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5:29 PM
@MonicaCellio Would this be better on Writers.SE?
Q: Citation format for G'mara

WAFIf one is citing a g'mara in a scholarly article, what is the proper publication information to use, including title, etc.? I can't seem to find reliable examples in either English or Hebrew. This question extends (and becomes even less clear to me) when it comes to citing m'farshim whose commen...

@DoubleAA huh, interesting question. How to do citations is certainly on topic at Writers. The question would likely need to explain the problem in more detail; the last paragraph there is good enough for us, but they won't have the context. (We'll also need to address jargon.) I guess this question is too old to migrate so we'd be looking at a new question anyway, so those issues can be addressed without disrupting anything here.
Should I drop a link in the Writers chat room?
@MonicaCellio Forgot about migration age limits.
I'm not going to push it, but if you or someone else wants more discussion then consider posting again to writers. Ping @waf
@DoubleAA let me start by seeing what attention I can get from folks in chat there. If we decide we want a new question there we can do that.
Actually, now that I'm looking more closely, it seems to have some pretty good answers here. @DoubleAA do you feel something is missing?
5:50 PM
@MonicaCellio Nothing in particular.
3 hours later…
8:31 PM
@DoubleAA I'd be opposed to migration even if it were technically possible. It's in-scope here. Nothing wrong with also posting a version of it there, of course.
2 hours later…
10:50 PM
Q: Can a man who has undergone a sex change give his wife a Get?

Seth JThere have recently been some very high-profile cases of men refusing to give their wives Gittin (plural for "Get", the Jewish divorce document required to free a woman to remarry). Reading about one of these cases led me to read about a husband who had abandoned his family and disappeared under...

^^^ Certainly not as grossly offensive as the one time trans issues turned up on Christianity SE, but nonetheless it's not quite as well put as it could be.
For example, one does not have a "sex change operation" as a result of which one "becomes a woman". There is no single such operation, and the process of transitioning is long and complicated, involving many social changes and, commonly but not always, for many reasons, a few medical ones.
This may include hormone therapy, facial feminisation surgery, breast enhancement or removal, and many other things. Or it may include none of the above. It depends. It depends on what the person wants, what the person can afford, what processes are medically advised, what processes are available, and many other things.
@SethJ ^^^
It's an interesting question, mind you.
Incidentally, why but ?
@TRiG More likely random evolution than intelligent design
@TRiG It really just depends on what factors define one's gender. Certainly a purely genital-based anatomical model is not preposterous for a legal system to adapt.
It's not like some other dotted line is more intuitive or logical a priori. Legal systems must have well defined categories.
@DoubleAA Well, maybe. I'm just a little wary of people talking about trans issues in a way that shows that they think they know what they're talking about but actually don't.
There really is so much misinformation out there about trans issues, and so much discrimination against trans people, that I really feel you have a moral obligation to educate yourself if you're going to talk on the subject at all.
I don't, personally, see anything actually offensive about @SethJ's question, but I do see that he's not quite understanding how transitioning works. Whether a trans person would see anything offensive about the question I really don't know.
11:08 PM
@TRiG I think this is a case of "unknown unknown." When @SethJ reads your messages here, he'll probably end up learning how he was imprecise/incorrect and tweaking his question accordingly.
@IsaacMoses Perhaps. I just wanted to throw that out there. As I said, when a question on a related subject was asked on CSE, it was quite upsetting. (The question was edited several times, including by me, and eventually judged irredeemable and deleted, which was probably for the best.)
@IsaacMoses Is it? What is Jewish about it?

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