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Q: Using nested if/else statements in Anydice

Mythtic BI'm trying to figure out the probabilities for the damage of a DOT spell which has the target roll a save each turn to see if they get rid of its effects. To do this I'm using a bunch of if/else statements, each with the damage for a certain number of turns, but for whatever reason, it doesn't li...

Q: Are There Alternatives to Dice Discussed in any D&D Literature?

lightcatOn a family camping trip we found that we had left our dice on the kitchen table at home, and we have a family tradition of not using phones or other devices while camping. And yet D&D must be played. We came up with what we thought were clever ways to recreate dice rolling, but the question did ...

Q: Dice probability in variable pools with receding difficulty

JohnCan't quite wrap my head around how to go about this (outside of brute forcing it with manual calculations, which isn't ideal given variable difficulties and variable numbers of dice) so I figured I'd ask here. I'm playing in a game where I can spend limited resources at attempts to harvest and c...

Q: How do I implement this specialized roll-and-keep mechanic in AnyDice?

user72606I need help with an anydice function. I'm looking for a modified Roll and Keep type of mechanic, where if you have more dice that roll the max result than you are keeping, each discarded max result adds +1 to the total. Example: if you were rolling 6d10 and keeping two (equivalent to HIGHEST 2 of...

Q: What is the average damage of a Potion of Poison?

BBeastThe potion of poison (DMG p.188) is an uncommon magic item that deals poison damage over time to anyone who drinks it. However, the way it deals damage is rather complicated, with multiple saves and reducing damage. How much damage would you expect a potion of poison to deal (that is, what is the...

Q: Analyzing a homebrew casting mechanism

Benjamin T HallBackground I'm a DM and setting builder working on creating a new homebrew set of classes/subclasses for my world. The basic in-universe mechanic is that the caster is channeling their energy through runes that he or she has carved into a focus (usually a staff). These runes are unstable (for var...

Q: Ability increase for extra HD not calculated correctly under the Lycanthrope entry in the Monster Manual?

MichaelDorfIn the SRD it states: https://www.d20srd.org/srd/improvingMonsters.htm#abilityScoreImprovement Ability Score Improvement Treat monster Hit Dice the same as character level for determining ability score increases. This only applies to Hit Dice increases, monsters do not gain ability score incre...

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