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10:46 AM
Does anyone know, how much space does additional user aquire on tablet? I'm referring to Nexus 7 2013.
1 hour later…
12:10 PM
bleh, apparently they've started updateing the local-regional models of moto G to 4.4. Mine dosen't have it yet
@DanHulme May I ask you to verify my "footnote #2" in my PHONE_STATE answer? Just got that hint by a dev of an alarm clock.
@Izzy It sounds plausible.
The thing about stopping for incoming calls is that Android has a thing called "audio focus". Only one app at a time can have the "audio focus"; it's not necessarily the foreground app. If an app stops playing sound when it loses the audio focus, then it'll stop playing when there's a phone call, without having to use any phone-call-specific things.
So this means it makes sense for an alarm clock? Why not simply checking the CALL_STATE "onPause"?
@Izzy Also, out of context, that quote from me sounds like any app that wants to retrieve the IMEI should be reported to Google: it's only apps that use the IMEI to track you (for advertising purposes).
I don't think it makes sense to check the call state at all. That won't stop your alarm clock going off in a Skype call, or a G+ Hangout
There's one more thing: I wouldn't blindly trust the result of your experiment. Maybe LBE Privacy Guard's ability to disable the permission is not so complete as you think.
also, what Janusz and Adil say about Android 1.5 is not entirely true
Apps have a "min version" and a "target version". The min version is the first Android version they can run on. The target version is the version they were written for (i.e. the latest Android version they were tested on).
You only get the default extra permission if your app's "target" version is 1.5. If you target a later version but your min version is 1.5, you don't get the permission added automatically.
The idea is, if you've tested it on later versions, then you must know whether you need the permission or not.
12:29 PM
@DanHulme Yepp, that's what I understood. Did I quote you incorrectly (or misunderstandingly)? Feel free to edit and fix it in that case (if I don't like your edit, I can roll back anytime ;)
@Izzy I don't think you misquoted me; it's just that the quote isn't clear in isolation.
Feel free to fix it, no objection from me.
@DanHulme Yupp, good point. But it was as least effective enough to "blank" some other information :)
@DanHulme Oh! Thanks for clarification! So those cases should be pretty rare then.
Yes; basically, it should only be apps that were written for 1.5 and never subsequently updated.
@Izzy done
Urgs. How can I rollback my latest edit to not lose yours? Miss the rollback link (we both edited in parallel)
Nevermind, found it.
@DanHulme Merged :)
@DanHulme Hehe: On AndroidPIT (where I've posted a similar article) they now try on AlarmDroid (one of the best alarm clocks I know): removing the permission with SRT and others, to see if that changes its behavior #D
1:08 PM
Maybe I should try the same with LBE, and see what happens when I call my "already ringing" device?
1:21 PM
@Izzy Is it possible to add MAXS (or better MAXS Module smssend) to androidpit.de/de/android/forum/thread/410035/… ? Can I edit it myself?
1 hour later…
2:23 PM
@Flow You cannot edit that (it's a Forum, not SE ;) – but you can post into that Thread. I'd recommend to first post into the "Ich zeig Euch meine App" area (introducing/describing your app), and then post a "Reply" in the Thread you mentioned, including the URL to your "Introduction". I'll then add it at the proper place in the "main post".
Once you've posted that "reply", I'll be notified automatically, and will take care for it :)
6 hours later…
8:42 PM
I don't know what to do with this one, but the answer is not even bad, but somehow looks like causing the OP additional trouble: How can I update my rooted Moto G to 4.4.2
Not my area of expertise, so I don't know how to argue.
Anyone here who could put some word on that?
9:19 PM
Kevin Montrose on February 10, 2014

There’s been a lot of excitement lately here at Stack Exchange, what with the launch of our Android app and the start of our iOS app alpha.  A few sharp-eyed users noticed, hidden deep within each app, a new version of the Stack Exchange API. After a few more weeks of testing I’m happy to say that V2.2 is now frozen, documented, and released.

Creating questions and answers


Editing, Deleting, and Flagging

Improved OAuth UI on mobile devices

…and lots more

Almost everything done by our own apps is using our public API, but there are a few notable exceptions: …


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