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10:13 AM
Hey all
It seems our fellows from StackOverflow have made a mistake by migrating this question to our site:
Q: How much is too much with C++0x auto keyword

Lex FridmanI've been using the new auto keyword available in the C++0x standard for complicated templated types which is what I believe it was designed for. But I'm also using it for things like: auto foo = std::make_shared<Foo>(); And more skeptically for: auto foo = bla(); // where bla() return ...

How can we migrate it back?
10:43 AM
I don't think there is a migration back option.
I thought I read that on MSO a while ago, but I can't find the post
i'm probably remembering a dream
10:59 AM
Perhaps a moderator can invoke the necessary voodoo. Otherwise it should just be closed, and the OP asked to ask it again.
3 hours later…
1:55 PM
There is a way to "undo" a migration. I'd have to ping an SO mod and see what's what. That said, I'm not sure that it was a bad migration. Seems like one of those grey area questions to me.
Oh, and you can always flag a post for moderator attention in these cases and we'll take a look. :)
5 hours later…
7:14 PM
is there any way to permanantly hide that news feed thing
it's really obnoxious
@whatsisname It's better than what some rooms have where every question gets posted to the channel.
@AnnaLear the thing is that it's certainly a "gray area". And I was trying to find a way to signal that I think this "gray" should be resolved as "migrate back to SO". However, I'd like to ensure that there are 4 more people who think like that (so that the cannonical 5 people voting for a question to be moved is adhered)
@whatsisname This "news feed" is a cool reminder that we actually gathered here not to jabber, but to answer questions ;-)
8:01 PM
@PavelShved One way to do that would be to post on meta and/or comment on the question. Either way, this is something that will eventually should be resolved by a moderator. I believe the question can still gather "migrate to SO" votes, but I don't know what the implications of migrating back would be.
@PavelShved I know we're discouraged from migrating the same question twice in general, but I don't know the technical details behind that or what would happen if a question was migrated back to its source site that way.
@ThomasOwens Hey. :)
I actually just popped by to see if anyone was here and kick around the link to the post on meta about a Programmers blog. meta.programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/1709/…
@ThomasOwens Oh yeah. I was going to respond to that... thanks for the reminder.
A new blog post was made on the Stack Overflow blog. Unfortunately, I'm moving next week and starting a new job about a week after that, so I'm just trying to poke around the idea until I get settled into my new place and get Internet accesss.
8:07 PM
@AnnaLear well, there are the close wars, why shouldn't there be the migrate wars? :-)
@PavelShved I'll bring the popcorn. :)
@AnnaLear yeah, the thing is that you'll really have to bring everybody the popcorn. since only mods can migrate back ;-)
@PavelShved Even then, we don't so much migrate back as we ask SO mods to clear migration history and then we'll delete the question on PSE.
Migration is, in my opinion, totally broken.
@ThomasOwens It certainly has quirks. What do you think is broken about it?
8:09 PM
@AnnaLear ok. Then I'm just voting to close with the relevant comment
It's the fact of how it works. See, I mostly use Stack Overflow and Programmers. I know what questions belong on those sites, but I don't know what belongs on other sites.
Migration shouldn't be handled by users who don't know how the other sites work.
But instead be a process of saying "this is a good question, but it doesn't belong in this community" and then another community accepting it.
@ThomasOwens Migrations to other sites are pretty rare, far as I know. Every site gets at most 5 default migration paths and on many sites they don't even have any set up beyond a path to their own meta.
@ThomasOwens All other migrations are done by flagging for a moderator and moderators are expected to either know or ask mods on the target site if the question is suitable.
Yeah. I don't like the migration paths thing, other than between the site and meta, honestly. Mods that aren't part of the other community are better, since they are mods and have some authority to make the call.
But I think it should be something like a flag on X -> a mod on X saying "I think it belongs on Y" -> a mod on Y saying "yes, this belongs here" or "no, this belongs on Z" or "there is no place for this"
It would be slower, but I think it would improve the quality of questions. I'm seeing a lot more questions on programmers that, IMO, don't belong. And questions on Stack Overflow that I think belong somewhere else but I can't say for sure because I'm not a member of that community.
@ThomasOwens That's been brought up on meta.SO many times from various angles. The argument against it is along the lines of "we don't want to put questions in limbo until a moderator gets around to reviewing the pending migrations"
Although my favourite idea was for moderators to be able to view questions with votes to migrate to their site before the migration happened and have the opportunity to reject it at that point. So, no question HAS to be approved, but a question can be rejected.
Oh. I like that.
8:17 PM
Q: Show mods all network posts with pending migration votes to their site

Michael MrozekIs it possible to add a tool that shows mods all posts on the network that have at least one vote to migrate to their site? For example, a page SO moderators can see that shows all posts on the network where at least one person has cast a "belongs on Stack Overflow" vote. In this mockup, there ar...

There's only one problem. On a high-traffic site (like Stack Overflow), the can get the 5 votes to migrate before a moderator on a low-traffic site can say yes/no.
True. We have, though, stopped some migrations by asking an SO mod to just close as off-topic. It's a tough thing to balance.
I almost think that there's no good solution to this problem, simply because of the human/community factor. No human is infallible and no individual can understand another community.
I think in general it's not too bad. Sometimes we get bad questions migrated to us, but it's pretty easy to close them. Sometimes they just need a bit of editing help. Sometimes they're good as they are. It was worse when SO first got the migration path set up, but I think it evened out since then.
8:26 PM
There's a page available to moderators that shows questions recently migrated to the site. I don't get to it a lot, but we can at least theoretically review questions coming in.
Correction: that's available in the mod tools for 10k+ users as well.
Hmm. I'm about 4.5k away from that on Programmers.

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