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12:41 AM
@DavidZaslavsky @ManishEarth Either of you guys online?
Or @dmckee or @qmechanic online?
I'm confused about some recent edits by a user, removing from 5 posts, most of which @QMechanic added not long ago: physics.stackexchange.com/users/3936/dan?tab=activity
1:04 AM
@tpg2114 what about them?
1:17 AM
I'm not sure the edits make sense removing that tag
Did I miss something where we should remove ?
Well, if the question is not a list question, it shouldn't have the tag.
And if a question is a list question, it should get closed.
So there's no push to remove the tag, but I don't object to having it removed from questions. It really shouldn't exist on the site at all.
I guess what confused me is 1) they looked like lists, and 2) QMechanic added the tag to all of them in the past year, some within a few days
And the only edits were to remove those tags, and 2 of the questions were already closed
Ah well, I wouldn't worry about it
I think we may get rid of that tag shortly anyway
Okay. It just seemed odd, wanted to get another opinion on the edits since I didn't agree with them really
But not strongly enough to flag it
Yeah... it's good to be aware of stuff like that, and if it were another tag we'd probably work it out here or on meta with the editors involved.
But for this tag specifically, I think it's best to just let the tag disappear.
1:29 AM
Sounds good
6 hours later…
7:51 AM
@dmckee are you here?
or at @DavidZaslavsky?
These times are not good times for the moderators to step back too much from help closing question, as the flood of homework, popular, effortless one sentence etc questions does not stop, on the contrary. The site is getting drowned in these things and there is no end in sight.
Has Stack Exchange or just the Physics moderators decided, that Physics SE is to be a popular physics site in the future?
I need to no this, because at present visiting the site is no longer fun for me. Whenever I click the site and look on the questions list these days, they are flooded with homework, popular, and way to basic posts of 1rep users and people who have almost no physics knowledge of their own.
All I do then is flagging this things like mad, but I come no longer to look for questions that interest me and which together with their answers I like to read, try to answer anything, and asking what would interest me is pointless under these conditions because it would be flooded down and nobody would take not of it.
Just coming here to flag things, without being able to see or do interesting physics is not what I click this site for. I want to learn interesting things beyond the popular and very basic level.
So again, @DavidZaslavsky and @dmckee:
** What is the targetted future of physics SE? Is it meant to be a site for popular and very basic physics as it is at present? And people interested in undergrad upward level physics better look for another place to go?**
8:14 AM
Nobody's making you keep coming back, you know.
I am not interested in taking part in an almost exclusively popular level, non technical, physics site.
@DavidZaslavsky yes exactly, if our or another moderator tell me that Physics SE is indeed meant to be a purely popular physics SE site in the future, I should consider deleting myself indeed. This is why I am asking. I could then really put away any hopes that the site will improve again and stop coming here.
@Dilaton No. However, neither have we decided that Physics.SE will be a purely theoretical site
The site was really cool and interesting when I joined, but no the good times seem to be over. .
The targeted future is to try and get a good audience of all levels. Yes, we wish to get more emphasis on the higher level topics. But not at the expense of the lower level ones.
@Dilaton what matters is not what the moderators tell you. You have your own idea of what constitutes a popular physics site, and if the site as you see it matches that criterion, then you're welcome to leave.
8:22 AM
@Dilaton Happens all the time. The really good questions get asked first. Even Stack Overflow had many, many interesting questions at first. Now you find a gem in a thousand normal questions
Also, what David said ^
@ManishEarth yes that I know. When I listen to you, it seems that the more important part of the site of the site is the popular and very basic part, which is largely increasing and has indeed started to dominate the picture of the site. Everything else is optional and nobody than me misses it if it goes away.
Just because I don't consider TP to be important for this site (more important than others) doesn't mean I consider popsci to be important
It is really a pitty, first when I joined the site looked like a great place where physicists, students, and enthusiasts could lean and enjoy physics together internationally and unrestricted by geographical separations. I liked it that I could took about topics here with international physicists who know what they are talking about, about topics I have nobody to ask in my institute. It was really great. But today, the site is only good for popular science.
Learning here about a bit more advanced things at a technical level is no longer possible, and this is what I came for here as I joined.
7 hours later…
3:47 PM
Q: Moderators enjoying their vacation? (especially without any message)

Ϛѓăʑɏ βµԂԃϔI've noticed a sudden increment in the close vote queue (minimum 10 per day, upto 15 or so) for the past few days. Maybe people (except a few) haven't noticed that mods are having a vacation. I can feel their absence in the active page. They haven't informed anything about this to the community.....

4:29 PM
@Dilaton maybe you can switch mode of operation away from browsing and hoping to come across an interesting question towards asking substantial questions instead. There are still some good people around who can answer them, and it would help with the quality issue. Just a thought....
@Dilaton Gimme a break..! I've heard the same phrase (atleast converging to the same context) again, again & again (in h-bar, main and of course, meta) to about some 20 or more times --- What is the point of everything? What are you trying to bring here? No offense, but looks more like some "rant" to me..!
Dilaton, In my view "The world is not burning" and it won't for now ;-)
Instead of crying for the gone, what you can do is - Bring your optimist in front :D
2 hours later…
6:16 PM
One to review for possible closing:
Q: Is it theoretically possible for a person to pass through a solid wall/object?

MICHAEL TAYLORI understand that matter cannot pass through other solid matter because of the electrons that orbit an atom prevents this but I was curious to know if it is theoretically possible to somehow get passed this problem caused by the electron shell and by doing so would this allow th effective passage...

"In recognition of your contributions to Stack Overflow, we’d like to invite you to create a professional profile on Stack Overflow Careers 2.0. A Careers 2.0 profile is a great place to showcase your professional work as a programmer [...]"
@DavidZaslavsky I've seen Susskind mention (and answer) the (title) question.
@gugg How did you get that with 125 rep? O_o
@ManishEarth I have rep there??
@Gugg yeah, actually I'm not saying this should necessarily be closed, but it got a flag
@david isn't that just tunneling? Could be improved, but not bad
@gugg Where did you see that message? Did you get an email with that?
IIRC the unprovoked invite is for high reps
(I got an account due to my GitHub activity)
@gugg if you got that email, its probably a bug
(or you're secretly an awesome programmer)
6:29 PM
@ManishEarth Yup, email.
I suggest you report that on [mso] then :)
I think I was there once... and it didn't work out too well. :)
(if you still want an account, I ought to be able to invite you)
@gugg ha! The [bug] tag is drama-free
There we go
Stupid confusing magic links
They only work in comments I think
No, they work here too
6:33 PM
@ManishEarth What do you mean "still"? I already have an invitation to this exclusive club of programmers!
@gugg yeah, I meant if they revoke it after fixing the bug
oh, huh, I didn't know that
@ManishEarth Revoke an invitation? What kind of people are they?
Also, I can't see why you would want it, unless you're thinking of switching careers ;-)
@david yeah, I figured it out up there
ah, right, I see
6:36 PM
@ManishEarth Yes, but if they revoke, I will insist on joining.
@gugg Be careful, programmers have arcane weapons like garbage collectors and branch prediction. You'll be piped to /dev/null if they see through yoir disguise
I recently learned "SQL", as you might remember.
My question to you was: "What is this query language called?" :)
Oh ah :p
6:43 PM
@DavidZaslavsky Anyway, I think Susskind appears in "The Elegant Universe" YouTube (or something similar) in some office and points at the wall, and discusses walking through it, although I think he said it will take him longer than the age of the universe. Something like that.
@gugg I think I saw that
But yeah, rather common thought exp for popular qm
Why is the "closing" rep here different than on, say, Philosophy SE?
Beta site
Much newer, lesser active users, smaller rep economy
6:45 PM
Economy? Bitcoins?
Not that :p
The flow of rep
Admittedly one sided; not much "spending"
There used to be these tales about people getting high points on games and then sell their account to lazy bastards. Could be done here, I guess.
Nice, side income for Nobel laureates.
@gugg on mmorpgs, that's quite common.
There are also sweatshops where people get paid to make money in games
Which is later real world traded
Maybe I'll sell my SO rep then.
And, my invitation!
6:53 PM
@JosephWeissman What brings you here?
Going to bountify would be more lucrative
Ooh, Philosophy mod
I think
'night folks
Therefore you exist.
See ya
Bye :)
1 hour later…
8:19 PM
Hey :)
This place was mentioned on our meta awhile back...
@JosephWeissman It was? And, did you get anything out of it?
9:06 PM
I think so! :)

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