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8:02 PM
@Brant Where'd you get that year from?
Pretty much just made it up on the spot.
tcpdump, which most all of this is based on was created in 1987
I have no actual idea.
This is much more fun. github.com/jonty/idiocy
8:04 PM
Basically, you use it like wardriving
@badp Oh yeah, I'm-stuck-in-a-driver-license-factory Elaine
@ArdaXi DMV?
Speaking of Firesheep, you guys wouldn't know a way to access libpcap from Android, would you?
Or how to put it into monitor mode.
@ArdaXi I see what you want there :D does want too!
@alexanderpas I got it in promiscuous mode already, and I can capture packets on any public network now, but that's useless if I can't use it.
And my C++ is much too bad to write it in the NDK
and it's much more effective in monitor mode
# ifconfig tiwlan0 monitor
ifconfig: bad address 'monitor'
Q: How do I escape the arena?

sjohnstonThe first time I encountered a statue that offered to take me to the arena, I went there. I've now fought to my death several times. When I die, I'm asked if I want to retry. Selecting "yes" brings me back to the arena. Selecting "no" brings me to the title screen (and "continue" from there puts ...

@badp does that link work for everyone else? It just times out for me.
@sjohnston it does for me
and they've moved to different topics.
@sjohnston works for me on ubuntu.
@badp topic: lanchpad questions might be changed into askubuntu. how more official do you want it.
8:36 PM
@alexanderpas ask.debian.net
it kinda looks active, then you see this: ask.debian.net/badges/troubleshooter
@badp it became active the last month ;)
8:58 PM
Q: Optimal Mission Order in regard to Unit Upgrades

ElpezmuertoThe Starcraft 2 Campaign Mission Order question has already asked Will picking missions randomly from the planets available exclude me from doing other missions or will it all just sort itself out? I am curious what is the most efficient mission order in regard to unit upgrades becaus...

@badp Fix da feeds dammit!
You have italics, therefore, I blame you.
and @tzenes is still a greenhorn italic, so no blame to him ;)
1 message moved to Sandbox
@LessPop_MoreFizz better?
@CRoss and that's why they shoudn't break your diamond
9:04 PM
It doesn't fix the underlying problem of them constantly double posting!
no, that's why the should fix the feed
well, I'm gone for the weekend
enjoy your feed. Don't be too hard on @badp
Aargh, the sloppiness of the Shapado default stylesheet hurts my brain
@CRoss the should fix the feeds... the?
9:05 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz start blaming yourself.
oh noes.
I don't want responsibility. I just want to yell at the people that already have it!
9:51 PM
For me all chat issues are badp's fault.
@Oak A perfectly sensible and well considered conclusion.
@Oak has spoken!
Hey wait a second @Less, you're also italic-ed. Can I blame you too?
@Oak @badp gave them to me in a fit of revenge.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Did you know? Oak is blue.
9:55 PM
@Oak blame @badp for that.
Blue is much more rad than italic.
@badp It is. So rad in fact, as to be beyond blame.
blue has blame immunity.

How I got Italics.

55 mins ago, 5 minutes total – 14 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked 32 secs ago by LessPop_MoreFizz

But I AM blue. Hmm, I guess that means I retain mod power in this room even though all chats are together now.
9:57 PM
and I'm the laughing bystander in all of this :D
@alexanderpas if that was you asking for italic, it ain't working (from me) :P
Neither from me, I'm not touching your (@badp 's) things
@badp in that case it worked, because I wasn't asking.
Who put @badp in control anyway.
They're @tzenes's things too, does that make them any more touchable?
9:59 PM
@Oak go wash your mouth!
@alexanderpas what did I say?
I just had gum
should smell okay
I think he misconstrued your comment as a euphemism. :)
@Oak talking about @badp "things".
@ArdaXi blue people who are beyond blame apparently ;)
What the hell was that sound.
10:00 PM
@badp your fault!
When did our chat sound change? I just about got used to the old one!
When in doubt, it's @badp's fault.
When @badp isn't around to blame, we blame @tzenes
hmm, what does that 'cancel stars' button do?
10:01 PM
Seriously. Who put him in command.
@ArdaXi Blue unblameable creatures.
@badp At least you're not called 'Fantastic'
> This slot gives out sparks when you put stuff in it.
Aug 31 at 23:31, by alexanderpas
:143681 can you appoint multiple owners? if so, make all Gaming SE mods owners.
@alexanderpas all mods have owner access btw
↑ what a mod sees
@badp Aug 31 at 23:31
I should probably go to bed early today. Gonna spend all day tomorrow in Walibi World :D
10:04 PM
@alexanderpas Yep, I got Marc to migrate both Gaming's Bridge and MSO's Gaming backlog in here, if that's what you mean :P
@ArdaXi cool, have fun
@Oak They have guys running around with chainsaws after dark.
@badp I mean, that was before that feature was implemented.
@alexanderpas which one?
@badp this one.
10:06 PM
@alexanderpas I think it's always been the case.
@alexanderpas I don't think it was, if you look at the id in your message
@Arda well... I guess that's a bit less fun than rollercoasters
@Oak They have those too.
Message IDs are screwed by migrations.
at first only MSO mods were chat mods.
10:08 PM
Okay, does anyone who plays Halo Reach can tell me if this answer is as bullshit as it appeals? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/7913/…
Still, all chat mods had owner access.
What's your point? :)
@badp the GSE mods weren't chat mods at that time.
@alexanderpas Any MSO mod could've made them owner...
Aug 31 at 23:31, by alexanderpas
:143681 can you appoint multiple owners? if so, make all Gaming SE mods owners.
You know, those guys exist. Have you tried talking with them?
10:09 PM
@badp which is exactly what I suggested there.
@Oak He's also posted two answers.
@alexanderpas You asked Juan who had owner in the first place.
Aug 31 at 23:29, by Downvoter
I am the owner of the room @Grace
this is what you must have replied to.
Juan also had mod (I believe), so I did ask a chat mod!
@alexanderpas No, he didn't. He was merely italic.
@Oak oh god, all the answers on that question are terrible
10:13 PM
@badp still, I asked someone with proper permissions to do so. because it wasn't done yet.
@alexanderpas Cool! Now you know who to blame :P
@badp ever since when are you a Gaming SE mod?
Deleted his two answers.
Downvoters may request a recalc :)
@alexanderpas If I was a mod I'd be blue and you wouldn't get to blame me.
@Oak where?
10:15 PM
Downvoter wasn't a mod. He gets to be blamed.
Any questions?
@badp okay, blame on you!
@alexanderpas where what?
1 min ago, by Oak
Downvoters may request a recalc :)
@alexanderpas Flag something of yours for moderator attention and explain you want a recalc.
@alexanderpas recalc is manual. You have to request it from a mod. You can do it by flagging for mod attention, or you can just ask me here on chat
10:17 PM
not needed, just wanted to know.
(might ask for a recalc the moment I reach 10K ;))
@alexanderpas So you drop down back to 9k? Not a good move :P
@badp actually, it is a good move, as it gives me the 10K when I've actually earned it.
@Oak Consider this a request.
@Less done
@badp gimme back that link, wasn't done clicking on it.
10:20 PM
@alexanderpas It wasn't the question I hoped it was.
Wait, I thought everyone can see the history of messages?
A: How often is reputation recalculated?

Marc GravellA system-wide recalc happens occasionally, for example when the rep rules are tweaked (like this). Other than that, a rep-recalc can be triggered on your account by ♦ moderators: on request if we've done something like merged your account(s) if there is a suspicion of "inappropriate activity" ...

Here we go
@Oak Sure.
I bet the mods have a single button solution.
@Oak night, you blue angel mysterious creature.
I'm leaving too, have fun with the feed bots.
I'm sure @LessPop_MoreFizz knows how to find the message admin tool from the room menu.
10:27 PM
I'm having ice, so i'm around for a while.
@badp you come back with a global inbox with 250 mentions
@alexanderpas I'll get you a screenshot if that happens
better make that exactly 250 messages, including those you didn't send!
@badp if that happens... it would be very fun.
@LessPop_MoreFizz who's going to buy the geocities domain, and put it back on the net?
@alexanderpas It would be hilarious if someone did that.
10:58 PM
Aiee, the site is down
@Brant yep, happened exactly while i was reading @badp posts across the network.
OK, so we need some fancy pictures to put on our scheduled maintenance page like they have on SO: sstatic.net/stackoverflow/app_offline.htm
@Brant I think we already have a meta-thread for that.
Well I'd know that if it was online.
@Brant I would've searched for it if it was online... I blame @badp for this outage!
> Routine maintenance usually takes less than an hour. You may retry your request or if this turns into an extended outage, we will post details on the blog
I can't wait an hour, I need to stalk @badp
11:30 PM
we're back BTW.
11:53 PM
Q: How do you hire a Hacker in Game Dev Story?

paradigm72I'm on my second playthrough of this gaming, choosing the Hire option at least twice per game year, and varying between "Word of Mouth", "Magazine Ad", and "Online Ad" - never seen a Hacker available for hire. Is there something special I have to do?

Oh shi, that's post 9948
10k within the hour?
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