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A: How do I make my overpowered character more fun to play

edgerunnerTell your Referee to throw a bit more varied challenges at you. If every encounter happens at circumstances where you can just run up punch their face off, then it is a dull campaign, not a dull character. When you're facing a sniper 800 meters away with your head in the crosshairs, you will see ...

are those pages available online anywhere? I'm not sure which version of Cyberpunk we are using. Also, he has given us snipers and heavy machine gunes, but I just hide/sneak to the gunner, and punch him in the face :)
Something isn't right there... Can you give me the stats of your character?
BTW, I don't know if the pages are online anywhere, but what they basically say is "play dirty". Never let your opponent take a shot at you if you can help it. Set up traps, hit and run, never let your opponent rest or recover. If you know where the sniper is, then you can at least try to shoot back. If you don't know, all you can do is try to run or hide.
10 body, 10 reflex, 10 boxing, 10 martial arts, 7 stealth, and pitiful little in the others. Don't have the char sheet on me right now. (can't remember if its boxing or wrestling)
What's your cool stat?
Don't remember, but it never came up in the dice rolls. Int was around 3, and empathy I think was 6, luck was above 5 but don't remember exactly. Also there was some stat which we aren't using at all, can't remember which one.
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You have a lot of weaknesses and it seems your referee isn't exploiting them well
For example, how are you going to figure out where the sniper is with INT 3? That is supposed to be hard for you. Even if a teammate figures it out, you'd have a hard time figuring out his instructions
With low COOL, you should probably freak out under fire and sit cowering in a corner.
The thing with Interlock is, you have to use all of it or it becomes dull, just as you described.
thanks edge
what exactly is interlock?
@edgerunner thanks, interesting take. We sort of saw the stats as some applying in combat and others applying outside of combat. But you are saying that in cyberpunk, you are supposed to apply the non combat stats in combat as well?
Do you roll for them, or what?
Interlock is the name of the system that Cyberpunk 2020 uses
and yes, there shouldn't be a clear cut line between combat and non combat stats/skills
your COOL applies when you are under pressure, and combat IS pressure in the maximum
And Awareness/Notice is an INT skill
And in my house rules, Stealth is also an INT skill, highly recommended
REF is overrated in the base rules
Whenever you are under fire, make a COOL+d10 roll against a target of 10(15 if you can't see/identify your attacker), modified by your stun/shock save. Failure means you can only run away or hide.
Maybe you can interpret that as: Failure means everything you do that turn except running or hiding is at -5
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@edgerunner Yeah, I think that will definitly help. Can you add this info into your answer?
@edgerunner What I basically hear you saying is that if some of your stats are maxed out, then your other bad stats should play more of a roll in combat, even if they are not explicitly combat related stats
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More like I'm saying that every aspect of your character should be tested in something as intense as combat.
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@GMNoob I edited the answer