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Q: Why does sp_Blitz not show anything in the result set?

dnaranjorI've recently downloaded and tested the nice sp_Blitz script in an SQL Server 2008 R2 just to have a glance at what it actually does. To my surprise, the script ran without errors, but nothing shows up in the result set either. Is there something I'm missing?

Q: Oracle database went down because J000, m000, w000 process died

K.Boopathi 17I know it is a background process in Oracle 11g. But I don't know why it automatically died. alert log: Process W000 died, see its trace file Process W000 died, see its trace file Process W000 died, see its trace file Wed May 02 01:27:35 2018 Process W000 died, see its trace file Pro...

Q: pgAdmin and PostgreSQL compatibility matrix

MacGyverHas anyone ever put together a version compatibility matrix for pgAdmin versions and PostgreSQL versions? https://www.pgadmin.org/download/windows.php https://www.postgresql.org/download/windows/

Q: MySQL Master replication to Slave has mismatched index cardinality

jlindenbaumTL;DR: I have a master (MySQL 5.6) and a slave (MySQL 5.7) with (almost) functioning replication. I've done the basics of performance tuning. When trying to benchmark the slave I noticed (the worst queries we run) subqueries were taking 20x longer than on the master. Digging a bit deeper, the EXP...

Q: How do get a better understanding of statistics for performance issues

SimonBelow are some statistics from a query which took 28 minutes compared to its usual 13, it cannot be explained why the sudden jump and will probably revert back tomorrow. Firstly having never read these statistics before and no knowledge is there anything jumping out that is unusual and how can a ...

Q: Approach to Migration from Oracle to Postgres?

Himanshu sharmaI am migrating my Oracle to PostgreSQL . I am looking for the best approaches to migrate the database. I am using Ora2pg to convert Oracle database to the Postgres. I have 50+ tables , 80+ packages in Oracle. Can you tell me the best approach to migrate the database? Approach I thought before:...

Q: Mysqld is taking 300% to 600% of my server's CPU

TseaI am using a 32 GB Memory / 160 GB Disk server. I'm running a WooCommerce site. There are about 40,000 products on the site. It's taking over 60 seconds to load a page. What can I do to make the site more scalable? FULL PROCESSLIST SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST; +-----+-----------+-----------+---------...

Q: alternative to database for wildcard search of large number of records

Stuart YoderI want to provide a website service that involves letting users do a wildcard search over a large list of strings (over 100 million strings). Since I've used a LAMP stack in the past and want to use PHP, my first thought was to import the 100+ million of strings into a single column MySQL table....

Q: Which Database to choose?

SociopathFor my project, I have a time series data of around 30 TB. Data is structured. I have some additional requirements: Bulk load option should be available from csv(data size around 100GB). able to change schema if required. option to resolve duplicate primary keys. It should replace latest valu...

Q: Adaptive k-nearest neighbour algorithm in PostgreSQL

Dead VilI have big table of spatial points in 2D (or 3D) (PostGIS) and distance defined between them (let say just real spatial distance). When I create GIST index on these points, I can efficiently get k-nearest neighbors for each point using <-> operator in ORDER BY statement with constant k (e.g. 20) ...

Q: SQL Server with business logic inside Stored Procedures - Performance and versioning

Jelther GonçalvesI've started a new job and I'm going into a serious internal problem about how they use Sql to perform their businesses logic activities. As far as I've seen, all analysis and calculations are left to the database. They even store some sql code inside a table to perform operations using exec. B...

Q: Compute bytes count occupied by surviving cells of a table

upregoLet there be a table that grows to 5MiB. After being VACUUMed let there be about 2MiB worth of DELETEd rows that is available for data in that table before starting storage claims to the operating system. I am curious about formulae that would return 0.6, so being 3 (5 - 2) the 60% of 5. If the...

Q: Multiple triggers

The Naga TankerI have a table with 3 columns. I want to create a trigger for each column on insert/delete. but since I can only have one trigger for each table, How can I over come this. Will I be able use multiple insert triggers if i do it in php. Please advice.

Q: How to create dynamic package to transfer data from oracle to SQL Server2014

Kaushal RathoreHow to create dynamic package to transfer data from oracle to SQL Server2014?

Q: Link between value in one table and value range in second table

Caio MelquiadesIn my DB I have a table that has a field with a numeric value. This table must have a relationship with another table. The first table value will fit a value range in the second table, like this: TABLE1 ID value --- ----- 1 25.0 2 48.3 3 7.5 ` ... TABLE2 ID Name ...

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Q: what is the main difference between pg_relation_size and pg_table_size in postgresql?

Himmatulah ferozeeI checked both of them but I couldn't get any result from it, if you guys suggest me a better solution. select pg_table_size('film'); select pg_total_relation_size('film');

Q: How long does it take to fail over

raneelI have production application running with cluster as high availability option. currently fail over taking more than 3 minutes. Can any one help me how long does it take to failover between two nodes?

Q: How to Identify the information that can be used in the physical schema

BlasankaThis is some of the entity in my er diagram and it's attribute I want to get information that can be used in the physical schema Drivers are identified by Empid and described by name, birthhday and LicenseNo as attributes. Buses are identified by RegistrationNo and described by make, model, feat...

Q: Play with database - which option is better?

Baby in Databasein php-mysql projects when we want to create , drop , alter, modify tables/columns we can create through 1) phpmyadmin 2) script [.php file] 3) writing queries in .sql file and import to database which option we need to prefer ?

Q: service not starting automatically

HashThe Start up type for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is Automatic but it is not getting connected during windows start up but getting connected manually. Can anyone please help?

Q: Impossible to connect to Azure SQL database with ipv6 address due to recent forced update from v11 to v12

CyrIn the early September Microsoft forced me to migrate from Azure SQL Database v11 to v12. My Internet Service Provider (ISP) assign me only ipv6 address and Azure doesn't allow connections through its firewall with this kind of address. Until the past month I used the web browser to access the d...

Q: create a database pulling data from a website

DrakonArci have been trying to find a way to create a database based on this website where it would pull the data from the website and record the entry's and exits of ships in the port for only the ship type "Porta- Contentores" and calculate a estimated time of how much time normally a ship spends in th...

Q: How to know whether a user is a member of a ldap group or not

sushmita ghoshI have got a question for you in LDAP. I have a list of users . I am getting the list from database. I am getting another list of users for a particular group from LDAP. To get the list of users for the particular group I am using the following code. public String[] getGroupUserNames(String grou...

Q: 'diskspd.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command

Nizami KhalilbayliI am trying to use Diskdspd tool on my server. I downloaded it and installed on my C drive. I also created sample .dat file and txt file for output When I try to execute following command in command prompt: diskspd.exe -b2M -d60 -o32 -h -L -t56 -W -w0 C:\test.dat > result.txt I receive folloin...

Q: What is "protocol_version" in MySQL?

dinesh707mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE "%version%"; +-------------------------+------------------------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-------------------------+------------------------------+ | innodb_version | 5.7.11 | | protocol_version ...

Q: How to restore Wordpress database from ibd and frm files?

binary10My local server crashed and I have no access to phpmyadmin and I do not have a database backup. I found a method to restore the database here:Restoring MySQL Tables from .ibd, .frm and mysqllogbin files and it works. But my problem is that i have ~250 ibd and frm files. Will I have to do the same...

Q: Postgis query causes: Server process was terminated by exception 0xC0000005

apricityI'm running postgres 9.4 on windows 10 (i7 16GB ram) with postgis extension installed. Sometimes running this query causes postgres server to die (it's usually on about the 3rd time of running the query. I can change the rast_date and still get crashes). SELECT ST_AsGDALRaster(ST_Union(rast), ...

Q: Copy variable to Table using VBA

RichardI found this post elsewhere on this forum and the code seems to work (to pull data via API). However, how do I copy the resulting variable 'response' into say tblRichard? Any help or pointers to where such help could be found would be much appreciated. The most straightforward way to have Ac...

Q: MySQL: Restore one table from dumps. Any advanced solution?

GlasnhostI have hourly backup of many databases. What could be the best solution to restore ONE table for all databases from a certain hourly backup? I've found many solution involving either splitting the dump file or importing each db temporarly and reinsert the required table. All these methods works...

Q: SQL Server 2012 Express Db migrated to 2014 Enterprise Server stuck at 10GB Db limit

TrevorI migrated a SQL Server 2012 Express database over to a machine already running SQL Server 2014 Enterprise edition. I did the method of backing up the old DB and restoring it on the new server, however, it seems that the database is acting as it would at the 10GB database limit that the Express v...

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Q: Where can I find a data dictionary for Micros?

leeand00I looked here, but there's an awful lot of documentation...


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