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well it's an ID so it's off-topic anyway but also... i don't want to refer them to SFF because i don't think this is really appropriate for SE
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6:08 AM
Q: Why is cafe pronounced "kisa" in Kobayashi's Dragon Maid?

Fumikage TokoyamiIn the first episode of Kobayashi's Dragon maid, Tohru joins a maid cafe. But, in Japanese, Tohru refers to maid cafe as "maido kisa". How does cafe become "kisa" if I consider Katakanization of the word? Am I missing something?

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8:46 AM
@hyper-neutrino that.....is an interesting one
> What kind of assignment asks for manga
you'd be surprised, but in this case i would say Health
9:45 AM
OTOH, I believe there are many smut (hentai) manga with only that requirement...
10:39 AM
Q: looking for manga with AI(Artificial Inteligence) robot girl and a boy that got isekaid (if i remember correctly)

Wolfskyi'm looking for a manga where there's AI robot girl with blonde hair and a teenage boy who got isekaid (i think) and trying to build some kingdom or something. i havent read the manga and i didn't bookmark it and it's been long so theres no history about it in my browser.now i want to read it but...

@AndrewT. yeh. it's like the anime logic about blood
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12:42 PM
Q: Where should I start reading My Hero Academia after season 5

Olix38My Hero Academia just finished season 5 and I wanted to go on with the story and so I wondered where do I start reading the manga after season 5.


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