100 reputation points deducted. While the answer has a +100 indicator next to it, I received 200 points added to my reputation for the bounty (+200 - Bounty is indicated in my reputation history). I'm n...

10:18 PM
Q: I seem to have some phantom reputation

YEZThis is pretty innocuous, and I'm more asking out of curiosity, but I seem to have more reputation for the year than I have reputation total. Specifically at the time of this posting, 6012 total and 6032 for the year. And it is not my "real time" reputation that has not yet been updated to my t...


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