4:02 PM
sorry, was afk
np man
you may /facepalm reading this, but I am curious, is it better for a noob to learn something that is more native to their platform?
Yes, it is
If you plan on sticking with OSX development, and you don't plan on using any engines, it's much better to stick with native languages
i just feel more comfortable in osx, i have been using it for a decade now and the only time i use windows is to test websites in IE
two thoughts come to mind
when i follow along the c# reference, i am missing nearly 8 lines of code from my screen to the authors
4:09 PM
1. That makes complete sense, and you should stick with OSX
2. If you want to get into AAA game development, you might as well start learning Windows now
If you want to stick with Unity, you may want to look into Javascript then
is that the case as an indie developer?
Indie development has a lot less rules than AAA game devlopment
There are Mac indie devs, yes
for career development I think I am set with web development and graphic design, but I have a large interest in other media, such as this - it has always been something of great interest to me .. so right now I want to learn things to see if I really want to change careers
But if you want to survive as an indie dev on mac, you'll need to either make a hit, or come out with new games VERY frequently, as the mac-only market is not as large as the pc-only market
Well javascript is very popular in web-development, correct?
4:14 PM
Then perhaps it'd be best for you to learn that, as it can also benefit you professionally
I won't be as available this afternoon, so if you have more questions, now is the time to ask them, or they'll need to wait until later
that makes a lot of sense, I researched the other day how JS is used with unity. it is completely different than in a web sense the one author says
It is very different, but if you know how to use it on it's own, it will still help a lot
the syntax and logic will still be the same
In unity, you'll be using it as a scripting language though
why would an experienced developer such as your self not suggest c?
when you say it is used as a scripting language, it still creates all the game logic regardless if it is not a compiled language right?
Because you wanted to get results as fast as possible, and programming in c++ is fairly slow and hard learning experience
@twinbornJoint Yes, it controls the game logic
Scripting languages are drivers, engines are cars
Scripting languages tell a car where to go, and what to do
ah I understand now
4:23 PM
Engines do all the work "under the hood"
I think this makes the most sense...JS will aid with my current bread and butter, and I can learn game development at the same time. With unity it will allow me to deploy to more than just OS X as well
That is correct :)
sec, got something to show you
how does this progression look, learn the fundamentals of JS here lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=375 then begin my game development with this amazon.com/Unity-Development-Example-Beginners-Guide/dp/…
4:45 PM
Definitely start with the lynda.com stuff, since you already have an account, but i can't recommend any of the other books, as I have not read them cover to cover
Honestly, there are a fair amount of free unity tutorials out there that you can learn from (even some in video format)
I would start with those, and if you feel your knowledge is still lacking, go to a book store and look through the books before purchasing them
alright wicked, thank you so much man. I feel a lot more comfortable now about all of this
hope I haven't wasted too much of your time, though
No, you're fine. Don't worry about it
how is your day going so far?
Pretty well so far
Never enough hours in the day though
yeah tell me about it, what sort of work are you doing? mostly code/.
4:58 PM
Mostly management, although today I'll be doing more playtesting
very cool, i'm trying to juggle 10 things at once right now lol
gotta finish setting my office up, and get projects mapped out for the remainder of the week. then i need to go grade the driveway and fix some elevations with the bulldozer
5:51 PM
Haha. You sound very busy