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6:09 AM
Q: Looking for an anime where a girl collects people with pearls in their bodies

TiffanyWhat I remember of the plot is that there's a girl in feudal Japan who has to collect, I think, 7-9 people that have different colored jewels embedded in their bodies. I don't know if they were made around the same time, but I discovered it about the time I discovered Fushigi Yuugi. But the color...

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8:35 AM
.... the character isn't even out yet....
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10:47 AM
@SPArcheon surprised they aren't complaining about the 3 hour game time law
@Memor-X doesn't seem something that they would complain... to Mihoyo.
BTW, the 3 hours thing is the "less worse" part.
^ mentioned this before.
Far worse than the hour limit is the crusade against "effeminate male" in media
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12:43 PM
Q: European manga question follow up

SnuwiiiI want to follow-up on a previous closed question. I am looking for European manga authors for the sake of a study, not a reading recommendation. I am currently investigating the European arts market. If this question still breaches the community guidelines, may I ask how can find out this inform...

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3:13 PM
Q: Why didn't madara die when edo tensei was reversed by Itachi?

DragonhiromeI wanted to know, why didn't madara Uchiha died when Itachi reversed edo tensei, I never saw anything about that in anime, I wanted to know how he could just reverse the edo tensei and control himself like Itachi did but he didn't use anything unlike Itachi who used shisui's mangekyou sharingan?

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4:39 PM
in case @hyper-neutrino comes back here....
they should get this one.
Kokomi has -100% crit rate.
Second weapon on her weapon banner.
5:13 PM
also kokomi's banner has rosaria who can buff crit rate lmao
and beidou who has a swimming passive for a character that can walk on water
and a hydro support that is at least IMO better :P
@hyper-neutrino I am starting to think that the devs are actively trying self sabotage because of overwork to keep up the 1patch/6weeks....
Either that or everyone crying in 2.4 if dendro is really released and revealed to be shield ignoring poison.
Yet I wonder...
@hyper-neutrino maybe you could use the overlapping bug and put her in the pond in the serenitea pot with the other fishes?
@hyper-neutrino Did you see what happens if you fall on water from very high during her burst, right?
5:29 PM
yeah don't you just die lol
Which also brings another question.... When do you need to walk on water in the game exactly?
not even oceanid can make that skill useful...
6:19 PM
it's just a weird niche ig
like i suppose in some cases it might help to be able to escape/dodge into water
also accidentally starting swimming while fighting enemies near water is kinda annoying
but it's liek the raiden cooking passive
pretty much no impact
6:54 PM
Q: Does Beerus have the "Ultra Ego" ability?

PabloThe Dragon Ball Wikia claims (without any reference) Beerus used "Ultra Ego" when fighting Vegeta Ultra Ego However, nothing at that time stated that Beerus was using Ultra Ego, and Vegeta named his transformation later in the manga in the fight with Granola. Also, the only thing that it was sta...

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8:08 PM
Q: what anime is this red sky sun image from?

redskysuni found this image on youtube let it happen slow song. do you know where is this from?google search doesn't find it and the youtuber seems not responding. i think its very beautiful and special scene


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