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9:17 AM
@Woss Hey! How are you?
Thank you for the link! Nice to see users care about the site. I posted a related question
Q: Should we block posting links to sites with machine translated content?

Nicolas ChabanovskyI would appreciate translation of this question. As Stack Overflow in Portuguese grows, we observe an extremely negative trend: we see a rise in sites that contain only machine translated questions from Stack Overflow in English into the Portuguese language. The problem is that the machine tra...

It is all about the same — sites with machine translated content.
I am going to answer the question that you linked. Thanks one more time!
10:09 AM
@NicolasChabanovsky I believe the question I quoted is whether a site makes use of network content without referencing it in any way hurts content rights
regardless of whether it is machine translated or manually
10:29 AM
@Woss I understand. It seems to me the issues are very close.
Anyway, I will ping the PM of core Q&A about the issue.
10:50 AM
A: Este site está atendendo os critérios do licenciamento do nosso conteúdo?

Nicolas ChabanovskyI would appreciate the translation of this answer. As I see it, this site violates the license. I wrote to my colleagues about that. I hope that the authors of the site will take our license into consideration soon. On the other hand, I am skeptical about sites with machine translated content...

Answered @Woss
Could you pleas tell me what do you think?
10 hours later…

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