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7:02 PM
this blog post sucks
into the trash
I need to do some XML parsing
deus vult
it's because I'm an upstanding member of the SQL Server community
what xml are you parsing
estimated query plans
7:08 PM
@JoeObbish Flagged for foul language
@JoeObbish Use C# or VB.NET or something other than SQL Server
@sp_BlitzErik I don't know if I'll be able to your answer for this one
I did use it the other day to solve a different problem
@SeanGallardy I'm not going to export thousands of XML files somewhere
@JoeObbish Didn't say you had to
I'm still not doing it
Joe's next Question post: How do I get SQL Server to parse XML faster
I'll ragequit answer than post
this is a one time thing so I don't care
also last time my solution was to parse XML at MAXDOP 72
that did the trick
ok I think this is easy for the pros
but I'm stuck
and I got like a hundred repros to do still
I want a count of relops that meet these criteria:
<RelOp ... PhysicalOp="Adaptive Join" ... EstimatedJoinType="Hash Match">
7:16 PM
I can do it when I get home. At the gym right now.
query_plan.value('count(//RelOp[@PhysicalOp = "Adaptive Join" or @EstimatedJoinType = "Hash Match"])','int')
might work
I think you'd be better off drilling into relop first
7:35 PM
@Forrest this one doesn't seem to have worked
value('count(//RelOp[@PhysicalOp = "Adaptive Join" and @EstimatedJoinType = "Hash Match"])','int')
I do want and instead of or
looks like the p: is important
Have you tried asking it to generate an invalid parallel plan instead?
query_plan.value('count(//p:RelOp[@PhysicalOp = "Adaptive Join" and @EstimatedJoinType = "Hash Match"])','int') AS hash_count
38k distinct query_plan_hashes stored in query store for this database
that'll take a while
7:51 PM
@JoeObbish It's a one off so you don't care about perf ;)
well it's just 2 hours if I write the query in the right way
I'd just run it over night, but that's all booked too
it'll be fine
parsed 10k plans in 108 seconds
strong server
@Forrest Forgot to say thanks. You pretty much got me there
btw got a new record for a CREATE TABLE statement
checked the log
180 seconds
How many columns?
8:06 PM
@JoeObbish :) happy to beat Erik to an xpath, even if it isn't as efficient
@sp_BlitzErik that's a trade secret
An illegal number is a number that represents information which is illegal to possess, utter, propagate, or otherwise transmit in some legal jurisdiction. Any piece of digital information is representable as a number; consequently, if communicating a specific set of information is illegal in some way, then the number may be illegal as well. == Background == A number may represent some type of classified information or trade secret, legal to possess only by certain authorized persons. An AACS encryption key (09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0) that came to prominence in May 2007 is...
8:20 PM
@SeanGallardy undocumented number
@SeanGallardy parsed them all in under 8 minutes
those numbers could be president someday
@sp_BlitzErik pretty sure it's under 10 btw
8:41 PM
Query processor could not produce query plan because USE PLAN hint contains plan that could not be verified to be legal for query.
somebody call the cops
at least all my arrows are legal
you'll never be able to run for office now
@sp_BlitzErik I'm sure your city will ban them soon enough
@SeanGallardy then we will be taxed in the shade
or something
@sp_BlitzErik here's my ideal reaction to that error:
in practice it's a bit different
8:51 PM
i don't get it
"Query processor could not produce query plan because USE PLAN hint contains plan that could not be verified to be legal for query."
"I will make it legal"
did you
I wrote totally different T-SQL that got the desired plan
but it was still illegal
seems to be a product limitation
I have a suspicious as to why it is
want the repro?
it doesn't work yet
9:02 PM
but i'm leaving in a few to go SCHOOL SUPPLY SHOPPING
so take your time
lol u
do kids still need notebooks and trappers?
it's not just on an ipad?
3 Mead Primary Journal Half Page Ruled Composition Book 100/sheets
2 Mead Composition Notebook, Black Marble, 100/Sheets
1 2-Pocket Paper Folder Light Red
1 2-Pocket Paper Folder Light Blue1 Ziploc® Gallon Bags Approx 38/bx
3 Paper Towel Bounty 48/sh
2 Kleenex Facial Tissues 2-Ply 160/bx
1 Pampers® Baby Wipes, 64 wipes Bag
1 Ream White Copy Paper 8.5 x 112 Clorox Disinfecting 35 Wipes Tube
2 Dixon Ticonderoga Presharpened #2 Pencil Yellow 12/pk
1 Markers Crayola Classic Colors Washable 8/set Broadline
That list is nutballs.
9:04 PM
as i am you shall be
dear god
It's true.
Mine is only 8 months. We have time. Things could change.
Every kid has to bring their own baby wipes, 2 boxes of kleenex, and hand sanitizer?
what the hell kind of school does your kid go to?
and who thinks giving young kids sharpies is a good idea?
clearly one under the crushing grip of big school supply
1 hour later…
10:36 PM
Guys I think Staples is oppressing me
@sp_BlitzErik did they not accept your gemstone encrusted credit card?
Gemstones are ostentatious
I would never bedazzle anything
My credit card is made from God's shadow
and there was an atheist at the checkout?
Well it's the only job they can get
you a man of the gospel?
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