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7:19 AM
I now added reflect and frame options to adjustbox / \includegraphics.
The frame can be given on it's own and sets a \fboxsep=0pt \fbox around the image. Then its possible to set the rule width frame=<width> or also the sep (space separated) frame=<width> <sep>.
A: Birthday Celebrations

SeamusI think we should make an effort to bring down the number of unanswered questions before our birthday. There's plenty of questions where answers haven't been upvoted and the OP hasn't returned since asking to accept the answer. But I'm sure lurking in that list are some questions that we can find...

Seems like a good idea: can we get it down from ~250 to perhaps under 100?
@JosephWright: I just found the chat bookmark feature. Nice.
We can also schedule events, like the birthday party in the chat ;-)
@MartinScharrer Good idea
Most of the regulars are in European time zones, I think
One to mention in meta or perhaps in the site banner?
Yes, we should.
7:53 AM
@JosephWright: There is a diagram showing the average usage of this chat room over the day. This is a good indicator and we should schedule it around peak-time.
@MartinScharrer Is there? Where is it?
Click on room at the above right corner of the chat window.
Or info which brings you to:
@MartinScharrer Ah yes, so there is
18:00 seems to be a peak time, but we might should do it a little later.
@MartinScharrer We want a window in any case - a couple of hours?
7:59 AM
Yes, I think so
8:46 AM
@JosephWright: It would be really cool if we would have a map feature which shows all our users on a world map (like sauspiel.de/karte)
Maybe I open a feature request on Meta.SX
9:18 AM
My fellow Vim users: please note the new 7.x features undodir=<dir> and undofile which enables undo operations even when the file got closed and later reopened. Very useful if you tend to quit Vim for compiling the document (bad habit of mine).
9:56 AM
I might just have answered several questions of xport with one answer. At least if should avoid a lot of cropping issues she had:
A: pdfcrop fails to crop a PDF document with non-white background

Martin ScharrerI would do it another way around: (This might actually solve some other issues of you) Place the whole thing in a savebox in the preamble. (You have to manually enable the normal font use \normalfont for this AFAIK.) Then you can measure the dimensions of the box and set the page dimensions acco...

10:11 AM
@MartinScharrer Is this question about making a nounproject font?
Q: Create a symbol font from SVG symbols

Martin ScharrerIs it possible to create an own scalable font from a set of symbols (~700), all in SVG format. All of them are symbols (like Zapf Dingbats), so there would be no need for special settings like ligatures, italic corrections, etc. Basically I want that {\mysymbolfont\char123} displays the symbol wh...

One problem with making it a font is that if people want BIG versions of the pictures, they can't get to them (there \includegraphics[width=10cm]{...} would be much easier...
@Seamus Aeeh, yes, @PauloCereda and me saw you mentioning it hand found it interesting. We both did some early package writing just for fun.
@Seamus You can simply use \adjustbox{width=10cm}{\myfontchar{123}} for this, or directly \resizebox*{10cm}{!}{\myfontchar{123}}.
I saw. I am going a different route with my idea: semantic macro names with an optional height parameter as a wrapper for \includegraphicsIt was actually just an excuse to see whether I could define a bunch of macro names from a comma separated list.
Also you could provide both if you like.
The list is generated by ls *.eps and some sed-fu...
Fonts are hard.
@Seamus I also had the same idea of passing some options along. The drawback is that you need then two macros for every symbol to implement the optional argument. Lots of symbols -> 2x lots of macros
@Seamus EPS? I converted the SVGs to PDFs.
10:20 AM
@MartinScharrer I converted to both with a shell script, but the folder contains an extra pdf file that I don't want macros for. That PDF contains a programmatically generated list of all the symbols so far included and their commands. So listing by eps finds all and only the nounproject symbols...
If we wanted to set up a tex.sx blog in time for our birthday, we should get the ball rolling soon I guess. Any more contributors?
@Seamus: I can help, if needed. Though I do not fight TeX-fu like you guys do. =)
10:38 AM
@PauloCereda I think it would be good if we could have a bit of a spectrum of abilities in the blog. If you're interested you should sign up on the CW answer to the meta question!
@Seamus ok! I'm gonna enlist. =)
A: Birthday Celebrations

Joseph WrightMartin suggests we schedule a 'party' in Chat: http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/1340323#1340323. Seems like an interesting idea :-)

We love parties! =)
11:00 AM
Q: Why did the LaTeX chicken cross the road? A: ! Undefined control sequence. chicken
1 hour later…
12:02 PM
\section{\small{Introduction}} Collaborating makes me worry about people's understanding of LaTeX...
Or check out this style file that I was asked to use: it defines its own section commands that fail to use LaTeX's "don't put a section heading as the last thing on a page" magic. Also, indentation after section headings isn't suppressed.
And this by Springer! They should know better.
12:19 PM
@MartinScharrer Another problem with a font is that users must remember what number corresponds to what glyph. I see two alternatives:
@Seamus Suppressing the indentation after section headings is not a universal law. Some typographic traditions keep the indentation, it's customary in Italian typography and also French, IIRC.
* many files, and \newcommand\nounproject[2][]{\in@{car,table,star,sun,...}{#2}\ifin@\includegraph‌​ics[{#1}]{...#2...}\else\ERROR\fi}, used as \nounproject[height 10mm]{car}.
It depends on how you want to call your symbols, but one cs is sufficient: `\def\house{\MSsymbols{"1234}}`
and then `\protected\def\MSsymbols#1{\@ifnextchar[{\@MSsymbols{#1}}{\@MSsymbols{#1}[]}}`
followed by
* a font, and an approach close to a LaTeX3 property list : \def \nounprojectlist {"car"{123}"sun"{36}"star"{22}} \newcommand \nounproject[1]{\def \np@##1#1##2##3;{\if##2?\else\char##2\fi}\expandafter\np@\nounprojectlist"#1"{?}‌​;}
This French keyboard is appalling!
@Seamus ! LaTeX Error: \begin{document} ended by \end{rant}.
1:30 PM
@BrunoLeFloch: Of course I also provide named macros. The already know which number has what name, however some images are named identical. There are e.g. 8 different arrows which are all called "Arrow". Ok there I will had the direction using NE, SW, etc. but in other cases I simply have to decide on a different name.
1:41 PM
I'll put up my solution later. It's like your first solution, but different...
@Seamus, @BrunoLeFloch, @egreg: I started with:
\expandafter\newcommand\expandafter*\csname NP#2\endcsname


1 hour later…
2:58 PM
@MartinScharrer using one pdf with lots of pages is clever! So \nounsymbol{Man} gives you the man symbol?
I would write


Otherwise commands such as \NPTrash would be fragile. This requires e-TeX, of course; but I wouldn't worry any more.

\nounsymbol is robust anyway.
My own (not as complete, not as sophisticated) effort is here: seamusbradley.net/tex/nounproject.zip
As I've been doing it by hand, there's only a handful of the weather and nature symbols so far...
I'm quite proud of the way the csvlist is generated by a shell script and then used to define a bunch of macros. Probably trivial to you guys...
@MartinScharrer If you are worried that a command can be overwritten by \@namedef, use \@ifdefinable: \expandafter\@ifdefinable\csname NP#2\endcsname{\protected...}; this avoids many, and I mean many, expansion steps with respect to \newcommand.
3:18 PM
Achievement unlocked: multiple packages on CTAN. [Although it's doubtful either has actually been used by anyone but me...]
3:50 PM
@egreg: Good idea. That version was anyway just quick and dirty.
4:01 PM
Quick and dirty question: I'm using \frame{\sectionpage} in beamer with [brazilian]{babel}, but it appears Section instead of the portuguese word. Am I missing something?
Sorry, I meant [brazil]{babel}
Is there a macro like \fbox or \frame (not the beamer version!) but which draws also the baseline? (Yes, yes, I know: Use TikZ)
Ts, ts, I justed googled for "TUG" and got to the Timeshare User Group :-(
@PauloCereda \addto\captionsbrazil{\renewcommand{\sectionpage}{What section is called in Brazil}}
@PauloCereda Beamer uses the translator package to do this. See the last part of the beamer manual (sec. 25) It doesn't look like there is Brazilian support built in, but it shouldn't be too hard to make your own dictionary using the translator tools.
4:21 PM
Thanks @egreg and @AlanMunn! I owe you drinks. =)
Will a netinstall of texlive get me 2011 yet? It's not clear from the tug website...
@PauloCereda Not so fast :-) I couldn't get a simple example to work using the translator tools. It doesn't seem to work as advertised in the manual, or I'm misreading something.
@AlanMunn Don't worry. =) @egreg's suggestion works like a charm, I just replaced \sectionpage by \sectionname. =)
@Seamus Hm... Just to be sure, is the submission still on dante.ctan.org/upload ? I think I submitted my morewrites package to CTAN roughly at the same time as you mentionned yours here.
4:51 PM
@BrunoLeFloch I uploaded via the Cambridge link, not Dante...
5:08 PM
@Seamus Ah. Thanks for the info. Now I've got to figure out whether I need to send it to Cambridge. I'll just wait a few days and see.
5:37 PM
@BrunoLeFloch Package submissions to CTAN are manually handled, so they will always take a day or so to show up.
@AlanMunn I understand. I was just wondering since there has been some odd business with Jim Hefferon.
@BrunoLeFloch The issue with Jim Hefferon as I understand it is that the CTAN.org domain belongs to him, and he now mirrors the catalogue but nothing else. But this shouldn't affect package uploading though either Dante or Cambridge. Cambridge might be a bit slower (I seem to remember Robin Fairbairns mentioning something like that on c.t.t.).
@AlanMunn Thanks for the info.
6:35 PM
@AlanMunn ctan.org belongs to TUG, but the question is who will run a master mirror in the US or far east
(I.e. TUG own the domain name, not the physical machine)
6:50 PM
@JosephWright I see. So how come Jim's pages still work with the ctan.org domain?
@AlanMunn As I understand it, he's still willing to run a server, and has the bandwidth
There are a number of links which rely on 'ctan.org' working correctly
I believe that TUG is seeking a replacement primary CTAN site, but there are not 100s of volunteers
(There is little point in moving ctan.org unless the new machine is set up to do the job)
7:25 PM
@JosephWright We already run a mirror here; how much extra is involved in running a master mirror?
@AlanMunn You would have to ask Robin and Rainer (ctan@dante.de) for a definitive answer. One obvious thing is that the master nodes accept incoming packages. Also, the bandwidth is an issue.
(DANTE pay for theirs commercially, and this limits them, whereas Cambridge is on the university network as a benefit from them to the world!)
(We are talking >2 TB per month, I believe)
If you are potentially in a place to help out, I'd contact both ctan@dante.de and Karl Berry to explore the situation in more detail
7:43 PM
@JosephWright Ok. I'll do a little investigating with the powers-that-be here to see how possible it would be. Does accepting incoming packages mean doing the manual stuff?
@AlanMunn Robin Fairbairns does the catalogue. I think that Rainer (and formerly Jim) 'just' had to unpack incoming material and run the 'announcement daemon'.
(Again, this is one for the people in the know)

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