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6:00 PM
@ArdaXi oh, so that's why you have so many tickets. And who I thought you were just a skilled gamer. My apologies.
@Wipqozn That's @Powerlord.
He farms achievements. I cheat them.
Same thing with the Golden Potato.
@Wipqozn Better yet, he unlocked achievements that the game wasn't unlocking correctly. So, even if it wasn't detectable before, that was a big, blaring "I'M CHEATING" message to Valve.
He does manual labour, I do automatic labour. I guess the difference is ethical or moral or some such.
@Powerlord I think I actually sent a big, blaring "I'M CHEATING" message to Valve.
@ArdaXi No, you do no labor and submit timesheets that say you do.
You think valve would fix that flaw in their system. Oh well, good for @ArdaXi I suppose.
6:02 PM
@Powerlord I replaced myself with a very small shellscript.
I sent gaben@valvesoftware.com an email a while back explaining the methods I used and how easy it would be to catch cheaters. They haven't responded.
Well, other than upgrading their achievement system for Spiral Knights that is.
@Powerlord The work is done either way. The method doesn't really matter.
All Valve wants is that I own the game I'm unlocking the achievements for. Can't unlock achievements for games I don't own, so they're fine with it.
youtube.com/cosmicpanda - the starter vidoes are great, you must watch them all
@ArdaXi Oh, I thought you could do it for any game, whether you owned it or not.
@Wipqozn Nope. Otherwise I'd have all the tickets wouldn't I?
@ArdaXi You could just be lazy
Well, even more lazy.
Since I assume the cheating is due to being lazy to begin with
Well, not really. I guess, at this point it is, but it didn't start out of laziness.
6:09 PM
Bleah, only 3 major new features in Java 7.
I rather like that for me, half the starred items on the wall are either by me,directed at me, or made by me
One of which is a JVM feature for supporting dynamic languages.
I mean, I was one of the authors of the first series of achievement farming maps for TF2.
@Wipqozn That's my text.
I've literally said that before.
@ArdaXi Now that you mention it, I think you may be correct.
6:10 PM
I guess that's a start: I like my own videos.
Aw, both of my starred messages that were there this morning were bumped off. Weird, because I thought at least one had 3 stars
Although I still have two on the stars list, just different ones.
@Powerlord They're better because they're about me.
Well, two of them.
One of them isn't.
Is it sad that I keep reading Wipqozn as "Wizpig"
Wizpig? That sounds like something out of Harry Potter.
I've never even played Diddy Kong Racing. :O
6:12 PM
oh snap, I didn't even get the reference
I love Diddy KOng Racing.
I forgot how hard it was to draw with the mouse.
@Wipqozn ever get it for the DS? Its an exact clone of the n64 one with online multiplayer
@ArdaXi Especially a double-clicking mouse.
@Loktar No I didn't, I keep meaning to though :/ It's on my list of "buy me" games
@Powerlord cs:s public servers aren't working for me :P
6:14 PM
I already have a sizable list of back logged games though, soooo
lol I know how that is
> 7.13pm: Krishnan Guru-Murthy tells Channel 4 news that there was a "lynch mob mentality" after News of the World were told the news.
Well, I'm hardly surprised
@lunixbochs The address over in the stars list is not a public server, 'cause it's passworded.
@ThomasMcDonald That's the woman who killed her baby, then said it was because of father issues, right?
6:15 PM
@ThomasMcDonald Please tell me that wasn't intentional.
What's the best way to decide which game to play next?
It takes me 3 weeks to decide, then 3 days to play the game.
@Keaanu flyingfe- wrong channel.
what choices do you have?
@Loktar Too many to list. Think every PS1, PS2, Xbox 360 and Steam game.
Men of War.
6:17 PM
@Wipqozn No, the lynchmob is for the editor of the UK's biggest newspaper that's going to shut on Sunday as it's rumoured to have tapped up to 4,000 phones
@ThomasMcDonald oh jesus, well then
@Loktar Platform?
Clearly, you must play Spyro the Dragon 2 PS1, then Metal Gear Solid 3 PS2, then Ghostbusters 360, then Team Fortress 2 Steam.
After you play Poker Night for a while, it becomes really, really easy.
@ArdaXi yeah, I just hate that game still due to the Winter Treasure HUnt
took me forever to win The Iron Curtain
6:18 PM
@Wipqozn it just happens that the mob is the journalists that have lost their job who aren't connected to it
@Powerlord I've actually never played an MGS. The whole series just bypassed me.
I just hate games that are solely based on randomness
@Keaanu My advice is to wait until Konami does another remake of the series.
@Loktar Poker Night isn't.
@Powerlord Noted.
6:20 PM
After all, since the PS3 can't play MGS, MGS2, MGS3, or the PS2 releases of MG1 and 2...
...you know Konami will update them.
In fact, I thought they would do it by now already.
@ArdaXi well your right not totally, but the achievements for it have been :?
I wish my games would just tell me which one was the best.
@Loktar You know, I actually got those legitimately.
Having a backlog of 1000+ games makes the decision hard.
6:21 PM
me too, just took a while for the 'right conditions'
@Keaanu You could play Metal Gear 1 and 2 for the PS2, then MGS for the PS1/PC. Assuming you can find them.
MG1/2 is packaged with MGS3: Subsistence, but not the MGS collection.
@Keaanu I feel your pain I have a similar number of pc games.
theres always retirement.
@Powerlord Could I start with 3? Or is that an illegal move
@Keaanu MGS3 is actually a prequel to the entire series.
@Powerlord I'm told it's also the best.
6:22 PM
Chronologically, it's MGS3, MG, MG2, MGS, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4.
Not counting Peace Walker or the like.
I'm currently halfway through my first playthrough of Half Life 2. That's how far back my backlog goes.
@Powerlord What are the differences between MG and MGS?
@Keaanu They're different games, for one.
My backlog includes the first Half Life
Metal Gear Solid is actually Metal Gear 3, and continues the plot from the first two games.
@Powerlord MG1 and 2 are also on the NES
6:25 PM
@Wipqozn MG1 is, MG2 isn't... a cheap knockoff (Snake's Revenge) is instead.
Also, MG1 NES has a lot of edited parts.
@Powerlord Gotcha.
@Keaanu screenshot if interested
Also, the MSX version of MG1 (which got ported to the PS2) has enemies that move in and out of trucks, and has a courtyard in building 1 that was pulled from the NES version.
@Wipqozn Hah, very nice. Looks like Castlevania / Metroid (also both in my backlog -_-)
Which also means they moved key card 4.
Oh, and removed the parachute.
6:28 PM
@Keaanu Yeah I love 8 bit graphics
@Wipqozn Which version of the game is that from?
@Powerlord MSX2
retrieved it from the wikipedia article
@Wipqozn That's what I thought. The color scheme didn't look right for the NES version. :P
Oh, and here's MG2:
In alert mode where the guards are looking for him.
@Powerlord Ah I see. Which reminds me, I should buy something which can play NES games. I do own Megaman 3... just nothing to play it on :P
Did we mention Metal Gear puts a lot of emphasis on avoiding guards? :D
6:31 PM
and with that, I'm off on an adventure (to go home)!
I find emulators defeat some of the game mechanics of longer games (namely quicksave)
For example, I can't play RPGs on emulators, because I save religiously before/during/after boss fights.
Anyway, since you asked the difference between MG and MGS: MGS is the first Metal Gear game that's in 3D. Which means you can also do things like look around corners or use binoculars to see enemies in the distance.
@Powerlord Makes sense.
I've still gotta play through the Megaman series too, to honor this question.
So many games, so little time.
@Keaanu All 10 normal series and 8 X series?
I never really did get into 9 or 10. 9 felt so backwards when it removed features that had been around since 3.
New speed record! 283 bytes/second
6:40 PM
@ThomasMcDonald That's a ton of bauds!
@Powerlord The goal is to play every classic game ever. It's a long-term goal, to say the least.
@Keaanu That's why I watch TASes
@Keaanu Very long term.
I can see games raw, uncut and played to perfection
@badp TASes?
6:41 PM
it's not quite the same thing but it's much faster
@badp Up to 1kb/s now, my internet is flying along
@Keaanu tool assisted speedruns
@badp Where can I find them?
so for example, instead of playing Super Mario 64, you could see it played here:
start to finish in 100 minutes, all 120 stars.
I find TASes boring.
I'd rather play a game than watch it.
6:44 PM
@Powerlord It's a problem of time.
Also, skill. I'll never be able to master ALL games.
@badp because you're unskilled right?
@ThomasMcDonald I do thoroughly suck at some games
Actually I don't think I can say I'm good at any given game.
A playthrough on easy or medium is usually enough for me to put a game down and play another.
I think it's a matter of achievement too. As if to say, "I've played through every Final Fantasy."
Though watching live streams of games can be fun. Not sure why.
oh wow what
6:52 PM
NICE hey @powerlord CS:S achievement works against bots
47 mins ago, by badp
http://www.youtube.com/cosmicpanda - the starter vidoes are great, you must watch them all
@badp alright powerlord
oh, playing playlists while navigating youtube is nice
I'm not sure I like the larger suggested videos
another large game achievement Day of Defeat: Source - Beat the Heat-Works
ill have to start the dl for that tonight
6:58 PM
New great ETA, 14 hours.
All I want to do is play the bloody game, download quicker goddamn it
Hunch hunch. What what? Buh bo.
and GTA:Episodes is another 16GB
0 bytes/second is not a download speed either
Happy Birthday, Gaming!
7:08 PM
I'll raise my beer to that
room topic changed to The Bridge: of Gaming's StackExchange™ AlienOverlord AskQuestion™ mothership, wherein our resident angry mob charges our lazers in the nyarragabaldic attempt to derail all discussion towards Minecraft, TF2 or how all discussions seem to be derailing towards Minecraft or TF2, or Gaming Stack Exchange's first batch of Yearling badges..
What? You want a race to the bottom?
Where's our yearling badge?!
Oh yes, that reminds me, I have to work out why kpsewhich makes my sys go to 100% CPU and not do a lot else but spin fans for a long period of time.
otherwise known as fixing TeX
7:16 PM
@ArdaXi I think you'll have to wait for midnight UTC more or less
I don't want to download MacTeX because it's 1.6GB and as we have already determined, my internet is pretty dire
Okay, I'll try TeXLive again and install it
7:55 PM
Man, why is it so quiet in here? Should be birthday celebrating
Is that an automated message or @badp's work?
My work abuse.
I've only been a member for 8 months. I was a little slow on the draw there, apparently.
I've been about for 11 of 12 months
UX.SE has a couple great uses of tag wikis.
8:03 PM
I absolutely love UX.SE's style
me too.
I almost want to lick my screen.
I think SO should look like that but with the SO colours
Segoe UIIIIIiiiiiii....
Give me bacon or give me... well, just give me bacon.
so badges?
8:07 PM
@Mvy Badges? Badges?! We don't need no stinking badges!!!
Well just curious if you'd have to wait till 0h UTC :D
Aww you ruined it, I'll try it again. ;)
Well you can multi-line post :D
We don't need no yearling badges
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm by @Arda
Hey, @badp, leave our site alone.
8:10 PM
It's my Gaming.SE birthday! Everyone give me a star!
@ThomasMcDonald No dark sarcasm? Aww.
And today's required listening:
@Brant Why? There's already a starred (and stickied) post about it.
@ThomasMcDonald I prefer nyan.cat
(I want to register something in that TLD so bad)
8:12 PM
how about 'lol'
buys the .bacon TLD
Pfft, too obvious.
high five @badp :D
or mad?
Someone has already registered long.cat
8:13 PM
at any rate since I block flash by default I can nyan indefinitely with no harm whatsoever to my sanity
@badp Wait until you unlock karaoke mode!
or just figure out how to hack it
> The .cat domain is not territorial, but applies to the whole Catalan-speaking community, whether or not a site is based in the Països Catalans. In order to be granted a .cat domain, one needs to belong to the Catalan linguistic and cultural community on the Internet.
aye but if you use a modern browser Nyan cat should work forever
even with flash blocked
8:14 PM
@ThomasMcDonald looks totally like my cat
@badp I wasn't aware you had a cat
except my cat has a scar right on the middle of the nose.
She's a fluffy, war-scarred cat.
Our neighbours cat got its tail run over
@ThomasMcDonald I'm sure it's not the first time I mention that
@ThomasMcDonald ow.
8:16 PM
So there's a patch where no fur grows
It's sad
but an otherwise happy cat, so its all good
Yeah, you have mentioned her before, I just didn't register.
Q: Maximum Castle Crashers archery damage

SydenamWhat is the maximum damage you can do with a bow and arrow? I am not sure if it is dependent on character level or agility skill, but my question is more directed at max agility skill damage.

kpsewhich appears to be doing naff all again while using an awful lot of system resources
8:22 PM
Oh, I wonder if I can get it through brew
 when 'tex', 'tex-live', 'texlive' then <<-EOS.undent
    Installing TeX from source is weird and gross, requires a lot of patches,
    and only builds 32-bit (and thus can't use Homebrew deps on Snow Leopard.)

    We recommend using a MacTeX distribution: tug.org/mactex
evidently not
Q: How can I run Minecraft in the background?

MachaIs there anyway I can run Minecraft in the background so I can harvest items from my automated mob grinder while doing other activities, other than by setting up a server for myself? If I just minimise the game, it automatically pauses itself.

Anyone interested in splitting the Sanctum 4-pack as it's 75% off? It'd be ~£1.66 a head (down from the £2.49 buying it individually)
8:35 PM
@ArdaXi People are cheap.
@Powerlord Yep.
@badp The drop rate of these badges is pretty poor so far
I'd trade my whole backpack for one (a month early)
well this Fate of the World achievement sounds like its going to be really difficult :?
apparently the game itself is hard to figure out to begin with
Getting an A for everything is hard.
8:41 PM
And TeX is working! I approve
well that's annoying, and strange
odd minecraft glitch, wonder if anyone has come across it
My character was reset to a previous...save? I loaded up, and was at a spawn spot from when I quit a day or two ago
Hmm, that's never happened to me.
8:45 PM
the world isn't reset (everything I did is still there), just my character and his inventory
Do you happen to store your Minecraft saves on Dropbox?
SMP makes sense.
SSP, I'm not so sure.
player position are store on text file IIRC
If he loaded a previous save up
if the server has crash
@KevinY No, my friend runs a dedicated server for just him and myself
8:46 PM
file has not been written
Your server may have rolled back?
@KevinY no, like I said
the server is exactly the same
That's odd.
like stuff I did this afternoon is still there
Did it crashed?
8:47 PM
and I know someone else wasn't playing, because I spawned from a place a saved and quit from a 2 days ago
Is it a Bukkit or Vanilla server?
I don't think so :/
no mods at all
That's strange then.
@KevinY yeah :/ my friends in Quebec atm as well, so I can't even get him to check it out
Well @KevinY player position are not store in the same way than the world. So this happens sometimes
Had this many times when servers were not very stable
8:49 PM
Yeah, but it's still strange it would happen to the player files.
Oh well.
Well it could depends on disconnections or event like this
@Mvy Yeah I'm worried about that now :/
I've noticed a glitch or two while playing myself, as has he
Yeah, SMP isn't the most stable of things.
Do we really need a tag? o.o
8:52 PM
I think we need a wipqozn is sad tag now
I think I'm going to copy over his the game data from his computer
don't want to play this game for awhile, and then lose everything, because his server crashes :/
@KevinY I'm thinking no. Or Arbys.
@KevinY no minecraft is sufficient
Also, why do I think I'm using a different SMP definition than everyone else?
8:54 PM
Survival Multi-Player?
When I think SMP, I think apps written to support multiple processors (or cores) processing different parts of the app at once.
(SMP = Symmetric Multi-Processing in that case)
Well got confused at first like you
I understand. Take some more
8:56 PM
@Mvy I don't want ba.... pff... I knew I couldn't say that with a straight face. :D
what's the IP for the SE minecraft server ? or is it still down ?

 Minecraft Talk

Everything Minecraft. Warning: Exposure may cause insanity and...
but it's in a state of half-upness
@ThomasMcDonald looked in that last time, didn't see it :/ silly wipqozn
9:03 PM
It got unsuspended?
1 hour later…
10:15 PM
@Powerlord, @badp - I'm not having any luck getting the audiosurf achievement of today. Is it bugged? (Should have gotten it twice now)
@RavenDreamer Don't ask me.
@ArdaXi - Well I think it's too late for that.
@RavenDreamer I could get it "normally" this morning
@badp - what do you mean?
@RavenDreamer You can still edit.
10:16 PM
@ArdaXi - Touche, sir.
I played pointman (the easy one), spent some time overfilling all columns, then waited for red paint. Achievement got.
I did it as pointman twice now, still nada.
With pointman you can move around block as they come, making the overfilling slightly easier
I wonder what I'm doing differently.
Casual Pointman?
Are all the columns overfilled?
(Flashing with exclamation marks)
10:17 PM
I even get the "Match 21" end of song bonus.
Try restarting the game then
I know that on the first post-update launch powerups didn't work at all
restarting addressed that however
I think I'll verify file integrity
That fixed Trine for me.
so @badp - be my idea board and hear me out?
So Game-Rec is clearly not something gaming.stackexchange supports, and the recent flows indicate that identify-this-game is in murky water as is.
I understand why they don't fit the site, but mostly they're not outright off-topic or bad questions.
They just don't mesh well with the way we do everything else.
Agreed so far?
Um. No, that's a horrible idea. Think of the children!
10:23 PM
(And on another note, I found 8 problems with audiosurf, so there's that!)
Let's say I agree with that; I'm not really sure I do
Okay. Fair enough.
They certainly are different in a few ways, like accepting.
I'm wondering about the feasibility of what I want to call "burner questions".
Questions that are localized in time, or solicit opinion, but otherwise on topic.
I'm wondering what would happen if we had a second "Ask Question" button that instead was more like "Ask the Chat"
What do you mean by localized in time?
Even if say the Steam tickets were only grabbable on the first day, I wouldn't consider questions about them localized in time.
10:26 PM
I mean questions like "Will there be a Starcraft 2"?
Or, "Is Company X developing another Y"
I see.
It's an okay (not great) question, but it's not something that can be answered, because the only real answer is "wait and see"
Still there's the primary problem: 20 rep to chat.
well you could link where authoritative sources give the "yes" or "no"
Well, what I was imaginging would be more like, The asker clicks the "Ask the Chat" button, Lazers spews out its feed.
But those sources might change over time
but once the game's out, they're not really important
10:29 PM
Except instead of another question on the general site, a 'burner' question, viewable only to the user who asked it appears, and people can come in from the chat link, respond, argue, etc.
And then in 1 month, the question deletes itself, and is never seen again.
Giving folks a chance to get their answers, but doing so in a way that doesn't award rep, and doesn't clutter the site with the overly speculative, contentious questions that itg and game-rec seem to.
@RavenDreamer @Powerlord Fixed a Linux dedicated server crash in vphysics.so
@RavenDreamer Sounds like reddit, tbh
I'm not familiar with reddit.
Oh, look. TF2 is updating.
@badp - did you get the achievement immediately, or did you have to finish the song?
@RavenDreamer Immediately.
/grumblegrumble stupid grumble game.
Calling it stupid won't help!
10:44 PM
Boring tf update
contains no hats
I think I've got bigger problems; it's not showing any of my earned achievements either
So we have the old standby to fall back on
'wait and see'
I'm not even sure why I'm bothering with tickets anymore.
I've got all the prizes I have games for.
Portal 2 updated too
I am definitely digging Darksiders though.
That was 5$ well spent.
man steam is dying a lot..
the app is actually locking up like crazy
got the stupid bladder achievement
kind of irritated I spent money on that game
11:06 PM
I keep coming across our good old friend alexanderpas on reddit
11:32 PM
One year beer party!
pops open beer
pours beer on @badp
Oh @mana!
Well just good night all
good night :D
Still no badge.
11:50 PM
I can't even get a red paint spot to appear. It's always a different color.
Full board, no red paints anywhere in the entire second half the song. I hate this achievement.

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