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12:21 AM
@geoffc currently it reads "part time fake of full time fake astronaut" which is somewhat clearer than it was before, but it would still be easier to understand if it said simply "I'm not the Everyday Astronaut Tim Dodd" rather than the currently cryptic and convoluted wording.
Q: What do the fusing 'onion layers' of a pre-supernova star look like to scale?

IngolifsI'm sure we've all seen the diagrams of various layers of element fusion from hydrogen to silicon in a star that's just about to go supernova. (Picture from courses.lumenlearning.com) I suspect these pictures grossly exaggerate the relative radii at which these fusing layers occur for the sake...

Bounty entering its final 24 hour grace period
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5:16 AM
@uhoh, @geoffc: I think he's the original Everyday Astronaut. There are a lot in common with the following answer and his video which I saw last year.
Q: Falcon 9: engines stabilize spin

Everyday AstronautOn CRS-16, the landing Falcon 9 booster entered a spin rotation due to a stalling grid fin hydraulic pump. According to Musk, the engines stabilized the spin. How is this possible? The main engines thrust is along the axis of rotation. The side thrusters are perpendicular to that axis but do not...

Further, that account asked for the Chinese Space Station Tiantong re-entry footage. May be my guess could be right.
5:36 AM
I also remember some weeks ago, that user here, asked what is Mk1. In his video he says Mk1 or Mark 1. Usually people don't call it Mk. These are my hypothesis.
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11:12 PM
Oh gawd, are you lot still debating EA's choice of nick?
I'm the Happy Koala, by the way
If you fart on Titan, will the methane condense into droplets?
Moreover, if you fart on Titan, could you say your fart was titanic?
And in case Matt Damon would have run out of fuel to get back to the spaceship in that scene at the end of the Martian, could he have used his ass as a thruster to get him back to the spaceship?
If you could fart continously, would the thrust generated be more powerful than that by an ion drive?

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