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@PaulWhite Added some.
Q: MS SQL Server 2012 Express - install service pack 3

PrzemekIs it possible to install service pack 3 to an existing instance of MS SQL Server 2012 Express? The only install files I found are: MS SQL Server 2012 and Service Pack 3 for MS SQL Server 2012 not Express.

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10:24 AM
@hot2use sorry I don't understand - added some what?
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12:05 PM
@PaulWhite ...additional information in a comment to the question for the ORA-00600 question.
12:18 PM
Sorry should read ORA-03113.
At first without any good answers it looked like a good Q without a good A. That is why I popped the link in here for further analysis.
If views are an inkling of the quality or relevancy of a question then where do you draw the line? 100 views / day?
Sorry. Forgot. Please delete my discussion if no longer required.
12:43 PM
@hot2use I think there's value in considering the raw number of views as well as views/day. It's only one factor in the overall assessment though. The number of views isn't a primary consideration perhaps, but we should always at least stop to think before deleting something with many thousands of views. It's a sign that there might be something worth preserving.
I have no real problem with decent enough unanswered questions remaining on site indefinitely. It's not always the question's fault that a good answer hasn't arrived yet. Improving the question somehow is usually possible. That simple act might be enough to bring it to the attention of someone who can answer.
@PaulWhite Thanks
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5:05 PM
Q: Script to query MongoDB with PHP

davidWith Code Igniter and MySQL I do: $this->database->query('select * from table'); But I don't know how to use MongoDB. Can I still use this the same way to query MongoDB? $this->database->query('here')

this needs to be re-opened so that this can be deleted. The two questions were linked as dupes, although it looks like the first question has a great answer and lots of views whereas the dupe target has low views, no answers, and is not helpful.
Q: sqlfiddle: leading blanks are gone

miracle173I am not sure if this is on topic here. When selecting VARCHAR2 columns that contain values with leading blanks this leading blanks will not be displayed in the output of sqlfiddle. so select ' x' from dual gives some html equivalent to +-------------+ |"X" | +-------------+ |...

^^^ way, way too localized.
Q: Efficient way to Add NON-CLUSTERED Index?

user960567I have the following table, CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Products]( [ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [RetailerID] [int] NOT NULL, [Name] [nvarchar](255) NOT NULL, [Price] [float] NULL, [Rating] [float] NULL, [CreatorID] [int] NOT NULL, [CreationDate] [datetime] NOT NULL, ...

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8:05 PM
what about this - 2600 views, but the answer is to add [] to the type declaration. Delete? What view-level is the cutoff for deletion?
Q: How to distribute a given database between multiple DBMS on a LAN?

SkyDoomGiven a Database D, i need to distribute it over different DBMS in a LAN. D will be split into tables, and each DBMS will store a given table. Here is a sketch of what i need to do : I also need to query this "cluster" in a transparent way : if Client1 queries the MySQL DB for Table2, he shoul...

^^^ crazy
Q: Cannot read property Collation.This property is not available on SQL Server 7.0. (Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo)

joeyI am new to databases and Microsoft SQL. I just installed SSMS today and am getting this error while trying to add new login in security or rightclick-> view properties on user logins already there under security. Same error happens if I try to make a new database. I have SQL server 2008 and 20...

Q: Querying for reputation of the commenter and its addressee using SEDE

user2256866How can I modify this Data Explorer query for the case when user of the comment is same as the poster, then the query should look for the tagged user in the comment and print the tagged user reputation along with the reputation of the commenter or the poster of the question. SELECT CASE WHEN ...

^^^ cross posted on so
Q: Best database for fast read all in one table

Yusuf AliI currently have a large database in SQLite that I was using for rapid-prototyping for a software I am working on. Now that I am planning to move it to another database that should give better performance (I'm expecting well over 4M rows), I am looking for a databasing solution given the followin...

8:26 PM
Q: Is PostgreSQL or ElasticSearch/Solr the right tool for this kind of query?

geekoHere is an example of the current PostgreSQL query: SELECT a.*, a.al_location <-> '(someLon, someLat)' AS d FROM al_app.al_activity AS a WHERE to_tsvector('simple', a.al_keywords) @@ to_tsquery('simple', 'someKeyword') ORDER BY d OFFSET 1000 LIMIT 50; Basically it is against a table defined...

9:03 PM
Q: Postgresql JDBC Table Valued Parameters

OrrMSSQL has a great feature called Table Valued Parameters. It allows you to pass a table of a custom data to stored procedures and functions. I was wondering what is the equivalent in PostgreSQL, if one exists, using JDBC? I know about the option of passing arrays as function parameters, but that...

^^^ dupe on so

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