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5:04 PM
hello there
:) yet alone. just wondering where that meeting is announced Jan talked about.
@JanFabry that was the message - jan when where and why ? :)
5:33 PM
hi :)
Hey mate
Q: WPA Meta Meeting #1

Thomas McDonaldMe and Jan were talking on chat this evening, and in conjunction with Mike's response here we decided our use of chat would possibly be much more productive if we were to have an assigned time when we would join and discuss issues etc. It's a bit difficult to decide upon a time when you don't kn...

thanks for the reminder.
I think I can make it.
6:01 PM
Evening @Jan
Good evening
hi jan
@hakre Hi
And probably thanks to you for pushing me over the 2000 rep limit
shit, I wanted to prevent that :)
Quick, downvote, or flag me as spam!
6:11 PM
This rep system is really funny here @stackexchange
@JanFabry I'll do any of these and then run down your list of answers until all my rep has run out.
just wondering if there is some rep bashing meta-game on se
Although if you do it to a large proportion of his answers your votes will get undone.
ah, I'll sneak those in so this won't trigger any alert :)
But anyway, moderating is working pretty well.
I'm really impressed.
is it possible to send privmsg's with this SE chat?
6:29 PM
@hakre No, everything is public
Q: Private Messages - Will StackChat reopen the debate?

AmiI know that a SO private-message feature has been repeatedly declined on this site. However, once StackChat is running, wouldn't such a feature be really useful? Ie: "hey man, meet me in chillaxing at 3:30," "we had a really nice conv. tonight, can I get your email address?" or "you're project ...

Bah, every time I press cmd+key for firefox shortcuts, it puts it in the msg field.
6:50 PM
I'll be a bit afk now, but should be back in about two hours.
1 hour later…
7:58 PM
Hey @Mike
Hey @Thomas. Almost forgot about this today, good thing SE sent an email...
Yeah, I had a sudden panic last night halfway through my TF2 match when I thought it was on Friday.
Also, good thing I have my iPad with me.
Everyone seems to have temporarily disappeared, there was four or five of us on about half an hour ago
So what's the agenda again?
8:08 PM
Promotion and organisation, and I think there were a couple of unanswered Meta issues to discuss
My head is only partially in this today. Not enough sleep, a pending project to complete too.
8:28 PM
I'm going to have to take off. i can reconnect in about 30-45 minutes.
here but sleepy sips giant mug of tea
ge' some coffee down yersen
I don't drink coffee...
Fair point, I guess.
8:43 PM
by any chance anyone knows "floating" social buttons plugin that isn't coded in a way that makes kittens cry and explode?.. staring at some theme stuff I really need to finish already
Floating, al la Mashable right?
9:01 PM
yeaaaaah, meta event is a blast :)
Jan, right on time.
OK, let's see
Good evening from Europe, everyone
So, looking at the list of registered people
I see Mike might join us later
EAMann was watching a game or something?
Sounded like it
9:04 PM
I'm here, at least somehow :)
Anyone heard anything from Sorich or Chris_O?
Just got a friend joining here unplanned.
@hakre Ah, in real life. I thought you were talking about an extra friend in the chat room
@sorich87 was here earlier (this will ping him across global inbox if he's about, as he's been in the room in the past x days)
(An here's me thinking those Germans carefully plan everything)
Ok, what do we want to discuss tonight?
(I don't have much experience with chat meetings, is there a protocol to follow?)
I would like some guidelines on tagging
9:07 PM
@JanFabry Not that I'm aware of, I think we're the first to use chat in an preorganised meeting
I want to re-tag a lot of plugin-related questions, but I don't know how
@ThomasMcDonald But nothing we can learn from the WordPress IRC meetings?
@JanFabry That's what we are famous for :)
@JanFabry Oh, I'm sure there is. Just referring to it in the scope of SE chat.
I'd actually like to talk about tag synonyms
For those unaware:
9:08 PM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on August 1st, 2010

Every question on Stack Overflow, or any other Stack Exchange site, must be tagged with at least one tag. Tags are simple keywords or labels that help categorize your question with other, similar questions.

It’s important that questions get tagged correctly, because that makes it easier for everyone to find the questions they’re interested in — and potentially answer them.

These tags are built by the community, in what is commonly known as a folksonomy. While we do a bit of pre-seeding when sites launch with a few dozen really obvious tags, most tags you see were created by another fellow user. Like any other collaborative process involving the community, not everyone agrees, and it takes some time to reach a consensus. One person’s to-mah-to is another person’s to-may-to, and pretty soon everyone is calling the whole thing off. …

I'm here just to say that I'm really confident with the progress of the site and community.
We have a number of tags which replicate each other
I'd like to see theme mapped to themes, and plugin mapped to plugins
And maybe keep promotion for the end, because that might be a longer discussion
@ThomasMcDonald +1, I see that issue as well. Next to that I would like to see theme-recommendations and plugin-recommendations
9:10 PM
Mapped onto themes?
(Are we still defining the agenda or already discussing one item?)
not mapped onto themes but some folks are asking for a theme and some are asking about (how to do that with) themes.
which tag should be "root" - singular (plugin) or plural (plugins) ?
(I'm OK with both, just want to know)
@JanFabry Jumped in early ;)
9:11 PM
@Rarst I would have said the plural form should be the root tag, but I'm devoid of a decent explaination for it
This is the synonym list of Stack Overflow: stackoverflow.com/tags/synonyms?filter=all&tab=master
For some reason you need 2500 reputation + a score of 10 in the tag to suggest a tag synonym, and 4 people to approve it for it to come into effect. We might need to ping Jeff or Robert about that
I am towards singular
But SO seems to do both: sometimes singular is master, sometimes plural
probably they are stuck with it, we are new so have opportunity to decide early
9:15 PM
What would be the more common form, I guess. At the moment I would say themes and plugins has the most uses because it was first, and therefore suggested more highly by the autocomplete. However, I would say the singular form was used more widely throughout WP
I tend to use plural form for tags but I think that is a personal issue. Other prefer singular. So in the end the system should handle both the same. For me it would be okay that everything is forced to plural forms though :)
@hakre and for me force singular :) anyone knows solid arguments that are not gut feeling on this?
Maybe we should also look at the related issue of theme- and plugin-specific questions
Thinking about it further, if you have an issue with a theme/theme development/what not, it should really be tagged theme, not themes, as the issue refers to a singular item.
Singular is probably more suitable in the end as I continue to make up my mind about this.
9:17 PM
Q: Merge singular and plural tags

HelenI noticed there're tags that are actually the singular and plural forms of the same term, e.g. string and strings, and I guess most of them should be merged. Here're some possible candidates (tag counts are as of 7/17): Edit: grouped tags by count and sorted alphabetically. > 1000: array (...

Although we do have a theme-development tag, so disregard half my argument
Q: How should we tag questions about specific plugins or themes?

Jan FabryIf I have a question about the TwentyTen theme, or the WordPress.com Stats plugin, should I label them [themes] [twenty-ten] and [plugins] [stats], or [theme-twenty-ten] and [plugin-stats]? I like the latter more, since they reduce confusion by being more explicit (this is not just about all kind...

Q: Merging singular and plural forms of tags

Daniyar Possible Duplicate: Merge singular and plural tags Why don't moderators merge tags which are just singular and plural forms of the same word? image - images graph - graphs best-practice - best-practices tree - trees feature-request - feature-requests And some tags have very similar m...

Say we decide to tag questions about Twenty Ten like [twenty-ten-theme]
Then maybe that would look odd next to [themes] instead of [theme]?
So you are suggesting it would be tagged [twenty-ten-theme][theme]?
9:19 PM
I agree, theme makes more sense in combination, so separate themes becomes confusing
I'm okay to merge the plural forms into the singular form. If that directly removes some clutter, let's just do it if this is okay for everybody else.
So themes is mapped onto theme, and plugins is mapped onto plugin
@ThomasMcDonald I don't know, I prefer the [slug-theme] and [slug-plugin] over [slug] [theme] and [slug] [plugin] format, but I had not thought about [slug-theme] [theme]
@ThomasMcDonald yes, that's what I wanted to say.
@hakre Yeah, just I can pin it in the sidebar to come back to it at the end, and make a list
9:21 PM
@ThomasMcDonald please do so, sounds good.
@JanFabry Ah, I wasn't sure how you were referring to it against [themes] though, I would generally prefer them to be split but I can see where the name of the plugin might cause conflicts with other tags
ops... "you are not allowed to propose tag synonym"
I'm uncertain about concrete theme names. named-theme-twenty-ten ? concrete-theme theme-twenty-ten? just playing...
Generally I think it's common to start with the more global thing and then differ to the end.
@hakre I think findability (autocomplete) is important here. So I think it should start with the theme name
I'd also like to propose that we strip the [theme]/[themes] from any question that already has the [theme-development] tag. I think moderators can do this quietly (without bumping them all to the top of the activity feed) as there's about 20 questions involved.
9:23 PM
Otherwise we will have to create synonyms from all theme names to [prefix-name]
it seems rep requirement for tag synonyms is bugged, I should have enough rep but not working
@JanFabry the autocomplete works from both directions on the site as I experienced it.
@Rarst You need a score of 10 in the tag, which you must have surely?
@hakre Hey, I never noticed that! Maybe it gives greater weight to prefix matches, so you only see those on Stack Overflow
Hah, looking through some more tags we've got quite a mess in various places
9:27 PM
@ThomasMcDonald hm? I thought it was rep alone as described in "priviliges"?.. I don't have 10 in plugin because there are less questions with singular form currently
@Rarst "Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 10 or more on the tag, can suggest and vote on tag synonyms."
hello everybody
@sorich87 Good... evening I guess?
hi sorich87
yeah. 22pm here. I felt asleep. :)
9:29 PM
Alright then, theme/themes plugin/plugins is sorted, shall we go through some other synonyms and then come back to Jan's specific theme tags afterwards?
sorted but useless... seems that we have no users capable of retagging these :) unless mods can force it or something
No idea, but I tend to defer the details, so as one step has been done we might need some time to make up mind about that a bit as we browse the site over the week
@ThomasMcDonald Do we just map everything to singular? [custom-post-type], [custom-menu], [post]?
@Rarst If mods can't do it, I'm sure there's some staff somewhere than can
(The [post(s)] tag seems so useless on it's own)
(Almost like [wordpress])
9:32 PM
Not sure about [custom-post-type]
@ThomasMcDonald if I get the network mechanics right - if we have not enough power then it is best saved for when we do... community-run, etc, etc
Should questions about problems with a specific WP API function always be tagged with that function?
@Rarst I would tend to agree with you, but you need more rep to create tag synonyms than you do to access moderator tools. On SO you need 2500 rep as well, 1/4 of the rep to access mod tools, which would be 500 on our site - if that makes any sense.
(I'm looking at the list, seeing [wp-enqueue-script], [wp-dequeue-script])
@JanFabry If it's a question specifically about a function, I would say yes. If it's just 'featured' in the question, I would say no.
9:36 PM
@JanFabry that makes sense, sometimes you just want to quickly find usage examples for specific function
[wp-admin] x44 - [admin] x33 - [administration] x15
@ThomasMcDonald I would just go for [admin]
Or is [wp-admin] better? Probably everyone recognizes that it's about the admin area, where [administration] might also cover hosting and stuff like that
@JanFabry I also think that wp-admin is easier to recognize
@Rarst OK, then I vote for [wp-admin] too
@JanFabry good point. - so me on the wp-admin fanclub as well.
9:43 PM
@JanFabry So what, keep [administration] as it is, but map [admin] to [wp-admin]?
@ThomasMcDonald Maybe review them, most probably also have [wp-admin] or [admin]
So [administration] can be removed from them
Have [wp-admin] as WordPress-related admin, but [administration] as WP-hosting related admin?
Or maybe find a better alternative for [administration] then, maybe [management] or something like that
we might probably leave administration for the moment as is. I assume that it has not been used precisely so it needs to be differed for each use-case which is just too much work maybe.
Hosting should be [hosting], but what about "how to keep x or y under control?
@hakre Indeed, let's see where it goes
9:47 PM
@hakre I should imagine the work would only increase though as the tag volume increases though?
Can we block amambiguous tag terms from further use and leave a message / hint / note?
(so to say I'm aware of the problem)
I'm not sure, I was going to send Robert an email at the end of this with anything we raised that was directly to do with SE, so I'll ask about that. As far as I'm aware there currently isn't, however we could edit the tag wiki to indicate that it is 'deprecated' (of a form)
@hakre This will probably be less of a problem when the rep to create new tags goes up
Q: What is the Better way to manage posts in Wordpress ?

mireille raadHello guys, I am looking for a plugin or a "tool" that would mod the administration interface and would allow me to mass edit the posts. Currently the posts are paginated by 20 post per page, if i have to turn 1000 post into drafts or delete them - i have to browse multiple pages. Same for cha...

See, I think this is where Jan's suggestion of management is better suited than 'administration'
9:51 PM
Maybe we should keep tag synonym suggestions in a Meta question, and review them in a chat if we can't solve it on meta
Because the question indeed has everything to do with administration, but it is too easily confused with questions directly about wp-admin, while this question is more about suggestions on how to manage posts
@JanFabry Yeah, did you want to create a question, or shall I? I'm going to (partially, over a couple of days) eradicate the [administration] tag now however, as there are alternate tags that it will fit under.
@ThomasMcDonald Go ahead, and then someone with mod powers could make it CW so we can edit all answers add examples and stuff
So a general question that asks for one (or one close group) synonym suggestion per answer
Yeah, sure
OK, can we then discuss the "specific theme/plugin tagging issue"?
9:57 PM
So, what were the different suggestions?
I prefer [twenty-ten-theme]
[twenty-ten-theme] and [twenty-ten][theme]
Others like [twenty-ten] [theme]
@hakre Or [specific-theme-twenty-ten] or something like that
With a prefix of [specific-? Could be worth remembering that there's a limit of 25 chars/tag, that specific example is right on the limit.
I'm unsure about those specific theme names tag stuff. My position so far is to start with the broad term (theme, plugin) and then somehow add the concrete name after it.
10:02 PM
My only issue with the [slug-theme] tags is that we'll end up with lots of single use tags
But the main problem I see is, that it must be something "native" to use.
@ThomasMcDonald More than in what other case?
Probably that needs more real life experience and I'm not that heavily involved with the moderation so others might have differentiated thoughts.
hi mike :)
The other case where we don't tag specific themes
10:04 PM
@MikeSchinkel Hello there
@ThomasMcDonald Ah, but I really would do that, so we can promote us to theme and plugin authors
"This is the list of questions about your theme/plugin"
Probably it's worth to have one tag instead of two. so twenty-ten-theme instead of twenty-ten and theme.
just to avoid irritation with themes released in 2010
@ThomasMcDonald Does anyone have an idea about the length of theme/plugin names?
A sort of distribution of lengths?
@Serg Hello Serg
@JanFabry No idea
We're in the middle of our first meta meeting
@Serg We don't do actual "live support" here, unless it's first asked as a question on the site
I see the positives behind the singular tag format, however the [theme(s)] tag then becomes less useful
10:09 PM
What a pain in the butt this move interface is... I can't multi-select until they are together, and I can't even select those that have references to posts.
@Serg I'm going to take this to a separate chat room, so we can keep this for the meta meeting
Q: Tag Synonym Suggestions

Thomas McDonaldIn the chat meeting we held tonight we decided it would be better to discuss tag synonyms here, where it's possibly easier to refer to later. (For those needing a primer on tag synonyms, you can read up on them at the SO blog. For some examples of tag synonyms, you can check SO's master list of ...

@Serg Yes, but it becomes really confusing for me if we mix up the discussion
Hi @Serg, glad to have you on the site. We are currently on a schedule "meta" meeting were we are dicussing site operation. Thanks for taking to another chat room so we can stay focused.
@Mike, you on Mac at the moment?
10:13 PM
Hi Guys, I just got through reading about all the tagging. Good stuff. Thoughts: how does everyone feel about encoding those "rules" into a plugin that interfaces with the SE API and running it from a join site that trusted people in the community all has access to?
@Thomas - Yes, why?
@Mike was going to get you to move the messages above into the other room, you need to shift-click or control-click to move messages across. No support for command-click. (As you're a diamond you have access to the message admin)
@MikeSchinkel You mean a sort of bot that would enforce the rules? Or how do you see it?
@Thomas - I don't follow.
@JanFabry - Yes, that's what I was thinking.
@Mike - click the room link in the top right and then click 'message admin'. I wanted to selectively move messages to the other room, but I need to control-click to select seperate messages and move them in one action
10:18 PM
@Mike You can also can edit your posts by pressing the up arrow.
Because I believe the API is read-only at the moment, so if you want to edit stuff you can't do that with a bot at the moment
Are you referring to rules as in the blocking of tags, or the mapping of tags onto others @Mike? Mapping can be done using SE at the moment, but not blocking
1 message moved to WordPress Help
2 messages moved to WordPress Help
I am off, falling asleep.
1 message moved to WordPress Help
1 message moved to WordPress Help
2 messages moved to WordPress Help
2 messages moved to WordPress Help
10:22 PM
Yeah, I wanted to try and do it in one action to stop it from coming up with multiple messages
1 message moved to WordPress Help
Ok, can we try and get back on our original discussion?
1 message moved to WordPress Help
I'm losing control! Help!
@Jan, don't worry. ;)
10:25 PM
So were we still discussing [slug][theme] against [slug-theme]
17 mins ago, by Thomas McDonald
I see the positives behind the singular tag format, however the [theme(s)] tag then becomes less useful
Some plugins have names that are also valid regular tag names, so that's why I prefer the -plugin] suffix
As long as slug and theme belongs to each other, it should be one tag.
So to express relation
And the [theme(s)] tag can still be useful when you are asking a general question about themes
and to avoid confusion.
@JanFabry absolutely
10:27 PM
Seems like we have some agreement, that was my only concern regarding the singular format
@Mike: You preferred the separate tags in the original discussion, is this still so?
@JanFabry - (Damn thing lost track of my login...) I've been doing categorization and taxonomy systems for a long time and I've come to the conclusion that whatever way you pick is wrong anyway, so consistency becomes the most important. And with all my experience in that area I've become a bit weary to put lots of effort towards its because it takes a herculean effort to maintain.
I could tell you stories of my days with the VBxtras catalog of Visual Basic tools where I would personally take a week to do the categorization every quarter, but I won't bore you with it now. :)
We lost Rarst?
Yeah, he went to sleep
Lucky guy...
1 hour ago, by Rarst
here but sleepy sips giant mug of tea
@Mike: By saying "anything you pick is wrong anyway", you don't have a specific preference anymore?
Because with the synonym and renaming possibilities of SE we can probably keep some things automated
10:37 PM
@JanFabry - Yes, I'm saying that I don't think my opinion on this is important enough to inject here. Seriously.
So we need to iterate this from time to time probably then.
Back to my thoughts about a plugin. We are a unique group that we all program on the same platform (unlike SO, which is a tower of babble) that we could build the external component for interfacing with SE. A tag management bot could be a great first start.
Don't diamonds have access to tag management tools?
I meant to say "defacto external component" since so many people can easily have a WordPress site no matter if they do something else or not.
I like the bot idea Mike, but I can't join the coding party for the next weeks. I still have unserializer and a hooktracer and some other libs on to finish first.
10:39 PM
@hakre - Autocomplete not working like I'm used to.
But I can offer to review code if that is of use.
@hakre - I don't have any project time right now either, but could later in the year maybe. OTOH most of the work would probably be in architecting.
@Mike, as I said before, you can press the up arrow to edit your last post (just incase you didn't notice, I think you were moving messages about)
@ThomasMcDonald - Some diamond I am! I'm not as active on some of these tools. Been spending more time on the Q&A than anything else.
@ThomasMcDonald - I don't think the tag management tools have that much functionality; here's what I see (more of just a view, not a bulk edit):
@Mike, I'm guessing you have at least 10 rep in [plugin] + [plugins], could you try creating a tag synonym from plugins -> plugin?
@ThomasMcDonald - Will look...
Rarst reckoned he couldn't get it to work
Okay folks, I need to leave now for personal reasons. I mean it's saturday night here, so was nice to chat. And to everybody: I think the site had a great start so far!
@hakre Bye, good night (out?)
@hakre Alright mate, I don't think I'll be around for much longer
10:47 PM
jup out
Neither do I, it's indeed late here in Europe
@ThomasMcDonald - Weird. It wouldn't let me create a synonym for plugin but it would for plugins (because the latter appeared more than the former.)
(Typing this from my bed, with a not-yet-grumpy wife next to me)
Ah, that could be awkward.
Well, I don't think we're getting very far with the whole tag synonym business, anyone up for discussing promotion before I go to get some sleep? (or satisfy my addiction to Minecraft)
10:50 PM
@ThomasMcDonald - What's the goal of promotion? To get more people to ask questions or to get more people to answer?
I'm not too sure myself. At the moment I would say to make more people aware of the site, perhaps not to immediately ask questions but to be aware of it as a resource.
I think we currently have enough questions given the number of people actively answering. If we were successful with promotion our really good 94% answer rate might go down.
How many plugin authors would like to move their support over to WordPress Answers, instead of a huge comment thread on their own blog?
@Jan, I think that's a really good direction we could take
but then there's also a potential issue with the quality of the questions that it might attract
10:52 PM
@MikeSchinkel I would like some more "experts" here, so we can also tackle the "interesting" and difficult questions with more people
@ThomasMcDonald Indeed, but the Stack Exchange system is pretty good with handling duplicates
When I launched a business in 1994 that grew 1750% over five years I remember reading an interview with the CEO of MicroCenter. They were asking if he was going to launch lots of stores and he said "No, we'll grow slowly. Things that grow fast can fail fast too." That stuck with me.
And that is probably one of the headaches of plugin authors: always the same questions
@JanFabry I don't think it's a matter of duplicates, it's more the general quality of question. I can imagine many people after plugin support start with the vaguest of descriptions.
@JanFabry - I really like that idea. It's very narrow and thus very doable in terms of an implementation strategy.
@MikeSchinkel Proposal: we create a Google Spreadsheet with the top 100 or so plugins and their authors, and everyone can contribute to get a complete list of how they offer support now (WP.org forums, own blog, premium stuff)
10:56 PM
One concern I have is that the WordPress repository encourages people to use the support forums and I highly doubt they will modify it to point to SE-WA.
We can then use that list to "target" plugin authors to invite them over here
OTOH if plugin authors included a support link for their plugin that comes to WA then it might work.
@JanFabry - Yes, I really like that Google spreadsheet - take the lead?
+1, I think this is genius.
@MikeSchinkel Yes, I was thinking of that, so plugin authors would indicate, on their site and in their plugin (standard image/button?), that this is the place to be
Let me see how I can make this work...
Another good thing about this strategy is it will bring more quality developers here to answer questions. Promotion to end users will only make it harder to get great questions here.
Early on, anyway.
10:59 PM
I can create the document and share it, but I won't do the top 100 query now, as it's too late here
I can make a start, but I wouldn't expect too much from me now either
@JanFabry - LOL! First step in the journey of a thousand miles. :)
You should be able to access this: spreadsheets.google.com/…
How do you feel about dividing the group up and letting each of us take a percentage of the top 100 to contact in advocacy. We also could create a google group so there is an email alias to CC (assuming you guys either don't mind the the email or know how to create inbox rules). That way it'll be clear it's more than one guy asking them.
Is there anything we need to do special to entice them to come over?
Show them some awesome examples?
11:05 PM
Hmm, I can't seem to add to that document using my Google Apps account
@ThomasMcDonald Maybe I should invite you with your specific e-mail address? I did that with Mike because I knew his
If you could, please
Also, does anyone want to take the role of editor for a WPA community blog?
@sorich87 Ah, good to know your real name!
@Mike, could you delete that now? My powers as room owner only go so far
11:10 PM
@ThomasMcDonald I have some ideas for articles
@ThomasMcDonald - What responsibilities are you thinking for "editor"
I'm not exactly sure, looking over content
One on the geo question posted a while back
@ThomasMcDonald - Delete what? The WordPress Help room?
Q: How can I implement a location based (zip code) search in WordPress?

mattI am working on a local business directory site that will use custom post types for the business entries. One of the fields will be "Zip Code." How can I set up a location based search? I'd like visitors to be able to enter their zip code and choose a category and show all the businesses withi...

11:11 PM
My email. You can only edit/delete in about a 2 minute timespan after the message was posted for normal users
Basically I've been working on migrating the gaming.se blog onto a WP multisite installation.
And currently i'm very interested in the whole Rewrite engine
In addition I've also set up a Super User blog in conjunction with Ivo, a moderator on their site.
Currently they're looking a little bare (well, the gaming one already had some content), and so I'm looking at ways of, well I guess finding the best method to keep people motivated in contributing
@JanFabry - Are we off meta discussions?
11:14 PM
@MikeSchinkel I have no idea :-)
Still not sure about the specific theme/plugin tagging decision
I think we were leaning more towards the singular tag, with some reservations from me.
Maybe I should just start retagging, at least something happens then
@ThomasMcDonald @JanFabry - With synonyms, does it really matter?
Yes, because synonyms aren't capable of assigning a single tag to multiple tags, or vice versa
Anyway, if we decide we don't like it we could always ban Jan.
11:16 PM
@ThomasMcDonald - No need to ban him, we can just refer to him as Jans.
@MikeSchinkel I'm only talking about plugin questions, and sometimes they have no tag yet, so when I add one I want it to be the correct one
@ThomasMcDonald I would vote for a ban, that would force me to work on useful stuff
(How many Linden Dollars do you get per 100 Stack Exchange rep now?)
@MikeSchinkel Ah, different discussion, we should refer to him as [Jan][Fabry]
@JanFabry - How's the wife's good will holding up. Also, you are kicking butt lately... stackexchange.com/leagues/42/week/wordpress You go dude!
@ThomasMcDonald - Or [jan][fabry]
@MikeSchinkel She seems to be asleep, but it happened in the past that she woke up in the middle of the night, got mad at me for not sleeping yet, and remembered nothing about it in the morning
@JanFabry - LOL! Women! :)
11:20 PM
I'm paddling along with my 20 rep/week, but I tend to reserve my typing for when a question has no answers, which seems to be a fairly rare occurence.
Anyway, back to business: is there even a way to get the top 100 plugins? The docs are great: api.wordpress.org
@ThomasMcDonald - Well, you are putting effort into meta, which is appreciated.
@JanFabry I've seen worse
11:23 PM
Also, should we worry about top plugins, or just authors. I'd say all we really need are the authors; if one moves over most likely they will bring all their plugins.
Hi @toscho
@MikeSchinkel Authors, indeed
@JanFabry - Also, the spreadsheet probably needs to be more about whose going to contact them and status. Ironically, we need CRM; this is a "sales" process. Bet we could get Zoho to give us a free account if we wanted to go that route.
@MikeSchinkel Indeed, we also need followup stuff, but for this moment I was thinking of gathering good "targets", and that would require knowing where they currently offer support
Ok, but I'm really going to stop now - but please continue the discussion, I'll read up later
And I will probably retag some plugin questions tomorrow, with the format [slug-plugin]
See you next time
I too need to run for now. Same bat time, same bat channel? (Or are you guys too young to remember that?)
Well it was nice to see the chat put to good use
11:33 PM
@MikeSchinkel Batman? Otherwise I'm too young
I'm going to go and watch a tutorial on what the hell Plex is now.
@JanFabry - Yes, from the Adam West TV show.
I'll look into that top 100/1000 plugin authors time further tomorrow and post an update on meta
And for the next meeting: a little earlier is also good for me
It depends on how long we want to keep going
Yeah, we've been longer than I thought we would be
Dev chats are at 1600 UTC?
11:37 PM
This time was chosen to let aussie people participate, but I think nobody from that timezone is currently very involved in the site
I would propose 16:00 next Saturday, see what people have to say on Meta
+1 for 16:00
I wont be about then, but if it's more convenient for others
Argh, my wife is moving, I must stop before hell breaks loose!
Bye guys
No wait, I wouldn't usually be about then, but will be next weekend

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