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1:41 AM
@αλεχολυτ Доброе утро! Ребята собрали строки, которые были изменены во время правки опечаток. Хочу с вами поделиться (ссылка выше).
@Bacco Thank you!
6 hours later…
7:41 AM
hello, I see some elements in the profile in English es.meta.stackoverflow.com/users/83/fedorqui?tab=profile "Main user", "Network profile", "All actions", "Responses"... I just suggested the new translation in traducir.win, but it is a bit weird that such strings are being 'lost'
7:52 AM
@AndersonCarlosWoss good one! I once posted a feature-request in SO similar to this:
Q: Suggest to post answer / accept one when changing title to "Solved"

fedorquiI see that many questions contain the title "Solved" in it (see the results yourself). The typical story is that somebody is happy because he found the solution to his issue, so he updates the title and, maybe: accepts an answer writes the solution in a comment writes the solution in the same ...

and there are similar ones:
Q: Actively prevent [NOT SOLVED YET] in title

usr2564301I was surprised to find someone commenting on a self-answer that "the proper etiquette is to add 'Solved' to your title and edit it into your question". I commented rather brusque (firmly yet polite – or so I tell myself), and fortunately the commenter was on-line and so we briefly discussed this...

Q: Automatically remove '[solved]' from questions

BachAt least a few hundred questions have [SOLVED], [Solved] or [solved] in their titles. I have removed some, but there are just too many. Can this be automated by the "community user" or so?

@MeganRisdal hello and welcome!
it is good to have this document in place. Maybe it would be interesting to have this in advance of having them live, so we don't have international sites full of missing translations (cc @Catija)
see for example how it looks like the profile page:
in general, there this feature-request to have some kind of warning when translations are updated, so we can catch up with the translations. I think this spreadsheet is a great starting point!
6 hours later…
2:05 PM
@fedorqui Hey! There's a lot of things that'd be really awesome moving forward. I don't know enough about Transifex/Taducir... for example, if you had them in advance can you add them or do you need to wait for the strings to exist before you can work on them? There's often so little time between building and pushing to prod that there's not a lot of target window there.
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3:09 PM
@Catija Hi @Catija and @MeganRisdal.. I'm one of the "helpers" with traducir, altough all the hard work was made by @g3rv4 :)... We need the strings on transi first, so they will be imported into traducir and we could make the translations. Once that is done, the strings are pushed again to transifex, and them we need a somebody (this is usually Samo) that pull this into the codebase again...
Having them at front in a expreadsheet is a good thing!!! we don't have to transverse the whole site first to look for them. A couple of month ago there was some change in the portal, but only for new users.. we never know about it until one of our users saw it... so having it at front could be a great thing!
The other things could be this:
Q: Mod message templates should not use the first person singular

GillesModerator messages are now signed by “${SITENAME} moderation team” rather than “${USERNAME}, ${SITENAME} moderator”. However some moderator message templates still contain “I”, which does not make sense when the message is not signed by a single person. Please update the templates to use “we” in...

In that case, Shog pushed case for the two strings (the old one without replace, and the new ones), So we could search them and make the translations. Since this was only mod messages, there weren't no major problems, and I understand that this could be difficult for minor changes. But in some cases, this could be handly.
And also, for things about traducir, how it works, helping with the app, and all you can think off, there is a room on the chat: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/1247/traducir-win
2 hours later…
5:13 PM
@Catija hello! @gbianchi explained it very well and I am sure @g3rv4 can also provide the detail needed to implement what can be needed. What I think that would help is to have some kind of "flag" (or label, since Transifex allows it) so that strings that do not need translation (in "Careers" for example") can be skipped.
This way, a page like es.stackoverflow.com/translation/missing can work very well (it is not working by the way: meta.stackexchange.com/q/323989/209901) and even allow to get some notifications when it contains something, so we can check
nowadays we have a great list of strings that are not in need of translation, so filtering by "not translated" is not useful enough
Careers or Jobs strings live in a different codebase, and that’s why they don’t appear on transifex
however, the teams ones do. And there’s no easy way to separate what’s a teams only string and a teams and q&a string
since they run the same code (a team is a particular type of site)
I’m OOO today, but I’m happy to hang on Monday @Catija to provide some context
@g3rv4 ah ok, I mentioned Careers and was a wrong example
or we can keep it here for future documentation :)
we have an “ignore” functionality to flag the strings that are not related to intl sites. Once we ignore them, they don’t appear on searches or anywhere... but it’s a manual step and that gets out of sync quickly

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