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1:42 AM
@Patriot Uh, are you sure about that?
You know that we consider him to be a bit... wrong, right?
I mean, his heart is in the right place, but if you promote his site, you'll be promoting pseudoscience and snakeoil. You shouldn't do that if your goal is to improve the state of cryptography knowledge.
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3:31 AM
Q: Efficient way of generating a random number of N (less than 64) bits with exactly M bits equal to one

VincentWould there be an efficient way to implement a function with the following signature: unsigned long long int random_word(size_t n, size_t m) that would generate a random machine word (64 bits here) such that exactly m bits over the n least significant ones at set to 1. For example: random_wor...

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6:14 AM
A: Bitlocker/Filevault and VeraCrypt together?

Raphael M.Lets say you have an encryption method A, that maps your input to B; Applying another encryption method, lets say X, thtat maps B to C will not help, because there must exist a function Z that maps A direct to C. A(input) => B then X(B) => C or directly: Z(input) => C In other words, mathemat...

This answer makes my skin crawl.
6:46 AM
@forest I definitely support Paul's effort to get people to generate their own random numbers. It is one of the main things that Eve and Mallory don't want anyone else to do. Once you have generated a lot of random numbers, then you can at least have a private conversation if you air gap and move the ciphertext properly. That is the point.
6:57 AM
@forest When we disagree with others on this site, we can still talk and keep up the debate, even a vigorous disagreement--without forming a clique. This site is not the eighth grade, thank goodness. "We" means all members of the site, and that is a lot of people, many of whom have voted for, and obviously appreciated, his contributions. That said, whenever someone says something we really disagree with, then let them have it--politely.
@Patriot Eh, I can't think of one regular here who thinks he's correct.
And his ideas for generating random numbers are... not ideal, at best.
Promote his site only if you want to encourage people to do unsafe things.
He constantly shows that he has little to no understanding of the things he talks about. This isn't a new thing. It's been consistent for many years. There's no debate to be had.
@forest Is that a real criticism of anything? "Your _________ is not ideal."
I used that term simply because I didn't want to sound too harsh. :P
He considers himself a self-styled expert in TRNGs while showing a very basic understanding of EE at best and a very poor understanding of cryptography and information theory.
I mean, lately he's been improving a bit, to be honest.
But pretty much anything related to entropy, he'll be wrong about.
Shortly before you came here, he deleted a majority of his downvoted answers. Before that, a very good portion of his answers were heavily downvoted (conspiracy theories, bad or dangerous advice).
Well, try to talk to him about it. You are both smart guys.
Oh I have, as has everyone else here. :P
But he's Dunning-Kruger if I've ever seen it. That's not an attack, just an observation.
7:02 AM
Maybe the time will come for a rapprochement.
Do you have a website for me to promote?
What kind of website? Are you in need of a website to promote?
I am trying to spread knowledge about cryptography.
Or anything closely related.
DJB's website (cr.yp.to and the various subdomains) are good for more complex topics.
There's also uh, what's it called, Cryptopals?
7:05 AM
I saw that.
this one
Schneier's blog
Schneier's blog is good for political stuff, but it's light on detailed cryptography.
Dirk Rijmenants
But when he says something crypto-related, it really matters.
he = Schneier
Did you ever play with
Dirk Rijmenants's Enigma simulator?
or M-209 simulator?
I thought it was a blast.
No. I'm not particularly familiar with classic ciphers.
I should read up more on them, though. They seem interesting.
7:15 AM
The simulator he made for the M-209 will dazzle you.
But I wish he had a certificate so I could play with it on https
and no verification of any downloads
Man, what gives?
I wrote him.
I want to know why he does not support https on his website.
I am not happy about it.
Did he not reply?
I am on vacation and have not checked.
I hope he has.
I am going to step back from this site pretty soon because of my work.
But recently I learned so much.
Rabin's cryptosystem
There is Rijmenants's M-209 simulator
Here in Seoul a bottle of Bek Se Ju is calling. :)
One, more thing, if you use the M-209 simulator, then make sure to click on it and open the cover so you can see the wheels, etc., inside.
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11:12 AM
Wow, some real crypto question on StackOverflow, for the experts:
Lenstra elliptic-curve factorization algorithim
Q: Lenstras Elliptic curve problem with attribute error

Dead_Ling0Writing some code, for tne Lenstra elliptic-curve factorization algorithim. I'm fairly happy with the code, however it only works some of the time. The function that adds points should return either an integer or a point. In the case it returns an integer d the lenstra block of code should simply...

Any EC persons that are able to help? I'd really have to dig into it to help, and there's not enough time for that.
12:13 PM
@MaartenBodewes It might be a programming problem, based on "I've found that if I add if type(Q) == int return Q to the start of the function point_add() then it seems to work as intended though this isn't ideal i feel."
12:53 PM
Given the state of the programming I presume it is one. However, within a good feel of the intent of the statements, it is hard for me to say what's wrong and what's not.
What I mean is that I think the programmer clearly understood the problem and the programming reflects that. So it is likely something to do with an erroneous statement in there.
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2:08 PM
@Patriot Bek Se Ju is pretty nice.
I've spent zero time in South Korea, but people in Japan had that occasionally.
@bdegnan Thanks. Greetings from the Land of the Morning Calm. :)
You gotta spend some time in South Korea. It's positive and I think you will find it fascinating.
You already know so much about Japan and China.
I don't speak Korean. :P
I don't either.
Their language is syllabic.
Between Chinese and Japanese, I probably could just learn Korean.
It is similar to hiragana and katakana.
I knew a dude who was half Chinese and half Japanese.
2:15 PM
My Japanese dialect shares 20% of the words with Korean. It's complete unintelligible to those who only speak Tokyo standard Japanese.
He said that he wanted to learn Korean.
I am not joking.
Seems like a good path
Which dialect do you speak?
I speak the Tokyo Standard and Kanazawa Dialect from the ISHIKAWA region.
There's something like only 50k speakers left.
so cool
I like the dialect up north around Akita.
O-ban desu.
so charming
I hope you get a chance to visit S. Korea for bit.
Very positive. I find that travel throws a light on the other places we have been.
2:20 PM
I've been to the North a few times.
South Korea is about the only place I haven't spent time in Asia.
I understand.
That is good.
It will be very meaningful because of your background.
When you speak Chinese, you can get pretty far.
So many Chinese here.
Japanese/Chinese/Russian. That pretty much gets you around Asia.
I come often.
I understand that the RU folks are in Harbin and Xiamen.
Xiamen... port city
2:23 PM
It's pretty useful in the *stans.
Of course
Uzbekistan was basically me improving my Russian as Uzbek is a bit of a mystery. :P
I was totally unprepared for that trip.
They say that Tashkent is a party city...
Better than the Mog :D
I have only been in Bishkek
When the Chinese were shoot the Ughirs, I had to get out by going West. White people make a good target, and I they were just spraying bullets. It was a strange time to be there. That was almost 20 years ago at this point.
I see
2:26 PM
"do you have a visa?" "I have cash" "You have a visa" "awesome"
That was a very different world.
Yeah. It was.
Are you doing any interesting work at the moment?
Through Tajikistan, to Uzbekistan, north to Kazakstan, and then I caught the trans-Siberian railroad back to Vladivostok. I then took a container boat to Toyama Japan. I was like 2 weeks late to class.
I only do interesting work.
You are an adventurer!
2:31 PM
Everyone is at 22. :P
Educational :)
I was in the 101st ABN and went to Egypt when I was 23... so I know how you must have felt.
Much sticks in the memory.
Are you doing any especially interesting work at the moment?
@bdegnan By the way, do you like Edward Seidensticker?
I only do interesting work. :P
He edited Kawabata Yasunari's "Yukiguni"
I've never read any of his translations, as I generally read the original texts.
This is very good.
I see.
My Japanese was never good enough.
2:47 PM
I still speak Japanese daily, and I try to read a few pages of a book a day. I'm not nearly as good as I was when I lived there. I need to do the same with my Chinese. It's falling apart on the reading side. :/
But you have never touched Murasaki Shikibu, right?
my kids speak Japanese to me.
Or have you?
I got it.
no, I don't do the classics.
Sadly, a lot of my Japanese reading is semiconductor physics
May I recommend to you Murasaki Shikibu?
2:50 PM
Yeah, I'll check it out.
Kanai ...
she's Thai
The patter of little feet is in the distance.
I think we will start with Vernam Cipher and modulo addition...
Then we can move on to how to not trust anyone... admit nothing, deny everything, make counter-accusations, etc. You know, education.
From the cradle...
Mukden Incident
The Three Alls Policy
"We will not speak of it because of our tact"
@bdegnan If you don't mind, I would like to recommend one work to you, as a break from your efforts in semiconductor physics:
Kawabata Yasunari's "The Izu Dancer"

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