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12:12 AM
I've been trying out Default Folder X
It's way more useful than I thought it would be.
12:29 AM
@KyleCronin meta.apple.stackexchange.com/q/433/8546 voted up a few hours ago.
Thanks everyone for help today, it's been the loveliest introduction to the stacks :-)
12:55 AM
@GrahamPerrin glad we could help, and we hope to keep seeing you around :)
1:35 AM
Holy heck - the traffic to the lion tiny gems question is through the roof. Is that all views today or did it start saturday?
yesterday and today
I submitted it to Reddit and it just took off
then someone submitted it to Hacker News today
Well done!
and I even saw it retweeted a few hours ago
yeah, I'm really pleased at how well this turned out
every few weeks I want to submit one of our top questions to reedit, hn, etc
Between that and the CHAOS attention - this place is riding Lion to some nice exposure and some great answers.
yeah I hope the traffic increase sticks
while it'll probably die down a bit after a while, I think our days in the ~5k/day range are over
we're now a serious contender, traffic-wise, for the Android site
1 hour later…
2:53 AM
@lzm Welcome to Chat!
How do you do?
@Nathan Great :)
he just bought a new MacBook Air
lucky guy :)
not so great after you closed my question :(
@lzm yeah, unfortunately Stack Exchange really isn't for discussion-type questions
however, with regard to your home/end and page up/down question, you can use fn+up for page up, fn+down for page down, fn+left for home and fn+right for end
it gets a bit awkward when i want to select text (shift+those combinations)
3:00 AM
if you find it awkward, your best bet is to probably just get a external keyboard you use when you're really coding
thats what i feared
i like to code on the couch or in my bed, an external keyb isn't ideal for those situations
I don't do much coding, but I find I don't use home/end page up/down that much, are you sure you will?
i just tried writing something and the lack of those keys slowed me down a lot
like when going to the end of the line to add a semicolon
or adding a "var" to the beginning of the line
yeah i do use them a lot
perhaps if i used vim in the proper way (hjkl navigation, etc), it would be better
I was about to suggest using emacs - you can go the the beginning and end of lines pretty easily
emacs? never!
3:07 AM
@lzm Yeah, sorry about closing it. But discussion questions don't really work well here.
FWIW, you can skip to the beginning of a line with cmd+left arrow key
I use that a ton.
And cmd+right arrow key goes to the end.
that combination moves the focus to the other terminal window
Ah, doesn't work in Terminal, but works in most apps.
i really have to use 0 and $ inside vim =)
The ones I use for coding support it.
what code editor do you use?
3:10 AM
I do mostly web stuff.
You can use ctrl+a to get to the beginning of a line in Terminal.
Or hold down option and click somewhere to skip to that spot.
nice, didn't know about that
I heard that ctrl+e goes to the end, but that doesn't work OMM.
@Nathan it does for me
it works in the prompt, but not inside vim
3:13 AM
ctrl-a and ctrl-e work for me in the terminal, in emacs, and in bbedit
coda seems a little bit too expensive...
@lzm If you want, you can also map f-keys to mimic the behavior of home/end/pgdn/pgup (within Terminal)
@lzm It's pricey, but I've found it to be well-worth it.
depends on what you're programming
if you're not doing web stuff, Coda's not worth it
3:15 AM
Definitely. But, for me, it's been great.
so brew is the apt-get for macs
and zshell is the cool bash replacement
is there a better terminal app or most people use the default one?
some people use iTerm 2, but the Lion terminal has removed some of the reasons why you'd switch to it
3:54 AM
@lzm I think there's still a good question to be asked. Would anyone object to a question in the vein of "Where can I find and customize key bindings in Xcode?" - explain that you are used to having home keys, and ask for specific help. You can even ask and then answer your own question if no-one has a better answer by the time you find the answer yourself.
Keep asking questions here and on the main site. You'll quickly find that with a little care, you can make most subjective questions into concrete ones by limiting the editorial and focusing on the nub of the problem.
I'll add DTERM as a nice terminal program. I used to live in iTerm (not even iTerm2) but the Lion terminal looks to be much more to my liking. DTerm is meant to be there always in the background for quick hits so it takes some getting used to.
It's not just another replacement / reinvention of the term as a square window to look at a lot of text - it's there to bring the command line into the GUI so it's powerful in ways no other terminal program is - but not for everyone's taste :-)
sometimes it's hard to come up with very specific questions when you're just discovering the platform
it's good to read a discussion to know what other people do
dterm looks good
i'm a little clueless on what is the proper way to install and uninstall things on a mac
i downloaded dterm, double clicked on it and it opened. is it installed?
4:15 AM
drag it to your Applications folder
with the majority of Mac apps, there's no concept of "installed" - if you have the application bundle, you can run it
it doesn't have to be anywhere specific
if i drag it to the applications folder will every user have access to it?
if that's a problem, what people typically do is create an Applications folder in their home directory and stick apps there
Launchpad will still find them, and they're not accessible to other users
i found it strange that i let me move it to the applications folder but not the utilities folder
ah, got it
had to authenticate
and how do i uninstall things?
just drag to the trash
there are some apps that have installers
didn't work for the "Install Xcode" icon
I've been trying to get rid of this icon all day
4:22 AM
where do you see the "Install Xcode" icon?
applications and the dashboard (?) on the second page
i installed it from the app store
ok, try opening up launchpad and hold down the option key
an X should appear on the icon
the icons vibrate when i hold option
no x appeared
on the first page a few icons had an X on them
the apps installed from the Mac App Store should have Xs
don't know why "Install Xcode" doesn't
in any case, it's in your /Applications folder, right? what happens when you drag it to the trash?
the real installed Xcode (in the developer folder) hasn't one either
nothing happens
4:27 AM
very odd
well, you're comfortable with the terminal, you could always just rm -r it from there
it doesn't let me su
you can sudo
it worked!
thanks :D
I'm glad, we were running out of options :)
with regard to terminals, I'm looking forward to TermKit
I've read about it somewhere
it does look cool
4:40 AM
yeah it's a real rethink about the nature of the terminal
I just wish there was a .app I could download
3 hours later…
7:11 AM
@KyleCronin I'm mixed. I think "the worst of both worlds" has a lot of credence. It could definitely happen.
But it does look ridiculously interesting.
7:24 AM
@Nathan Lots of people.
2 hours later…
9:39 AM
For anyone who would like to repeat or retweet:
Ask Different http://apple.stackexchange.com/ — top #quality #Apple questions, answers and learning — #faultless approaches. #Extraordinary!
retweeted :)
10:08 AM
discussions.apple.com/message/15810775#15810775 summarising my personal decision to Apple Support Communities, leaving that topic open
11:07 AM
With apologies, just one off-topic (non-Apple) question that might gain a quick simple answer here. I imagined a clear distinction between (a) Area 51 (for things that approach then enter beta) and (b) the Stack Exchange network stackexchange.com/sites
but I see that there are some betas in both Area 51 and the official network.
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/66853/… directs to an Area 51 list of things that are launched area51.stackexchange.com/?tab=launched but (if I'm not mistaken) that list excludes the betas that are in the official network.
So, the question: (I guess there'll be an answer somewhere in a meta, but I could not find it): what are the criteria that allow a 'sprawl' across the two areas, beta and official?
2 hours later…
1:38 PM
@GrahamPerrin I think the "sprawl" is just a consequence of how sites start on area 51, grow, hit beta, get their own domain, own branding and eventually drop off the training grounds.
The process is quite involved and allows the SE folks to move things in an orderly way - each site can learn to fly on it's own schedule.
This one appears to be taking off like a rocket ship - but I could see others taking a year or more until they need/merit all the steps and effort to make them stand alone (as much as any of these sites are alone - the common code base is shared, with each having different deployment, special cases, etc....)
i think any site that was born through the area 51 system retains its area 51 page indefinitely. there isn't any activity on the area 51 page, but it displays the stats the site had when it launched.
@bmike thanks … sprawl maybe not the best expression! I was just a little surprised to find betas not limited to the beta area
/me recognises the name Abby from a blog post
@AbbyTMiller so everything at stackexchange.com/sites is 'launched', including those there that still have a beta mark?
@GrahamPerrin the ones that still have the beta mark and the "sketchy" theme are still in their public betas. i don't think the private betas show up on se.com/sites
but a public beta is fully functional, crawled by google spiders, etc, so it gets a spot on the main sites list.
apple is fully launched but it still has its area 51 page:
(I shouldn't be hijacking the Ask Different chat — sorry — if you'd prefer me to await reputation for the other meta I'm willing to wait :-)
looking much clearer now after a couple of hours away … foot of area51.stackexchange.com/?tab=beta just the two at the bottom are missing from stackexchange.com/sites
the third from the bottom (Personal Productivity) is present in both
yup, crypto and freelance are both in private beta. when they go public i think they'll show up on se.com/sites
they're the two most recent sites to move into beta
Productivity's on both because it's in public beta
1:50 PM
OK. area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/151/apple for Apple Exchange makes perfect sense. Snapshot of a point in time.
I was confused by the public beta labels applied to sites that are in private beta.
sorry, i missed that. where do you see it?
At the foot of area51.stackexchange.com/?tab=beta both of the sites that are private are 'creeping' into the public beta blue
ah, aha! i wasn't scrolled over far enough to see the bar graph thingies on the right
I'm very conscious that I should have begun this, completely unrelated to Ask Different, somewhere under chat.meta.stackoverflow.com … would Tavern on the Meta be the best place to lurk? chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/89/tavern-on-the-meta — and draw a line in this room :-)
that, i can't explain - the only idea i have is that they are close to public beta, within a few days
i think the folks in the Tavern may have some more info for you, sure
i'm making stuff up left and right over here :)
and now, a title-editing question:
Q: AHCI issues with Boot Camp and SSD

John ClaytonI recently got an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD for my Spring 2010 i7 MacBook Pro and am having issues getting AHCI working reliably under Windows 7 x64 in Boot Camp. Following the instructions outlined here I've tried the following: In the Windows registry changed HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\msa...

one unicorn buck to someone who can make a title for this question that's a full sentence and less than 70 characters
1:59 PM
heheh thanks again @AbbyTMiller and @bmike (for comments elsewhere)
@GrahamPerrin no problem!
@AbbyTMillerΨ "AHCI is unreliable under boot camp."
need it to be a question. "Why is AHCI unreliable under Boot Camp?" - that could do it but i'm wondering if i can get something about BSODs in there
@AbbyTMiller I read between the lines that the primary wish is to avoid BSOD when Windows resumes, if those 26 characters can be sneaked in
"Why am I getting a BSOD when resuming Windows on my SSD with AHCI?" does that make sense
2:05 PM
maybe throw in x64 for good measure
where in the sentence?
puzzling with copy and paste here, one moment
@AbbyTMillerΨ maybe "Why am I getting a BSOD when resuming Windows 7 x64 on my SSD with AHCI?"
i think that's the winner
one unicorn buck for you sir!
grahamperrin does a little dance
Does a unicorn buck earn the liberty of requesting a tag?
@GrahamPerrin sure! but bear in mind that i'm not a real moderator, so i'm not the place to request it :)
2:12 PM
@GrahamPerrin Any time, just ask me or Kyle
thanks folks, two preliminary questions … (1) seeing [apple inc] at meta.apple.stackexchange.com/questions/1/… makes me wonder whether it's acceptable to have multiple-word tags that use space (not hyphen) separation
@GrahamPerrin Hmm, I don't think that works.
@Nathan well ideally [Core Storage] … or [core storage] if lowercase is the norm
We should use hyphens for consistency, if nothing else.
Sure. I'll add that to your core storage question.
then the second question (and it may be too soon for anyone to answer) is whether corestorage or core-storage will be preferred
2:15 PM
The hyphen is usually what we go with.
Q: Apple-provided software to measure or estimate the CPU load associated with Core Storage

Graham PerrinWith Mac OS X 10.7 (Build 11A411) alone, or with Xcode 4.1: Q: is there a way to accurately measure, or at least estimate the CPU load associated with Core Storage? A graphical view of load on a timeline would be useful but not essential. I would be equally happy with useful results from som...

in the not yet published man page for diskutil, in Lion the man page often uses the expression coreStorage (one word) but that's probably for convenience; the verb in context of diskutil
I believe Core Storage (and so the tag core-storage) is more proper in conversation.
Yay, thanks @Nathan
No problem :)
Please: what's CHAOS, and (starred in chat) the CHAOS attention? I Googled CHAOS Ask Different without success …
2:34 PM
CHAOS is a new team at Stack Exchange HQ. we're wreaking havoc all over the network.
Q: What is the meaning of CHAOS? Is it related to the PSI (Ψ) character?

Joel SpolskyI've seen a number of users with a PSI character in their names doing strange mysterious things on some Stack Exchange sites. What does it all mean?

@Nathan i was just off digging for that link. thanks, quick draw mcgraw!
@Nathan thanks; @AbbyTMiller now I'm puzzled, can't find in my Safari history a blog post (I think it was a blog post) where you announced yourself, or your new role, or something … ring a bell?
@GrahamPerrin this one?
Q: Who is this character with the Ψ and the ♦, running around editing all these posts? (An introduction.)

Abby T. Miller ΨI'm just dropping in to introduce myself. My name's Abby (you may have gathered this already), and I work for Stack Exchange as a member of their brand new CHAOS team. I've been given temporary moderator privileges on Ask Different for a special project. My assignment is to use these privileges t...

2:44 PM
I starred that yesterday, had a vague recollection of seeing a companion post somewhere outside the SE domain(s). Maybe confused memory after all the stack-hopping in my first two days!
@GrahamPerrin there are five other CHAOS team members running around. we all posted something like this in the metas of the sites we're working with.
so you might have seen one on DIY, English, Photo, Android, or Gaming
okey dokey
3:31 PM
tag question
in light of our consciously using OS X instead of OSX (since it's correct and all), is it worth considering making the tag [os-x] instead of [osx]? the hyphen looks weird but [osx] is sort of misleading?
has this been talked about? i'll go look in meta.
4:19 PM
Someone go tell the chipmunks in the server room to get running.
We are about to get fire balled.
[Sponsor] AskDifferent: http://df4.us/i2m
@AbbyTMillerΨ Whichever side of the bread lands butter side up, please keep a tag synonym for the other pointing to the chosen tag. I'd vote for whatever else is chosen for App space Store and Mission space Control so that OS space X all follow a convention :-)
@bmike +1 to synonyms
@bmike Wait, what? Really? Awesome.
Yeah - and he usually tweets sponsors as the final thing friday afternoon
this is prime monday - what happened interesting over the weekend, pay attention time.
(also odd timing - the servers here must be running GMT as local time - see the 4:10 pm timestamp)
4:29 PM
@AbbyTMillerΨ hmm in principle +1 to synonyms, OTOH I don't know the long-term effects of creating a tag synonym in Stack Exchange. If for example you now make [mac-os-x] synonymous with [os-x] …
I think only a few can make them - so we've been saved / spared from the protocol - @dori might know or point us to the authority on tagging. I use them a lot, but don't get how SE likes them to be used - there seems to be some strong (and well founded) feelings about what makes a great tag and how to curate them properly
… then (pure speculation) some day Apple legally distinguishes between Mac OS X and OS X, if undoing the synonym becomes necessary: would that be practical?
@bmike Awesome!!!!!
Kyle explodes with rage because Gruber left out a space
grahamperrin wipes Kyle matter off spectacles
^ +1
Made me laugh :D
4:33 PM
wait, wait, WAIT.... - i Like kyle and want not for him to explode
Me too. I was thinking figuratively, but...
I hope he comes here and vents if needed, though
He's been... active on the issue before.
He edited every single post on Meta that left out a space.
I definitely think it's good that he's trying to get the word out about the correct spelling.
I can't tell for sure, but his efforts seem to me that he's agitating for the general idea and general good.
(new topic marker)
4:37 PM
sorry all, i wandered to lunch
Someone have a new topic or should I make one up?
@AbbyTMillerΨ Ah, there's a good topic.
lunch is a great topic.
Where do the numbers come from in chat under names. I'm listed 10.1k and Nathan is 9196 - do meta and chat have some algorithm that extrapolates based on the main reputation)
but lunch is always a great topic.
i think it's total reputation across all SE sites? maybe?
@AbbyTMillerΨ Yeah, that's the number.
4:38 PM
two food carts just posted juicy pictures - local BLT with heirloom tomatoes and x rated bacon slices
@AbbyTMillerΨ Are you sure he's not actually Baba Looey?
at any rate - i'm not sure what to think when it comes to [mac-os-x] vs [os-x] vs [osx], just wanted to bring it to y'all's attention - if we're gunning for OS X all day errday, [osx] without a dash or space seems counterproductive
@AbbyTMillerΨ That might make sense - especially if the "total" flair number filters out all <200 rep sites - I could see how I might have a bunch of 100 hits on many sites I rarely visit and have chatted at least once)
@Abby I'm kinda neutral on this one. It's such a common tag that it's turned into kinda a word in my mind.
@Nathan it is of course up to you guys :) just want to bring up stuff i notice when i'm looking at 200 posts a day.
(i also notice that my hands much prefer typing the word "instlal" instead of "install". that is neither here nor there.)
4:44 PM
@bmike That's probably a bug worth reporting. Their parser obviously doesn't respect chat / user time settings.
@Nathan I would be happy to change convention - but also think someone should look to see how search engines index this site. Would OSX be more useful for the way people search using google or blekko? That would be a good reason to break the mold and not have os-x
@VxJasonxV I'd be happy to. What's the best place for bugs - here in meta or some meta meta that oversee all the sites?
@bmike meta.so would likely be most relevant.
I'm not sure if they will be able to fix it, since they make one reference "onebox" (they call it) for all users.
But since it's bare text, I wouldn't see why they couldn't put some time reference tag instead that translates it to the appropriate local time.
@Nathan without spaces, MacOS and OSX are (to some people's eyes) as jarring as AskDifferent might be jarring to others
grahamperrin feels hungry now
5:35 PM
OK - I'll file two bugs - one before lunch and the other when I return. I don't have enough rep to post more than one question there every 20 minutes.
1 hour later…
6:57 PM
I just turned on FileVault 2 on my laptop. Is it just me, or does the login screen lose the new background?
It's just blue; there's no texture.
@Nathan No, it's not just you. You may have also noticed that it pops up immediately on boot - this is because this is the disk decryption password entry screen
it also serves as a login screen, but the event of logging in happens once the system boots
Ahh, gotcha.
@Nathan I am surprised he did, this seems to suggest that the person at Stack Exchange that arranged the sponsorship told him the name was "AskDifferent"
@AbbyTMiller I need you to find this person and eliminate them
or at least, educate them
7:05 PM
@KyleCronin who? what? huh?
@AbbyTMillerΨ Just let everyone in the office know that the Apple site's official name is "Ask Different" with the space
@KyleCronin sure thing, can do. where's the error?
@AbbyTMillerΨ @gruber tweeted that a Daring Fireball sponsor is "AskDifferent"
ah, gruber
i'll crack the appropriate heads
Joel seems especially egregious about it
he also calls us "Apple" a lot
7:08 PM
@KyleCronin i might not crack his head
maybe just a little crack?
@KyleCronin eh?
@KyleCronin i'll grab a ping pong paddle and see what i can do
A: What is the meaning of CHAOS? Is it related to the PSI (Ψ) character?

Joel SpolskyCHAOS is a team of six full-time employees that just started working at Stack Exchange Global World Domination Headquarters in New York, NY. While at work, they look like this: As a convention, CHAOS members put a secret handshake, the Greek letter psi (Ψ), after their name. This blog post de...

@AbbyTMillerΨ thanks
it's good to have a woman inside
Oh, Joel. I thought you meant Gruber.
7:09 PM
at least, I'm assuming you are, your profile picture tells a different story
@AbbyTMillerΨ boogie works well when cracking leaves too much evidence behind :-)
haha, yes, i'm a lady :)
argh - noogie - damn you safari correct
i just like having buster be my avatar buddy
@VxJasonxV as far as I know, this is the first time I know of that Gruber has acknowledged our existence
7:10 PM
@bmike i think some kind of boogie showdown could also be effective
yeah, should have figured.
Dance it out ! :-) lol
anyway: i will crack most SE office heads, have a boogie and/or noogie showdown with Joel, and not do anything to Gruber
yeah, the tweet has already gone out, it's too late to recall
speaking of which, do you have any knowledge about the scope of the sponsorship?
yeah, and the RSS post went out 3 hours ago
what do you mean?
7:13 PM
@AbbyTMillerΨ I'd pay to see that (not a lot, but it would be US currency)
ah, must have been RSS sponsorship then
I haven't checked that yet
I didn't see it on the daringfireball.com homepage
They are week long sponsorships in almost all cases. daringfireball.net/feeds/sponsors
yeah, it only shows up in the RSS feed, and it links directly to the point
it's not on the homepage, he'll post it on Friday I think.
yeah, it's the buy-this-week RSS sponsorship thingadoo
7:14 PM
or make it available on the homepage or something.
Week-long sponsorships are available for Daring Fireball’s syndicated feed (RSS). This is the only way to promote your product or service specifically to Daring Fireball’s audience of Mac nerds, designers, nitpickers, perfectionists, and connoisseurs of fine sarcasm.

Estimated Daring Fireball feed subscribers: Over 400,000.

Estimated monthly web page views: 4 million.

Sponsorship is exclusive. Only one sponsor per week.

A promotional item from the sponsor will appear in the feed at the start of the week.
yeah, that copy was definitely written by Joel
he wrote it sort of jointly with other people weighing in in a big chat
i'm surprised he didn't consult the Ask Different mods!
@AbbyTMillerΨ as am I
but it's his company I guess, so he can do what he wants
@KyleCronin get me my ping pong paddle. i have heads to crack.
7:15 PM
and we do appreciate his recent focus on our site
And the feed is here feed://daringfireball.net/index.xml
Dori weighed in pretty heavily on the copy if i remember correctly
it's not bad, it just has a few things that you can just picture Joel writing
"which was just released, you know, last week"
"so you can go back to Angry Birds."
it is very Joel :)
sometimes he goes over the top
but it works here
Q: Public beta announcement email is a bit... obnoxious

Kyle CroninI'm all for the conversational tone that Area 51 uses. However, in my opinion, the public beta announcement has gone a little over the top: The new Web Applications Stack Exchange site is now open to the public! After just 7 days in private beta, we’ve already got 415 users who have aske...

@AbbyTMillerΨ I'm also not surprised she didn't catch the "AskDifferent" slip-up - she's been completely absent from the site since it was launched and never liked the name "Ask Different"
7:28 PM
I thought the copy was nice.
Echoed a lot of the things I felt when I first found the site.
@Nathan are you referring to the copy of the ad, or the public beta email?
The ad that Gruber ran
yeah, the ad is fine
Sometime's There's a Man: mailchimp.com/sometimes-theres-a-man
@AbbyTMiller Would this question title fit your specs?
"How can I make File Vault show the unlock screen as 'name and password' instead of 'list of users'?"
the only thing i'd point out is that it's sorta long. we aim for about 60-70 characters for a title, because that's what Google search results give us and it's nice when the whole title is in the search results
but sometimes that just isn't possible, in which case being a nice full sentence is ideal. and i can't think of a way to shorten that easily without losing relevant information
7:43 PM
Got it down to 82
"Can File Vault show the unlock screen as 'name and password', not 'list of users'?"
81 - there's no space between "File" and "Vault"
haha, nice catch.
@AbbyTMiller so what other opportunities are there for sponsorship?
that's top super secret information i can't share with y'all
it would be awesome if we could sponsor one of the 5by5 shows
7:54 PM
just kidding. we actually haven't really talked about it, but i would love it if you guys had ideas
Hypercritical would be my suggestion
the CHAOS approach is more toward targeting individual users out there in the internets and individually get them to come play with us
I see
but i'm happy to throw some weight behind broader and more sponsorshippy type activities if you have ideas
Hypercritical #27 got over a million downloads
7:56 PM
nice. that is huge. i'll bring it up
and the people who listen are big Apple nerds :)
maybe a meta post where people could suggest sponsorshippy type ideas is in order?
yeah, that sounds like a good idea
maybe a more general "ways we can promote the site"
we had one, but it was community oriented, as in "how do we, as members, promote the site"
the answers are different if it's Stack Exchange doing the promoting
7:59 PM
so would it be more effective if i posted it, so it could look most like it was coming from an SE employee?
yeah, that would be great
k. i'll see what i can throw together this evening.
i have to jet to CHAOS book club now, back soon :)
8:23 PM
Book club... in an enterprise, that would be "Throw the book at them-club" instead.
8:48 PM
our book club is very friendly and involves little to no throwing :)
9:05 PM
@KyleCronin i threw a little meta post together - feel free to edit:
Q: What sort of promotions and/or sponsorships and/or other stuff would you guys like to see?

Abby T. Miller ΨThis week, Ask Different is sponsoring the Daring Fireball RSS feed, Gruber will run a little ad for Ask Different in the RSS feed. I believe there will also be a plug live on the Daring Fireball homepage on Friday, but don't quote me on that. John Gruber is just one guy who likes to talk and w...

er, i fixed the grammatical error in the very first sentence
9:27 PM
As a little aside, I'm ridiculously glad to see constant life in this chat. So thank you @bmike @AbbyTMiller @GrahamPerrin @bckbck @Garikapti (pretty sure I butchered that name) and all of the other recent-comers not coming up on my autocomplete list. Of course, thanks to @KyleCronin for much of the reason of this place's existence. And our regulars, @Nathan @VxJasonxV (hurr) and @Grant and the eternal spectre of @Dori's disembodied head!
Oh, and I would be very stupid to not thank Joel and Jeff and the entire rest of the Stack Exchange staff. And @Jin for his multiple-times-over work on the site's absolutely gorgeous layout. Sticking with us through all of the bugs, dealing with all of our nitpicky "style bug" reports and all that.
9:49 PM
There is a nice community forming here - it sure is nice getting to know the humor and style of people here. Many chat rooms never work - this one has a shot with regulars and newcomers alike.
I wonder if we can goad abby into a real picture, but perhaps I'd miss it gazing at my toes. :-)
@VxJasonxV +9002
A: What is the meaning of CHAOS? Is it related to the PSI (Ψ) character?

Joel SpolskyCHAOS is a team of six full-time employees that just started working at Stack Exchange Global World Domination Headquarters in New York, NY. While at work, they look like this: As a convention, CHAOS members put a secret handshake, the Greek letter psi (Ψ), after their name. This blog post de...

Your reply indicator didn't take, Nathan.
better :)
trailing space...
Anyway, I think (based on the other members' photos) that Abby is in the middle on the left.
@Nathan I forgot that shot :-)
10:09 PM
^ Click-hold on an application in the dock, hit "Show all Windows", it shows you relevant media too, similar to "All My Files"! WOW!
Hmmm. Actually that might be the contents of "Open Recent".
The first 3 (left-most) is recent, everything else is media whose default app is VLC.
yeah, it's most recent.
Seems useful, but I have yet to re-train myself to use all these cool new things.
that's a kind of hard interface to get to, methinks
click-holding for anything is too slow :)
10:29 PM
I am indeed in the middle on the left, though that's a terrible picture of all of us! We'll have photos up on the team page soon.
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