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12:51 AM
Meh, reading translations is truly inferior to reading originals.
Style never fully carries over.
@Cerberus Woof
And you will always notice that you're reading a translation, because it will never be as natural as the original. The style of the translation will distract from time to time.
@Kit sits up
@Cerberus Good boy! (Or is it good boys when you have three heads?)
Are you talking about a particular translation?
Your choice! As long you give us cookies.
@Kit Not really: I was just commenting on what Vit and Rob said above.
A cookie, also known as a web cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie, is a piece of text stored on a user's computer by their web browser. A cookie can be used for authentication, storing site preferences, shopping cart contents, the identifier for a server-based session, or anything else that can be accomplished through storing text data. A cookie consists of one or more name-value pairs containing bits of information, which may be encrypted for information privacy and data security purposes. The cookie is sent as a field in the header of the HTTP response by a web server to a web brows...
12:56 AM
Golly, thanks!
Huh, my typing area is all fucked up. One sec...
Yeah, me too.
I just refreshed and it helped.
P.S. Does your cookie contain a tracking device?
@Cerberus No, all natural, organic, with no added fillers, trackers, or beacons.
Yeah, yeah... they always say that. And I bet its wrapper says I am number 10,000 and have just won a free trip to the moon, if I will just sign here?
@Cerberus Maybe they all say that, but I actually mean it.
Except for the moon part.
1:00 AM
Oh, bummer.
But I do get a huge cash prize?
If by "cash prize", you mean laugh, then yes.
I don't know if you're one of the many programmers on EL&U, but I prefer Session to Cookies anyway.
Arf, I had a good joke, but the baby woke up. TTFN.
Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer; but I can imagine that session would mean that browser data are saved only for the duration of one browser session, i.e. until you close it.
Oh it is 3 am: I should go to bed.
1 hour later…
2:32 AM
just checking whether I left anything here
3 hours later…
5:49 AM
@hippietrail I found $50; are they yours?
6:42 AM
@Cerberus TTFN stands for "ta ta for now". Ta ta is a way of saying goodbye.
7:27 AM
@ThirdIdiot He knew that, he knew everything
7:55 AM
@Boob Why did he ask then?
Isn't Cerberus Dutch? Then he probably wouldn't be familiar with our English peculiarities. NO offence Cerberus. Unless of course you are better acquainted with the English Language then I know you.
@ThirdIdiot Yep. He is Dutch.
2 hours later…
10:01 AM
@ThirdIdiot He asked to get your attention, or maybe he forgot everything he knew before.
10:36 AM
@Boob Where do you come from?
@RegDwight Cool! what about you, Reg
@RegDwight GMT+1? Calculate for me.
10:53 AM
@ThirdIdiot It's easy: it's 6 hours from New York time.
@kiamlaluno Which means? He's in Europe?
@ThirdIdiot Yep.
@kiamlaluno where exactly is what I would like to know.
i.e. what country.
@ThirdIdiot That is something he needs to tell you. I know what he said, but it's his business telling you from where he is.
REg, if you don't mind, please tell me. Then I will tell you what blog stands for.
11:07 AM
Central European Time (CET), used in most of Europe, is one of the names of the time zone that is 1 hour ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time, with a time offset of UTC+1/GMT+1 (in winter). Most EU member states have adopted the use of Central European Summer Time (CEST) daylight saving time in summer, with UTC+2. Usage Usage in Europe The German Empire unified its time zones in 1893, to use CET (MEZ). During the 1914-1918 war, this time was implemented in all occupied territories. Before World War II, Lithuania used CET (MET) in the years 1920–40. In F...
See the top starred comment to the right.
István Széchenyi is obviously neither Spanish nor Tunisian.
It's not Italian either.
I can't spoonfeed you everything.
@RegDwight So is the blue strip on the map the area you are living in?
I really like your real name. Reg Dwight sounded American, Istvan Szechenyi sounded delicious.
Count István Széchenyi, in Hungarian: Gróf Széchenyi István (pronounced ; September 21, 1791 – April 8, 1860) was a Hungarian politician, theorist and writer, one of the greatest statesmen of Hungarian history. István is a Hungarian name equivalent of the name Stephen. Family and early life Széchenyi was born in Vienna. The Széchenyis were an old and influential noble family of Hungary. Traditionally loyal to the Habsburg dynasty, they were linked with noble families, such as the Liechtenstein, the Eszterhazy and the Lobkowitz. He himself spoke better German than Hung...
11:15 AM
@ThirdIdiot No, the blue strip on the map is the GMT+1 area.
OK; that is the end of the spoon-feeding.
@kiamlaluno Reg, is that really you?
Wer denken kann ist klar im Vorteil.
He who can think has a clear advantage.
You are German?
@ThirdIdiot And I am Napoleon.
11:18 AM
Each tense needs a separate question.
@RegDwight Can you please please please teach me German?
Hey guys, anybody else having strange things happening with missing reputation? I must have got in at least 5 free downvotes before it started working again.
@z7sg That has happened to me.
It was pretty good.
@ThirdIdiot Il n'y a pas de sots si incommodes que ceux qui ont de l'esprit !
@z7sg Huh wha?
@RegDwight French now?
11:19 AM
Please elaborate.
I'm trying to make up mine's!
My mind does not wear make-up.
@RegDwight Elaborate? I just noticed today that downvotes didn't affect my rep.
Downvotes on questions are free.
@RegDwight LOL so funny.
11:20 AM
For a few goes at least.
Ah really?! Doh!
I checked that my victims lost rep of course.
@ThirdIdiot They are, and have been for at least a week or so.
That is old news.
11:21 AM
New news to me.
@RegDwight Who did it? Why do my downvotes still cost me then?
By the way, where do you come from, how come you know so many languages, and what is your true name????
@ThirdIdiot Answer to the first question: the Ukrainians did it. Answer to the second question: the Ukrainians hate you.
I see the sock puppets have their boxes of stars out.
@ThirdIdiot I come from ♁ .
@RegDwight Are you Ukrainian?
11:23 AM
Are you not???
@ThirdIdiot — You can read all about him in Tiger Beat.
Mmmmh, sexy.
What on earth!!!!?????
Yep. @RegDwight is actually Justin Bieber. True story.
@Idiot: You appear to have spilled some exclamation and question marks all over the ground. Shall I help you pick them up?
11:26 AM
And he chose prizes for you! For YOU!
@Robusto That sounds like it. Even if he is really 31 and didn't break his voice till alst year.
So Hungary got reformed by a Canadian "singer". Everything makes sense now!
@Martha, can you confirm?
Bieber reforms everything he touches. I think Hungarian has a word for that.
This is getting off tangent. My head hurts. You all shouldn't be doing this to me, I just had flu.
@Robusto I think the word is ööéászódáscsókölömgyar.
11:29 AM
It was on the tip of my tongue.
So Reggy Dwight, You are Hungarian, of the age of 31. Robusto and kiamlaluno are your neighbours right?
I am living in Robusto's backyard.
@ThirdIdiot We always take a coffee together, when he returns from work. @Robusto joins us when he can.
Uhmmm… or is it me who joins when he can?
All in the backyard, with the billy boiling and some songs.
I have no idea who kiamlaluno is. It appears he's two different people from two continents.
11:32 AM
singing "waltzing matilda" while thinking of becoming a squatter.
@RegDwight And I can be in both continents at the same time. Go figure.
@RegDwight — Him is not people. Him is sun and moon.
@ThirdIdiot "singing 'waltzing matilda' while thinking of becoming a squatter" is Rod Stewart's job description, not kiam's.
Rod Stewart?
Yeah, an obscure Mongolian painter.
11:34 AM
@Robusto That is how I can be in two continents at the same time.
I was going to say he is a painter who sings in his free time.
Nobody really knows for sure, that's how obscure he is!
@RegDwight I doubt if you even know what a squatter is.
@ThirdIdiot I doubt you read your stuff before you post.
@ThirdIdiot @RegDwight created squatters.
@kiamlaluno Ok, tell me what a squatter is.3
11:35 AM
"¡Arriba!" dije el Sol. "Mañana," dije la Luna.
Without googling anything.
@Robusto Spanish now.
@Robusto dije??
@ThirdIdiot I have never said I am @RegDwight.
@RegDwight Tell me what a squatter is.
That's an actual conversation that @Kia has with himself.
11:37 AM
He's right, though.
Every time I post something in chat, it logs me in again. WTF?
Yeah, same here. It's been buggy for a couple of days.
I can't even get logged in.3
It didn't happen to me.
Just to know: did it start to happen when I logged in?
11:40 AM
@RegDwight What does that picture mean.
Flash Gordon is back.
That's a saw wave inside a male symbol.
@ThirdIdiot Don't touch the wires.
@ThirdIdiot It's an answer to your question.
Hover over it FFS.
Fast Forward Station?
11:42 AM
For F*ck's Sake.
Apr 16 at 14:35, by Cerberus
FFS = Facial feminization surgery ?
Ferrovie di stato?
Goodness me, you three are nuts!
It's how @RegDwight got the Bieber look.
Did my comment just get flagged? I saw a blue square next to it.
Three? I see four users.
11:43 AM
@Robusto Yes, and I dismissed it.
I count for two: the sun and the moon.
Before five hundred mods start raining in.
Good man. I did use an asterisk.
Oh, dear, better not do that next time.
That is why I was not able to dismiss it.
11:44 AM
Plus you were merely explaining my comment.
And that is the meaning.
Not in front of... of... innocent eyes like mines
I mean, I could understand a flag for the Tiger Beat pic, but this ...
How are mines innocent???
11:46 AM
I found another comment that has been assigned to me; it's a shame I didn't know what "on my neck of the woods here."
It's "in my neck of the woods."
Not "on" ...
Really, somebody thinks I am somebody I am not.
And it means "in your locale."
It's "in my heck uv a lot".
@Robusto Thank you. I wrote just what I remembered; I deleted the comment.
Q: Bodkins and bodkin - Same word different context?

kiamlalunoDoes bodkins in "odd's bodkins" mean the same as bare bodkin, which appears in Hamlet? (Other than being plural in the first example)

I really mean, come on!
11:50 AM
@kiamlaluno It got four votes...?
@ThirdIdiot Yep.
@ThirdIdiot That is not the reason I said "come on!"
@kiamlaluno You don't like it?
@ThirdIdiot I do like it.
@kiamlaluno What's with the come on?
Oh! you asked it.
Now, children, stop your bickering.
11:53 AM
@ThirdIdiot It's that somebody thought I wrote that. It was a question asked by a person I know, but her account has been merged with mine.
@Robusto Yes Papa
@kiamlaluno So you are two?
@ThirdIdiot Yeah, and I am in two different continents at the same time.
Is that why you keep on making remarks about the sun and the moon? you the sun, and she the moon? Who's she btw?
@ThirdIdiot I am the moon, and she is the sun.
Kind of a reversal of roles there.
11:54 AM
@kiamlaluno Who's she? -Moonface-
@ThirdIdiot I could tell you who she is, but then she would come and break your neck.
She clearly says the sun is male, the moon female.
Dear God in Heavens, Third Idiot is even slower than @Cerberus.
@RegDwight I was watching the movie, leave me alone.
@Robusto Did you see the Mikado at the Theatre?
Well, In English there isn't grammar gender.
11:56 AM
There is: he and she
I've seen it.
@Robusto Cool! Seen the Pinafore?
That is why I write it in English or Esperanto.
@ThirdIdiot The movie got posted just a minute ago. You've been slower than Cerberus the whole day.
@RegDwight How do you know? I didn't get timed.
11:57 AM
Yes. Cerberus makes a much better trio. Besides, doggies and Dutch boys are cute.
@RegDwight My reply to you will be much faster.
"Gets ready to click."
Goodnight, getting late.
Good night? It's still early afternoon, here.
Morning here. Now we have to set about fixing the day that you Europeans have ruined with your wine-and/or-cheese breath.
11:59 AM
I didn't eat anything yet.
@Robusto You're just jealous that you didn't get raptured.
Speaking of that, I should really eat something.
@RegDwight — Whoa, dude! You got raptured?
I didn't realize you were a fundamentalist. You're not much fun, but you are mental.
12:02 PM
Seriously, @everyone in the world, new rules. If you think that the End of the World will be on day X, and are thus prepared to die on that day, then please by all means do. Good riddance. Thanks.
This failure to predict the end will not stifle the 2012 hype, you know. Not one bit.
Let alone one byte...
They can all byte me.
@RegDwight Thwack!
@Robusto Thwack, thwack!
Wow. KITT shows up just to thwack us.
12:05 PM
Wait, who gave her @Martha powers?
How's that for artificial intelligence.
With extra emphasis on artificial.
@RegDwight Ain't nothing artificial about the Kit.
@RegDwight I am not affiliated with Knight Industries.
If by "nothing" you mean "nothing except everything", then yeah, I totally catch your drift.
And KITT sure likes to drift.
Wait, I thought KITT was a KISS tribute band.
That's why you didn't get raptured.
12:08 PM
@RegDwight Blee-ack.
Nah. I played L. A. Noire instead. It was more fun than the rapture. I mean, getting dressed up in white robes and hanging with a bunch of fundamentalists singing hymns? How fun could that even be?
How would you know that it was more fun than something you didn't participate in?
I just know. Trust me.
@RegDwight Reg, it hurts my feelings that you think I'm artificial.
12:09 PM
@Robusto Best joke ever.
@Kit You only get feelings after passing some Turing tests, buddy.
Yep. So study hard.
@RegDwight I've already passed my Voigt-Kompts, I'll have you know.
I am thrilled to learn that.
A: "All Things Is/Are Ephemeral"

homidlearn american english it will be plus for you!!!bye bye.

@Kit — So that leaves the question open: Do androids really dream of electric sheep?
@RegDwight — Voted to NFO.
@Robusto Hard telling, not knowing.
Is it acceptable to answer a comment with "That's true, but you were the one who asked this asinine question, f*ckface"?
Oops, sorry. blush I forgot to censor. Shall I put a nickel in the jar?
12:25 PM
We only accept tögrögs round here.
Except Robusto, he also accepts czechs.
@RegDwight — Except when they bounce. Which is what I have to do now. TTYL.
@Cerberus I've been playing that stupid game ever since. Can't stop. Are you in a faction I can join?
Hey, JS! You must be a fan of LaTeX
JSBangs, United States
101 2
Not that huge of a fan, it would seem.
@RegDwight Maybe he's such a huge fan, he never needs help.
12:39 PM
JSBangs is not Knuth.
Though he used to hang out in the same church as someone who knows Larry Wall.
@RegDwight The only way you could know that for sure is if you're Don Knuth. Ah HA!
Sure, why not. I guess if I'm István Széchenyi and Justin Bieber, I can be Don Knuth as well.
As long as I'm allowed to stress that I'm not a Lithuanian nor a Frenchman.
Apr 21 at 20:18, by RegDwight
I've been deemed a French, a Lithuanian, you name it.
@RegDwight Big deal. I used to have sexual relations with Guido van Rossum.
OMG is Cerberus your son????
Haha. Guess whom that summoned.
The Devil himself.
12:48 PM
That can't be a coincidence.
Greetings. I see you have been entertaining yourselves.
Yes, your mom's here.
I thought you were at work?
I guess that makes me Rosemary Woodhouse.
Now I know what you're doing there!
Haha, Rosemary.
12:49 PM
@Kit No, that makes you Chimera.
@Cerberus Relax, honey. Mommy's actually surfing porn.
@Kit Yes, except that my plans to take over the world haven't developed as smoothly as people expected.
Ah. Good.
Then again... <looks at Rosemary Woodhouse, looks at Chimera, looks at Rosemary Woodhouse, looks at Chimera>
@RegDwight Not if he's the Devil.
@Cerberus Yeah, you need to update your evil.
So who was it that thought I didn't know what ta ta meant?
12:51 PM
Your rapture was all broken.
I just never know acronyms, that's all.
@RegDwight Him not haf teh codez.
@Cerberus You just have to listen to Scissor Sisters.
And @Reg, what game was that you were referring to?
The Scissor Sisters? What do they have to teach me about acronyms?
Ta-Dah is the second studio album by American alternative band Scissor Sisters, released on September 15, 2006. It was produced by the band and features collaborations with Elton John, Carlos Alomar, and Paul Williams. The album debuted at number 19 on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 42,000 copies in its first week. Upon its release, Ta-Dah received positive reviews from most music critics. Release and promotion Its release in the United Kingdom, on September 18, 2006, was preceded by the release of the new single, "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'". The song reached number one on both the...
12:52 PM
Ta-dah != ta-ta...
See, you're learning already.
I told you it would work.
So, what game?
War Metal Tyrant.
I linked it to your comment, jeez.
12:54 PM
Oh... I see.
@RegDwight Are you sure you're not Sir Elton John?
@Kit Never said I was sure.
I hear Tyrant also exists in some Facebook form? I am playing it on Kongregate.
And never said I wasn't him. Only that we were not related.
12:55 PM
Do you remember any royal weddings you have attended of late?
@Cerberus You know how long that pole is I'm not touching Facebook with.
Oh, right.
A good habit.
Anyhow, can you puhlees answer my kvestchon?
Are you in a faction?
Oh, no, I am not.
Should we create one?
I tried applying for a few, they all rejected me.
My skillz are too mad.
12:57 PM
To be honest, I have no ideas how they work.
I play it casually.
Are factions fun?
Neither do I. I only know that I can create one by paying 10k.
I am only level 15 or something.
I'm at 13.
Aww, cute.
Do you have a good name for our faction?
Hell Dogs or sumthin.
12:58 PM
Hmm... how would EL&U sound as a war cry?
@RegDwight You are a bird, not a dog.
He is recognizing his superior.
At last.
@Kit You have no idea how wars work, do you? You have to confuse your enemies.
@Cerberus Did he piddle? If he didn't piddle, it doesn't count.
How about "Talons and Teeth"?
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