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2:17 AM
@SPArcheon why is that?
like i can find a reason to hate the game myself but more because of the publisher
> Publisher Dangen Entertainment withheld payments from Devil Engine's developer.
like hate as in "i don't want to buy this game because the publisher is an asshole"
@SPArcheon also, it'll be on XBox if you're unterested
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3:56 AM
Heads-up, A&M community! 3-votes closure is in testing, now
A: Should A&M reduce the close vote requirement down to 3 from 5?

CatijaSome of you may have noticed the Meta Stack Exchange post - Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites (it's linked in the featured on meta sidebar) - we've finally got this project under way and Anime & Manga is one of the sites we'll be running the test on. Starting tomorrow, I'll ...

Hopefully this can encourage y'all
still working on having enough rep for this to be relevant to me :P
(well, before we mods regularly check close review queue and clean 'em up :p)
what's the privilege level anyway, 3k?
yeah, it has site design, so full-site privilege of 3k
^ yep
ah okay
4:47 AM
all right. time to let those close votes fly!
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6:36 AM
Q: What music does this naruto episode play

Fracthttps://youtu.be/cAKnq0YCHtU time stamp 2:20 Pls find it I really like the song

7:02 AM
Q: How do you "climb" or "move around" the Tower?

aytimothyIn the manga and anime series, there isn't really much that shows the climbing of the tower, since in the first episode, Bam (and after him, Rachael) are both teleported onto the second floor by Haedon, while Yuri and Evan take some sort of "stair" that look like interdimensional travel. What's g...

7:57 AM
@Memor-X A little complicated to explain. Basically, it all revolves around some overused tropes in horror/crepypasta stories.
I don't know if you ever noticed, but fan made stories tend to abuse a lot things like "doomed from the start" and so on.
Really,doomed from the start is often so poorly written it is annoying - the characters have to die because horror, even if it makes no sense and requires an unbearable chain of deux ex machina to happen.
But that is not what the Witch House is about.
Witch House is a case of "unreliable narrator" brought to the extreme.
> A young girl, Viola, is drawn inexorably to a mysterious manor that seems to change behind her back. It is a place of pain, turmoil and death. Plumb its detestable depths and abominable history. Untangle riddles that bar your perilous path. And flee the hellish halls of The Witch’s House.
This is the game official description.
Young girls, awakens in a clearing in the woods, near an housed house. She gets trapped and has to escape.
Now, suppose I actually buyed the game on that premise.
What I expected?
A story about saving someone from demons / monsters /whatever... right?
Yet, as you play the game something will fell off since most of the puzzles seems to revolve around the idea of sacrificing something to a trap in order to disable it and have something else take the hit for you.
And then... the ending.
The character you played as for the whole game is an evil witch that performed a ritual to exchange her body with that of a girl after getting her to believe they where friends. In order to avoid the girl escaping and trying to get back her body the witch cuts her legs right before performing the ritual.
Basically, all the game is about the girl slowly dying and the character you play as is the one who made that.
Plot twist? Maybe.
Something that I hate "with the passion of a thousand burning suns"? Totally.
I am not a fan of games that makes you play as a character, invest in them and then reveal that the "profile" you played as for 90% of the game was a fake.
And when you add that to the fact you made me play as the evil character that tortured the one I was trying to save...
I won't lose my money buying what I though was one story but in reality was something else.
And... I will take great pleasure warning others so they won't buy that too unless they know what they are getting.
@Memor-X Coincidentally, this should also explain why I prefer FF6 / FF4 to FF7. The Cloud plot twist also irritates me because it is built around Cloud living as Zack for about 2/3 of the game, meaning his relationship with Aerith is probably a reflection of Zack all along.
In the original game Aerith dies without ever knowing the reality about Zack & Cloud... and Cloud never tells Zack parents either (you meet them in the game, they are the family living near the Golden Saucer)
I really hope the remake goes in a different direction, and so far the clues seems to indicate it will (see the theory about Zack being alive and Sephy trying to put Zack against Cloud by showing Zack Aerith death and claiming it was Cloud fault)
8:37 AM
I feel like reading a spoiler, but I don't know why I got reminded of Little Nightmares
@SPArcheon but apparently I have watched 2 LP's about this game, both the original and the remake
Q: Looking for manhwa I lost track of

VictorSo i read a manhwa awhile back where and mc is some loser who can’t get a job and just family is disappointed in him but then he finds this online game so he plays the game and the game takes place in another world where he’s a god and helps this group of people survive by making miracles for the...

RPG Makers cult... from Yume Nikki, Ao Oni, Ib, Mad Father, Witch House, that Angel something killing thingy that got its anime...
Oh, I am not against RPG Maker. The thing I personally don't like is selling you a game based on a description and then giving you the opposite.
Like I say, I can see me playing a game about trying to keep the good girl alive - after all, I own Yomawari.
But I would hate having spent money on this plot.
So, basically, for me it is a form of "false advertising" far beyond a standard "genre deconstruction"
The trick in Madoka opening that makes you believe this is just Pretty Cure is actually good. But here, it is like if Madoka ending had you discover that Kyubei was the good one and Madoka is a demon that twisted reality to make all the other girls die for fun.
How about... err... Drakengard..?
8:57 AM
Drakengard, Nier and Nier Automata.. all have somehow unreliable narrators. But in that case the game gives you clues and tries to make you NOT see the character as your personal avatar in the game.
Furthermore, especially on Automata, in the end even the "unreliable" narrator ends up as a victim.
That said, the series seems to trying to much to be "hell world". Something I see in Made in Abyss too.
9:12 AM
Too much gore, violence, adult themes thrown in to the point sometime it seems like they had those just for the sake of them being there even if they don't add anything to the experience.
Trying as hard as they can to be "grown up"
@AndrewT. I don't know if this answers your question.
9:35 AM
@hyper-neutrino Don't ask - I don't know why someone made this but... kinda funny.
@SPArcheon no prob, it does answer mine :p
10:04 AM
@SPArcheon i still havn't played the new one but if Zack returns, i'm instantly suspecting it's JENOVA
because JENOVA has done that in the past with the Ancients, using peoples memories and shape shifting into their loved ones to lure them into traps
infact the fact there wasn't an instance where the party was separated and being attacked by people they care about surprised me but might have been an indication that Sephiroth's will had dominated over JENOVA's since in Advent Children Rufus described The Remnants as Laval Sephiroth's as opposed to Laval JENOVAs
like if Zack showed up, i can imagine the whole reveal about Zack and Cloud being done early but as a means for the party to turn on Cloud and while the party follows Zack to a trap laid by JENOVA (or even by Hojo) Cloud discovers Professor Gast's recordings with Ifalna about JENOVA's abilities, works out Zack is a fake and exposes him
@Memor-X Can I answer freely or you prefer I avoid it? It is a partial spoiler - partial because this is currently a theory but also the most probable one.
@SPArcheon i'll avoid it
also PRETTY PLEASE @JNat ... chat spoiler markdown support. Please. I know it is useless on the SO chats but you live here, you should understand why we need it ;_;
@SPArcheon SE generally looks at Chat Functionality last
@Memor-X yes, I know, but the spoiler support has been asked multiple times on meta, so a reminder now and then is deserved :P
(and also I hope should be easy to do)
10:17 AM
you've played the remake right @SPArcheon. how long is each chapter?
like i'm looking on Gast's wikia page and it says
> In Final Fantasy VII Remake, at the start of Chapter 17
i didn't think it had that many but at the same time they could be very small
the only Final Fantasy games that had chapter that i know of is XIII, XIII-2 and XV and they 13, 13 and 15 chapters
@Memor-X depends on the chapters, some are longer than the others.
just to give you an idea....
> Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1
Chapter 2: Fateful Encounters
Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum
@SPArcheon what's the longest one you can give. something that i can compare to the original game if possible
chapter 1 is what you can see from the title. The infiltration to the Mako reactor and the battle with the original boss there. There are some smaller differences but that's it.
Chap 2 is the party traveling to the Slum / bar where Tifa works. What in the original is just few minutes here is a full chapter. Aerith encounter is a little different.
Chap 3 is somehow original plot with some "slice of life" views of the slum area.
So, as you can see some events are retold to be longer, and some are added.
As for the length....
ok that's interesting. when i saw the names i thought

Mako Reactor 1 Operation
after the explosion and jumping onto the Train
Sector 7 Slums before AVALACHE goes to attack Reactor 5
I would say each chapter should be about 2h on average?
Depends on how fast you go. I assume that if you are a "jrpg idiot" that skips every dialogue you can do a lot less (but then why you play dialogue/plot heavy games in the first place????)
I mean, I saw people ending with 50/60 hours and some rushing the game in around 10/14h
10:25 AM
Q: What exactly is "norovirus" as mentioned in Haikyuu: To the top 2nd season?

Fumikage TokoyamiIn the final episode of Haikyuu: To the top 2nd season, Keiji Akaashi and Kotaro Bokuto (players from Fukorodani Academy) were having a conversation outside the hotel when suddenly Akaashi advised Bokuto to come inside. This is what Akaashi said to Bokuto: A: All right. Hurry up and go inside. T...

@Memor-X yep, in the original you basically have a brief introduction of Aerith and the train. Here, you meet Aerith, are chased by Shinra guards and generally the thing plays longer.
What is interesting though is that the longer experience makes you also see the damage from the explosion.
lol, i've seen Sector 6 and a reactor Explosion is nothing compared to that
So the game tries to make you feel guilty (even if you probably already know that the explosion was triggered by Shinra if you played the original)
@SPArcheon they triggered it in the original?
@Memor-X If you replay the original, while you are the one doing the bombing, it is later discovered that Shinra planted more bombs to increase the size of the explosion.
Remember Jessie mentioning that the explosions should have been more controlled?
10:30 AM
@SPArcheon i thought she was talking about just her bomb
@Memor-X nope, even in the original they make it clear that the president used your bombing to further increase the damage to put the blame on avalanche.
@SPArcheon i thought that was with Reactor 5 because they were expecting AVALANCHE that time
and the reason why Tifa and Barret could be on the walk way when the reactor blew up as i recall Jessie saying she had made the adjustments to the bomb
Depends on how you put together some events. In the original game, it is partially implied that the first bombing was sabotaged too. In the remake, it is more clear.
If you remember Before Crisis ,Barret Avalanche is actually the "second" Avalanche in a way
And the remake also tries to make that more evident since now they have all the element right from the start rather than in successive games.
Anyway, I won't say more.
Play it, but know that I think the story will diverge from the original
@Memor-X that said, if I guessed what they will do, you could actually see something pretty close to this idea of yours.
Just... I don't know HOW the party would split out.
The big question is what Aerith would do in that case because reasons. Play and you will understand.
What I want to point out though is that the game is odd. Some event are retconned to be different but still supposed to be the same.
@SPArcheon to be completely honest, I don't see that happening. As @Mem mentioned, chat has been an afterthought for a long time, and I think that if we picked up dev work on it again, there's prolly a lot more that'd need to get worked on before adding spoiler markup
You can always create separate chat rooms to talk about stuff that might be spoiler-y for others — not a neat solution, but still a solution
@JNat well, I tried.
10:44 AM
you prolly know that I wouldn't be the one making the decision on whether that feature work would get prioritized or not
and, given that, there's other more important things I'd rather backlog to the PP team than this ^_^
@Memor-X For example, Don Corneo event is quite different because the original version was deemed quite offensive/inappropriate but from a plot wise point it is supposed to be the same (basically the remake retcons how the original played out). Some events are supposed to be changed with actual plot relevance.
11:09 AM
@SPArcheon i havn't played it (because there was zero chance in be getting a phone game like that) but i know the plot in how the original AVALANCHE was extremists and one of them destroyed Sector 6 by summoning the ultimate summon
more of a Yukiko x Chie/Naoto x Rise fan myself
@Memor-X Yes, kinda the same here. I've read the synopsis, never played any of the mobile games myself
@SPArcheon yeh i only read it up because Shuriken is Cissnei from Crisis Core
if i remember it comes after and i don't think Cissnei died in it so it means she has to still be around by VII so i'm hoping in the remake we get more Turks than just Reno, Rude, Tsung and Elena
(even then the original you never fight Tsung)
@SPArcheon well i can sorta imagine they would just leave Cloud behind as he reminds stunned at the revelation. then we time skip to maybe back in Midgar or possible Edge (if they got that in the remake) where Cloud is like a bum or drunkard before stumbling into Gast's place which they would move out Icicle Inn
Again, to reply I should point out something about the remake and it is probably better if you see that firsthand.
11:24 AM
@SPArcheon i know that parts are different. seem images of Aerith with a chair like she's in a wrestling match and clips of a musical number in the Honey Bee Inn and the Gym minigames
@SPArcheon yeh don't worry, i expect to be wrong. if i get anything up with wild theorizing then that's a strike against the story writers for making it predictable to someone who hasn't played it
@Memor-X I have written in great length about what I think the idea of the remake is in my other room - the Sugarcube Corner.
@Memor-X just on the gym, i was sorta expecting when you meet the gym guys to get the items for Cloud's outfit you'd get 2 guys like Koganehiko and Shiroganehiko from Bleach
FF7 is the spiritual opposite of Chrono Trigger (Trigger, not Cross).
One is a tale of changing fate, the other is a tale of inevitable death.
and the remake... it could turn FF7 into the fairy tale it was meant to be.
12:22 PM
^ and now people start claiming Genshin is all a dream @hyper-neutrino
12:33 PM
well, that's... a theory
1:17 PM
More interesting would be checking if it is possible to get where the Paimon fishing flashback happened.
@hyper-neutrino oh, btw... I was told that last game survey asked for "what collaboration you would want to see". Remember: vote for a crossover with Neptunia so that @Memor-X will have to play it :P
1:32 PM
@SPArcheon eh, i don't think i put anything down for that. but if it shows up again i will make sure to :P
2:15 PM
Q: What is the name of that one anime

Anime QuestionWhen I was young I remember seeing an anime where there was a man and woman, they were like boyfriend and girlfriend, then the women got sick and they found to that her body was dying, then they went to the doctor and they said they can like remove her head or some nonsense, and the man promises ...

3:05 PM
@hyper-neutrino I assume a multitude of Xiao owners out there will yell a single word now.
lmao, very nice
hmm i should run my venti with diluc/noelle and run a budget pyro/geo xiao
@hyper-neutrino Xiao plunge is a) quite fast and b) AoE
does xiao just deal AOE from landing the slam or does he incur two instances of damage like ganyu's bloom?
> Xiao's plunge attacks will do increased AoE damage, creating anemo spikes that appear from the ground around where he lands. His plunge attacks can stun-lock large enemies including Lawachurls and Geovishaps and break the rock and ice shields on Hilichurls and Mitachurls, as well as break the elemental shields on Abyss Mages.
oh, wait i didn't even know about the increased stagged and breaking shields
nvm xiao's more op than i thought lol
also for reference i don't think running diluc with venti to repeat slam is actually any good lol, was mostly for the memes. diluc has the highest slam atk ratio IIRC though he doesn't summon spikes from the ground or anything ofc
3:16 PM
@hyper-neutrino I assume it becomes quite OP at level C6
> When unlocking Xiao's C6 and using Bane of All Evil, Xiao gains access to 1 additional Lemniscatic Wind Cycling charge for every two enemies hit. This allows him to perform "infinite-cycling" while in yaksha mode.
I think that at that point the "dash" attack could be even more efficient on a single enemy. It basically becomes worse than Cloud omnislash.
@hyper-neutrino and that is also another exploit that I didn't realize. He can spam the dash while in the AIR. Which could help evading low-height attacks
yep :P
i'm not sure i understand the exact mechanism though
cuz his C1 gives him 3 charges total
his C6, since he hit 2 enemies, should give 1 extra right?
so how does he E 5 times
3:36 PM
nope, "Xiao gains access to 1 additional Lemniscatic Wind Cycling charge for every two enemies hit" must mean that every two enemies hit, the cooldown is reset for one charge.
Since there are two enemies, he is basically getting an infinite cycle.
use charge - hit two enemies and get a charge back, use charge - repeat
ah, maybe the wiki's wording is wrong then
> While under the effects of Bane of All Evil, hitting at least 2 opponents with Xiao's Plunging Attack will immediately grant him 1 charge of Lemniscatic Wind Cycling and for the next 1s, he may use Lemniscatic Wind Cycling while ignoring its CD.
from this i thought he only gained one charge for landing the plunge
that is different from the C6 from above. I think that at C0 he get a charge back if the plunge hits at least two enemies.
hm. i don't see any mention of gaining charges back in his ascension passives
at c6 that changes to "get a charge back for every time two enemies are hit" - no mention of the specific attack here.
> When unlocking Xiao's C6 and using Bane of All Evil, Xiao gains access to 1 additional Lemniscatic Wind Cycling charge for every two enemies hit. This allows him to perform "infinite-cycling" while in yaksha mode.
this is noted in the wiki under his burst's page
3:41 PM
yes,the one I posted above.
I assume that mean that at c6 the fact that player hits the two ruins guards with the charge attack up in the air give him back the charge he just used.
That means he can perform the infinite cycle.
honeyhunter also says it's plunging attacks
even though clearly that isn't how it's working in tony's video
4:24 PM
Q: What causes a change in attractor fields in Steins; Gate?

Connor EI understand that the first D-Mail is what caused the initial shift in AF. It wasn't necessarily the contents of the message, but the fact that SERN was able to identify that Okabe had a "time machine". What I don't quite understand is why that particular D-Mail caused a shift in attractor fields...

1 hour later…
5:44 PM
https://anime.stackexchange.com/questions/53855/is-jolyne-in-the-sbr-universe-if-so-before-or-after-part-8 (spoilers for JoJo part 6 and forward)

I am curious, what differs this question from "Is DIO in Part 10? I haven't read part 8, 9, 10 but a friend of mine told me so."
I have to state that I am not an angry teen looking to "pwn" some users. I genuinely can't find a reason to why this question is still standing. Since the question remains, my logic must be flawed.
If there's no info at all and it's confirmed that there is no canonical way to know the answer, then "we cannot know the answer" is as valid of an answer. I would agree that randomly speculating isn't productive (though making strong inferences off of what we do know could be insightful too). That being said I don't really use anime.SE so someone else might want to answer this too
this is cursed.
i recognize that art style (forget whose though)
a free rytm game that got a tons of mods / sprite swaps.
And some are just precious.
@hyper-neutrino I guess only way to be sure is to find someone who read Part 8 but it seems highly unlikely to me considering it would be a big deal if Jolyne was mentioned.
5:57 PM
see for example the sonic version.
ah, i see. i thought i recognized the art style of the characters themselves from an artist (think i've seen them on youtube), maybe they just took sprites from there and swapped them into this game
or maybe i'm just remembering wrong
@hyper-neutrino Disclaimer... there is a let's play of the thing with Gura....
and she ends up joining the singing.
2 hours later…
7:51 PM
Q: What is this purple headdress that Tsukasa is commonly seen wearing?

BahudariIn Tonikaku Kawaii (Fly Me to the Moon), the female lead character Tsukasa is usually seen wearing an oval-shaped purple headdress: What exactly is this accessory? I might have surmised that this is a type of hairnet, except that Tsukasa is seen wearing this headdress with her long hair let down...

4 hours later…
11:45 PM
@SPArcheon lol, Neptunia isn't the only series i love
i have plenty NepNep
i don't have enough Gravity Rush
let me play Kat, marry Raven and have her baby

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