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9:44 AM
Q: Maths formula on meta take too much space

Elikill58On this meta site, I just see there is some strange behavior with Maths formula when they are showed in question summary. Example here: We clearly see 2 firsts questions are taking more space than other, and than it should be, because at the begin of their post, they added formula. This doesn't ...

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4:37 PM
Q: How is asking for reasonable sources not a "request clarification or suggest improvements"?

Italian Philosophers 4 MonicaI got into a comment war on the following question Does Israeli law permit a government to impose a blanket ban on its citizens to prevent them from leaving the country? - Politics Stack Exchange my objections were that the question was entirely built around what looks very much to be disinformat...

5:23 PM
Q: Meta discussion

FIMOTECH GIB is a manufacturer of new electric motorcycles. GIB has chosen you to design a new network that will let the company scale to a larger size. The campus network will support about 200 employees and a new data center. Another feature of the campus network will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing...


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