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My neighbour is an asshole, and I wish her stereo was at the bottom of the harbour.
guess now is as good a time as any to look at apartment listings.
@MBraedley I take it your neighbor has no regard for not blasting your music all hours of the night?
@Wipqozn It's not blasting right now, but it's loud enough that I can hear it clearly.
3:24 AM
Q: Pokemon Highest O Power Level

ParadopolisSo I have seen some questions related to how fast O-Powers level up but I am curious as to how high they can go. I have a level 2 O-Power, can it get to level 3? And once it does, can I take it higher than that?

Q: How can I win on level 76

BebeI am in level 76 and I brought down all ingredient but they still there. How can I destroy them The 3 ingredients still appearing

> Soundproof concrete structure
Hmm, that might be an option...
3:41 AM
@Brant wtf is that actually a real curve
As expressed by the massive equation below it, yeah
I'm sure as hell not going to check their work though
That's ridiculous
Have you seen the new Wolfram problem generator?
2 hours ago, by GnomeSlice
Speaking of wolfram alpha: http://www.wolframalpha.com/problem-generator/
user image
@TimStone which site is this on? ahaha
3:43 AM
Well, it's tagged appropriately.
@TimStone This is amazing.
@GnomeSlice Stack Overflow
@TimStone Amazing.
You know what would be a good proposal
I should have copied the custom close reason topic, "This question appears to be off-topic because it is about helping Alex ask a girl out."
3:47 AM
This GoPro Footage From Inside A Sack Of Drowning Kittens Will Put Your "Monday Blahs" In "Purr"-spective #DarkBuzzFeed
I'm shocked this hasn't been closed yet:
Q: Game suggestions for a stall in Octoberfest? (racing / driving related)

Ramnique SinghWe're a car-sharing and journey-sharing startup who are holding a stall in Octoberfest. I'm planning to put up my system there in order to hold a gaming contest, something like NFS (relevant theme). We'll be giving out goodies and (real) free rides to winners / top-scorers. Can you guys suggest ...

Is there a distracting party or zombie invasion I don't know about? ;)
@Brant Why would someone do that?
Q: Modern Version of Jagged Alliance 2

JMCWhere can I find a modern game similar to Jagged Alliance 2 but with modern mechanics? Jagged Allinace 2 was heavy on roleplaying and character attachment, but most of the management in the game was tedious.

@Yuki I suspect it is a parody or an attempt at a joke
4:01 AM
@AshleyNunn That's a horrible joke...
Also, @AshleyNunn, the plum sake is the surprise favorite.
@Yuki It really is :(
@Yuki Huh, good to know :)
It has been a long time since i have had sake of any form
I feel so Asian when I drink this. Or sip it, rather. I have a small ceramic cup that I'm using.
Not a sake saucer, but just a random ceramic dish I had lying around.
For the authenticity, you see.
haha makes perfect sense to me! :P
4:03 AM
@SevenSidedDie Both.
@Unionhawk a distracting zombie invasion disguised as a party?
@Unionhawk You just downed a Mega Blaziken, Aegislash, and another Talonflame by yourself.
Context: I just won a Link Battle and one of my Pokemon is named Unionhawk.
@Unionhawk Knew it. This is what I get for not visiting the Bridge very often.
@SevenSidedDie Yep :P
@AshleyNunn a zombie invasion disguised as a distracting party.
4:18 AM
@Unionhawk hides under her bed
Q: What are the keys for regaining stamina in the chocobo race for PC?

DyckerIn the Playstation version, you could hold R1 and R2 to slowly restore stamina during races. What are the appropriate keys in the PC version?

4:50 AM
A: Civ V won't let me destroy other cities

Hefewe1zenI can't create comments yet but would like to add that you can't destroy (raze) capital cities.

5:13 AM
Q: What determines which weapons the team AI bots will use?

galacticninjaIn this level, I've noticed that the two team AI bots appear to be using the primary (AK.762) and secondary weapon (Compact-5) that I am currently using. Does the weapon I'm currently using determine what the team AI bots will be using? Or is this decided by another factor? Do team AI bots also ...

5:43 AM
Q: How to bind middle mouse to attack ground

SuperbijiI want to save typing 'A' and left click, is it possible to bind to mouse3?

6:22 AM
eight. eight. eight. eight. eight. eight. eight. eight. eight.
Q: chopping blocks

steviegirlWhen I try to destroy any type of minecraft block it doesn't do anything. I click on it and hold but niether right or left click works. I've tried creative and survival but yet no luck. What is wrong with it?

6:48 AM
Q: Minecraft: Certain people teleport to random player

PlanetAlexanderI am making a MC map and need help (duh) I want to make it that when someone uses a certain potion, that same person teleports to a random user on the map. I read another post like this, but I think it was unrelated. I can't use the @p thing because the other players might teleport instead. I kno...

1 hour later…
8:11 AM
@Mana that's eight too many
@Mana always reminds me of this
yay germany
@badp What did Germany do now?
block the video on © grounds
8:38 AM
oh, right.
9:07 AM
Q: The best skyrim elder scrolls mod for the steam workshop

Guestnexus won't work for me for some reason and I can't find any mod that I really like can any of you guys help me please?

9:37 AM
Q: Do successive striped candys of similar type destroy 2 layers of jelly?

sight wardIn candy crush do successive striped candies in the same line destroy two layers jelly after one detonates after the other. so for example- 2 striped candies which both detonate vertically positioned in the same line. Are they able to destroy 2 layers of jelly or even (1 layer of chocolate + Ou...

Q: Wine shader model 3.0 not detected

LillyPopperI am trying to run eve off the latest version of wine. It was running just fine yesterday, now I go to start it and it tells me that I need shader model version 3.0. I followed this guide here for setting up wine: http://www.unixmen.com/install-and-configure-wine-to-play-latest-windows-games-i...

10:07 AM
Q: How to play ROMs with MAME OS X?

João RamosI don't seem able to play games (mostly Samurai Shodown) using MAME OS X on my Mac OS X 10.8.5. I've audited all games, added the ROM files to the rom folder, and then hit the games on the list (none of them show up on the Good tab, so I'm assuming they're not being picked up by MAME OS X), only ...

10:59 AM
Is there any reason I would want a mojang account instead of the old minecraft premium?
11:25 AM
@3ventic buying their other game scrolls?
@3ventic the very faint hope of maybe someday getting customer support?
@badp Aha, ahahaha, ahahahahahahaha
Q: Will landmines affect planes?

TimtechI know grenades, X-packs, and anti-aircraft guns affect planes' health, but would a plane running over (or near) a landmine blow it up?

12:19 PM
Well perfect, GitHub has to go down right at the instant when I need to look up some source code
> GitHub.com is currently unavailable for emergency maintenance.
Q: Disguised blocks?

Menno GouwWhile i was mining a stairway down suddenly "all" blocks appeared as smooth stnone until they got touched a single time upon they changed to there normal appearance. Is this a bug or some mod i could have accidentally have turned on? And how to get rid of it?

12:38 PM
Q: What are the pros and cons of a client state in Rome 2: Total War

Bram VanroyQuestion speaks for itself. When being or having a client state, what are the pros and cons? Or, more to the point: what exactly does it do. Additional questions: Can you order your client state to do things for you? Can a client state break its client status with you and attack you? Do you g...

@RonanForman ಠ_ಠ
@badp Right, because that's ever gonna happen.
@FEichinger mayyyyyyyyyyyybe?
Q: How can you view your skill level after the latest patch?

BloodcountAs you have probably noticed after the latest patch of Dota 2 you can't search by player name. They have also removed their "Skill level" function from their API, which means that you can't really see your skill level on websites like dotabuff. The question at hand is: firstly: Is it even possib...

1:02 PM
@Mana Eight.
@Fluttershy Seven.
Am I doing it right?
Q: Where are the new collectibles located?

skovacs1I had all collectibles, comics, and firefly pendants collected and got all the related achievements and tags. For some time, my collectibles page said 141/141 collected. After update 1.05, it now reads 141/145. I just played through the single-player campaign again and didn't find anything new. W...

1:29 PM
@Wipqozn Nein!
Q: The Blue Hallway

ZibbobzIs there any significance to the Blue Hallway that appears sometimes before the 'two doors' room at the start? And has anyone else seen this hallway and found out that significance?

@Lazers Yay tagging mess because someone decided to mess with the tags regardless of the discussions about it!
@badp Mind making a synonym of ?
Q: Will buying 'Payday 2' directly onto my xbox 360 still keep the data on the hard drive?

user57601This is basically a question that applies for any game, but basically, what happened is that my disc for 'Payday 2' got scratched, and even after repairs, the game still cannot be read, and i am nervous about getting a disc in case the same happens again, so i hope to get it off the xbox live arc...

@fredley they sped that up by a solid year or ten
1:44 PM
@FEichinger what's the original mod game thing called now?
@badp , as per the meta. At least that's what it should be, lemme check. Currently
@FEichinger Now that's just bad
@PrivatePansy Blame BlueRaja or whatever his name is.
@PrivatePansy I like it
It's much better than "the-stanley-parable-mod"
He went on a retag spree in the middle of the discussion, blatantly ignoring my comment to just not edit until we've talked about it.
1:47 PM
It's very much clear
It's consistent with how we've handled SimCity
So I'll be the first upvote for BlueRaja, if you don't mind
@badp I think the -mod postfix is much clearer than the year which the game was released in
@PrivatePansy That sounds like a question about a mod for The Stanley Parable
@PrivatePansy This. It corresponds to what it is, rather than its circumstances.
@FEichinger Its being a mod is an implementation detail
1:49 PM
(FWIW, I would've gone with for the original and for the remake, because that's what the remix used to be called. Since the dev said the remake is the definitive version, I suggested the suffix in chat yesterday.)
At any rate, we still have the which is just nonsensical.
That should be a synonym of . We can bash our heads in about how to tag the original at some other point.
Why are we arguing about Stanley Parable tagging? Squirrel Girl finally released!
Her superpowers include... having a prehensile tail?
No seriously, that's what her Wikipedia page lists
@FEichinger See what happens? I look away from meta for a while and you get ideas.
This is awful.
1:59 PM
@PrivatePansy She's basically the Marvel equivalent to Aquaman, if Aquaman could control squirrels and stuff.
@badp I get ideas? What?
@badp Sounds like the perfect opportunity for some mod abuse
@FEichinger and not only you get ideas, but you suggest them.
@badp Hush, you.
When I think about the Stanley Parable, I don't think about where and how I installed the game files. I just care about the actual game. Distinguishing the original by the remastered version just because of that detail is silly.
2:02 PM
I don't remember when it was released, either.
I remember that it wasn't a full game, though.
@FEichinger It was short perhaps.
@Fluttershy So...worse than Aquaman?
@badp No, I mean, I remember that it wasn't standalone/normal released title, etc.
is how I would've tagged a question about it, knowing there was a remake.
I certainly wouldn't have thought "Oh, it was released in ... 2011? Or was it 2010? ... Hm. Might've been 2009, too. Ah, the tag is 2011, well, I'll go with that, then!"
Yeah, that's why we can rename tags afterwards
Sim City was different in that regard, in that both of them were fully fledged titles.
2:05 PM
so that they can make sense afterwards
@badp Yes, so we tag it as then, because that's the way that makes sense when asking a question about it. o.ô
@FEichinger No, it doesn't make sense tagging games based on their installation requirements
@badp BRB removing all console-specific tags.
I definitely wouldn't look for the release date out of all things if I were to tag a new question for an old game that received a remake in the meantime.
I, for one, would be fine either of your proposed solutions.
@FEichinger dude, we have SYNONYMS and AUTO COMPLETION lists. We can basically make it so that it doesn't matter what you think when you type in the tag, we get the RIGHT TAG
If you really think that a -mod suffix can be helpful, it can be a synonym of the right tag.
You just type in "stanley parable" and you get a box that says "2011" and "2013". And the question just is, "is it the older or the newer version?"
or you click just on what you typed and then we assume that it's the newer version
it is not very difficult or counter intuitive
so long as you can compare 2011 and 2013
which I assume is easier than recalling where you installed a game two years ago
2:10 PM
@badp I sincerely doubt there's anyone that doesn't remember that TSP was a mod originally.
Wow. I come in to work on a Saturday and you guys generate delicious drama for me? Thank you!
@Sterno ha, I just saw you in the room list and was thinking "Lucky sterno!"
@Sterno I think the bigger problem is you working on a weekend.
@Sterno I was about to drop the topic just because you entered. :P
Speaking of work, I should really get back to mine sigh
@FEichinger :(
@Wipqozn There's a FOE in my way on level 18. He's resistant to all magic, and my main damage dealing attacks are magic based. This makes me sad.
2:14 PM
@Sterno How annoying.
Luckily my ronin is fantastically fantastic.
It's rude, is what it is. Enemies should always have one magical weakness for my Alchemist to exploit.
@Sterno Yay for working Saturday! :D That's where I am right now, instead of home playing Marvel Heroes finally.
I'd be fine with that.
@Wipqozn I've got some grimoire skill that has a chance to instantly kill all enemies when combat starts. It just killed the FOE on my latest attempt. Muahahahahahahahahahahaha! hahahahahahahaha! hahahaha! Ha ha! heh.
@Sterno Good job.
2:21 PM
Pure skill.
So pro.
Almost ronnie levels of pro.
me pro much
Hrump, I'm getting a blank homepage again
Q: How can I catch the FOE wandering around the big open area of B18F?

SternoThere's a FOE in the big open area of floor 18 that is resisting my attempts to engage it in combat. I don't currently know the FOE's name because I haven't been able to catch up to it. Every time I get close it teleports to the other side of the room. It looks like a plant bud. It is foiling my...

@PrivatePansy Wordpress?
2:28 PM
No, here. It happens from time to time, for around a minute or so
Oh, okay.
I blame the government.
A: How exactly does suppressing enemies work?

kalinaEnemies will duck and either hit the ground or try to move out of the way while being suppressed, during which time they won't do much firing back at you or your team. Certain enemies are more susceptible to being suppressed - pretty much anything "non special" below the FBI guys in full armour -...

double freehand circle
@kalina -1 for freehand ovals, not freehand circles.
maybe I'm just bad at drawing circles
I haven't played Payday 2 in awhile.
2:32 PM
I shouldn't have to put up with this discrimination
Eh, can't really get circles off with columns.
I started again from level 0 yesterday
@PrivatePansy Lucky for the kid she didn't actually jump in that...
That would've hurt.
A: What are the effects of Pokemon Amie in X and Y?


2:34 PM
@kalina You're probably already higher level than me.
@PrivatePansy this just updated from -1 to -5 in a single update
@Sterno level 67
I haven't had any weapon mods drop for the guns I use though
so I'm walking around with two completely unmodded weapons
@kalina Yup
and I got my first mask at level 66
@kalina They have that new offshore Payday thing where you can pay extra money to guarantee a weapons mod drop.
You probably noticed already though.
doesn't work when you've only just rerolled and don't have 100 mil offshore account to drop on weapon mods
2:36 PM
@Yuki Oh fancy
only there for the next 4 days though
@kalina Oh, it's only a temporary thing?
yeah to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of payday the heist
@kalina Well, more incentive for me to blow my entire offshore account on more weapons mods.
99% of the loot cards I've had so far have been mask colours
this is so stupid
2:39 PM
@kalina This is my life.
I haven't even got a silenced primary weapon
@kalina What level are you now?
@PrivatePansy That's a missed Cyanide and Happiness moment.
Arqade is broken.
no u
2:49 PM
@Fluttershy you dun broke da arqade?
I fixed the Arqade
Q: Unhinged: How do I having electrical engine only active when MJ is required?

coiaxThere are a large number of MJ consuming machines that I wish to have the attached electrical engine only active when the machine needs power. How do I have an attached electrical engine turn off when not required? So, either a method of turning the engine on when there are items in the attached...

dun dun dunnnnn
Too many bundles.
2:53 PM
@Sterno You have no idea.
If that little guy on the left turns out to be Ubinota I am interested though.
I'm not sure why Firefox and IE renders font differently on Windows because AFAIK they both use the same API to render text on newer versions of Windows
3:09 PM
Q: grid 2 crashing on laptop

MMKafter playing one or two races when next event is loading the game crashes suddenly without any warning or showing any problem windows not even show the dialog box "grid 2 exe has stopped working" using windows 8 - 64 bit 4gb ram 2gb graphic card [AMD RADEON ] 2.7 ghz intel i5 processor

@RonanForman 68 now
@kalina Crap, you're catching up with me. Time to grind rats.
@RonanForman it's fine, I still don't have any weapon mods
@kalina Ha.
3:14 PM
can have all the skills in the world but all my guns are stock
I wish it was still funny at this point ;/
That's the advantage of doing smaller missions.
40 mins ago, by kalina
and I got my first mask at level 66
and ever since then
that's pretty much all I seem to get
Heh, the birthday post has a line saying remember when your friend didn't get their first mask until they were level 60?
If it was actually RNG that I had influence over it would annoy me less
but knowing all of the cards are pre-determined is starting to annoy me a little
@kalina Pre determined how so?
3:19 PM
the choice on the cards is added to your inventory before you get to the screen
@kalina Well it's still RNG, but the screen is purely cosmetic.
Q: Are there any benefits to leaving trees, stumps, or shrubs on my land?

Zero StackOccasionally, trees, shrubs, or stumps will spawn randomly on my map. If I have a worker free, I can spend some elixir and hope to find some gems in them once they are removed. Is there any benefit to not removing them? I do see workers (not builders) go to them and gather stuff from the t...

at least if my choice mattered I could blame myself
That's what I'm talking about.
@Sterno Math?
man, this is a tough question
on my job application they want me to fill out they asked me how they heard of the company
not sure how to answer without it sounding like I think it's a stupid question
since the answer is "You're a newspaper. I heard of you becasue you're a newspaper"
The Chronicle Herald Newspaper
maybe that will work
"HRM Resident" or what
This is like asking me how I know my parents
3:37 PM
how do you know your parents?
Some people don't!
@Wipqozn Because they raised you?
I know my parents through holograms that they included in my ship when they send me to earth
@Ullallulloo how odd
3:48 PM
@Wipqozn Golem down.
@Sterno What level are you?
I know my parents through the genetic memories that activated when I turned 16.
He was pretty easy at this level even on hard, so I assume you'll wipe the floor with him.
@Sterno Spiders are jerks
4:06 PM
sorry for the offtopic question... it's my girlfriends birthday tomorrow, I didn't get her a card, but I got her a tv and some shoes, should I get a card? there doesn't seem to be enough time
@axrwkr that's generally a good idea.
i don't know when i can do it though
I personally think cards are stupid, but I'm in the minority.
Depends on the girlfriend. My wife wouldn't care. And if she did, I could probably write her an awesome email telling her she rocks or something instead.
I have the sequel to the tetherball bear gif.
she is sitting right here in the room with me, chatting to her friend and we are about to go out so i don't know when i will have the chance
4:10 PM
I can't figure out how to save it :(
@Sterno Well, she's your wife already, too, so there's that. :P
user image
i had a chance earlier, but i didn't take it, i was alone in a shop that sells everything you can thing of, like toilet paper, sweets, beer, wine, newspapers etc and birthday cards
@FEichinger Even more important to keep her happy!
@Sterno Hulk defends the tetherballs?
4:11 PM
@Ullallulloo Hulk doesn't like to lose at tetherball.
@Sterno why do i like that, that's magnificent
Q: pausing game in dead space 3

MMKIs there any way that I can pause dead space 3 while checking the inventory (by TAB ). It is very annoying that the game keeps running in background while reading text logs or mission descriptions And it is also dangerous as you may be attacked by an enemy with inventory description on your face

4:41 PM
Chat is scrolling so slowly today that I think I've now seen Hulk throw that bear about 200 times.
I'm not allowed to play video games any more
@Wipqozn I just got a grimoire with a FOE's "Death Stare" ability at level 10. It's pretty awesome. 14 TP and it seems to fairly reliably kill a single enemy.
@GnomeSlice what brought this on?
@WorldEngineer I don't know my mother just decided.
@GnomeSlice Was it followed by "go outside" or "get a job" or "clean the house" or something?
4:45 PM
@Sterno 'clean the house' yeah.
It's a weekend but she says I'm supposed to be doing 9 to 5 work at home apparently
So now they're going to move my PC downstairs 'where we can police it better'
It sounds like, in their eyes, they're trying to figure out ways to motivate you to get a a job, and probably think "he plays games all day and that's why he doesn't have one"
I've been applying to tons of places
They're parents. They won't be happy until you actually get one.
And then I still won't be allowed to play games
I bet that would change.
If not, all the more reason to try to save up for your own place.
Ultimately, their goal is for you to be able to be independent. They love you. They want that to happen. They don't really know how to help or encourage it necessarily, though. Some things they do will be smart and others will be dumb.
4:50 PM
I'm 21 years old, what the hell is wrong with me.
@GnomeSlice didn't you just finish university a couple months ago?
@Wipqozn College. Yes.
Nothing. Yet. We'll talk again if you're 30 and still living with them.
Most people don't get a job right after they finish school.
@Wipqozn A good job.
4:51 PM
@GnomeSlice If by "good" you mean "relevant to my degree" then yes.
@Wipqozn Yeah, that
Despite what the school admins may have said people don't stroll out of school into a job.
They just say that to increase admission.
I don't even have a bottom feeder job
Didn't you only start applying to jobs last week?
4:52 PM
One week is barely anytime.
Here's the problem a parent faces. They love their kid and want them to succeed. They also realize that they won't be around forever to help out. They want to see you be independent, able to afford your own place, live life without them, etc. Not that they don't want you in their life... it's about them wanting to feel like if they're not there, you'll be okay. They probably want to see you busting your ass trying to get a job, and are worried you might be waiting for one to fall into your lap.
most "bottom feeder" jobs hire people en masse. They usually only do hiring a few times a year, and then just keep all the resumes they get until then.
I'm not saying you're not working hard at it. The point is, they probably see it as the single most important thing you should be doing right now.
So if you dedicate 2 hours a week to the endeavor and play video games the rest, that might be where their fear comes in.
I'm making up numbers, by the way. They'll always perceive it less than it is. You'll probably always perceive it as a lot.
Yeah that makes sense
4:55 PM
What it really boils down to is that they want to feel like you take it as seriously as they do.
Listen to @Sterno, he's a parent. He knows stuff.
My wife's twin brother is 33 and lives at home
I'm not sure that situation will ever change.
His parents hate that he does it but also totally enable it.
When they die, he's screwed.
My uncle lived at home until my grandmother died a couple years ago
he's still in the house because it hasn't sold yet
he doesn't know what to do
he's like in his 50's
I seem him about twice a year, Christmas and 4th of July or so. Every single time he talks about how he's looking hard for a job but can't find anything he likes.
@Sterno 'anything he likes'
4:57 PM
@GnomeSlice Right.
@Sterno That's got to be the most common excuse use.
It started out "anything with my degree" (which is teaching)
Although we all have doubts about whether or not he actually ever graduated.
The point is, it's pretty obvious to everyone that becoming self-sufficient is not a goal he holds.
I just don't have the confidence to do anything on my own
I also had a roommate like that. He was basically living off money his parents gave him. He stopped paying me rent and I didn't mind, because I was making plenty and he said he was lookign for a job. Only, he really wasn't. He applied like 3 places. He was a good friend and fun to live with so I didn't really mind much, but eventually I sat him down and said I needed rent or he needed to move out. Not because of the money, but because i felt like I was enabling him
That was not a fun conversation

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