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12:10 AM
ME: “Hi Linda. Here is the revised design. Sorry it took so long. There was quite a bit of custom drawing required, but I think it looks great. Worth the effort.”

CLIENT: “That looks awesome. Now if we can change the font to Papyrus, we can wrap this one up.”
12:23 AM
@LoganM Needs moar Papyrus.
@Eric Do you follow papyruswatch.com?
@LoganM I do now. lol
The worst one I've seen is this:
This one is my favorite so far.
I mean, the irony is just fantastic.
A whole letter written in Papyrus.
12:55 AM
That is really bad.
The letter content itself is worse. I'm regretting reading it.
Read enough to check it was Papyrus. After that I was like "nope" and didn't read it.
Yeah, I suddenly got curious after examining the Papyrus.
A: How do I create multiple worlds?

poopasdfafasf asd aspenispenis penis penis penis penis penis

Arqade gets really random spam
though we did get something similar today so I guess it's not that random
@LoganM I really don't get why people post this. Why can't they spend their time watching anime instead of being trolls?
1:12 AM
@Eric What I don't get is why they choose to troll sites like this where it's unlikely anyone will ever see it.
Though, it's hard to balance the "people will see it" against "moderators will see it".
meh. If that's really what they want to do with their lives, I should probably be pitying them rather than laughing at them or getting annoyed at them.
Unrelated, but is it just me or are SE avatars way too small for most good pictures? I tried one today, and it only looked decent at the 64x64 and larger sizes.
Yeah. Anything below 64x64 gets really hard to see.
There used to be one (I don't remember whose) that I only liked small. Enlarged, it was weird.
32x32 is really only enough for a closeup of someone's face, and 16x16 always looks like a random colorful blob no matter what it is. Even the 128x128 doesn't always look good when it's a full-body shot.
Yeah. That's why I haven't changed mine.
I was going to use a nice shot of like, 3 characters from RKB. But it just looks like crap at anything smaller than 128.
1:25 AM
For reference the pic I was going to use is this.
I had to cut Miki out of a much bigger picture, and then I was lazy so i just autoblurred all the edges in Gimp, so the full size isn't that great. That mostly disappears when it gets rescaled to anything smaller than 500x500 anyway, so I figured it wasn't a problem, but it's just unrecognizable on the smallest sizes.
I've used avatars that are way bigger than that on other sites. SE's tiny avatars are really annoying in that respect because I can't use the same ones I use anywhere else.
Indeed. I want a 200x200 avatar.
2:00 AM
@Eric we can't always get what we want
@Krazer But but but... :(
@Eric because cake and pie
@Krazer Can I have cake and pie?
@Eric you can either have it or eat it
@Krazer So I have to eat and regurgitate it?
2:09 AM
@Eric then you'd have a mess
That's why I'd like to both have and eat it.
Q: What is the production order of Monogatari series?

user1306322It's rather confusing how the story is serialized not in the order of its events. I'd like to know the order in which the animated versions were produces.

2:34 AM
@Eric ??
@Krazer What needs more of me?
@Mysticial Life in general, because you're the life of the party ;3
@Mysticial Oh, it must have been edited in a 5-min limit. It was an image of your sorted array answer (and the view count).
Well... I just got back from a company picnic today.
So yeah... I partied today.
@Eric oh, lol
@Mysticial (jealous)
any fun activities?
2:37 AM
@Eric Speaking of which, that went through an episode today...
Check the revision history of it. And you can guess what happened.
Good thing I caught it in time.
I had to take care of it on the beach.
@Krazer We went down a beach boardwalk.
All of youtube.
any cool pix?
I didn't take any pictures. It wasn't really all that crazy.
Some of us went for a swim, some went to the arcades and the rides.
And I'm off to dinner.
mmm dinner
3:06 AM
@Mysticial Oh no, you'd lose out on your hordes of rep from the question if it remained Wikified! :P
3:19 AM
epix reps
I want to has
3:55 AM
We all do.~
They terk yer jerb..
@iKlsR o-o?
durk ur durkrr
anyways.. scuttles of to sleep.
You know you want to sleep when.. http://t.co/UmpFveqsTy
4:10 AM
@iKlsR lol @ the rooster
@iKlsR var x = new goat();
@Eric I'm having issues believing you are a human..
Q: Proper use cases for Android UserManager.isUserAGoat()?

Ovidiu LatcuI was looking at the new APIs introduced in Android 4.2. While looking at the UserManager class I came across the following method: public boolean isUserAGoat () Used to determine whether the user making this call is subject to teleportations. Returns whether the user making this ...

I need to call this function.
function Shark() { };

Shark.prototype.fireFrickinLaserBeam = function() { doit(); };

fred = new Shark();

@Krazer Go home, you're drunk
4:12 AM
@iKlsR My username on The Verge is a reference to .isUserAMonkey()
I've heard that method always returns true on iOS.
@Krazer Krazer.isUserATurtle();
@Eric XD nice!
man.. those devs
4:16 AM
function Goat() { }
function UltraGoat() { }

UltraGoat.prototype = new Goat();
UltraGoat.prototype.constructor = UltraGoat;

var goat = new Goat();
var ultraGoat = new UltraGoat();

goat.constructor == Goat;
ultraGoat.constructor == Goat;
ultraGoat.constructor == UltraGoat;
4 mins ago, by iKlsR
@Krazer Go home, you're drunk
@Krazer What kind of improved functionality does UltraGoat offer me? Are there performance considerations?
@Eric inheritance
@Krazer yes, but what is in Goat
@Krazer Interesting. Will there be performance denigration if I allocate 500 billion UltraGoats?
4:19 AM
Goats in your RAM.. O_O`
aaaah.. iKlsR slithers off to bed.
@Eric lets give it a try!
@iKlsR Sweet dreams of pudding~
@Krazer OMG yes.
@iKlsR sweet pineapple jello dreams
var x = new UltraGoat[500L * ONE_BILLION];
for (long i = 0L; i < 500L * ONE_BILLION; i++)
    x[i] = new UltraGoat();
@Eric !!!
4:43 AM
@Eric Not so much the rep. But rather having my flair removed and making it vulnerable to bad edits.
In this case, it was just the question that got wikied. None of the answers were wikied. But the question shouldn't be wiki in the first place.
I'll take the rep, then! :D
And the tag scores as well. I already pinged the OP about it, but if nobody puts the C++ tag back on the question in the next few days, I'll do it myself by rolling it all the way back to revision 8.
Waaaay too many useless edits on that question.
Well, the edit was right, though. It doesn't make sense to be language agnostic and C++.
@Eric But the primary example is C++. So if you can't have both, it should be C++.
That suggested edit was controversial anyway.
Java would also be on it if there wasn't a 5 tag limit.
Maybe add C++ back and replace language agnostic with Java.
4:50 AM
That was close to how it originally was. Both C++ and Java. I don't mind whether it's Java or Language Agnostic. But the C++ needs to stay.
But in any case, the question should be immune to edit-induced wiki now. So as long as there's no edit war that ends in getting the question locked, we're all happy.
5:14 AM
Yup. Btw, nice new avatar @Mysticial :D
And I'm off, g'night!~
@Eric lol, thx
@Eric night
a bit early?
@Mysticial A bit, but not really. I've been adjusting to coming back to Canada, and I need way more sleep here. I suspect because of the altitude. Where I could survive on 7-8 in Redmond, I need around 9 here to stay awake during the day.
@Eric You live that high up?
Sounds like you should move to sea level to get a few hours back.
@Mysticial 3,500 feet up.
Yeah, that's the plan (someday).
@Mysticial I'm jealous of west coast time :p
5:23 AM
@MadaraUchiha evening
@MadaraUchiha Night~
@Krazer Why jealous?
@Mysticial more time when east is asleep
5:24 AM
Why is the east being asleep good? :)
@Mysticial oh the cool peeps are on west coast time!
east coasters are lazy~
Anyone here plays OpenTTD?
@MadaraUchiha I just started last week
@Krazer Same :D It's quite fun
@MadaraUchiha I found a good wiki guide for your gaming question: wiki.openttdcoop.org/Presignal_Basics
5:30 AM
@Krazer Yeah, I got the same article on their IRC channel.
And this guy explained it to me very nicely
I'll wait an hour or five, and if there aren't answers I'll go myself.
yay selfies
5:44 AM
Do we have users here without edit capabilities?
5:55 AM
@MadaraUchiha for?
@Krazer Testing a new vulnerability I found
Q: /edit-inline shouldn't bypass suggested edits

Dave ChenUsing http://stackoverflow.com/posts/?/edit-inline while ? is the ID of the post. Pressing Save Edits without changing the textbox on a post that has Edit (1), will reject the edit by Community ♦

Eventually used my sock.
Example ^
@JNat @LoganM ^^ fun for your Socks!
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
You know?
Looking at 322 ("Madara Uchiha") again, I noticed they made a mistake
See 07:30
2 hours later…
10:23 AM
Oh, the Rinnegan before it activates?
@Krazer Yeah
5 hours later…
3:07 PM
Q: What technology/jutsu do the Akatsuki members use to communicate with each other?

Ero SenninIn the anime, it is shown that the Akatsuki members communicate with each other from the place they were currently present. What is that technology or jutsu?

2 hours later…
4:39 PM
I'm thinking I want to buy this song... how would I go about doing that?
@ton.yeung You might be able to find it on iTunes. If not, you'd probably have to buy the OST, and even then there's no guarantee that the OST will have the full version.
meh.. that sucks.. do i have to get it through the jp iTunes?
@Eric uhh.. my gf's bitching about going to the mall, thx eric, g2g
... lol, good luck bro.
The Anime Watching Session starts in 10 minutes in Reviews and Recommendations! Be there, or be square!~
5:00 PM
The session has begun! :o
5:58 PM
Q: Is that possible to make anime of missed girls?

Naing Lin AungIn The World God Only Know Season 3 ( Goddess Arc ) , they skipped a lot of girls's arc and rush to goddess arc itself ( For example they didn't show specificially about Tsukiyo and other but instead only give small screen time. ) so my point is " Is that possible to make series or OVA of those...

@Sakamoto I have no idea what this question is asking.
@Eric Yeah, I looked at it, and I have no idea what he means
I think he means to ask if it is possible that a series/OVA about the skipped girls is gonna be made
@JNat Yeah, I think you're right. That being the case, I'm VTCing.
It makes perfect sense to someone who knows TWGOK, but it's off topic for the reason I listed.
The close reason Logan just used should be one of our default off-topic close reasons.
@JNat @Krazer can we make that ^ happen?
6:05 PM
A: What should be our custom off-topic close reasons?

JNat Questions on future events with regard to the production of an anime or manga are off-topic, as such details are only known to the creators of said works and should be checked on anime news sources. See: What do we do with questions about future events/releases? For questions on future relea...

Ah, okay.
We'll add it if this type of questions are asked more frequently
So far it does not appear to be necessary. Only three or four so far, I think
I thought the OT reason should be added in the "put on hold as off-topic" bar when it gets closed that way. Does it just stay as a comment?
Looks that way, yeah. Seems silly to me.
I think it's supposed to do that, but maybe not for custom reasons.
For example, this:
6:10 PM
It might only do it for ones that are custom, but not added per-question.
@Eric That's what custom means
I'd argue that a per-question reason is also custom.
If we go by SE's terminology:
-Default OT reasons are those that appear in the dropdown menu. These can be added (requires 2 moderators, and there's a maximum number of available reasons)
-Custom OT reasons are those that individual users type in when they VTC as OT but none of the default reasons work, and they choose to type their own reason.
In this case, I think it feels more NC than OT
Then, what I said above using those terms: "It might only do it for ones that are default, but not custom."
@Krazer Why?
6:14 PM
@Krazer NC is not a close reason anymore.
@LoganM primarily opinion-based then
@Krazer It's definitely not opinion-based.
@LoganM why not? without inside industry knowledge facts, we can only speculate
@Krazer That's like saying that asking about algebraic geometry here, when no one here knows algebraic geometry, is opinion-based because we can only guess. It's not. It's off-topic.
@LoganM but I feel that it is at least on topic as it concerns anime production of TWOGK
6:20 PM
@Krazer No, that's exactly why there are editable off-topic reasons, because we aren't about everything anime/manga related, but only a subset therein.
@LoganM It needs to be added the the custom (as in customized for the site, not for the question) off-topic reasons, like the "questions about making anime...." reason is in our custom off-topic reasons
@LoganM Which according to these definitions, yeah, would be considered Default OT
@Krazer Little fluffy Gigolo? lol
@ton.yeung you can pirate it or... cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=KSCL-1873
6:40 PM
Q: Is the "wakakusa" ad a references to something?

KrazerIn episode 4, there is an ad for "強力わかくさ" or "strong green/fresh grass." Is this a reference/parody to something (out-of series reference), like the "Dogs Playing Pool" in the background of episode 3 at the pool hall? If so, to what?

6:58 PM
btw @LoganM, I started Tonari no Kashiwagi-san. It's pretty good.
@Eric That is a good manga.
Indeed. Definitely going to keep reading. I made it through an entire volume last night without even meaning to.
It's a very light manga. You can read up to date in the English translations in one sitting.
Indeed. I like that kind of manga.
7:17 PM
Q: In real world , can it decrypt password from several computers?

Naing Lin AungIn Bloody Monday (Manga )Chapter 3 , The protagonist hack several computers and use P2P technology as front and force it to decrypt certain file. Can it also applied in real world and such a event actually happened in real world ??

^ is this on topic?
holy bloody crap: dailymotion.com/video/… (Watamote in the shingeki no kyojin OP)
I proposed something with respect to culture questions here that culture questions which make sense after you delete all references to anime/manga are off topic (e.g. this question). Should we apply the same logic here for technology questions?
@LoganM i'm answering it anyway, because I know the answer
@Hiroto Okay go ahead.
he's talking about parallel processing over a network, akin to folding@home or a botnet
7:23 PM
When I saw it at first, I only saw the title and (which probably shouldn't even be a tag here). I really thought it was spam.
should I direct him towards itsec.se? :p
@Hiroto For now if you know the answer then answer it. Also, if you understand what he's asking (I don't, but I don't know anything about technology) then you should suggest an edit to make it clearer.
Q: In real world , can it decrypt password from several computers?

Naing Lin AungIn Bloody Monday (Manga )Chapter 3 , The protagonist hack several computers and use P2P technology as front and force it to decrypt certain file. Can it also applied in real world and such a event actually happened in real world ??

Q: Ash and red are same person?

Naing Lin AungIt might be silly question but I just watched pokemon in only my childhood and I merely remember it vaguely. but recently I read Pokemon Manga and protagonist name is mentioned as Red . But If i not wrong , pratagonist name was Ash in Anime version. so I doubt that they are same person. Are they...

Q: Which chapter i need to read The World God Only Know (Manga)?

Naing Lin AungI plan to read TWGOK manga especially that didn't animated chapters ( between Season 2 and Season 3) . Which chapters do i need to read ??

holy crap that guy is going nuts
also, allow me to change Sakamoto's name for a bit.
There we go.
refresh, heh
7:42 PM
@LoganM done
I'd have this migrated to itsecurity.SE, but it's very likely a duplicate and/or off-topic (the site is for professionals, who already know their way around backtrack or the likes)
7:56 PM
Also, @LoganM, has there been a consensus on content links yet? practically every source for manga in most countries that aren't the US these days is piracy, because it's literally impossible to get it otherwise, but I don't think you should actually bring that point up (or endorse it) on the site.
Lemme link you a rant on facebook I had about this...
@Hiroto No more discussion since then. IMO we aren't getting anywhere, and I've gotten bored of discussing this. At this point I think the best option is to let the mods reach a consensus (it's hard enough with only 3 people, but with everyone in the chatroom it's impossible to even tell whether we're all agreeing or not) and then just go with whatever they decide.
I had several hundred pounds to burn then, and went nuts on games and music, only to have my order cancelled due to "not being japanese"
It's like your average retailer doesn't even grasp the concept of currency conversion. "you aren't japanese, you couldn't possibly have yen. I only want yen"
Anyways, back to pictures of cats serious mod business
Yeah it is a pain to get anything legally. I agree that piracy is basically necessary to be anything more than a casual anime fan, but I don't think it would look good for us if we opened the doors completely to it. For example, questions like "which fansub group should I download for X?" would probably reflect poorly on our community.
I'd be biased as all hell. I've worked for UTW, Doki (as a leader), SHiN-gx, Shini-subs, Whine-subs, Commie and a bunch of others.
That would indeed be a terrible thing
I guess that one would be "primarily opinion based" but I could imagine lots of questions about fansubbing that could be factually answered but wouldn't look good for us.
8:09 PM
They're shopping questions, really
there are review sites for that, really
but none of them are bias-free (just like any other review site)
The only reason I lost interest in fansubbing shows was because after I released the last episode of anohana for Doki, and we got tens of thousands of downloads in a few hours, we had people nitpicking like crazy and it basically drove the translator (who majored in japanese and is trilingual) nuts.
I went "yeah... no. no more speedsubbing."
tl;dr: people will tear into a sub group for any little thing if they are biased against them, and ignore every issue if they are biased towards
just go on 4chan's /a/ board and say "which is better, hadena or commie", and watch the banhammer swing down on you as people tear each other's throats out
I've had similar experiences when I've worked on fansubbing stuff. Now the only things I work on are obscure things (like VNs) where the fanbase is usually smaller and somewhat more knowledgeable, and it's rare for multiple translations to exist at all.
I'm making my own VN right now
shameless self-promotion: love-despite.com
@Kraaaazer hai
8:29 PM
@Hiroto -ooooiooo hasaaai
8:41 PM
@Hiroto Here's an advice.
@MadaraUchiha hmm?
When it's not immediately obvious what your site is about (And it isn't), consider adding a single concise paragraph what it's about, and what you do.
Right now, I see a nice site, with a pretty logo and a nice pic, but I don't get what the site is about on the first look (which is more than 95% of the views you'll get, that "first look").
Hehe. We know that, and we haven't updated the site in months. We dont want to hype it up until we have a demo ready
the "real" site for dev is either our blog or forums
that's supposed to be a roleplay site depicting the actual in-game school
9:31 PM
Looks pretty cool
2 hours later…
11:50 PM
@Hiroto your site is set in the future.
@iKlsR intentional~
@Hiroto kinda figured. ;) it's nice tho.
Ok, let's talk evil clones.
@Krazer here is your evil clone.
@JNat here is your evil clone.

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