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6:03 AM
Q: Double Slit Eraser - does the wave function collapse and restore or never collapse

michaelThis video shows a rudimentary double slit eraser experiment. He sends photons through a double slit with a polarization film before the double slits (with a 90 degree difference) to obtain "which-way" information. Thus, the interference pattern at the end screen is gone. Afterwards, he adds ano...

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2:57 PM
can someone approve the pending edit in this question? quantumcomputing.stackexchange.com/q/7020/55
it's been stuck there for a while preventing further edits (I know I should have used "approve and edit" instead of just approving, but I didn't expect the edit to be stuck there for days)
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6:44 PM
Q: Grover's algorithm for game tree

BlackHat18Scott Aaronson gives the outline of an algorithm to evaluate whether there exists a satisfying assignment for a given game trees. The idea is to use Grover's search recursively, for each level of the tree. He notes the following problem with this approach. The problem is that, as the game tre...

@glS done! Sorry, I'm away at the minute, so am a bit slow at responding
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9:03 PM
Q: Software for Quantum Computing

JumanjiFrom what I read classical computing evolved so quickly because of the funding-applications cycle. Even though the cost to make denser IC's was increasing rapidly, the applications were also getting better and wider so people put lot more money. Thus they were able to scale well with Moore's law....

9:52 PM
Q: Inequality for quantum probability

Nobody-Knows-I-am-a-DogLet $H$ be a separable Hilbert space for a quantum mechanical system then $$w (x, y) = {{\langle y \mid x\rangle\langle x \mid y \rangle} \over \langle x \mid x \rangle\langle y \mid y \rangle}$$ is the corresponding probability function providing the probability to find state $x$ when measuring...


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