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Q: Loan application system

Kristoffer CitowiczForm 2 frm2=new Form 2(); sytem requirements ]1//this is what I used to try link button to a new form frm2.ShowDialog(); string name_file = “path for file” // this is what i used to try to write delimited data for multiple strings System.IO.StreamWriter textWriter; textWriter = new System.IO.Str...

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This question would fit better over at codereview.stackexchange.comsorifiend 5 secs ago
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if your code works but you're worried about efficiency, you should post this to Codereview site instead — yedpodtrzitko just now
@NiK Welcome! Now, I tried running your code, but I got IndexError: list index out of range. If you're looking for debugging help, please provide a minimal reproducible example including desired output and actual output (i.e. the error). If there's been a mistake and your code actually is working, it'd be better to ask on Code Review instead. BTW, welcome to Stack Overflow! Check out the tour, and How to Ask if you want tips. — wjandrea 1 min ago
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Q: Create a random string with a set prefix

underunderI was curious on how I could create a random string and have it have a set prefix. Lets say, as an example, 3456. This question is more referring to how I would join two strings together, my prefix and my random string. To give a more comprehensive exmaple of what i'm looking for, let's say I g...

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Q: Algorithm for efficient creation of submatrices from original matrix

pavelI wrote this code to simply visualise what happens to an image when it gets put through repeated convolutional filters is a CNN. The code works fine and produces the expected result but the it is also very inefficient. One thing I can't figure out is when we want to apply convolutional filters to...

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Q: ForEachAsyncSemaphore asynchronously processing tasks but enable fast fail

user183872I know this has been done many times before, but this is my existing code taken from a sample I found to async process a list of tasks. I've seen Task.Run in use before in many examples, but I'm assuming that in most cases, the workload will be IO bound and therefore the Task scheduler is not cle...

Asking for optimisations is better suited for codereview.stackexchange.com rather than here. That said, I think you're adding too many groups jex.im/regulex/…evolutionxbox just now
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Q: Efficiently generate distinct subsets which sum to a particular value

coriolinusRelated: Find all distinct subsets that sum to a given number This code is supposed to efficiently generate all subsets of a list such that the subset's values sum to a particular target value. For example, given the input list [5, 3, 2, 1] and the target 8, it should produce [5, 3] and [5, 2, 1]...

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Q: HTML <ruby> elements word spacing using jQuery

simplyPTAI'm doing a hobby project for fun recently, it's a GitHub webpage using Jekyll. One of the main component of my site is displaying Chinese characters with their Sino-Vietnamese pronunciation. I use <ruby> elements to render these texts, for those who don't know, you can read its MDN docs The prob...

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Q: Make my ansible play book better

Monty_emmaThis playbook aims to verify if a specific file exists in a specific directory and, if not, to create it. Neither the file nor the directory may exist before the verification. After the process is finished, I would like to have a statement that ell me that the file exists. See what I came up with...

@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ The removed code is generated by visual studio, it wasn't written by the user. Meh.
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Q: Runge Kutta 2 Python ODE fluid flow

benI am trying to solve a set of differential equations in x,y,z, I have made simple kutta 2 code in python before but not with 3 variables. I am not sure if what i have done is an acceptable way to adjust for 3. Here is what i have so far: (i have not entered the exact solution as i do not know it)...

12:49 PM
Elon Musk has cost me several thousand dollars this week with his lunacy.
Hope everyone else is having a good time.
@DerKommissar mumble mumble SEC mumble market manipulation mumble cryptobubble
I've been able to work for four hours today before my brain turned into soup, so that's good.
I also have an appointment for my first vaccination jab, so that's terrific
Yeah, he's just decided that instead of tweeting about Tesla stock (which the SEC has barred him from doing now) he'll just do it with crypto and my money instead.
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And as soon you have corrected that, you should better ask such questions regaring criticism and improvement of working code rather at SW Code Review. — πάντα ῥεῖ 26 secs ago
1:17 PM
Greetings, Programs.
1:35 PM
@DerKommissar Should recover in a week or two, right?
@Mast I have no idea
I'm just waiting for the price to hit my dump-threshold then I'm out
Questions about working code are better asked on Code Review, not SO — underscore_d 50 secs ago
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codereview.stackexchange.com is better than stackoverflow if you want a code review rather than a problem you need solved — Green Cloak Guy 35 secs ago
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Q: Find all paths in a graph

python_userMy code does a DFS on the given graph and prints all possible paths for a given start and end node. My question is how can this be improved? Can some form of memoization be used here? There are cases where a path from a certain source - destination is already found and will be an intermediate pa...

2:25 PM
Q: toggle boolean with if statement

Hollie MolenI currently I have this code if (this.showAllOnlineFriends === false) { this.showAllOnlineFriends = true; } else { this.showAllOnlineFriends = true; } When you press a button, it will toggle a boolean on or off. Is there a more readable way to write this?

2:38 PM
@pacmaninbw okay- thanks for the context
3:31 PM
That is the point. We want code review, and test stages. — J Fabian Meier 20 secs ago
Q: IKM C++ assessment asks about std::unordered_set, part #1

Tom NaujokasRecently I had to do an IKM C++ assessment to qualify for a job. Some of the questions seemed strange to me, so I'll be doing a few posts here to discuss. The first one is related to use of std::unordered_set. From what I remember it went something like: A programmer is using a struct to contain...

Q: Print each word of a sentence in a new line

Santanorthis is my first F# program, very simple concept but took me a few minutes to get it. I'm new to functional programming so I'd appreciate if you could have a look at and comment the code. Suggest changes or any code smells? Thanks a lot module FSharpFun.PrintSentenceInLines open System let prin...

Q: Batch Script For Hiding Several Folders At Once

Randall JerkinsI found this code online and it works good for hiding one folder, but I would like to tweak it to hide multiple folders at once. Any suggestions? @Echo Off Set Input=%2 If %Input%' NEQ ' GoTo Main Set Input="folder location" GoTo Main :Main If Exist %Input%\nul ( Dir /B/Ad-h %Input% ) ELSE ( Dir...

3:51 PM
@CaptainObvious Hmm looks like combo of CNWAI and AoC...
4:06 PM
@SᴀᴍOnᴇᴌᴀ Sure does, but more Aoc.
@pacmaninbw it is closed now
4:26 PM
Q: Either without return in Scala

Arnold DanielsIntelliJ warns me that I should avoid using return. If sender is empty, the function should not continue parsing the bytes. The return value of keyType() is an Option. What is a better way to return Left in case of an error, without using a return statement? object TransactionV3 { private val l...

4:58 PM
Questions about improving otherwise working code are better suited to Code Review. — jmoerdyk 33 secs ago
5:39 PM
Q: Hangman Game Efficiency

IcoSliTo put it simply, I'm making a hangman game and it works as it is, it correctly outputs what I want it to, and I have no problem with submitting it now. I only wish to make it more efficient, and I doubt it's at max efficiency as it is. So here it is. """ This code runs a hangman game for the user.

6:04 PM
Q: Simple COM server to expose scipy integration to VBA

GreedoI want to create a COM server to expose scipy to VBA code, as performing integration is kinda difficult and I don't know of any good VBA/COM libraries for this. My objectives are: As portable as possible Fast Maintainable Here's the python: # Requires C:\Users\...\anaconda3\Library\bin on the P...

6:51 PM
"That works" - improvements to working code should be discussed on Code ReviewForceBru 56 secs ago
7:35 PM
Terrible homework question? Terrible interview question? Pure trivia? In a professional environment, something like this would never pass code review. — Kevin Krumwiede 46 secs ago
It's UB due to concurrent writes, so hurrah for code reviews. — Deduplicator 15 secs ago
Q: Python Parsing Many Files and Iteration of Dictionaries and Lists

Henru DorseyThis project's goal is to parse through many small files containing data. I then do calculations based on that data and optionally plot it for visualization purposes. I use the data for simple calculations to the rewards based on their performance. I wrote this so that each worker mining to a poo...

Q: Project Euler Problem #277

Halil KarabacakI am trying to solve Euler project problem 277 using python 3.8. First, I will add my program and ask for some enhancing suggestions. def modifCollatz(x, seq, num): if num == 0: return seq if x % 3 == 0: num -= 1 x = x / 3 seq.append("D") return modifColl...

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Q: Move an unaligned bit-addressed range into another bitmap

NeilContext I have an array of maximum-fixed-size, size, containers of items; these items are either pointers to objects or an index of the same array, (but no loops.) When the current container is full, to add an object, a new container will be created and a contiguous block of some of the items wil...

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11:44 PM
Q: ShowEvents when JButton is clicked

Teaartcan anyone pls help me w my code, im kinda lost... my goal is to print the events that are created by the user based on a date selected: JButton button = new JButton("Show Events"); button.setFont(font); panel.add(button); button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { ...


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