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1:21 AM
Q: Civilization type anime like overlord and slime?

FapMasterOverlord and that time I reincarnated as slime have similar thing, the mc is the leader of a certain place and have many subordinate. They deal with threat from the neighbor nation/country. Is there any anime like this? It doesn't need to be isekai related.

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12:35 PM
@ShayminGratitude I did a quick workaround by searching for howl's moving castle "273" and witch waste "273" but still, nothing shown (except wiki and that Q&A).
certainly not conclusive, but I'd be surprised if something like that is never mentioned elsewhere on the internet...
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2:45 PM
@hyper-neutrino @SafdarFaisal And since everyone was away....
"I wonder if I can get this place up in the sky using the windmills..."
3:04 PM
@hyper-neutrino on unrelated notice, the friend is facing the choice now. Musashi wannabee of Bane of Fish.
"bane of fish" lol, I like it xD
3:18 PM
btw, typing error there, was meant to be Musashi wannabe OR Bane of Fish.
also known as Wuxia love VS funny cukolander.
BTW, talking about this yet another version of the 50% was proposed.
basically, change the event banner so that you have One NEW limited character and another two older limited 5* characters that are different every time and 2 standard banner characters. The 50% will then give you one of the 4 "not rate up" 5*
3:34 PM
Do you mean that the 50% can now be set to be between only three characters?
@SafdarFaisal No, nothing official, just random thinking about how to "fix" the inherent issue of the 50% pity on limited banner.
The more you play, the worse the 50% becomes since with the current logic it is just 5 characters from the standard banner, and soon or later you will get all of them, making losing the 50% progressively worse.
IF you at least had the chance to get an "older" character, it would be better.
I've never gotten a constellation and i have 11 5 star characters. Everyone except qiqi and some event charas.. this makes me feel lucky.. :P
OPTC, Roger/Oden banner.
Roger and Oden are the new characters introduced on the banner.
But you still have a pool of about 10 legends, some older some newer, that you can get.
Note that this isn't great and that isn't something that Genshin can do since the 5* characters are far less numerous
but the idea is that you should be able to pull some older "limited" characters somewhere.
Mind you, it is perfectly possible that 2.0 will amaze everyone and put the Mondstad 5* characters on the standard banner....
Right now, losing a banner means waiting about 6 months for a rerun, probably more now that for a while Inazuma will monopolize the new banners
To put this in context, right now it is quite possible that you won't see an Albedo rerun untill December.
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6:02 PM
Q: Is this Russian song from "Chainsaw Man" real?

pilgrimIn chapter 43 of Chainsaw Man manga, Reze sings this song while strangling a man: день моего свидания с джейн все готово Утоом мы пойдем вместе а церковь Мы будем пить кофе и есть омлеты в кафе После того как мы прогуляемся в парке Мы пойдем в аквариум и увиде любимых Джейн, дельфинов и пингвино...

Q: Why do some people think that hand holding should be censored in anime?

KaliferFor example of this happening: In the beta crunchyroll there is an anime called TONIKAWA. On episode 5, you can see in the comment section that someone commented saying that there was too much handholding that was uncensored and 900 people have liked the comment as of the he time I am posting on ...

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9:17 PM
Q: What makes the anime art style look good when it is anatomically inaccurate?

BuraianI saw this meme today And, it made me wonder, exactly why does anime art look 'natural' though sometimes anatomically inaccurate? I can't quantify it but there is something about the art style which some less appealing features (for an anatomically correct person) look appealing when converted i...


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