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12:00 PM
The most I've written for a game was in my old Amber Diceless game, where we had several dozen session summaries, most written at least partially in-character, for 5 characters. It comes up to quite a bit.
I am pained that the site is gone offline. I can get most of it via the Wayback Machine, but not the session summaries.
There might be a local copy stored with one of the players, but I'd really rather not get back in touch with her to find out.
It doesn't help that the site's HTML was designed for IE6 and is a terrible mess.
I was proud of it at the time, but "the time" was 2002.
So, I'm watching The Prisoner, and man is it freaky. Good stuff for GMs who want material for "not quite normal" settings and encounters.
I am not a number!!!
And what's strange is it manages to get even freakier at the end.
I am a person!
@ProfessorCaprion I dunno, from what I've read (haven't seen it yet myself) it sounds like it kinda goes off the rails. Like, instead of doubling down on what it's been doing, it does something else entirely.
Which, to be fair, is in the context kind of the same thing, but...
12:07 PM
@BESW Well, sort of. A lot of the episodes went beyond what McGoohan wanted to do, from what I understand. So a lot of the episodes in the middle were things he had to come up with that didn't necessarily fit in with his view of the story.
Yes, there seems to be some contention over exactly who meddled and by how much.
Also some contention over if Number 6 is actually John Drake from Danger Man. McGoohan says no, but Markstein says yes.
[Emerges from the fiery abyss, shaking off the dust of shattered dreams and murdered hopes from his nightmarish form]
12:13 PM
Ah, that feel when you answer a question that already accepted another answer, 'cause the accepted one didn't handle the question.
@Lord_Gareth It amuses me that the acronym of your name is the same as that of Lawful Good.
@JonathanHobbs The inspiration for my name was a young whipping boy whose love and loyalty for his prince lead him to study forbidden and unholy magics that consume both body and soul of their practitioners.
@JonathanHobbs when you see something like that essentials dupe question, make sure to hit the review queue and click "leave open"
12:16 PM
In the end, that Gareth lost everything - his last act was to betray his prince, trying to do the right thing. His soul was condemned not to have an afterlife until the one he'd served was redeemed or destroyed.
@waxeagle I did! I am aware of that trick, but I appreciate you taking the time to point it out
I am tempted to star that, too...
@JonathanHobbs Legally Grey, Lemur Gavotte, Likewise Germane...
@JonathanHobbs cool. I never know how much people know about the little fiddly bits around here
@Lord_Gareth Wow.
@JonathanHobbs I always felt very sorry for Gareth. His life was full of misery and neglect before his scheming parents made him the whipping boy. His prince, Dagnarus, was the first human being beyond his nursemaid to ever love or care about him.
And in the end Dagnarus dragged Gareth down with his evil and, as evil inevitably does, destroyed his happiness, his hopes, and his life.
12:19 PM
@Lord_Gareth ;___; feels approaching
Dagnarus didn't do it on purpose, exactly. He just expected the loyalty that he was given. Gareth could have left at any time and gone back to being unwanted, and unloved.
Which is exactly why Gareth couldn't leave.
Oh, despair dipped in sauce, The Sovereign Stone. That book was a catalogue of misery.
@BESW That'd be Well of Darkness. The other two books in the trilogy were significantly happier.
Which is what you get for dealing in the actual good guys.
I may have abandoned it after the first book, I can't recall.
Check out Guardians of the Lost sometime. The tonal shift is significant.
The thing about Well of Darkness is it's the origin story of the setting's BBEG
12:21 PM
I abandoned Day of the Triffids three chapters in feeling way too depressed.
I may not read these books.
The other two books are the actual, y'know, story.
I was first exposed to Weiss and Hickman via The Death Gate Cycle, which was AWESOME. I kept going back to their other series hoping to find something comparable and was invariably disappointed.
(then again, Day of the Triffids prominently featured suicide, and it is rare I can handle well a story dealing so emphatically with that.)
@BESW I was first exposed via their Dragonlance works and had to be forced to read Well of Darkness at gunpoint because I hated them so much.
I still pick up their other books like they might be bombs.
After reading the first one or two books of several various series I just threw my hands up in disgust.
12:23 PM
Give the Sovereign Stone trilogy another shot. If you don't like it by the midpoint of Guardians of the Lost, go ahead and set it aside.
But I think you'll really love a bunch of the characters.
@JonathanHobbs The original version of the question made it hard to tell if it was asking about edition compatibility or class compatibility. I left you a comment.
@Lord_Gareth Was this the series with the Japanese elves?
@Lord_Gareth I can completely totally understand you feeling that way.
@BESW Along with the sailor-culture orks and nomadic dwarves, yes.
When that question came up about the Kender god, I had to resist so many different and recurring urges to post comments like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" with a link to that image tearing the Kender write-up a new exhaust port.
@BESW no... i said my 15K word count was practically (almost) half a novel and a novel is 40K. currently yes the 15K would be a novelette, but it would be a really crappy one
12:27 PM
@JonathanHobbs I blame these women for Kender being popular
(really crappy because the begining of the word document consists of recaps of game session that are only a pararagh, when in reality those sessions probably deserved 2-3 pages)
Honestly, @BESW, I would suggest Guardians of the Lost to you just for the character known as the Grandmother
Just for her
anyway, i see the conversation has progressed past what we were talking about when I went AFK to talk to my dad about me accidentally writing almost half of a novel... and I need to sleep
so farewell all you party people, don't get partied out!
@MC_Hambone Sleep is for the weak!
Rise above your flesh, mortal creature!
Reach into the darkness and it will grant you power!
Lord Gareth does not sleep; he just fumes quietly in a bundle for several hours a night.
12:31 PM
Will you buy me a life time supply of thinkgeek.com/product/a273 ?
@JonathanHobbs True facts. I don't dream, I just nurse my hate until I have regained my strength.
If only I was an Eladrin too!
oh hate... Drow, then mayhaps?
@Lord_Gareth I could make a reference but it would be an ultimate spoiler to even reference what I intend to reference in this context
dangus! now I wanna stay here and pry out the spoilers!
He succumbs!
[Villainous laughter]
12:33 PM
I have no responsibilities today, so really.... i dont NEED to sleep
other than what my body says... stupid body
@MC_Hambone no sorry gosh jeez it's a series where i forbid anyone interested in ever watching it from even googling things about it
there is nothing you can learn about the series that isn't sort of a spoiler
@MC_Hambone sleep, your 28 year old self will thank you
I have no 28 year old self!
you will!
I assume in the next 3 years science will advance far enough for me to be immortal... or at least put my brain into a computer
and if i die before that happens we'll make the scientists put Carol in there...
12:37 PM
@Lord_Gareth I read... I think it was The Soulforged? Because one of my players thought Dragonlance was the coolest thing since Star Wars d20 Modern, and one of my favourite bands at the time (Blind Guardian) did a song about Raistlin.
@BESW Do...do you need a hug?
[Offers bro hug]
I need to be calmed down
with some orange slices
and some fetal spooning
on a happier note C is on someone's hitlist
So, @MC_Hambone, what sorts of Arr Pee Jeez do you play?
12:42 PM
I don't know about C, but C++ is currently causing me no end of grief.
@waxeagle ;_; I enjoyed this so much
Table top or Videogame?
@JonathanHobbs her blog is amazing
@MC_Hambone Which chat are we in?
@waxeagle i got a kick outta that ;)
@Lord_Gareth fair enough, but this room can get off topic :D
12:44 PM
my son is about the same age and stage, helping him read has been interesting :)
@waxeagle My first word was "read." It was a command issued to my grandmother.
@waxeagle I'm very much looking forward to my daughter being that interactive.
@Lord_Gareth I currently run D&D 4e, and sometimes All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I have been playing (until recently since the GM got a promotion at work and has like ZERO free time) 7th sea. Other systems I have played with that GM (or his wife running) have been Legend of the 5 Rings and Scion
@Lord_Gareth suuuure ask me a question then go AFK [/end sarcasm]
/me goes looking up Scion.
12:47 PM
good morning everyone
I see. A colon RPG. :)
@JoshuaAslanSmith g'day!
@lisardggY It's really fun, as long as you remember that White Wolf can't write mechanics.
@Lord_Gareth the truth
12:49 PM
Scion was written back when WW's lead designer aggressively believed that caring about mechanics made you a bad roleplayer, that designing good mechanics meant your game was for filthy munchkins and the only way to make a 'real' RPG was to not give a damn.
I have enjoyed SCion the few times my buddy's wife has filled in for him. my character is basically a mix of Sherlock Holmes and a 1940s Film Noir P.I. ... who just happens to be the son of Athena
@Lord_Gareth I'm actually mostly burned out from the WW-style being-of-mythical-power genre. After several years playing Vampire back in the day, I decided I'd rather play human-scale characters.
@BESW Belatedly, Legally Grey is also fantastic
My oldest son's first word was 'baby', because we always looked at him and went, "You're a baby!" all excited and stuff.
His second word was 'zombie'
Both of those are irredeemably endearing.
(In other words you may not redeem this.)
12:51 PM
@lisardggY Oh god you've suffered through oWoD vampire.
[Hugs close]
We'll make it through this man
We'll make it
I've mostly gotten over it, and I also really enjoyed it back in the day (which was when I was 17, btw). Also enjoyed In Nomine, and Amber Diceless, and some Exalted.
But have shifted focus over the years
but to add just a bit more to your question @Lord_Gareth, I have books for DC's RPG (the one based off mutants and masterminds), Mutants and Masterminds, Fate Core, Gamma World, Victoriana (2nd ed) and in the mail on the way to my house is a game called Spaceship Zero
i dun played BD&D and AD&D 2e and D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder and D&D 4e and now i dun played fate
those did not happen in order
(actually it went 3.5e to 4e to BD&D to AD&D 2e to Fate to Pathfinder)
I grew up on 2e, but I really can't see myself going back to it
12:55 PM
and I have played very little of any of these but eventually one day I will have a stable game that lasts more than several sessions
If we're sharing our RPG resumes, I'll just link to my profile.
@JonathanHobbs It's nice to have dreams, isn't it?
Q: Are questions about the mere existence of games on-topic?

mcvI'm asking this because of this question: Are there any WWII tabletop RPGs? The question is simply asking whether games of a specific type exist. The question has been put on hold, and answers downvoted, because it has been deemed to be a bad game-recommendation question, and they want to give m...

@BESW [weeps]
noe of which i have really dug into extensively, though i have spent some time reading up on character creation for the DC game, and now I am trying to spend some time going through Gamma World (and soon Spaceship Zero) my gaming group is mostly college kids, since I am a local to the town I found some others in school who are also local, yet half of my 9player D&D4e group will be gone over the summer and I am trying to choose either Gamma world or Specwhip Zero or DCuniverse for a fill in
@JonathanHobbs Why the instability? Can't find a good game locally?
12:56 PM
over the summer while out main game is on hold
I dream of one day playing Dogs in the Vineyard
9 player 4e game. *shudder*. How long does a combat round take?
@Lord_Gareth I've played a one-shot game of DitV and I remember not enjoying it, but I think my perspective today would be different.
Most of the things I remember disliking then, I'm much more open to today.
@lisardggY blech, stock on OA usable powers, forget Immediates
@Lord_Gareth We managed two sessions of it, I think. It was probably the first non-3.5 game my local group ever played together.
@lisardggY longer than it takes for baby turtles to hatch
12:58 PM
@BESW How'd it go?
@Lord_Gareth As you'd expect: one player rolled up Clint Eastwood, and everybody tried to min-max their stats.
All things considered, though, it went well.
i have a few trick to make it go faster, i use more elites and solo creatures in order to promote the team focus firing on a certain monster, I tell people that they will be up next so they can prepare their turn, I skip them (with a held action) if they dont know what to do on their turn after 20-30 sec, and even if the dice are being lame and they roll 3 misses in a row, I allow the 3rd miss to be a hit
Hey guys, I am looking for an answer I think I read on rpg.SE once, but I can't find it anymore. Maybe you guys can help?
it allows everyone to participate with the no more than 2 consecutive misses thing... tho they dont know that
@atticae Shoot.
1:02 PM
@atticae [cracks knuckles, readies Search]
@BESW [also cracks knuckles... out of habit]
The question was about how you can explain to people what RPGs are about / the fascination about it. The answer was a short story about someone showing it to some people rather than explaining them, by starting to tell a RPG story (something like "A XY enters the room, what do you do?" and the people get hooked on the fantasy.
ooh, I remember that.
I thought it was a popular question on this site, but I am blind or it was somewhere else
Q: I'm at a loss with “Dungeons and Dragons.” How does one play it, anyway?

Rosamunda RosamundaI'm no gamer at all, so this could be like a very silly, basic question for you guys. The thing is that I always read about "Dungeons and Dragons" game (not the video game, but the normal game to play with friends that are actually gathered together). And I would like to know how to play it. I'v...

1:04 PM
Hail unto three @atticae
its weird a categorically disagree with the best answer but thats because when I think of D&D I think of 4e
@waxeagle That's not it, I remember exactly the thing.
Just have to find it...
@waxeagle Yep sorry, thats not it. The answer was not a conventional answer, but a story.
I hope it didn't get deleted or something for not being conventional, because it was fantastic.
@atticae not likely
A: What is a good way to get regular people interested in D&D?

OpaCitiZen"So, what's everyone's hobby?" John asked that evening, opening a beer. "I love gardening," Kyle said. "I'm into assassinations." Nick was apparently trying to be funny, again. Making a face even. Nobody laughed. "I play roleplaying games," Zora said. Some started chuckling about that. "No, I ...

1:07 PM
@BESW Perfect, thank you! Thats it!
[bow and a flourish] I'm pretty handy with the Googles.
Happy to help.
If only we could get that VoP question deleted and cleansed with fire.
For reference, I searched already playing is:answer
And it was about 13 entries down on the first page.
Good advice. My mistake was that I was looking for the question. I thought it had to be as popular as the answer, but thats where I was wrong obviously.
@Lord_Gareth which one?
1:09 PM
I have no idea how that worked, but it did.
Heh. I searched for "show, don't tell", but SE's search only looked for it in main text, not in comments.
@lisardggY yeah, only the actual googles do comments. use site search to limit results
@JoshuaAslanSmith Preserve your innocence by never finding out.
too bad that answers gets drowned with the closed question
That would have been the first hit.
1:10 PM
anyway thanks a lot
That google search actually brings up an interesting subset of questions.
@Lord_Gareth Null. Due to many real life events, I'm a salty old man in a 27 year old's body. I will now go find it and stare into that abyss
@JoshuaAslanSmith Your soul will shrivel and burn, and all joy you know in life will be slain as you read each blasphemous letter, until the only thing left within you is hate and sorrow.
@JoshuaAslanSmith It's only really abyss-y if you can see the deleted bits. I imagine mods have to roll saves just loading the page, because they can see deleted comments as well as deleted answers.
And when you emerge from the abyss that is that question you will take your revenge upon the world that permitted such horror to be
1:13 PM
@BESW Cthulhu Fhtagn
@JonathanHobbs Nice answer to that meta question!
im going to presume you are talking about the locked VoP question
because Ive never seen a locked question before anyway
@BESW thankfully you have to actually choose to see deleted comments
@JoshuaAslanSmith hahahaha
@JoshuaAslanSmith yeah that was instituted because SO has some things that are no longer appropriate but deserving of preservation.
1:15 PM
If I had the rep to see the deleted comments i would read them ALL
because I like inflicting pain on my sould apparently
@MC_Hambone you can only do that if they manage to pin a diamond on you somehow
Deleted answers are bad enough.
it'll never happen... just saying If I could, I would
@MC_Hambone much like deleted chat messages, they're rarely worth it
1:16 PM
I wonder if there's a way to search for questions that have deleted answers, just in case I feel like inflicting pain upon my eyeballs.
@MC_Hambone You know there is an "edit" feature.
@Lord_Gareth So its like the Book in the The Chronicles of Prydain
@lisardggY If you have 10k I think there is.
@lisardggY there is, but it's mod only
deleted:1 will only find deleted stuff
@InbarRose sometimes I am too lazy to right click, then left click, then correct things then hit enter
1:17 PM
what is a good analogy for something crumbling under the weight of something? i am going to use it to express how the Stack Exchange Q&A system handles list questions.
@BESW Thanks! More editing incoming.
@MC_Hambone Just press the up button.
@waxeagle ooooer.
'and the best answer on the VoP question having -3 is worth it alone
@JonathanHobbs a bridge with a load in the middle?
@JoshuaAslanSmith "best"
Hmm. Searching for "deleted:1" on a site I have 10k in seems to return, well, stuff.
1:18 PM
@waxeagle I would hope most bridges can handle a load in the middle
@InbarRose HOLY [expletive deleted]!!!
hahah yes
Haven't figured out why I get those answers specifically.
@JoshuaAslanSmith ....Which answer
1:18 PM
@lisardggY You can't filter by deleted content; that's a mod-only privilege due to privacy and other concerns.
[Fought in the trenches of that hideous blasphemy of a question]
@MC_Hambone Haha, Welcome to the future :)
@JonathanHobbs Fair enough.
@JonathanHobbs substantial load :)
I seriously consider that whole VoP thing to be one of RPG.SE's lowest points because the entire thing was like a forum argument, complete with sniveling curs being passive-aggressive and hiding behind the rules.
1:19 PM
so i searched Vow of Poverty and I cant even see the question :(
@waxeagle "As you can see, this renders the whole voting and accepted answer system kind of irrelevant, and thus the Stack Exchange Q&A system crumples under the weight of a bridge with enough force to compromise its structural integrity." does not have the witty ring to it I'm after unfortunately
@JonathanHobbs mostly just it's that people complain when their stuff (or stuff they like) is deleted. If there is actual private stuff it gets scrubbed
@JonathanHobbs aye it's true
@MC_Hambone its there
Q: Vow of Poverty, overpowered or underpowered?

KhaalI have read plenty of things about the Vow of Poverty in forums, and i have seen both opinions expressed. If i understand it correctly, it does work on the assumption of a linear magic item acquisition from the rest of the party, and it is "balanced" on that assumption. I also do understand that...

@JonathanHobbs Hercules holding earth?
@MC_Hambone Other Cool Chat Things: we have a dice script in RPG chats, usable by typing XdY by itself in a line.
1:20 PM
I went with a wet paper sack for now
@JonathanHobbs Wouldn't it be "crumbles under it's own weight like a bridge that has passed its load limit" ?
wow... even computer dice hate me
1:20 PM
the historical lock does do a few things to limit the visibility of questions that have it. Not sure exactly what and if there are reputation issues there
X can by 1 through 9, Y can be 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 20.
@InbarRose er. wait. yes, it would not be crumpling under the weight of a bridge. nevermind.
You can't add modifiers like +2, but you can mix expressions like 1d8 2d6.
@JonathanHobbs I dunno, bridges can be pretty heavy.
@lisardggY but bridges can be transported across bigger, sturdier bridges
@JonathanHobbs Luckily, bridges tend to be pretty long, so the weight is spread evenly over the (other) bridge.
Ok I dun made my edit but I rolled it back because I think the original was better XD
@BESW I highly recommend replacing the last 00 with ff in both colours. It looks nice.
1:22 PM
(We designed it to make chat-based games run more smoothly.)
well i cant see the deleted posts anyway... so that's lame. how much rep for that privilege?
@MC_Hambone 10,000.
@MC_Hambone That's for deleted answers. Only mods can see deleted comments.
HOLY [different expletive deleted] thats a lot of rep... I'll probably never get there either... :D
@lisardggY Deleted answers and questions.
1:24 PM
@MC_Hambone Ive only be a user since 2012 and Im most of the way there
[Looks at own rep]
Dude philly? thats like really close to me!
@MC_Hambone meh, it's not that much
...That's gotta be all the D&D and PF questions I've answered.
@Lord_Gareth 4e, 3.5 or PF expertise is effectively a pre-req to 10k right now
1:26 PM
...well comparatively close to me than others here.... I live near State College
@Lord_Gareth passive agrressively annoyed at you having more rep in less time. Your Rep KD ratio is larger
@lisardggY Oh! Well. Yes. BD&D and AD&D 2e were both with a group on the other side of the city. D&D 3.5e was with the University's D&D group, the semester before most of the people in the game (DM included) graduated.
@JoshuaAslanSmith Which VoP answer is the one you were talking about
I have been a member for far shorter... :P
D&D 4e and Fate were with my friends, and all five of us have trouble meeting at once, so it's a bit of a jumble.
1:27 PM
KRyan is the one who gets me, a year add 5 months, and already nearly 50k
And recently we've moved on to board games and card games like Dominion.
A: Vow of Poverty, overpowered or underpowered?

MentoliptusIt depends on the class. For item relaying classes it's underpowered, but for a class such as monk it's overpowered. In our dnd-3.5e campaign we had an exalted human monk with vow of poverty, and it was extremely powerful.

@JonathanHobbs Dominion is awesome.
Oh geez, that's not the 'best' answer, that's just the accepted one.
(Formerly Magic: the Gathering, but we could not figure out how to break out of its pressure to keep buying cards, and that was becoming a major problem for us, so for the time being we're not playing at all.)
1:27 PM
now skeet, that's a lot of rep: stackoverflow.com/users/22656/jon-skeet
And frankly even if it wasn't wrong in every way it would still be lazy and sloppy
I guess I wasnt a poweruser when I started though, that first year or so I just posted questions about optimization
I just found a new board game called 7 Wonders Which is Amazing!
Frankly Zach's answer enrages me, the moreso because I remember the comment wars and arguments.
@InbarRose have you seen innovation?
1:29 PM
@InbarRose Sure seems to be! We've played two games based on the First Game recommended set. In the second game, one of my friends accumulated villages, moats, a smithy and a mine, and discovered how to make a formidable draw engine. Another friend doesn't want to play with the First Game set again.
(Half his turns consisted of playing 10+ cards, drawing most of his deck, then buying a province.)
@JonathanHobbs I generally prefer random draws as it levels the playing field for our group's skill level
@JonathanHobbs Believe it or not - draw decks are not the best option.
@Lord_Gareth when I use best its 'best' best being a subjective term but I guess Im saying its not my best so I understand the confusion about the distinction
1:31 PM
@InbarRose I believe that. I am accepting my friend's request to move to another set, because I hope in doing so we will discover other, even more terrifying strategies, and he will be less worried about draw decks by comparison.
I like hitting people with nested King's Courts
@JonathanHobbs I have also like, almost all the expansions.
@JonathanHobbs Doing random is also fun.
In particular, I might've actually beaten him that game. Except I was playing Big Money, and we'd misread Mine: we didn't notice until near the end you could keep the new money card.
@JonathanHobbs Oh wow. Yeah - that's important.
Big Money is my favorite of the first presets.
@InbarRose Well, I mean, I was playing Big Money within the First Game preset.
1:33 PM
I trash almost all my starting cards and end up with just 8 cards that make my engine and as much provinces as I want.
i have no idea whats going on now... I look away for 1 second....
Mine, Smithy, Village, a single Moat, buy gold and provinces.
@MC_Hambone Inbar and I started talking about Dominion, a card game, haha
its a deck building game
quite possibly THE deck building game
i am terrible at stategy games
so all my decks in games like that end up being lousy
thats the thing about Dominion, everyone starts with an identical deck and then has the ability to buy all of the same random 12 cards (though limited quantities available) into their deck
1:35 PM
when I was a kid I made a deck with like 4 pokemon cards and the rest were element power up cards....
theres many different strategies
@MC_Hambone deck building games are not the same CC games
@waxeagle I believe that the internal implementation is that Jon Skeet has all the rep, and any time any user gets any rep in any SE site, it's actually taken from Skeet's pool.
@JoshuaAslanSmith 10 cards. not 12.
While in magic or pokemon CCGs you build decks the meat of the gameplay is playing those decks against one another, not building those decks.
@lisardggY there's some laundering, but yeah, roughly
1:36 PM
deck building games are a particular type of boardgame where the meat of the game is building the deck its all you do
oh hmmmmm
anyone played Killer Bunnies?
(not a deck builder)
in IRL I have... I won, the bunnies lost
1:37 PM
@MC_Hambone just look at a video of dominion being played and youll see what I am saying Ascension is also a big popular example right now
though it wasnt fair, the bunnies werent armed
@MC_Hambone I hit 20k in less than 18 months...
@JoshuaAslanSmith And Arcana.
@waxeagle I'm having lots of fun with deleted:1.
> deleted:1 gnome is:question
1:39 PM
@BESW yea but you, like, know stuff about things and junk
@MC_Hambone Spsh, most of that is because I'm good at saying "You can be a jerk, but why would you want to?" in a lot of different ways.
@waxeagle all I can think of when you say killer bunnies is Hoops
@BESW but...deleted:1 doesn't do anything...does it?
I completed another build.
1:40 PM
@BESW It only seems to work for me if I have a search term. Can't do a global deleted:1.
@JoshuaAslanSmith killerbunnies.com
@waxeagle It seems erratic.
@JoshuaAslanSmith dear lord thats frightening... I prefer to have the uper hand
Anyone have any suggestions for a build?
@MC_Hambone Hoops are to gamma world what orcs are to D&D, the most common associated enemy group
1:41 PM
@Aaron a guy who never fails a skill check.
Intelligent violent mutant rabbits with the ability to turn metal into rubber (but at will vs always hence the ability for them to use armor, swords, guns)
@Aaron The formatting and layout are a bit of a bother. I think you should use indented bullet-points for things like Class Abilities, instead of having whole paragraph breaks between them all.
@Aaron Also, I see that you're using <blockquotes> for citations. And as @BESW predicted, the styling (provided by your WP theme, I'm guessing) isn't meshing that well.
o.o That feel
A Jewish prisoner left this carved on the wall next to his cell, during the Holocaust
> If there is a God, he will need to beg forgiveness from me.
@lisardggY So add a bullet beside each of my bold sections? I only used a single paragraph break so all it would do is add the bullet. I will see if it looks better though. I can't edit for some reason right now so.
@lisardggY Yea I meant to edit that but as I said above the network I am on blocks the editing function for whatever reason.
Everything feels way too double-spaced.
1:46 PM
@lisardggY True. Let me see if I can get teh edit to work. I might move to another blog site/tool.
Isn't tumbler a blog thing?
it is
tumblr can be used for blog posts super easilly
Wordpress.com is one of the better blog hosting sites, though.
I use Windows Live Writer to post, so the editing is rather convenient. I'm pretty sure wordpress.com gives you a choice of many themes.
Q: Did a Jewish prisoner write this quote about God and forgiveness?

iamgopalAccording to a number of social media sites, including Reddit: “If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.” — A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during WWII by a Jewish prisoner. Is this attribution correct?

@JoshuaAslanSmith gonna be a long article to read, but rest assured I will, and if Gamma World turns out to be as ridiculous as the article's intro makes it weem, I think I'll have a hard time picking a game for the summer since I want to veer away from the more serious tone of my D&D world
I guess I could copy the text and then trash the post and repost it.
1:50 PM
If the concern is "but other people might want to play WWII games, so shouldn't we make it as broad as possible?" - then no, because then everyone is given a useless list telling them what none of the things on there actually do. Better have several questions along the lines of: "I want to play a WWII game about X", "I want to play a WWII game about Y", and "I want to play a WWII game about Z", than just "I want to play a WWII game." And having those first three is actually good. For a similar issue, see this. — Jonathan Hobbs 1 min ago
@MC_Hambone Gamma World has always been one of my favorite games. Post-apocalyptic but without the gloomy fallout bummer.
@BESW Do you think that needs the last sentence, the link to the broad-if-possible issue?
Goddamnit Ira that is not how you mercenary properly >.<
@JonathanHobbs It's good, because he brought up that issue in a comment on the main post.
@BESW Ok. :)
1:53 PM
@lisardggY I LOVE Fallout. It is easily my favorite video game series ever (even though I started with Fallout 3 I went back and played 1 and 2) and originally I wanted to play Gamma World since I figured it would be similar, but now that I am looking at it as a fill in for the summer whil 1/2 my group is out of town between semesters the whacky tone of GW seems better
@MC_Hambone I actually meant fallout in the original sense of "nuclear fallout". But yes, the Fallout games are terrific. Well, the first two, which I've played. Will get to 3 at some point too.
Sigh She stapled poison ivy leaves to her commanding officer's ass because he was flirting with her
Fallout 3 is my favorite story line. Basically you grow up in a Vault and when you turn 18 your Father escapes from the vault and the Overseer thinks you helped him so you have to escape and find your Dad, because in Vault 101, no one ever enters and no one ever leaves....
I wish I doubted the literalness of her statement
granted thats a quick and underwhelming story as I dont want to give any spoilers... just a teaser
1:56 PM
The Fallout games actually have a lot of humor too, but they're not built to be as colorful as GW.
oh for sure, like vault 69 being the vault that had 1 man and 999 women
@MC_Hambone the currentish version of gammaworld is basically 4e with more and less rules
I have a freeform-but-GW-inspired game I ran about 4 times for conventions that's still among my all-time favorites.
in different areas
@JoshuaAslanSmith another reason I am leaning toward it as my group is doing 4e right now... it would be an easy switch i think
1:58 PM
Unlike most convention games, I find that for GW, I prefer to create the characters with the players, in the con itself.
Because rolling for random mutations is fun.
(Well, unless you're playing deadEarth).
yeah rolling a PC is part of the gammaworld experience its a game where if you character dies your supposed to re-roll immediately and rejoin the party as someone who just saunters up after the combat ends and says hey
@Aaron Gamma World

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