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2:54 PM
Q: What are all of these halachic sources?

ChanochEveryone here at judaism.stackexchange.com has their own favorite seforim to quote when answering a halachic question. Let's put together a compendium of information about the different sources we like to quote, that way it's easy to find out who wrote each of these seforim, and when we hold by t...

grumble*grumble I don't like it.
3:28 PM
@msh210 Please elaborate
@msh210 Oh I see you did in comments. hold on.
@msh210 My comment's in.
@IsaacMoses Ditto.
3:48 PM
@msh210 Whadaya think? Close with guidance? Edit into "what is the Halacha Berura"?
(I think his answer is valuable content, since I couldn't find anything similar with a quick google search.)
@IsaacMoses I agree with editing the question to "What is the Halacha B'rura?". (Perhaps suggest it first in a comment and give people a chance to opine? It's only been 90 minutes since the question was posted, and we're not yet that high-traffic a site. Or maybe just go for it. I don't know.)
This is also something the maybe-eventually-coming glossary feature would help with
@IsaacMoses Whazzat?
@msh210 I've recommended a plan to Chanoch.
@IsaacMoses Ah, right. I remember reading that. But I didn't, and don't, understand how it's envisioned, UI-wise. Any word/phrase typed in a question/answer(/comment) whose definition is in the glossary would have a tooltip definition? That seems like a lot of overhead (something has to look up every single phrase -- not just word but phrase, any string of words).
@IsaacMoses +1 from me. A certain amount of rep should get you a +2 button ;-) .
4:00 PM
@msh210 Yeah, not sure about that. Maybe just allowing you to inline tag [glossary:Halacha Berura] and have that auto-point to the appropriate entry in the glossary would be good. Kind of like WP links.
... but just having a standard glossary with the synonym feature, preferably pre-populated with a great deal of data, would be very useful, even if you have to link into it manually.
@IsaacMoses That would be wonderful. It could be used for references ([glossary:Halacha Berura]) and for definitions ([glossary:shaatnez]).
@IsaacMoses What do you mean "with the synonym feature"?
@msh210 Like we have for tags - so that multiple spellings, translations, or even phrasings can share the same entry, even if they're initially entered as separate entries.
@IsaacMoses Oh. So you mean reuse the tagging technology — not the way tags attach to questions, but just the synonyms and wiki explanations.
...and [tag:foo]-like syntax.
@IsaacMoses, why did you bountize 246?
4:18 PM
@msh210 Exactly. Maybe even using the same database, except that some questions link to entries as tags, while others (and answers) merely refer to them inline.
@msh210 No answers I wanted to accept after a long time.
@Dori: See this conversation for more glossary ideas for the devs.
@IsaacMoses Well, the glossary database would have many entries that would likely never be tags ("Halacha Berura" for example). Using a single database for the glossary and the tags would create a tag-wiki for such, which would make them look like tags. I suppose there's nothing really wrong with that....
@msh210 So rename the database "Tags/Glossary" and somehow highlight the ones that are used as tags [on a significant number of questions]. I guess it's questionable whether you want your entire glossary eligible for tag auto-completion.
@IsaacMoses Ah, yes, I forgot about autocompletion. No, probably not a good idea.
@msh210 So maybe only make auto-completion work if an entry (or any synonym thereof) has already been used as a tag n times.
@msh210 BTW, just to make sure, did you get the mod newsletter email last night?
@IsaacMoses Yes. I thought the new semipolicy of "keeping and supporting discussions on your per-site metas, even when those discussions could go on meta.stackoverflow.com" interesting.
@IsaacMoses Yeah.
4:29 PM
@msh210 It was a big conversation in the Lounge. I like the basic underlying argument - most users don't know or care about the broader network, and needn't.
4:41 PM
@IsaacMoses Makes a lot of sense. Also makes for a lot of duplication.
@IsaacMoses Well, he's edited the question: judaism.stackexchange.com/posts/8029/revisions
2 hours later…
6:37 PM
Q: Nazi and Jews antisemitic

nomssIn which way antisemitic attitudes against Jews began to become more extreme under the Nazi regime?

Jewish history: on-topic or not?
6:49 PM
@IsaacMoses I've answered a bunch of mi-yodeya-series questions with Jewish-history facts, but i don't like the idea of plain-Jewish-history questions with nothing else Jewish about them.
@msh210 (Also being discussed in the mod room.)
@IsaacMoses Going. Thanks.
7:05 PM
I don't want to raise the question yet on meta of what logo to use, as I think that meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/50 should be resolved first. (And perhaps the best logo would then be the one from the old site. Somewhat likely, in fact.) But, just for the record, I'd like to mention an idea I had, lest I forget it: A sefer Tora, open with lines displayed representing lines of text, would fit in nicely with the SO-SF-SE horizontal-lines theme.
@msh210 When we launch out of beta, B"H, SEI's going to hire a graphic designer to make a design for the site. I sure hope they do a better job than what I slapped together on m.y.
... I plan to push more on the name after we nail down the scope questions. Design would come after that. Of course, you're welcome to introduce these topics whenever you want.
@IsaacMoses I know SE uses a graphic designer, but it also says it will take input from the community.
@msh210 Right. Design is one of the 7 Essentials, IIRC.
@IsaacMoses Ja.
7:21 PM
@msh210 I'd like to get the two scope questions I posted last night answered, at least provisionally accepted, and incorporated into the FAQ within ~ a week. Then, we'll be in better shape to take on tagline, name, design, and even promotion questions.
7:48 PM
josh-waxman's sure racking up those Revival badges
8:10 PM
@IsaacMoses Sounds good... now people just need to pay attention to those questions within the week.
8:21 PM
@msh210 So I'd prefer. But if not, we'll just go with consensus of you, WAF, and me.
@IsaacMoses :-(
@msh210 nomss piqued your interest?
@msh210 You don't like mod consensus as a method for making decisions, absent other community input?
@IsaacMoses "nomss"?
@IsaacMoses I like it when necessary (e.g., if no one else is gonna have any input). I prefer others' input.
@msh210 The user who asked the Nazi question.
@IsaacMoses Oh. No, nothing to do with that.
8:28 PM
@msh210 Agreed. However, we have to live with the reality that most users are not interested in participating in meta.
@msh210 Re: GG's recent answer on "Kos shel ikrin". I used the mod/convert-to-comment tool. Don't know if you're familiar with it. It comes in handy. Gone are the days of "This response would be best expressed as a ..."
Also note that it only takes 1 rep to be allowed to post comments now, so it's fair to do this even to new users.
@IsaacMoses Cool! I hadn't known about that. I'd never explored the 'mod' lnk on posts.
@msh210 Glad I mentioned it then.
@IsaacMoses But comments can only be n characters, and posts can be longer. What happens if you try to convert a too-long post?
@IsaacMoses Yep. Thanks!
@msh210 Dunno. I was wondering if I'd have a problem with this one. If you ever chance to try it with a yet longer answer, let me know what happens.
@msh210 It also strips whitespace, but thems the breaks (or now, lack thereof).
@IsaacMoses Oy. I just asked in the Teachers' Lounge about long posts.
8:35 PM
(The one I just moved was 107 chars short of too long for a comment.)
Michael Mrozek: "It gets truncated."
@msh210 Got it. Thanks.
What does HAND mean?
@IsaacMoses Have a nice day.
@msh210 Thanks. You, too.
Is there somewhere a list of questions (only, not answers) posted by myself?
@IsaacMoses Duh!
@msh210 Yeah. Placement of stuff on the user page is a little counter-intuitive in some ways.
1 hour later…
9:54 PM
Does that thing about "keeping and supporting discussions on your per-site metas, even when those discussions could go on meta.stackoverflow.com" apply even to feature requests and bug reports, or only to discussion and support?
10:10 PM
@msh210 All of the above. The SE team monitors all metas, so feature requests and bugs will get picked up by them. If there's a relevant post on MSO, there's no reason not to refer to it as data.

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