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12:35 AM
Q: What is the most suitable "light up" or "discover"?

StuShould I use "discovered" rather than "lit up"? We lit up that most of user's actions on Social Media such as FB, ..., induce a boost of dopamine level.

I find this dismaying.
1:00 AM
I am going to shower.
1 hour later…
2:21 AM
finished shower
2:39 AM
care is a very tedious thing
you need to attend that person's need
New compyootah is active and engaged!
Now I just have to install all the old shit that made my life easier. Damn. The downside of the New Toy.
3:32 AM
@Robusto What did you get, and what OS does it run?
Is it fast?
Good luck installing all your stuff.
It usually takes less time than expected to reach a workable state, at leats for me.
3:47 AM
@M.A.R. The repercussion was hatred of Jews in the Soviet population.
It is good practice to back-up a "clean system" just after installing it with your fav programs.
It will be easy to recover in case of failure.
Oops, I need to update by recovery media, I totally forgot.
4:13 AM
@Xanne I built a new PC. Lots of good stuff in it. Here are the components. Except I got two M.2 drives instead of one.
@Cerberus Yes, it's really fast. My son talked me into getting two M.2 drives, 2 TB each, so I have plenty of really fast storage onboard.
@Cerberus It's workable at the moment, but there are a bunch of things I forgot to put on the thumb drive to transfer over. Things like my bookmarks, for one thing. Ya know ...
Oh, only your bookmarks.
Nah, more stuff I just didn't think about.
I'm really glad I started using Bitwarden. That makes it real easy to get all my passwords and auth codes and such.
I use Lastpass.
4:20 AM
You should see the size of the heatsink fan for the CPU. It blows perpendicular to the chip, not inline.
I was thinking I should move my passwords to something outside the hands of some commercial party. But...
I'm sure it'll be huge!
@Cerberus I like BitWarden's take on that whole thing. They are the least commercial of the lot.
@Robusto Hmm how so?
I have heard good things about BW.
Somebody should do a pixel art of this
@Cerberus For one thing, it's open-source. For another, it has end-to-end encryption from your device to their servers.
@CowperKettle Dafuq?
@Cerberus: Also, did I mention you can get it for free? I gave them a donation, but I didn't have to.
> We believe everyone should have access to password security tools. The core features of Bitwarden are 100% free.
4:51 AM
@Robusto I find it funny
Pixel art Lenin statue in Krasnoyarsk
5:14 AM
1 hour later…
6:26 AM
@CowperKettle Did you manage to download the file?
@Robusto You got a new computer? Laptop or desktop?
@Robusto Oh, never mind.
That's a pricey video card. Did you assemble it yourself?
6:52 AM
@FaheemMitha No, I just retyped it
I'm already translating it into Russian
@CowperKettle What, the whole thing?
7:02 AM
7:18 AM
@CowperKettle Is that all of it? It's cut off on the sides.
1 hour later…
8:41 AM
1 hour later…
9:42 AM
The body of the second driver found under the ice in the Pelym river. How much brains do you have to ride a heavy snowmobile over a newly-set thin ice? e1.ru/news/spool/news_id-69584613.html
Every year the same stories.
Population of Russian cities
A wasteland between Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk clusters
Because just east of Yekaterinburg, Gulfstream stops to provide warmth, and it gets really chilly.
> Trump pays $3,000,000 to give Biden 132 more votes.
What do they mean by "pays"? Legal spending, on lawyers?
The article does not clarify
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
Q: questions in the context of the story ''How far she went'' written by Mary Hood,

Reaserchee who does''they'' mean at the first sentence refer to? and what does that mean ''and what do you think happens to a chigger if nobody ever walks by his weed'' in the second paragraph? ''weed'' and ''chigger''

They means "they", chigger means "chigger", and weed means "weed".
What is this question, I don't even.
11:27 AM
@CowperKettle The cost of doing the recount. It wasn't free.
@FaheemMitha I thought that if there are proven grounds for a recount, it must be free of charge to the party insisting on it. Of course it costs quite a lot to the taxpayer.
11:51 AM
@CowperKettle I read that he (or his campaign) was charged. You could easily find these reports yourself. I think I also read it was for two different recounts, though I can't remember which.
I also read that in some states, if the margin is sufficiently close, a recount is automatically triggered by state law.
12:20 PM
if all works are conducted online, then what's meaning of where you are?
@FaheemMitha I'm too tired to look up. I've been translating 90 pages worth of documents non-stop for 12 days.
@CaptainBohemian It's better to be physically present, because this way they won't be able as easily to find a replacement for you at a cheaper rate.
And doing everything online you'll go mad from not communicating with live people.
the problem of that all works are conducted online is that you cannot know classmates or colleagues.
we just work with computers all day long, but computers cannot help with all things.
12:57 PM
@Robusto I just use Google's thing. Are there advantages to using Bitwarden?
current weather
minus 10 C
Animals are having a party, and a chameleon says "look, I'm changing color! Who else can do that!?"
And the octopus replies: "hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer, hold my beer"
1:20 PM
1 hour later…
2:33 PM
Luxury yacht owned by Putin's alleged former lover, Svetlana Krivonogikh, escored by a Russian Navy ship theins.ru/news/237294
Mafia state at its most typical
In the early 00s she gave birth to a daughter who strikingly resembles Putin
The Russian people contemplates this robbery of their money with perfect equanimity.
Had it happened in South Korea, the whole country would have been in the streets, chanting and beating drums.
2:55 PM
@Robusto Sounds good.
Lastpass also has a free service (which I use).
Self-hosting sounds interesting, though.
How is the Android programme?
3:34 PM
@Cerberus Every bit as good, given the limitations of the environment. Everything that is harder to do on a phone vis-à-vis a computer applies.
4:02 PM
Being kind to others improves brain function inc.com/minda-zetlin/…
4:57 PM
@Robusto OK, so e.g. auto-filling passwords in Chrome works flawlessly?
And authenticating using your fingerprint?
@CowperKettle Very nice.
5:09 PM
> - Why can't Trump go to the White House any more?
- Because it is *For Biden*.
Vorbei, denn?
Ah! Interesting
I thought it was a wordplay on forbidden
5:32 PM
@CowperKettle You're probably right that that is how it was intended.
2 hours later…
7:35 PM
Cyprus means copper. Interesting. I'm listening to a book titled "Origins: How the Earth Made Us"
Great book
So it does.
Lewis Ryan Dartnell (born 21 November 1980) is an author, presenter and Professor of Science Communication at the University of Westminster. He is best known to the public as a popular science writer, especially for The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch. More recently, he is the author of the book on how geology has impacted human history, Origins. == Early life and education == Dartnell was born in the UK, but spent much of his childhood years abroad, as his father was posted overseas while working as an engineer for British Airways. He was educated at Charterhouse, in Surrey,...
Great author
> The earliest attested reference to Cyprus is the 15th century BC Mycenaean Greek 𐀓𐀠𐀪𐀍, ku-pi-ri-jo,[44] meaning "Cypriot" (Greek: Κύπριος), written in Linear B syllabic script.[45] The classical Greek form of the name is Κύπρος (Kýpros).

The etymology of the name is unknown. Suggestions include:

- the Greek word for the Mediterranean cypress tree (Cupressus sempervirens), κυπάρισσος (kypárissos)
- the Greek name of the henna tree (Lawsonia alba), κύπρος (kýpros)
- an Eteocypriot word for copper. It has been suggested, for example, that it has roots in the Sumerian word for
Ah! Thanks!
8:28 PM
Indian and Russian satellite passed just 224 m from each other, moving at 14 km/s naked-science.ru/article/cosmonautics/…
9:08 PM
@M.A.R. yeah i think they're really good. they also have a good forum to ask about nuances
Do you often ask questions about German?
9:22 PM
Word of 2 a.m.: conversation pit
@Cerberus I used to.
every so often nowadays.
@tchrist 1) great story 2) seems really unlikely
even with supporting data.
the 'futhark' thing seems made up.
I've always thought the ablaut thing was interestingly similar to semitic vowel changes (in a very abstract way)
@Mitch I didn't know that.
I'd like to see the list of corresponding words (and sound changes)
@Cerberus it's one of those random things you run over in searching for other things. I haven't found a good one for say French.
German is a random thing?
something that gives -lots- of possible synonyms in translation, also to multiple languages.
so you can sort of use it to get synonyms for English to Russian, but via German
@Cerberus aren't all languages?
no...being lucky enough to find a good website. that's random
9:32 PM
All except Latin.
9:56 PM
@Mitch Fair enough.

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