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5:51 AM
Q: Tag moxie? I mean MOXIE tag?

uhohI've recently asked three questions related to MOXIE and created a moxie-oxygen-generator tag. I'm not sure that that is the best name for the tag that a tag is even needed; we already have an oxygen tag oxygen Questions regarding consumption and production of oxygen We already have 21 ...

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3:30 PM
Ben Popper on January 28, 2020

Our guest this week is Alex Qin, co-founder and CEO of the Code Cooperative.

Alex graduated from NYU with a degree in computer science and worked as a developer and engineer at several startups in New York City, eventually assuming senior roles like engineering team lead and director of technology.

Along the way, however, she found herself face with discrimination and harassment. In 2016, she dramatically altered her appearance, an experience she discusses in a humorous and poignant talk – Shaving My Head Made me a Better Developer. …


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