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12:32 AM
Q: how was lord claymon's awakening as a true demon lord supposed to work?

neubertIn episode 40 ('The Congress Dances') it's speculated that Demon Lord Clayman wants to attack the Animal Kingdom of Eurazania to awaken as a true Demon Lord. When the battle unfolds it's not Demon Lord Claymon who is conducting the assault but rather an army of 30,000. In episode 33 ('Putting Eve...

1:22 AM
> The staff at the panel showed a short video featuring an animated shot and text with the phrase "NEW PANTY & STOCKING." The videos featured the main characters each posing with both their middle fingers up.
first Spice and Wolf gets a Season 3, but now we might be getting a season 2 to Panty and Stocking?
14 hours later…
3:05 PM
Q: What are these rhombes/triangles around neck?

FantixuuAs in question - what are these? I saw them in few stories but does not know what it is.

8 hours later…
10:45 PM
Q: Bleach OST Name?

krninjaAnyone know whats the name of the song played on Bleach Episode 149 at 13:50 or is there no offical release? I tried real hard but can't find it at all.


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