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10:59 AM
Q: Unknown animated show

AniI recently saw the Beyblade movie the Fierce battle scene in which dragoon Beyblade or other Beyblades got trapped in stone wall, it's much similar to the scene I watched long years ago like trapped, sealed in wall or stone wall.But didn't know anything about it or name of the show ,Maybe any oth...

1 hour later…
12:42 PM
Q: Beyblade similar animes

AniLike bit beast Beyblade spirit are sealed in stone wall. There is another show with same asset,with sealed or trapped in (turned into) stone wall or became stone wall monument after creature (dragons), monsters died or disappearance. There are like Pokemons but big as monster got embedded in ston...

9 hours later…
9:43 PM
Q: Could Dracule Mihawk mistake a small child for an animal?

KayI've been wondering about the extent of Mihawk's observational haki. Do you think he would ever observe a weak human child and think it's a small mammal? He doesn't seem to interested in weaklings. Thanks ahead of time for answers!


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